Oct 10, 2013

Marriage Garik Harlamov and Christine Asmus invalidated

The ex-wife Julia Garik Harlamov (Leshenko) achieved desired: the court recognized marriage showman with actress Christina Asmus invalid. According to the press secretary of the court Maria Balakshina:

recognize the marriage null and void assembly records of divorce Igor Harlamov and Julia and the marriage between Harlamov and Asmus.

Recall that the divorce Garik and Julia Harlamov was canceled in December of last year. But by the time a court has already showman to tie the knot with Asmus. Now between the former spouses are still ongoing litigation: the ex-lovers are divorced and divide the property, which is valued at 651,000 rubles and 508,000 dollars.

In any event, this event will not affect the relationship Harlamov and Asmus, because very soon going to happen in their life happy event: Christina is in the final months of pregnancy and preparing to give birth to a beloved child.

Hailie Scott moment of glory for the daughter of Eminem newly elected beauty queen of her school!

The daughter of the famous rapper Eminem has grown! Indeed, Hailie Scott, 17, has become a beautiful young woman who leaves no one indifferent!

It is for this reason that it has been named "Homecoming Queen" (in some kind of beauty queen) of his high school in Michigan, this Friday, October 4th! A moment of glory that his father did not miss a thing!

According to the local newspaper Macomb Daily, Hailie was elected prom queen alongside his friend Tyler Knepp, the Homecoming King at Chippewa Valley High School.

"Hailie came with his mother Kim Scott, when she was introduced to all his friends, but his father preferred to watch the coronation inside the school, because he did not want to create a riot. qu'Hailie He wanted has its own time, "he told a parent of a student at Macomb Daily.

The Detroit native aged 40, who was there a few weeks in concert at the Stade de France, also watched the football match organized during the event, always out of public view. "He opened the door and looked as if he said" That's my girl! "It just looked like a proud papa" has added the parent.

Hailie is the only biological child of Eminem, born of his union with his ex-wife Kimberly Scott. The former couple has been in high school got married in 1999, and finally divorced in 2001 and remarried in 2006, re-divorced the same year. The interpreter of the new title Berzerk also adopted another daughter Kim, Whitney Scott, born from a previous relationship, and the girl's sister Kim, Alaina.

On a photo that circulates in line (see HERE), following a report filmed by local television in school Chippewa Valley High School, one discovers Hailie with a crown on his head and holding a bouquet of roses. The blonde beauty has a huge smile and pose with charm alongside the Homecoming King.

Parents of students who are friends with Hailie told Macomb Daily that the daughter of Eminem's "smart, athletic and caring ":" I think that all children in the district have demonstrated compliance with their families to let them live a normal life away from the spotlight here, "explained another student's parent

Bruce Jenner: 'We are not going to file for divorce!'

The other day, Bruce Jenner and his wife Kris have announced the break-up, but share the common property in the $ 125 million they will not: as Bruce himself admitted, he and his wife are not going to file for divorce.

In an interview, published in the magazine People, 63-year-old former champion said:

I'm fine. Chris is happy and I am too. No one will file for divorce. Each of us has his own house. And there's no animosity. All is well.
However, Bruce is not yet ready for a new relationship (besides, as reported by the paparazzi, he still wears a wedding ring):

I have a family and Children. All my time is taken up.
Reported that the reality TV show "The Kardashian Family" will be removed in the future. A parting Jenner will be the main story line for next season.

Rob Kardashian also decided to share his views on the mother's divorce:

Bruce appeared in my life when I was two years old. That will not change. So can I say about my mother, and my sisters. Relatives are not chosen. Even now, my mom and Bruce good relationship. I do not think they would be happier.
Bruce now lives in a beach house in Malibu, a 57-year-old Chris has decided to temporarily stay in the family home with the children Jenner Kendall and Kylie. Her company are also freshly baked parents, Kim Kardashian and Kanye West.

The show must go on: in the new season of the reality show family separation Kardashian Kris and Bruce will be the main storyline completely

Jessica Alba stylist Brad Goresky fired because of his feud with Rachel Zoe

Jessica Alba has long and firmly holds a place in the lists of the most stylish Hollywood stars and is a small group of celebrities, not seen in the obvious fiasco on the red carpet. Why, then, it took 32-year-old actress to lay off his star stylist Brad Goresky, with whom she has worked the past two years?

American tabloid RadarOnline, first reported the next reshuffle in the starry fashion Olympus, quickly sorted out the issue - not without the help of knowledgeable sources, of course: shortstop Alba suspected sabotage!

brief excursion into the history of Goresky career: he "discovered" another star stylist Rachel Zoe and helped him to unwind by inviting in their reality show The Rachel Zoe Project . But the partnership soon developed into a classic story of the struggle of teacher and student, when Brad took away part of the celebrity clients Zoe and opened his own TV show.

