Oct 2, 2013

Kim Kardashian: Sexy dress and plunging neckline, the bimbo attracts all the attention on the arm of Riccardo Tisci!

Watch out, a bomb in sight! Last night in Paris, Kim Kardashian made a guest appearance on the arm of his friend, designer Riccardo Tisci. Chic and glamorous, the duo went to the premiere of the film "Miss C."

Paris is in turmoil for the last hours of Fashion Week! Indeed, the creators of the week closes this

Wednesday, Oct. 2 with parades and other Louis Vuitton and Miu Miu, provided respectively at 10 and 14h. Meanwhile, the city continues to celebrate as it should be the world of fashion!

Last night (Tuesday, October 1), it was the turn of Carine Roitfeld to be honored at the occasion of the premiere of his documentary, Miss C., which is due out on October 16. Handpicked, the guests were many to make this projection 100% chic! Back to Paris last week, Kim Kardashian was obviously the game. Accompanied by his friend Riccardo Tisci, creative director of Givenchy, the bimbo 32 years once again impressed the audience ...

Primed a beautiful black dress French home, mother of the little North is displayed with an amazing cleavage. Apparent chest, long blond hair loose, dark lips and tanned, his look was once again well and truly mastered to make a comeback in the spotlight! With or without Kanye West, star of the U.S. reality show has proved she knew the whole fashion world to its feet!

Obviously very excited to mark a new social event, Kim posted a picture of her alongside Riccardo Tisci on Instagram: "My hot date for the evening," she says simply. No doubt, life is beautiful in Paris!

Photos: Kim Kardashian after exertion, comfort ... In unbuttoned shirt!

Parisian life of Kim Kardashian quietly follows its course ... After starting the day with a workout in the Opera district, the American bimbo took the road to Saint-Germain des Prés for lunch at the company.

Busy year for Kim Kardashian! 

If it is determined to lose those last few pounds of pregnancy Kardahsian Kim began the day Tuesday, October 1, fashion sports day, the California bimbo reappeared a few hours total denim look for lunch in the chic district of Saint-Germain des Pres. Just like last night (Monday September 30) Kim went taste delicious French but her boyfriend Kanye West was not at her side this time. Only his assistant door handbag was with her.

In skinny jeans, matching shirt and buttoned just below her breasts, which have a nice view of her cleavage size XXL, shoulders covered with a powder and perched on heels pink coat, Kim apparently did not have time to care for her after brushing his workout.

Always smiling little for this new Parisian appearance, the American star would she misses her little Nori? Nothing could be more natural than to have a little bit of blues when you are separated for the first time in his girl nearly four months and that her boyfriend is not there ... No?

Justin Bieber: he plays the princess in China!

Justin Bieber has taken a big head! The proof, he prefers to be carried by his bodyguards instead of walking ...

There are tourists and tourists. And in case you have not noticed, Justin Bieber is not a backpacker! When Mr. Bieber visit a country, not walk, his little legs tiring. No, Mr. Bieber should keep his small forces to ensure on stage and prefers to be carried away by his bodyguards! A real princess! Lacks more than the sedan chair ...

In the Believe Tour, the young man stopped in China to give concerts. He could not resist the urge to visit one of the most magnificent monuments in the world, the Great Wall of China ... A bit like him! Finally, this is what to think, even if One Direction are more powerful than him and detonates more in his appearances as the fashion week in New York there are a few days.

Earlier in the day, who reigns over his Beliebers had created huge crowds of fans and curious decision to go on a tour of skateboarding in the streets of Beijing. And again, his faithful bodyguard were in their positions. They followed their current small head, as proud pooches. Humiliating? Some say it's just their job!

And you, what do you think?

Singer Anastacia underwent a double mastectomy

Anastacia underwent a double mastectomy - surgery to remove the breast. Recall, the singer told fans about the cancellation of a world tour because of the recurrence of breast cancer in February of this year (the first time she put this diagnosis in 2003).

In an official statement released recently, the star said that now is in the final stages of recovery from surgery and will soon return to work:

Earlier this year, the second time in my life I was diagnosed - breast cancer. I am now in the final stages of recovery after a double mastectomy. It was a hard way, but now I feel great and ready to start a new chapter [of life].
Earlier this year, another star underwent surgery to remove breast - Angelina Jolie decided on a double mastectomy because of Due to the high risk of cancer.

Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt were married in secret?

The theme of this morning was to discuss the secret wedding of Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt, who is rumored to have had a place to be this weekend. Cause for gossip tossed recent pictures of actress that you might see on blogs.

The fact that a few days ago Jolie was spotted out for a walk in Sydney, and on the ring finger of his left hand attentive reporters examined two rings at once. Pitt has presented the first ornament on the celebrity engagement, and Angie it never takes off. But the second ring of the public saw for the first time. Thus, a simple conclusion is that the couple finally legalized relationship is obvious.

Now much falls into place: for example, a generous gift of Brad, about which we recently reported, and the long-awaited meeting celebrities after long weeks spent apart from each other. It is interesting to know whether a secret ceremony held in Hong Kong, where akttery spent the weekend together.

We look forward to the new details and official confirmation of the rumors and hope that every secret will be revealed soon.

'Britney Spears' new video for their single Work Bitch

In the new tape singer spectators waiting fiery dances, sports car, sadomasochistic scenes and paraphernalia, all under the motivating slogan singles. It is impossible not to mention the excellent tightened figure Spears is seen in preparation for the filming of Britney used her motto is "If you want a slim body - work on it" and did not spare himself.

The audience enthusiastically adopted the new, long-awaited video and celebrity now requires continued. Hopefully Spears fans will hear the request and will delight us with their hits as often as possible. In the meantime - energizing and internally with the new video Work Bitch.

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