Oct 11, 2013

Kelly Osbourne made a manicure for $ 1 million

On Tuesday, the 28-year-old singer and TV presenter Kelly Osbourne attended a charity event Azature Black Diamond Affair in Los Angeles, where he demonstrated a manicure cost one million dollars.

She immediately shared photographs of beauty-finds in Instagram with the comment:

Last night I was the first girl in the world, who had the honor to get a manicure with nail of white diamonds for a million dollars!
turns out, so Kelly Osbourne took part in charity:

In my head still does not fit the price, but if this little bottle from the auction will go for the big money, the money will go to my mother's Fund against bowel cancer!
Recall that in 2012 Osborne is to be published in manicure for 250 000 dollars. 267 carat crumbled into powder black diamonds in one flakonchike justify such a price.

Then, on the red carpet before the ceremony Emmy, Kelly laughed:

I'm even afraid to touch anything!
Well, since confidence (and my manicure) Kelly has clearly increased.

Miley Cyrus offered to shoot a film for adults for one million dollars

It seems to be much much more - but, to paraphrase a famous saying, there is no limit to Insanity: a large producer of adult movies offered Miley Cyrus directed the band in the genre of hardcore porn. Price question - one million dollars.

But spiteful critics and criticism of the young stars at the end of August, after the performance itself on the VMA, Miley offered to change the genre (there already and change nothing! - They said) and try in the porn industry - though as an actress.

Now the ex-Hannah Montana has a real chance to direct his boundless energy into its corresponding channel. At the very least, the leadership of the porn company with confidence, energy, Miley - the most that neither is appropriate:

you [reference to Miley - approx. Ed.] have become a strong and possessing the power of a young woman who is not going to apologize for our way of life, especially when it comes to expressing your sexuality. You - the perfect person that can show the world your vision and reveal themselves in the adult film industry.
Will the 20-year-old Cyrus the proposal, or would prefer to miss such an opportunity for mixed his directorial debut? Response from the star did not arrive - as we know, the schedule Miley extremely stressful (for example, to respond to an open letter to Sinead O'Connor in her time there).

Now the pop star is actively engaged in promotion of their new album and perhaps secretly preparing a new "bomb" - judging by the last few months, you can expect from the star of anything.

Pugacheva and Galkin secretly monitored the surrogate mother during pregnancy, buying her clothes and food

Comedian told how he and his wife behaved while waiting twins.

Newly minted star parents Alla Pugacheva and Maxim Galkin all 9 months of pregnancy followed the surrogate mother.

 In an interview with "Komsomolskaya Pravda" said a young dad. According Galkina, all the time he and his wife studied the conditions in which the surrogate mother is living, saw to it that she did not want for anything

 "We saw to it that she had the money to upgrade the wardrobe due to the new figure . And when the last months of pregnancy, it has become difficult for food to go, we Alla hired a special woman who helped a surrogate mother with the housework "- shared humorist.

 He also said that now bring them with newborn twins Alla help two nurses who personally chose the Diva

 See also: Galkin and Pugacheva all the time present in the House during the birth of their children 
 "Nian chose Alla. She has involved her friends and acquaintances. In helped us find babysitting my brother's wife and our close friend singer Irson Kudikova. Overall, the issue we are very responsible attitude. Alla this very closely involved in the last month of pregnancy "- explained Galkin.

 Recall Maxim Galkin newfound father came to work in Ukraine.

 Comedian is currently shooting a new film, "Kings Can Do Everything", which was filmed in Zhitomir.

'Hercules 3D': Kellan Lutz is the first teaser

Greek Myths - an almost inexhaustible source of inspiration, which is quite successful Hollywood producers continue to operate - only next year, the screens go two films about the adventures of Heracles.

First - "Hercules: The Thracian Wars" - is now at the stage of shooting . The main character in the film played by "The Rock" Johnson, Duane, and Russian model Irina Shayk makes its debut on the big screen in the image of his wife Megara.

Today, the network has the first teaser for the film version of yet another adventure of the most popular Greek hero demigod " Hercules 3D ". The first promo video presented himself the leading man - Kellan Lutz.

Name tape speaks for itself - we can expect massive action-spectacle, which according to the producers, should certainly look at the big screen and in 3D. < br>
curious fact: the director and co-writer ribbon Renny Harlin five times nominated for a well-known anti-award "Golden Raspberry" (which did not prevent his work in box to collect a decent cash at the box office).

World premiere of "Hercules 3D" will take place at the end of July 2014 the first.

Celebrity Street Style: Rosie Huntington-Whiteley in New York

In this environment Rosie Huntington-Whiteley was spotted by photographers on Makhettene. As always, the 26-year-old model shown that it can turn any walk in the catwalk output.

As everyday attire she chose tight dark jeans J. Brand, a white shirt and black leather jacket zipped by Burberry. And endlessly long legs of our heroine decorated black boots on high heels. From accessories Rosie chose a tough chic bag Givenchy Antigona gray sunglasses and Chanel. By the way, with the same bag already be published in Olivia Palermo, Nicole Richie and Miranda Kerr. So this is a real classic and accessory of the season. Price question - about 1280 pounds.

