Oct 6, 2013

Lady in red: Penelope Cruz Photocall for 'Counselor' in London

Britons to be envied: earlier last week in London hosted a special screening of "adviser", which came to present starring Penelope Cruz, Javier Bardem, Michael Fassbender and directed by Ridley Scott.

But not only that reporters from "Albion" were the first to evaluate the tape, so also, as it turned out, the actors held after the capital of England a few days. This became known after yesterday celebrities attended the Photocall picture.


On photo ops Penelope appeared in an elegant red dress below the knee Armani. The actress, who gave birth to her second child three months ago, has almost completely come back in shape and, I must admit, it looks just fine.

Recall that in the new movie "Advisor" Cruz plays the bride of the protagonist played by Fassbender, who on the eve of the wedding comes a tempting offer from a friend (Brad Pitt) to make money fast on the shipment of cocaine from Mexico USA. Drug dealer in the film played by Javier Bardem.

The plot is very well known to us, the date of the premiere on November 14 marked on the calendar, we only have to wait for the tape on the wide screen and hope that the main actors will arrive in Moscow to present crime thriller.

At Halle Berry and Olivier Martinez's son

the day before Halle Berry gave birth to a son. The name of the baby has not been revealed, but we know that the birth took place in a medical center in Los Angeles.

Sex of the baby was not news to us - who will be born to a celebrity and her husband, Olivier Martinez, we learned at the beginning of summer, but the timing of the birth of the second son star could be called only approximately. Recall the pregnancy was reported Halle in April, and then there were rumors about the third month.

Well, now it is clear that the insiders, this time made no mistake with the "hard data". Will be waiting for more news on how Berry and Martinez have called their first child, and, of course, congratulations couple with a happy event

The boy who survived : Daniel Radcliffe has said goodbye to Harry Potter

Two years later, after the final part of the saga of Harry Potter, Daniel Radcliffe is still to millions of viewers around the world, "the boy who lived." As recognized by the 24-year-old actor in an interview with The New York Times Magazine, he has only recently finally accepted his role and the sign that said, "let go" of her:

I tried in vain to do anything to my face did not cause the audience association with Potter. Because his face - it's my face. I just need to accept the fact that my face will always remind people of Harry, because I played it.
Radcliffe came to the conclusion that the more he will renounce this image, the longer it remain, risking to get stuck in the role of the young wizard. Now, by his own admission, the actor finally said goodbye to Potter and confident in the future.

Thus, one of the most difficult obstacles for the young actor became their own complexes:

I carry on their shoulders a heavy load. When you come into this world at 11 years old and earn huge amounts of money throughout his tineydzherstva for a "dream job", unwittingly comes the idea that everything they think, "He just pulled out his lucky ticket. He is not an actor".

It took me a long time to realize that I deserve what I have.
This contributed a lot to the actor numerous offers from film studios. In 2012, Radcliffe starred in the horror film "The Woman in Black," as well as in the TV series "Notes of a Young Doctor" (by the way, Bulgakov - a favorite writer Daniel).

And this year's release comes at once three films with his participation: thriller "Horns" melodrama "friendship (and no sex)" and caressed by the critically acclaimed biopic about the founder bitnichestva "Kill your favorite" - rumored to be after watching this film makers of films about Freddie Mercury was invited to the Radcliffe the main role.