Sep 26, 2013

Khloe Kardashian: she takes the bull by the horns and pulls a super sexy look!

After going through a very difficult period following the sinking of his marriage, Khloe Kardashian finally seems ready to recover. In any case, the message she wanted to convey yesterday during his appearance very noticeable.

Lamar Odom made him see all the colors. Between rehearsals and his infidelities to his addictions, Khloe Kardashian was not spared. Destabilized against the total wreck of her marriage, the youngest of the famous Kardashian trio has quickly lost ground. Supported by all his clan, Khloe finally seems up the pente.C is in any case the impression she gave yesterday (Wednesday, 25 September) when it appears in the chic West Hollywood.

While she had an appointment with her big sister Kourtney in one of their many shops Dash, Khloe has released the femme fatale look to get there. Molded in black pants, sexy in his jacket open enough to feel we have to dive into her cleavage and perched on high heels Louboutin signed, Khloe completely her look with a hair salon back, big hoop and a pair Sunglasses. If Lamar Odom does not know what he is about to lose, Khloe is there to remind him

visibly cheered and determined to move forward, Khloe does not she risk of resombrer party tomorrow if his wedding anniversary with Lamar as reported by RadarOnline?

Julianne Moore for the October issue of InStyle US

The actress, who, as we already know, will participate in the final part of "The Hunger Games", starred in a photo shoot for the publication and talked to a reporter about luck, motherhood and pledge a happy life.

Thus, the 52-year-old celebrity has admitted that can call himself a happy man:

I feel perfectly at my age, I am 17 years in some ways, I have a grown-up children, the house in which we have always dreamed of living, and favorite work, which still gives me pleasure.
Moore also said that she was very lucky with the roles:

I can not complain, I'm pretty lucky. I do not like when people ask me whether decreasing the number of job offers over the years. 

Let's appreciate what imeem.Krome of Julianne said a few words about motherhood and how quickly children grow up:

When children are young, they are constantly holding you by the hand. Before you know it, these moments will be left behind. Days last long, but the years slipped by unnoticed.
With such a wise saying is hard not to agree, but when you look at pictures of Moore becomes obvious - her beauty over time has no power.

Sunny Birthday Nicole Richie on the Cape

View photos of celebrities from vacation is always a little jealous, but when it comes to solar resorts tropical countries to contain their emotions becomes especially difficult. All that is left to do, looking at the photo report of Nicole Richie Mexican town of Cabo San Lucas - is warm warm photographs TV star.

In Mexico Nicole did not come alone, and not just. September 21 designer turned 32 years old, and she decided to celebrate the event in a circle of friends on the coast of the Pacific Ocean. On how the holiday took place, Ritchie reported in Instagram.

Judging by pictures summer, the girls having a great time on vacation: sunbathing, swimming, enjoyed cocktails and indulge yourself treats. By the way, Richie met her "new year" without a husband and children: Joel Madden stayed home with Harlow and Sparrow, while mom had fun in the company of friends.

Though a bit late, congratulate Nicole's birthday and admire its solar frames.

Daniel Day-Lewis - a new contender for the role of Bond

A holy place is never empty, and speculation about the contenders for the role of James Bond continues: after Tom Hardy list of favorites creators of the new film adaptation of the novel about Agent 007 got Daniel Day-Lewis - it was his in the film version of his novel fresh "Solo" would like to see author William Boyd:

I think Daniel Day-Lewis does have similarities with James Bond, was described by Ian Fleming.
the way, the author of the original works in the books of Fleming described his character as a high , slim and fit, and once mentioned that "cheated" Bond with Hoagy Carmichael. According to Boyd, it looks Lewis is a modern version of a jazz musician and actor, the "golden age" of Hollywood:

He [Day-Lewis] tall, thin, trim, dark-haired, fine-looking man.

 Of course, do not forget about the professional merits of Day-Lewis - at the moment he is the only actor, three times awarded the "Oscar" for best actor, but to mention dozens of other prestigious film awards.

will listen Do movie producers to the opinion of the author of the new "James Bond" is still unknown. Recall, the new film about Agent 007 - still with Daniel Craig in the lead role - will be released in 2015.

Daniel Day-Lewis - the main contender for the role of James Bond
Previous who plays Bond - Daniel Craig
Hoagy Carmichael, with whom "cheated" Bond Ian Fleming

Black Swan: Natalie Portman in advertising fragrance Miss Dior

Natalie Portman fruitful collaboration with fashion house Dior continues, we recently evaluated a promotional video Rouge Dior line with the actress, and now the opportunity to see a celebrity in a new advertising campaign fragrance Miss Dior - so far only the first frame.

If the advertisement lipstick Portman played a fatal seductress, the fragrance is actress in a more gentle and romantic image. Although, judging by even a single shot, compared to past campaigns, the new has turned more serious and less "air".

After all, if earlier on Natalie dresses were delicate pink tones, but now we face a classic black option. Creator of the dress was made, as you might guess, Raf Simons, and dress decorated with thousands of flowers and looks, I must admit, just fine.

Consider the first promo shot, enjoy the beauty and elegance of Portman and look forward to more images and the full video.

Jennifer Lawrence will star again in the director 'The Hunger Games' by Gary Ross

One of the most stylish women by People magazine actress Jennifer Lawrence can not complain about the lack of job offers: public vengeance discusses her campaign for Dior, soon will the second part of the acclaimed film "The Hunger Games", and we now know about the future career plans actress - played in several films with director Gary Ross.

With Ross Lawrence had already met on the set of the first "Hunger Games" Gary acted as a director and screenwriter picture. Although Ross refused to work on the sequel to the franchise, with the female lead, he continued to maintain friendly relations.

Thanks to the friendship of the first actresses Jennifer was invited to cooperate with the director. According to the source, Ross plans to shoot the drama "East of Eden," based on the novel by John Steinbeck. In the adaptation of Lawrence will play a minor character - the mother of one of the main characters in his youth.

But in the second draft Gary Lawrence will get a major role. In the film adaptation of the novel Hannah Kent Burial Rites, which was released just last week, Jen played a woman who falsely accused of murder and sentenced to death in 1829. The plot is based on real events.

We will follow with interest the new roles Laureate Award "Oscar" and the development of her acting career.

Sandra Bullock has left its mark on Hollywood Boulevard

Back in 2005, Sandra Bullock was honored with a star on the Walk of Fame, and after 13 years, the actress has left another mark in Hollywood - or rather, two: Sandra expanded collection of star otmechatkov hands and feet at the famous Chinese Theatre on Hollywood Boulevard.

At the ceremony held yesterday, marking the release of a fresh film works actress "Gravity", Bullock appeared in the company of his son Louis and Chelsea Handler, who said a fiery speech in honor of his stellar girlfriend.

for such a solemn occasion chose Sandra Pencil dress with a colorful print of Antonio Berardi, which complemented the shuttles Jimmy Choo.

Chelsea Handler