Oct 8, 2013

Lady Gaga is laid bare for the new album Artpop

Fans flamboyant Lady Gaga, rejoice! Singer presented to the public artwork for their new studio album, which was named Artpop: the presentation was held at the official site of the pop diva. Bright cover with a nude Gaga also appeared on twitter stars, where the girl is in her usual manner left a strange record:

Album Cover Artpop. One second, I Koons, Koons and then suddenly - it's me!
Jeff Koons - an American artist who works in the contemporary genre. He is known for his passion for kitsch, especially in sculpture. It Koons worked on the design of the new album the singer.

By the way, the previously reported Gaga fans that soon they will have another surprise:

There is also a surprise! My image in the center - a new sculpture by Jeff Koons. It will be on display Nov. 10 at the party artRAVE ARTPOP, dedicated to the album release!
Recall that the first single from the album Applause Artpop released last summer. The composition has already become a big hit this fall. And in early October, Gaga unveiled the second track from the album-Aura. This song became a soundtrack for another movie trailer "Machete kills" in which the singer played a major role. 

Amber Rose showed a 7-month-old son

Amber Rose and her husband Weese Caliph became parents at the beginning of the year: in late February, actress and fashion model gave the rapper heir, who was named Sebastian Taylor Thomas. Since then, the happy parents never cease to delight fans with new pictures baby. This time, Kanye West's ex-girlfriend posted an Instagram few moving images on which it is displayed in the pool with her son, and had signed them:

My boy wants to learn to swim in 7 months ... I'm going to teach him.
Rose also said that Sebastian is a really growing by leaps and bounds:

My child is only 7 months, and the clothes he wears on 12-24 - monthly kids! He's such a big boy ... He was born great.
It is worth noting that in recent times has changed not only the baby. Amber herself experimented on his hair. It would seem that it can change, because her hair is shorter than that of many men, but the young mother still managed to surprise the fans. Professionals have worked on the exterior Rose, and now sports a star with an even more extravagant hairdo: on the girl's head appeared sharp lines that resemble lightning. Well, unusual and bold!

Ksenia Sobchak held a 'circus', 'Pioneer Readings'

The theme of the new rooms "Russian pioneer" was the "Circus", the scene of "Readings" - "Grandpa Durov's Corner" as well as columnists were Kseniya Sobchak, Diana Arbenina, Yury Durov and others.

Open the program .. . Dog mathematician. She has decided to ease some simple math problems that put the audience in front of her, and barked loudly, giving the right answer. One question was: "If three out of ten viewers voted for the" United Russia ", how many of them" edinorosstsev. "Dog immediately progavkala three times.

By tradition, each of the speakers talked about the most for him trembling and important. Yury Durov told that this year his family celebrated the 150th anniversary of the founder of the dynasty, Andrew Bilzho played and sang the eyebrows, simultaneously recalling the numerous pets from childhood, and Viktor Erofeev pontificate about "the circus at dinner Reagan in 1988".

As always, incredibly soulful reading my column Arbenina Diana - from its poignant sincerity ran shivers. "It's not funny in the circus and all the pity" - coined the singer and the audience nodded in agreement. "And I'm a clown, too," - she summed up and tore off a standing ovation.

Continue after the ex-soloist of the "Night Snipers" was a risky business, and Ksenia A. took the hit, telling the despair and triumph of rope, with which itself is no stranger. Touched it, of course, a political issue, saying that "the struggle for civil rights today - the same circus".

At the end of the evening the chief editor of the "Pioneer" Andrei Kolesnikov promised that the theme for the next issue will be "Space" , and Ksenia Sobchak suggested that the meeting did not take place other than on the "Baikonur". We'll be waiting!

Ksenia Sobchak

Diana Arbenina

Lyudmila Narusova

Andrew Bilzho
Daria Subbotin and Tatiana Gevorgyan

Scarlett Johansson voted sexiest

Esquire magazine declared Scarlett Johansson 'sexiest woman alive today ", and not for the first time. That's the title of the publication has already conferred actress in 2006.

