Oct 5, 2013

Barack Obama and he can still count on the stars for the support!

Lady Gaga, Nina Dobrev, Alyssa Milano ... The celebrities are responding to the call of Barack Obama to support his reform of the U.S. healthcare system!

Barack Obama and stars: a long love story! If the President of the United States celebrates its 21 years of marriage with Michelle Obama on Friday, it also has a special relationship with some of the biggest American celebrities! We know very close to Jay-Z and Beyonce, who like Eva Longoria, were very involved in his two presidential campaigns. But this is not the Carter nor bomba latina who responded to the first call this time!

Because yes, the law on gay marriage, President Obama has once again asked Using celebrities close to the ideas of his Democratic Party to support its policy. This time he comes to Obamacare, the proposed reform of the U.S. healthcare system. Basically, he wants to give social security to all U.S. citizens, including the poor, who do not have at present a health coverage, as we have in France

problem.: the project is struggling to move from the opposition side. As a result, many stars want to push people to think more closely, posing with the message "Get Covered" or "be protected" on photos posted on Twitter. Among the first, Lady Gaga, Alyssa Milano and Kate Bosworth have raised their fans and shared the link to the site that explains the project.

Actors of Revenge series, Emily Van Camp and Nick Wechsler also played the game, as the singer Pharrell Williams and actress Olivia Wilde. Nina Dobrev, the pretty brunette Vampire Diarries, went further by posing topless: a more convincing way? For its part, the rock band Pearl Jam, posted a longer message, urging fans to "understand this reform only have earlier protections, and to know his chances" by going to the project site.

Do you think that the stars may have the power to change things?

Halle Berry will play an astronaut in the series by Steven Spielberg

The publication The Hollywood Reporter reported that Halle Berry joined Steven Spielberg's new TV project: the actress will play a major role in the futuristic series CBS "existing" (Extant).

Main character of this dramatic thriller - a female astronaut trying to mend relations with his family after returning from a space mission. But strangely, all of her deeds and actions begin to change the course of history.

Spielberg admitted edition that insanely happy to get the lead role in his new project the Oscar-winning actress:

Halle Berry - one of a kind. And for me, an incredible honor that she chose our project to continue his brilliant career. As in all his previous works, it brings sincerity and depth to the character of the heroine, and I look forward to working with her.
Halle, in turn, talked about why decided to undertake this project :

I am always in search of really good roles, and when I see such a strong and multi-faceted scenario, with a stunningly prescription shades, it makes me to plunge into a new project.

Five months year I will live with this incredibly smart and yet vulnerable heroine, and the remainder of the year, I will continue to look for roles that could affect my heart as well, like this.
The first season of the new series will consist of 13 episodes and will air in the summer of 2014. A spring will appear on the screens of fresh Kinoraboty Berry - the new part of the franchise "X-Men: Days of Future minuvshpego" promises to become the most ambitious band in this fantastic epic.

Madonna for the November Harper's Bazaar

Fresh "secret" and the long-awaited project of Madonna caused a stir: it discussed, criticized and praised his talent star. In any case, this mini tape has proven to us that Madge is still the same, and her retirement is not threatened. This confirms the new celebrity photo shoot for the November issue Harper's Bazaar. Terry Richardson shots authorship is divided blogger starsndiamonds.

In an interview with 55-year-old star shared her memories of adolescence, and noted that the school was an outsider:

Many thought I was very strange. I did not have a lot of friends, and I did not need the inner circle. But in the end, this detachment peers even helped me: because when you are not popular and do not conduct an active social life, you have left a lot of time to focus on your future.
It is because of the time spent alone with his thoughts, Madonna decided to radically change his life:

For me it meant moving to New York and become a real singer. And in order to express themselves in this huge city nonconformists. And to be able to communicate with people that you admire.

The singer raskazala about one of the most difficult periods in her life and how to adopt the boy David has changed her for the better:

This experience opened my eyes to many things. At the time I could afford it all: I published a book, Sex Book, openly acted on stage, even a kiss with Britney Spears. But saving someone's life is quite another. That moment was a turning point in my life, after it came a lull. It was difficult to go through what people in third world countries are suffering and dying of hunger. That trip to Malawi changed me completely.
Perhaps the inner world of a pop star and has undergone a major change, some things do not change - a passion for the stage, the desire to always move forward and continue to break stereotypes. As admitted Madge, their behavior and way of life is not going to change:

If I can not do what I love, and to live the way I want, I just do not see any reason to be on this planet. 

Kim Kardashian and Kanye West showed the second photo Daughter North

Last night, Kim Kardashian landed in Los Angeles (where the reality TV star was immediately surrounded by paparazzi - welcome home!). Kim returned from France - new mother left her baby for the first time the North, that together with her lover Kanye West to plunge into the world of the Paris Fashion Week.

Sources say that the first parting with his daughter Kim was given an extremely hard. Their joy over the return of the star shared with the fans, by publishing its long-awaited second shot Instagram North West:

so I missed the fact that waking up with my baby.
Recall North introduced the first photo Kanye himself on the TV show Kris Jenner.

New photo of daughter Kim Kardashian and Kanye Wes

In the first such public photos babes North

Kim Kardashian and Kanye West in Paris

Robert Pattinson's new novel?

While the public wondered whether Robert Pattinson meets with her daughter Sean Penn, the Hollywood actor threw the audience more interesting puzzle: the other day a young man spent the evening in the company of three girls.

Things were so Robert was spotted at a concert of Arctic Monkeys , but the star of the Twilight saga does not want to spend time alone with him, and called a few girls. After the speech, the whole group got into the car, where he was caught by the paparazzi. Auto hurried escape to an unknown destination.

Most interesting in this story is the question, who were these mysterious companion actor? One of the girls, brunette in the back seat next to Pattinson could be identified. Stranger named Sidney Liebes, and it works a personal trainer. Another girl, who is sitting in the front seat of the car, according to the source, meets with driver auto.

Personality third girl - that's the real mystery. Gossip suggests that in place of a young man who is driving a car, hiding in the moment flashes of cameras just Dylan Penn. According to other sources, a novel by Robert and stellar daughter was fiction, and in fact the actor is having an affair with a brunette just Sidney, which he was invited on a date.

Agree to sort out his personal life celebrity is not so just so he cleverly hides all the details of their relationship and leads journalists by the nose. Therefore, it remains only to wait more than us surprise star Lovelace.

Robert Pattinson's new novel is credited with Cindy Liebes 

But do not know who the girl in the hat, which is hidden from the cameras in the back seat of car

The whole group of young people trying to go unnoticed