Oct 7, 2013

Justin Bieber: discover his new single 'Heartbreaker' ... In which he talks about Selena Gomez?

The star singer has just released a new title, which should certainly be included in the next and fourth album!

Justin Bieber is preparing slowly but surely the release of a brand new album, and wait for his fans, he found THE tactics chef!

And because each week, and 10 weeks, the Canadian singer and ex-boyfriend of Selena Gomez will unveil new titles under his column on Twitter # MusicMondays, it defines sort of like a musical diary.

Justin has also unveiled the new song Heartbreaker, already available on iTunes! A sentimental ballad and very R & B as the star of 19 years described as "A song for the people who live a heartache, as I experienced when I wrote it. This means a lot to me to share this I felt, and I still live with my fans. I am very proud of this song and I hope it will give my fans a glimpse of what there is in my heart. JB ".

No difficulty should be understood that Justin refers to his break, obviously painful and he still has not recovered, with the beautiful Selena ...

few hours before broadcast the title Heartbreaker, protected and Usher had tweeted: "Less than 24 hours at midnight is MusicMondays # # # 10semaines heartbreaker you're ready.!"

Justin also explained, always. via Twitter: "These songs are different, they are my # diary."

See you every Monday for 10 weeks, shortly after midnight to see the new Justin Bieber songs

And until next Monday, discover now the title Heartbreaker just below and tell us what you think?

Miley Cyrus 'killed' Hannah Montana

Miley Cyrus this weekend's show was guest hosted Saturday Night Live, which has demonstrated that he can laugh at himself. Joking, of course, were mainly associated with the controversial singer's performance at the MTV Video Music Awards.

However, Miley has started a program to talk about his famous heroine Hannah Montana - however, this conversation was pretty short:

I will not be Hannah Montana, but here's the latest news of her: she was murdered.
the way, say, in his monologue, Cyrus was going to release the barbs against his now former fiance Liam Hemsvorta, but at the last moment decided refrain from doing so.

The program included several comedy videos featuring Cyrus. In one she is dating myself a few years earlier, and the "old Miley" discourages "new Miley" suit her sensational show at the MTV VMA.

In another clip the singer Scarlett Johansson plays that came to casting the film "Fifty Shades gray ", which also involved other colleagues - from Kristen Stewart to Phillip Seymour Hoffman.

entered the program and live performances Miley's 20-year-old star performed her latest hits and Wrecking Ball We Can't Stop .

Children's Day: Fresh pictures of sons Jessica Simpson and Josh Duhamel

While some parents prefer to star as long as possible to hide their child from the press and the public, and others - on the contrary, arrange the publication of photographs of kids on a show, the others are just happy to share their joy with the fans. The latter is quite fairly be celebrity-family Fergie - Josh Duhamel and Jessica Simpson - Eric Johnson.

Fergie and Josh released the very first shot of your first-born Axel Jack a couple of weeks after the birth of the baby, and since then regularly share Fresh pictures boy. So, yesterday, Josh posted on his Instagram photo with the caption Axel:

We're going to watch football with my little buddy.
Simpson's debut of her second child - a son of Canute Eyca - also took place two weeks after the birth. The first photo is the boy appeared on the cover of the US Magazine, and now Jessica has posted on his Instagram fresh frame, honors the "mini" birthday-Ace, who at the weekend was three months.

Axel Jack Duhamel

Jessica Simpson celebrates a three-month "anniversary" of his son Asa Canute

The British press: Prince Harry and Cressida Bonas married next year

Devotees of the enviable royal bride in the world - Britain's Prince Harry - are sounding the alarm: the publication of The Telegraph with reference to sources close to the young monarch, reported that Prince incessantly talking about the wedding and plans to marry his beloved Cressida Bonas next year.

Rumors about a possible imminent wedding have long circulated in the British tabloids (interestingly, the news of an impending engagement were followed regularly with news about the next break of a couple or even a new passion Harry), but the fresh article has already done a lot of noise. According to the publication of the "friends of Prince", the wedding was postponed solely due to fears of a 24-year Bonas: first, she thought that was too young for marriage, and secondly, she was afraid to be part of the royal family.

Now , according to sources, the beloved Prince overcame their fears:

Cressida marry Harry.

Harry did not stop to talk about marriage and children, and she seems to be too imbued with this idea. Most likely, they will get married next year.

According to the published text, "Prince humorist" Harry, who next year will be 30 years old, has long been dreaming to settle down, get married and become not only his uncle, but his father . Bonas struck the prince with their first meeting in May of 2012, when his cousin and close friend introduced Princess Eugenie.

Recall not so Davo sources other British publications have pointed to the fact that officially the engagement of Prince Harry Cressida Bonas will be announced at the end of 2013.

Alla Pugacheva and Maxim Galkin children named Elizabeth and Harry

Names revealed himself new father, 37-year-old Galkin, responding to the greetings of one of the fans in the "tweet".

Later director Alla Pugacheva Elena Chuprakova confirmed Russian media that Ally and Max gave birth to twins: a boy and a girl Harry Lisa. In addition, Chuprakova pointed and date of birth of twins - 18 September. Earlier, it was reported that children birth to a surrogate mother.

37-year-old Maxim Galkin and 64-year-old Alla Pugacheva have been together for over 12 years. The singer already has one daughter - Orbakajte.

Maxim Galkin posted this picture in his "tweet"