But early in his career, the British beauty had no money even for real Uggs:

One day I walked into the restaurant, everyone started to look at me and laugh. I have never felt such shame!
Well, now the top model is definitely nothing to be ashamed of. Add that perfect image Rosie supplemented pulled back hair and minimal make-up.

The former lover of Mogilev nearly took his own life because of her abortion

Alexander Yagolnik sincerely congratulated the singer with pregnancy and approved by her boyfriend.

The first producer Natalia Mogilev and her ex-boyfriend Alexander Yagolnik happy for his former passion, and wished her a happy personal life. Yagolnik wrote on his page on Facebook, that my mother Natalia Nina was a chef, so the affair with the famous chief Hector Jimenez-Bravo his only pleased.

 Producer confident that these relationships and sincere hopes for Canadian medicine that they competently help Natalie with childbirth.

 "I very much hope that Canadian physicians not screwed up - after all, 38-year-old Natasha, with her past, way and way of life, not a completely healthy woman's body, and no one can precisely predict how this pregnancy will occur. And, perhaps, there would be Ukraine it was a special relationship. But apparently, NM wants happiness and peace "- was written by Alexander.

Yagolnik also noted that the well-known and public men - it's just type Natalia says her poldruga - this is her "seksotip." Also a composer very pleased that the Mogilev has kept this child, as opposed to their relationship.

 "And the most important thing that a child with him Natasha decided to keep. I have not been so lucky, probably, at one time in this matter, and because of her abortion 10 years ago, I almost took his own life. So this guy - lucky she mega-jackpot as a woman. And I too sincerely as ECS (...), congratulations. Natasha will be a very good mother and a very faithful wife ", - assured the producer

. Earlier, Alexander Yagolnik expressed confidence that the cause unhappiness in the family of Natalia Mogilev and failures in his personal life became her" dark "songs.

Kate Moss, Rita Ora and Georgia May Jagger at a party Rimmel

his past evening, Kate Moss, Rita Ora and Georgia May Jagger appeared at the party Rimmel London: 180 Years Of Cool Party in London. The girls had a great time posing for the cameras and chatted with invited guests.

Moss, Ora and Jagger came to a social event for a reason - all three girls working with cosmetics company. So, Moss appeared in April of this year, before the lens fotodueta Inez van Lamsweerde and Matadin Vinuda to shoot for the ad campaign spring-summer collection of make-up Rimmel. By the way, while the British supermodel has become not only the face of the famous brand: she is inspired by the characters of the legendary club Studio 54, has created a line of nail polishes.

Jagger For another project, to fill up a portfolio, has also become a photo shoot for a new advertising campaign makeup collection Rimmel, in which our heroine is tried on the image of the icon of the 1960s - Twiggy.

But Rita Ora became the face of the new collection of beauty-products, which will go on sale in February 2014. The range advertised star will consist of lipsticks and nail polish.

Monica Bellucci on the set of new movie :'Miracles'

After parting with Vincent Cassel, Monica Bellucci, with his head sunk into the job - the paparazzi captured the actress on the set of new film Le meraviglie ("Miracles"), a young writer and director Alice Rorvaker.

What exactly will go in the second feature-length narrative work Rorvaker (first - "Heavenly Body" - earned her numerous awards, including a prize at the Cannes Film Festival) - has not been revealed, but definitely no magic there will not do. It is known that Bellucci will appear in the film in the form of the Queen - and her gorgeous snow-white outfit we can appreciate now.

Even before the release of "Wonderland" fans of Italian film star Monica will be able to see the drama of Emir Kusturica's "Love and War" - picture tells a love story that unfolds against the background of the Bosnian war, will appear on the screens next year.

Angelina Jolie met with 'Unbroken' by Louis Zamperini

Hollywood actress Angelina Jolie met with 96-year-old Louis Zamperini, who spoke at the Olympic Games in 1936, and during the Second World War he served in the U.S. Army, last winter. It was then that Jolie has signed a contract for the biopic "Unbroken," based on the life of Zamperini. However, the joint staff and star athlete appeared in the media just now.

Former prisoner of war and director became fast friends. Zamperini sure that Jolie will create a beautiful picture:

Angelina energetic person and I know she will tell this story in the right direction.
For inspiration Zamperini gave Jolie a gold pendant in the form of a shoe (one runner of the prizes). Angelina planning to wear jewelry during filming, which should start as early as 21 October, Australia. A release of the drama, as previously reported, is scheduled for the end of December next year.

Recall that in a plot based on the history of American painting runner Louis Zamperini, who during the Second World War, was captured Japanese soldiers. Thanks to the courage, bravery and fortitude athlete survived and returned home.

Main role in the film Jolie fulfill Jack O'Connell. Also in the filming of the drama will attend Garrett Hedlund