In the past year, "top sexy" according to the magazine headed Mila Kunis, earlier Rihanna, Minka Kelly, Kate Beckinsale, Halle Berry and other stars.

In an interview with Esquire Johansson talks about her relationship with her fiance Roman Doriakom:

not think I was jealous as long as it has started to meet with her fiance, her only. Previously, this was not. Not that I'm less valued their men, but this time I really do not care.
The fact that she was recognized as the sexiest woman in the world twice, Scarlett said:

I the only one who won twice? Then I'm flattered. I'm twenty-eight, and in the film industry this means that soon will start offering the role of mothers. And then stop and offer them.
Well, we believe that the same fate will touch Scarlett not soon.

Premiere of 'Telekinesis' with Chloe Moretz and Julianne Moore

In Hollywood, yesterday presented the horror film "Telekinesis" (Carrie), based on the novel by Stephen King's "Carrie." The main heroine of the evening were Chloe Moretz, and last week received a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame Julianne Moore and director Kimberly Peirce.

Also tape them were actors Judy Greer, Alex Russell, Portia Doubleday and others.

We recall that in the film Moretz and Moore play mother and daughter, whose family can not be called safe. The heroine Chloe naterpevshis bullying by peers, and his mother, discovers his ability to perform actions on an effort of thought.

In the Russian hire "Telekinesis" from November 14 until we can make a first impression about the project by the trailers Pierce and footage from the film.

Chloe Moretz

Julianne Moore

Kimberly Peirce

Molly Sims

Portia Doubleday

Alex Russell
Judy Greer
Cynthia Preston

Scarlett Johansson and Matthew McConaughey for Dolce & Gabbana

Published the long-awaited advertising campaign The One fragrance from Dolce & Gabbana, in which the main role went to Scarlett Johansson and Matthew McConaughey.

Hollywood gossips immediately began to whisper: the actors look pretty good together. However, linking this pair exceptionally bright work, because Johansson is practically a married woman, and McConaughey happily married to Camilla Alves.

Both celebrities are not the first shot campaigns for brand: Scarlett, for example, we were recently able to seen in advertising mascara Passioneyes, Matthew, too, had already appeared in the role of a person men's fragrance The One.

for their joint campaign McConaughey and once again recognized as the sexiest star Johansson posed for photographer Peter Lindbergh.

This summer also were shooting a video for their participation, directed by the legendary Martin Scorsese. Premiere date has not yet been made public.

Christina Aguilera's new body: the diet or is it plastic surgery?

More recently, Christina Aguilera at every step to say that curvy shape of her suit, and she's not going to get rid of them. However, the actress changed her mind yet. The singer managed to not only restore the old seductive curves, she began to look even better and fresher.

Eye-popping results of the project The Voice judge reached in less than a year, this is what gave rise to a hearing regarding the manner in which Aguilera lost so fast almost 37 pounds.

number of Western media suggests that the star fell on the operating table to do laparoscopic gastric banding (one of the surgical treatment of obesity, it is sparing operation aimed at the creation of the so-called small ventricle to systematically limit the amount of food consumed - approx. editors of "Gossip"). But then, many Internet users do not agree with this version, arguing that Christina does not become so large that doctors have approved it this operation.

There are also suggestions that dieting alone Aguilera has lost the extra pounds, but then yet turned to plastic surgery to make your forms even more perfect. This opinion is shared by a nutritionist - Dr. Pescatore:

only operation that she could have done, so it's a breast lift. As you can see, it has decreased in size, but it looks great.
Plastic surgeon from Beverly Hills, Lance Wyatt also believes that the plastic has taken place, but at the same time denies that Aguilera could achieve such striking results itself:

For 10 months, patients can lose 37 pounds, or even more, thanks to an aggressive dietary, exercise, diet pills or surgery. It seems that Christina was doing liposuction. Her face also looks a lot thinner and better, these results it can achieve both naturally and surgically.
Who knows, maybe the assumption that these people are true, but the truth knows only itself Aguilera. As if there was not currently looks phenomenal singer, a 32-year old singer was the envy of every girl, so what does it matter what method blond star has achieved such results?!