According to insiders, because of a feud with Zoe Alba refused the services of Goresky - but it took so much controversial star is not the solution itself, but with the help of her friends shared with Rachel:

Friends of Rachel, which are also in a relationship with Jessica, put pressure on her, forcing to part with Goresky.
Now Zoe can rejoice loss of his former protege, but here's her list of clients from not increased - Jessica was not going to change Brad on Rachel, as it has for the last number of pretenztsy:

Jessica over to the Rachel-out for a fairly frequent complaints of her clients, she does not give them enough time.
reportedly now Alba uses the services of the creative duo Karrent Emily and Meritt Elliott.

Meanwhile, Brad, in the words of fashion insiders , "laments" his loss - Jessica was his favorite and most loyal client of which he has repeatedly expressed gratitude for their loyalty and trust.

offer little ponostalgirovat together with Brad and remember the spectacular upcoming album.

Sources say Jessica Alba stylist Brad Goresky fired because of his feud with Rachel Zoe
Brad Goresky and Jessica Alba were inseparable for two years

Kanye West: supported by his two wives for TV transition awaited!

Two weeks after violently Clashe with comedian Jimmy Kimmel, Kanye West agreed yesterday to meet face to face in his famous talk show. The rapper has been able to count on the support of Kim Kardashian who made the trip with their little Nori.

After the virtual war, the time for reconciliation ... 

Remember, there are two weeks Kanye West had literally blown a lead on Twitter after a spoof broadcast in the Jimmy Kimmel Live that n 'not at all appreciate. His megalomania was derided. Deeply offended, the rapper stated on social networks: "Jimmy Kimmel crosses the line trying to parody one of the few moments of honesty in the media for years." "I do not find it funny, you, you do not bastards who are trying to climb the fence to you to try to take pictures of your daughter," he added. Finally, Kanye had finally gratify his enemy a "ENCU face **".

But as Kanye's not hold a grudge, and to the Jimmy Kimmel aims audience with his talk show aired on ABC, the two men agreed to meet for a face to face yesterday (Wednesday, October 9) live. And for this highly anticipated meeting Kanye could count on the support of two women in his life: Kim Kardashian and daughter North

For the first time since the birth of the baby girl, who turns 15. October the 4th month, Kim and Kanye have decided to make a public appearance with him. But no way to put his little face, Nori remained hidden under a sheet, away from prying eyes.

Molded in a dark dress and floor of a pair of boots to support her man, Kim gave several signs to journalists and pretty smiles. Back on the front of the stage, she was back in service with her sisters to grow their business, Kim is finally ready to combine his role as a young mother than the businesswoman and reality TV star.

Frank Sotstsani ,Miroslava Duma and other members of the fashion conference in Dubai

In Dubai, yesterday held a press conference dedicated to the event, Vogue Fashion Dubai Experience, which will be held today at the mall The Dubai Mall. About the project told the editor in chief of Italian Vogue Franca Sotstsani, executive director of the charity Dubai Cares, Tariq Al Gürgen and chairman of the board of directors of Emaar Properties Mohamed Alabbar.

Among the guests of the press conference, held on one of the floors of the highest in the world skyscraper "Burj Khalifa", were spotted Miroslava Duma, Holley Williams, Julie Voitenko, Lapo Elkann.

Under Vogue Fashion Dubai Experience will be fashion shows, exhibitions, meetings, and other celebrity action. Including shopping mall visitors waiting presentation of collections of world famous brands and young designers, a retrospective best covers of Italian Vogue, broadcast films about the world of fashion, and so on.

Will finish Vogue Fashion Dubai Experience indoor dinner, visited by celebrities, designers and other distinguished guests.

Part of the funds from the gala event will be directed to fund the organization Dubai Cares, which helps ensure quality primary education for children in developing countries.

Miroslava Duma and Holly Williams 
Voytenko Julia and Simon Roche
Designers Ituen Basi and Lulua Al Amin
Designers Al Wada Hazhriya and Raza Allazuni
Mohamed Alabbar with her daughter Salama Alabbar
Franck Sotstsani

Franck Sotstsani and Mohamed Alabbar 

Mohamed Alabbar, Frank Sotstsani and Tariq Al Gürgen
Tariq Al Gürgen Frank Sotstsani, Mohamed Alabbar, Lapo Elkann and Salama Alabbar

Benedict Cumberbatch has received a letter of criticism of Julian Assange

WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange can and is a fan of Benedict Cumberbatch, but the latest tape - "fifth power" (The Fifth Estate) - actor, he was not satisfied: Australian Internet journalist and television presenter criticized a biography of himself in a letter to the star.

