Oct 12, 2013

Son of a famous American football player Adrian Peterson died from injuries

Washington, October 12. Year old son, known in the U.S. American football player Adrian Peterson died two days after having been beaten by his mother's lover, reports "Bi-bi-si" referring to police reports and publications in the local press.

27 -year-old Joseph Patterson has been charged with beating a child and now he faces a charge of murder. The incident occurred on Wednesday. Since then, the boy was in the hospital, the State of South Dakota.

Child's father Adrian Peterson plays in the club "Minnesota Vikings" and is considered one of the best quarterbacks in college football. It is reported that so far refrained from communicating with the press.

Parents Catherine will not be invited to celebrate Christmas with the Queen

Christmas is just around the corner, and the British are interested in, as will celebrate the royal family. Earlier, newspapers reported that Prince George will meet first in their life Christmas surrounded by all the grandparents. Now press reports that the guest list no names Michael and Carole Middleton - the parents of the Duchess Catherine.

About any disorder in a noble family, this fact does not say, as explained by an expert on the royal family (yes, there is a in England and such!) Victoria Arbiter, Sandringemsky palace, where traditionally celebrates the queen, just no room for all family members:

in Sandringham barely enough space for a family when we're all here, so there are good reasons for Carol and Michael is not invited. Keep in mind that even the children of Camille did not get an invitation, so why Middletons must be present?
Looking at the photos of Sandringham, the journalists wondering: is inside a magnificent palace really is so close?

Last year Catherine was pregnant, so Christmas is celebrated with Queen Elizabeth II, and in the circle of his own family - at home, in Baklberi. And the year before that the Duchess and Prince William attended the celebration at the Royal Sandringham, the holiday marking the first time as a married couple.

Press suggests that Carole Middleton will be saddened by the inability to spend Christmas with her grandson, because my grandmother has been very active in child rearing.

Carole and Michael Middleton at the festival are not invited to the palace
Carole Middleton
uchess Catherine and her mother Carole Middleton

Alla Pugacheva and Maxim Galkin children bought for $ 100 million

On the Internet, it was reported that the star couple, Alla Pugacheva and Maxim Galkin, laid out a lump sum in order to experience the joy of motherhood. In Russia, as in Ukraine, surrogacy is legal. The woman bears a child, the couple enters into a contract with specific terms and conditions for the care of women in childbirth. By law, the surrogate mother can be a woman of 20-35 years, which has at least one own healthy baby.
Alla Pugacheva and Maxim Galkin

How to write the media in Ukraine and the registration of the contract surrogate childbearing is estimated at 20-30 thousand dollars. In Russia, the prices for these services start at $ 30,000 - plus constant medical supervision.

 If the twins to be born, the price increases accordingly. After the calculations can be assumed that the birth of Harry and Lisa cost Pugacheva and Galkin not less than 100 thousand dollars.

Children of the star couple were born on September 18 by a surrogate mother. Last weekend, Max and Alla brought kids home to the castle in the village of Dirt impersonator. For kids offers a luxurious, nursery, nanny and hired a qualified personal physician. Happy parents decided to name their children Elizabeth and Harry.

Brand Victoria Beckham earns 100,000 pounds a day

It was learned that Victoria Beckham's fashion brand brings to the family piggy bank record amount - one hundred thousand pounds a day.

In 2012, Beckham made savings of more than 35 million pounds, thanks to advertising campaigns and contract with the club David "Los Angeles Galaxy, "in which he played five years.

However, it is fashionable empire 39-year-old Victoria Beckham has brought the budget of 2 million pounds in just one year. Fashion show of brand Victoria Beckham - one of the most anticipated events on the fashion weeks. Among the star fans clothing from Victoria appear Gwyneth Paltrow, Julia Roberts and Beyonce.

Before the main earner in the family Beckham was, of course, David. But since participation in the group Spice Girls Victoria's own tenacity earned 50 million pounds. And now plans to open stores around the world.

Ironically, finance Victoria went to the mountain as soon as the end of the season her husband decided to retire from football. But now David can often appear in advertising and sign lucrative contracts with fashion brands.

By the way, the couple recently Beckham has earned 10 million by selling his famous mansion in Hertfordshire - better known in the press as "Buckingham Palace" . It is rumored that they have their eyes on a luxury home in London at the cost of 45 million pounds. Well, they have earned it.

Despite enormous wealth, David finds joy in such affordable and simple things like communication with their children:

Before I could take back to their school only sometimes . Now I do it every day!
Way, now all the Beckham family members, including children, work only in the fashion world.

Doctors doubt that Pugacheva is the biological mother of the twins babies

Experts believe that the true motherhood can be proved only by DNA analysis.

Doctors believe that 11 years ago, when the famous singer Alla Pugacheva eggs were collected and stored in nitrogen, there was more of these advanced technologies. Recall that a few days ago, the surrogate mother gave birth to Alla Pugacheva and Maxim Galkin her husband the twins.

 Note that if no specialist would be able to ensure that its biological material is stored. Especially, in women over 35 is dangerous to take the egg. And Alla Pugacheva then was 53 years old.

 Doctors say that was a big risk that the child will be born sick, such as Down syndrome. Therefore, had the idea that the egg donor were - young and fresh. Prove motherhood Divas can only DNA analysis.

 Recall that psychologists believe that twins Pugacheva and Galkin will live in fear.