Oct 3, 2013

And again on the VMA: Miley Cyrus jokes on himself in a promotional video SNL

Not a day without Miley: young Cyrus will be a guest host of a popular comic TV show Saturday Night Life. In a promotional video of the latest issue with Miley star of the show Taran Killam "passed" on their own scandalous popularity:

Taran: Miley ... a performance at the VMA ... how could you?!

Miley: Oh, I know, how could I?!

Taran: It was too much! Children look after all!

Miley: And what do I put on myself!

Taran: And what did you do!

Miley: And do not forget about the children! 
Thank Killam, now we know why Miley all the time shows the language - at least, we know the version of the singer:

With his sense of smell. Like a snake.
Finally the singer invited his friend "zaguglit" her name to know - how things are going with Miley Cyrus? Well, over the past couple of months Miley managed to leave with her fiance Liam Hemsworth, to record a single with Britney Spears and release clip on the record-breaking hits, to appear on the covers of several magazines (of course, with his tongue hanging out) and confess to drug use.

Admittedly, a self-deprecating sense of humor and the young star is all right, but the heart of the matter that does not change - why, Miley? Perhaps the new answers to dumb question millions of fans waiting for us scandalous singer in a recent issue of SNL, which will air on October 5.

Rita Ora: it shows the fangs for his return to London!

While in Paris to attend the Chanel show and go to hi to her BFF Cara Delevingne, Rita Ora is back in London yesterday. A return not lacking bite!

Los Angeles, Paris, London ... Rita Ora does not stop!

While British singer was there a few more days in the United States for floor on his new album, but also share tender moments with his beloved Calvin Harris and crossed the street dogs, she has since returned to Europe.

Invited last Tuesday at the prestigious Chanel fashion show held at the Grand Palais in the presence of a nice crowd of stars, Katy Perry, Vanessa Paradis, Leila Bekthi, Ines de Fressange the ... were all there, Rita Ora has not lingered in Paris. Just enough time to see his BFF Cara Delevingne, queen of catwalks of Fashion Week, and she left.

Spotted on his descent from the Eurostar at St Pancras station in London, Rita could hardly have gone unnoticed with his Scottish look. Faced with photographers, the singer of 22 years has revealed a very fashionable accessory among stars at the moment, the Grillz (jewelry for teeth). Rihanna, Madonna, Katy Perry, Kim Kardashian and even Beyoncé have all died.

Joseph Gordon-Levitt accused of supporting the racist stereotypes

Comedy, Joseph Gordon-Levitt's "The Passion of Don Juan" brought newly created director not only critical praise, but also in support of the allegations of racist stereotypes.

Is convinced the representatives of Italian American One Voice Coalition (the organization that fights discrimination against Italian Americans), the main hero of the film, played by Joseph puts Italian Americans are not in the best light - his life consists only of the parties, and he was somehow deprived of high aspirations. Issued a statement criticizing the company founder Dr. Emanuele Alfano:

Gordon-Levitt - the son of parents who founded the once Jewish Progressive Union, who fought against social injustice. He should be ashamed of the fact that his picture creates a negative perception of Italian Americans and Jews.
According to Alfano, director and actor is worth considering for a time to repent and leave the cinema in the name of charity:

Gordon -Levitt, as well as its dependence on porn hero requires a third-party intervention, therapy - for the way he had blackened Italian Americans. He must now leave the show business, clean your "junk" from the rental and donate all profits to charity.
As for the film "The Passion of Don Juan", the world premiere of which took place in New York City a little over two weeks ago, with only a weekend at the box office, he earned 8.8 million dollars.

'Telekinesis': new trailer with Chloe Moretz and Julianne Moore

Two weeks before the world premiere of "telekinesis" (Carrie) creators of horror intrigue the audience by presenting emotional excerpt featuring Chloe Moretz and Julianne Moore.

In the "telekinesis" 16-year-old Chloe plays a shy teenage girl Carrie White suffering from ridicule classmates and rather peculiar educational austerity mother. So, for example, the heroine of Moore locks daughter in a closet frightening that we can observe in the network that appears today in the passage of the film.

