Oct 4, 2013

Miley Cyrus: it pushes all bounds of decency in a new shooting shock!

This is not the first time Miley Cyrus undresses for Terry Richardson, but this time the American singer hit hard. Beyond the nudity, it is the poses and staged at risk of shocking many.

While Miley Cyrus does not know that friends after his ultra-hot performance at the MTV Video Music Awards, and his famous "Twerk" American singer promises to be even criticized. Regardless, she likes it. The more we talk about it, whether good or bad, the more it pleases him.

Because Miley is again the buzz with a new shock shooting directed by Terry Richardson, the photographer of the stars already behind the controversial clip Wrecking Ball. If the ex Liam Hemsworth has already played the crazy patterns on the lens of Terry Richardson, it comes this time to take a new fence and push all limits of decency. Topless, sticking worn with nothing underneath but also body red string ultra-scalloped, Miley reveals more challenging than ever.

Made in New York, and posted on the website of Terry Richardson, the shooting Miley has an uncontrollable. Playing with his tongue, the star of 20 years do not hesitate to e put a can on my crotch and then put it on his mouth.

No surprise that Liam took the leak and has supported more slippage Miley.

Warning, some images may offend!

'Rumors - a lie': the representative of Helena Bonham Carter, the scandalous photos of Tim Burton

Yesterday's pictures in which a 55-year-old film director Tim Burton, known for his 12-year relationship with actress Helena Bonham Carter, kissing another woman made a lot of noise in the press. The reaction of the representative of the star of the family not long to wait, even though the director and his wife remained silent.

Official representative of the 47-year-old Bonham Carter commented on the news because:

This is absolute nonsense, photos were done when they are holidaying with a large company, including family members, friends and colleagues.
Recall that the scandalous footage was made in late September near the Hampstead Theatre in London and that is where the paparazzi have found a married director, along with a mysterious blonde.

There were also witnesses, said that watching the film, Burton and his companion went to his car and kissed on the way - at which point they waylaid and photographer.

Flower girl: Miranda Kerr in an advertising campaign Swarovski

Nothing upset fans of Miranda Kerr, when they learned that the supermodel left the slender ranks of the "angels" Victoria's Secret: a career of a young mother worry just not worth it. Fashion shows featuring celebrity photo shoots interspersed with in glossy magazines and advertising campaigns - only manage to keep track of all of its projects.

Thus, an opportunity to evaluate the new collaboration with Kerr jewelry house Swarovski: the supermodel became the face of the advertising campaign of a brand. The author of the survey made by British photographer Nick Knight. The creative duo was bright and cheerful. In the video Miranda pozirut against garden roses and presents a collection of ornaments to the fiery music.

Admiring the new work fashion models and her girlish romantic way.

Watch on c-hollywood.blogspot.com

Miley Cyrus went to war c Sinead O'Connor

Who is Miley Cyrus knows almost everyone: the last time the name of the young celebrity has not disappeared from the media. This time the singer has attracted interest from the press to the person because of squabbles with the famous Irish singer Sinead O'Connor.

The conflict between the stars started after Cyrus in a recent interview, said that the creation of provocative music video Wrecking Ball inspired her image in a video Sinead 1990 Nothing Compares 2 U. However, this news is not only pleased with the Irish, but rather indignant. The singer did not remain silent and published on the Internet an open letter in which he wrote:

I am very concerned that your environment promotes and assures you of the need to strip the frame. In fact, you are hiding your talent. In the long term, it will not do nothing but harm. Do you have enough talent, and you should not let the music industry make himself a prostitute.
Miley, after reading this post, I just could not help but O'Connor compared with Amanda Bynes, who suffered from mental health problems. Girl wrote on the social network:

Up Amanda Bynes ... Was ...
And to back up her words Cyrus posted a screenshot Sinead posts in the "Twitter" two years ago, in which her older colleague at the scene trying to find a psychiatrist in Ireland. Some time later, she added:

Sinead. I do not have time to write an open letter to you because I have to be a master and to speak at SNL this week.
O'Connor also has not had time to comment on reports the singer, but most of all, she will find, what to say in response.

Sinead O'Connor

Miley Cyrus

Sinead O'Connor in the video Nothing Compares 2U

Miley Cyrus in the video Wrecking Ball

The heroine of film noir: Jessica Alba in a new photo shoot

Jessica Alba became the heroine of a fresh issue of West East. In an interview with 32-year-old actress, businesswoman and mother of two children tell about how she manages to maintain a balance in life:

If we talk about balancing between different areas, I try to live my life the best way - and sometimes you have to compromises.
Which is compromise in question, the star has not specified - perhaps she talked about her acting career, in which the last couple of years have seen a lull. Well, the next year in Alba has all the chances to make up for lost time!

Recall this month, the screens go just two tapes with the actress - comedy "Adult children of divorce" and trash-action movie "Machete kills!" . In 2014, Alba will appear in at least four television and film projects, but for now, offer to view the new photoshoot, in which the actress appears as a film noir heroine.

Kara Devlin comes off with Amber Heard and Billy Bob Thornton

Kara Devlin will appear again on the big screen: it became known that the model was in the movie "London Fields" (London Fields) - screen adaptation of the crime novel by English writer Martin Amis.

The film will debut in a big movie directed by Matthew Cullen previously directed music videos and commercials. Appear in the picture Amber Heard, Jim Sturgess and Billy Bob Thornton.

In what has been said about the project is known is that his shooting began about two weeks ago. While not reported, that for the role went to Delvin. News about her participation in the shooting of the film shared the make-up artist Shan Richards, who published in his twitter a photo with Kara.

Earlier Delvin has starred in the movies: last year, she appeared on the screen, playing in one of the episodes of the Hollywood movie " Anna Karenina, "and now in the movie Kids in Love, the premiere date is yet to be made public.

also acting talent British top model, we can assess in a recent short film Fendi.

Julianne Moore received a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame

Yesterday on the famous Hollywood Walk of Fame has another star. It belongs to 52-year-old Julianne Moore, which can now be seen in the film, Joseph Gordon-Levitt's "The Passion of Don Juan", and from the middle of November - in the horror film "Telekinesis" with Chloe Moretz.

At the opening ceremony of the nominal star Julianne arrived accompanied by her husband Bart Freundlich and children - 15-year-old Cal and 11-year-old Liv.

itself "hero of the occasion," was, as always, smiling and looked great in a dress of lemon shade which looks so good with red haired actress.

Moore posed for photographers with his colleagues, who came to congratulate her - partner of "The Passion of Don Juan," Joseph Gordon-Levitt and Chloe Moretz, who played her daughter in "telekinesis". Recall that yesterday, the network has a new trailer of the film, in which you can already guess what movie we are not waiting for the faint of heart. The Russian prime minister is scheduled for Nov. 14.

Return of the Legend great rebel Naomi Campbell

After parting with Vladislav Doronin, Naomi Campbell has focused its energy on the profession: almost daily mannequin makes us happy, if not secular outputs, shootings - one more beautiful than the other.

In the next photoset, sponsored by Nico, "the black panther "trying on leather dress and killer pins. Naomi paper calls "a great rebel", and the very history unfolded in its pages - "Return of the Legends".

Legend, however, will not go away, though, of course, almost a family idyll with Russian oligarch distracted her for time off from work. But Campbell is now back in business, and with it - its languid grace of a wild cat, seductive look and, of course, a luxurious head of hair - every time different.