As reported in an interview with Cumberbatch himself, even before he began shooting pictures only corresponded with Assange, but never met in person. Pohzhe, now Benedict has a real chance to see the disgraced journalist - in his open letter Jullian said that a great pleasure to meet with the actor:

Thank you for contacting me. My mates gave me your request. I thought a lot and got acquainted with your previous works, which gave me a lot of pleasure. I think I'd love to meet you.
Is also the founder of WikiLeaks said the link between the actor and the one he plays. However, in general Assange criticized the new picture Cumberbatch:

I believe that you are a good person, but I do not believe that the film is the same. It is based on a false book, written by the author, planning a vendetta against me and my organization (referring to the book of Daniel Domscheit-Berg, co-founder of WikiLeaks - approx. Edition of "Gossip").
In addition, Assange said that most of the events depicted in the film, never happened. Journalist sure that the film has been created to give him trouble. He also appealed to the Cumberbatch:

I think you should reconsider your participation in this venture.
Recall premiere of "The Fifth Power" directed by Bill Condon, responsible for the last two parts of "Twilight "took place in early September at the 38th Toronto International Film Festival (or TIFF).

Prince Harry has collected a million dollars to charity in one night

Prince Harry's heartfelt speech at a gala evening in Dubai has helped him raise more than a million dollars for charity 
The charm of Prince Harry could not resist it - not stellar beauty, no paparazzi and journalists, nor the Arab sheikhs for just one night in Dubai, Harry gathered more than a million dollars on the needs of his charitable foundation.

The UAE prince "flew "on the way home from Australia, where last weekend took part in the celebration of the century Australian Navy. The trendy hotel in the heart of Dubai was going to all the local light - but the reason was a charity gala dinner and auction to assist in raising funds for the construction of a center for HIV-positive children in Lesotho, South Africa.

His soulful speech predvarayuschuyu opening auction, Harry said in Arabic:

Your money is thrown to the wind when you will not even know what they were spent. They will go to construction, brickwork. This means that many of us will actually be able to give these children new opportunities.
Audience imbued with that message, and the presentation of items (among which were rare gold and silver coins, as well as the game of polo) went "Hurrah" .

Sentable - a charitable foundation established by Prince Harry and Prince IIS and Lesotho. Its main purpose is to help children southern African country of Lesotho, with HIV and AIDS.

Wladimir Klitschko and Hayden Panettiere engaged

More information blogger Besitzer, a show TV channels ABC actress Hэyden Panettyeri personally podtverdila, chto boxer Wladimir Klitschko piece rates over proposal Ruki and Serdtse and Ona Response soglasiem. Takima obrazom steam obayavila o pomolvke.

K slovu, stage bыla razыgrana vesyma эffektno. Devushka poyavilasy of saemkah with zhivыm udavom of shee. But televedushtaya Kelly Ripa swept not drowned and the Garden Ring with brilliantom, sverkavshee of "Volume samom" palytse. Delicate pointeresovavshisy, chto oznachaet ornament of received vpone dohodchivыy responding:

What chto-preaching.
Togda televedushtaya decided utochnity:

Tы obruchena?
Hэyden Response utverditelyno, otmetiv, chto date svadybы indicators not appointed.

reminds chto 24 letnyaya amerikanskaya znamenitosty and 37 letniy sportsman vstrechayutsya to 2009 goda. Parush different vlyublennыe rasstavalisy, odnako kazhdыy different vozvrashtalisy another k drugu and tepery how mы see who had uzakonity relations. Our congratulations!

Jennifer Lawrence and other stars in Trailer :'Sting in the American'

Bradley Cooper, Amy Adams, Jennifer Lawrence, Jeremy Renner and Christian Bale stars reincarnated in the '70s for a new film project, David O. Russell's  "American Hustle" - and Bale, in the good tradition of torturing his own body for the sake of directing ideas, and more noticeably gained weight.

in the world rolled tape will be released in December this year, and now the network has a new trailer for this dramatic comedy.

The plot Russell took the real story, which happened in the late 70's in America - namely, the FBI special operation codenamed Abscam. Federal agents have decided to use their first-class cheater caught in the investigation of thefts of masterpieces of world art.

But the result of large-scale (and, as we see from the trailer, quite stylish, yet dramatic) operation was the largest in U.S. history, exposing corrupt officials .

Danish Princess Mary is recognized as the most elegant in Europe

According to a recent survey conducted by the online version of the British magazine HELLO!, Danish Crown Princess Mary is recognized as the most elegant crowned Europe's persona - she voted more than 38 per cent of respondents.

The list also got the Spanish Princess Letizia, scored 26 percent of the vote and the Queen of the Netherlands Maxima, which was voted 15.6 per cent of respondents.

Swedish Princess Victoria, which the press is often praised for laid-back chic, scored only eight percent.

It is followed by the Princess of Monaco Charlene (five percent), the Belgian Queen Matilda (three and a half per cent), Norway's Princess Mette-Marit (a little more than two percent), and Princess Stephanie of Luxembourg (nearly half a percent).