Bullying in school and violence mother turn around that Carrie begins to open his supernatural abilities. < br>
adaptation of Stephen King's "Carrie" took director Kimberly Peirce, known for his notorious 1999 film "Boys Do not Cry" with Hilary Swank.

At George Clooney's new girlfriend?

In early July, it became izvetsnaya that one of Hollywood's most eligible bachelor George Clooney broke up with Stacy Keibler after two years of relationship. Actor enjoyed the rest of the summer bachelor lifestyle, and in the fall decided to look for a new girlfriend. If you believe the rumors, the search for star failed and now the 52-year-old George meets with the 33-year-old Croatian model Monica Jakisic.

According to a source, the couple spends a lot of time together - the new darling has become a frequent guest of the luxurious mansion in Los Clooney Angeles, and George constantly maintains contact with her, if they can not meet.

most interesting is that the actor and model known for a long time: in May they were seen by one of Hollywood parties. Then the reporters suspected that between them there is something more than just companionship, but Clooney cut short the gossip:

Journalists concocted the story out of nothing. I held her hand, as someone thought. Do not attempt to increase sales of the publication by the scandal, coming up with stories. 

The behavior of celebrities can understand what kind of affair could be discussed if at that time he had met Stacy. Now that the past relationships were far behind, with a novel twist to George Jakisic no one interferes.

The way, Kibler, like her ex-boyfriend, not sad alone: ​​the actress has recently been seen in the company of a young man named Jared Poble in Paris. Beloved Stacey published in Instagram picture in which he sealed and Kibler in one of the romantic restaurants of the city. Moreover, the close friends Kibler confirmed their romance.

Well, it seems that Kibler, Clooney and quickly experienced a break and have to move on. We will follow with interest the development of the plot of star relationships.

The family of Michael Jackson has lost his case against the organizer of the tour

In Los Angeles, the trial ended with a resounding between the family of Michael Jackson and the organizing company of his last tour, AEG Live. The jury issued a verdict shocked many, admitting physician pop idol Conrad Murray competent.

Recall trial began in late April: the mother of the late 82-year-old Katherine Jackson, speaking also on behalf of the three children, Michael, AEG demanded admission of guilt Live in the singer's death (since it is the company hired Murray) and compensation in the amount of $ 290 million. Representatives of the organizers of the tour, in turn, insisted that the doctor he hired Jackson, and the required amount of payments called "absurdly overpriced".

During the nearly five-month process acted as more than fifty witnesses. In the end, the jury made a decision about what Murray really hired organizers of the tour, but recognized by a competent physician. This verdict shocked many fans of Jackson - recall the results of investigation of causes of death of Michael Jackson, Murray was sentenced to four years in prison for manslaughter.

Sources close to the musician's relatives reported that Katherine Jackson hoped to gain at least $ 2 billion:

They are absolutely devastated. Catherine needed the money, because in fact the Jacksons did not have all that they ascribe the public.
AEG Live attorney Marvin Punem separately pointed out that Michael Jackson has repeatedly warned about the dangers of drugs they received, and the company-promoter would not have agreed to organize this tour, knowing how much risk he exposes himself.

Recall Michael Jackson died on June 25, 2009 from the potent drug intoxication "Propofol".

The family of Michael Jackson has lost his case against the organizer of the tour (Blanket, Paris and Prince Jackson)

Katherine Jackson hoped to get at least 2 Millard

Lawyers of the organizing company tour of Michael Jackson in court

Lawyer Marvin Punem comments judgment

Fans of Michael Jackson shocked by the decision of the jury

Video Premiere: Rihanna - Pour It Up

A few days ago Rihanna posted a net footage from the shooting of their new video for the song Pour It Up, the next day shared beksteydzh video, today unveiled the final result.

Throughout the three-minute clip seated on a golden throne pop diva demonstrates his vision of his own life:

matter how much I spent - I still have the money. What do I care about the haters - I still have the money.
Judging from the video, Rihanna is happy to share honestly earned with dancers Pole Dance, and indeed not to be twisted off at the pole. However, not so long ago, the singer said that the madly tired of the monotonous parties and lately feels "vegetable" and boring - maybe that's why so sad in her mouth sounds main appeal song - "Fill the glasses to the brim!".