Sep 25, 2013

Kanye West on Kim Kardashian:She just loves me without demanding my money

Continuing to promote your already superuspeshnogo new album Yeezus, Kanye West became a guest of the BBC Radio 1, which told not only about his work ("I'm a rock star!"), But also the relationship with Kim Kardashian - has been one of the pillars of that hold the family life of the two stars was the financial independence Kim (which, by the way, does not prevent the rapper bestow his beloved expensive gifts).

Recall West and Kardashian among the five highest-paid star pairs this year magazine Forbes - despite the fact that the new mother earns three times smaller than her lover, her own is enough "modest" 10 million:

She is in a strong enough position where you might just love me without demanding my money - and I really was difficult to find a woman.
It is not known how generous materially 32-year-old reality TV star, but the generosity of his heart, according to Kanye, it does not hold - without asking anything in return, Kim was perfect life companion:

She gave me everything. She gave me a family, she gave me support.
On material well-being of young families can not worry - in addition to their own six-figure earnings, the West is willing to enrich themselves at the expense of their own and daughters North - of course, for her own good. According to the rapper, he plans to ensure that his baby Norte received your profits with each published a picture with her image.

Sure mom, Kim maintains her lover in this endeavor - and knowing the talent of the Kardashian family to make money on all, what they touch, to doubt the success of this "project" is not necessary.

Fresh photos from the paparazzi: Kanye West and Kim Kardashian leaving a restaurant

Lamar Odom's Father: 'Kris Jenner - the devil in the flesh'

It's no secret that Chloe Kardashian basketball player husband Lamar Odom is going through hard times: every now and then on the pages of tabloids flashed reports of his drug addiction and recently soprtsmen was arrested for drunk driving.

Father Lamar Odom Joe recently gave an interview in which commented on the problems of his son and designated the root cause of all miseries basketball. In his opinion, to blame the Kardashian family, and in particular the wife of Lamar Chloe and her mother Kris Jenner. So, Joe thinks that all the trouble started after his son's wedding in 2009.

Someone needs to tell everything, I just need to do something. It's very simple. They "caved in" and tweaked my son for themselves. 

Most of Joe's got just the older Kardashian - Kris:

mother poured out a lot of dirt on my sons claimed that he used drugs and so on. Chris a very negative against Lamar and our entire family. She's a real bitch in the flesh and the devil. She does not care about the fate of my son: she was thinking only about their image, reputation and money.
Journalist asked his father Lamar, in his opinion, involves a very Jenner to use banned drugs. On this score the all-knowing elder also speculate:

I do not blame it for nothing, Chris: it's hard to name a pure angel. I can not say with certainty that Chris is taking drugs, but I do know that Lamar himself would never in my life got in touch with the heavy drugs. The exact names of those who supplied the drugs my son, I do not know yet, but I'm going to conduct its own investigation. To say only one thing: the Kardashian family has a bad influence on Lamar. 

Later in the conversation Joe told what impression the famous family when communicating face to face:

To be honest, I wish Lamar never married Chloe. It constantly monitors it. Kardashian all such: they "marry" on your own, and then behave like men. You just bring them wages, and they chuvstvyut themselves masters of the house. Chloe in real life is very different from that on the screen: in fact, it is not sweet and not a bit good. Yes they have the whole family to play in public.
Solution to all problems of the father sees his son in the divorce and the distance from the star of the family:

He shall flee from them, without her mother Chloe and Lamar will be much better . They should let him go and give the opportunity to rebuild their lives. 

Well, it follow the advice of his parents Lamar and will end with a divorce if his problem, we learn from the news. And of course, we expect the response comments from the Kardashian clan.

Lily James in the role of Cinderella: the first frame

The first frame in the form of Lily James Cinderella

While foreign audiences evaluate adaptation of Shakespeare's famous play "Romeo and Juliet", we have the opportunity to see the first frame from the set of interpretations of the other, all known since childhood stories. Disney Company unveiled to the public for photos Lily James in the image of Cinderella.

The first picture from the shooting, which take place in England, the star of the TV series "Downton Abbey" riding a horse: it should be noted that the 24-year-old actress is very confident sitting in the saddle. Remained a mystery scene, during which the photo is made: whether the heroine escapes from an evil stepmother (which will play in the film Cate Blanchett), or rushing to the prince (played by Richard Madden got), or in a hurry to cross-fairy (played by Helena Bonham Carter).

filmmakers say that Lily is the best suited for the role of Cinderella, which, by the way, could get all Emma Watson:

Thanks to Lily James, we have found our perfect Cinderella. She embodies the beauty, intelligence, light and cheerful nature and grace.
In addition, the producers promise tape that the film will be released in the next year. So we will wait for the new frame from the set and wonder how their characters to reincarnate the other actors involved in the film adaptation of the immortal stories. 

single:Premiere of 'secret project' Revolution 'Madonna'

On the eve of the New York premiere of the long-awaited "secret project" Madonna and Steven Klein Secret Project Revolution. Among the first visitors in black and white 17-minute film, shot by pop diva and fashion-photographer - Lindsay Lohan, Sean Penn and other stars.

Project, which serves as an epilogue to quote Sartre, is a manifesto of the revolution - the triumph of freedom and, of course, love that unites all people in the world. The film, created in collaboration with VICE Media, is available for free download (along with exclusive interviews and handwritten letter Madonna) on the service BitTorrent.

Stylish Short - just one of the projects of large-scale campaigns Art for Freedom, in which today launched an online service of the same name - with it, users will be able to share your own videos, music, lyrics and photos, calling for freedom of speech.

Stills from the film Secret Project Revolution Madonna and Steven Klein

Gwyneth Paltrow on sexual addiction and infidelity

The very immediacy, actress Gwyneth Paltrow is not afraid to address the acute and personal topics in numerous interviews (to discuss a custom shape and problems in relationships with a spouse or criticize ball MET Gala? - It's Easy!), Which literally sypyatsya the actress with the release of each new film project. After the premiere of the tape on the sexaholic "Thanks for sharing" Gwyneth told reporters about his own relation to such a spicy depending on:

I'm a man without prejudices, so I think if I'd known that I suffer something similar, I would not let this deter me from the relationship.
turns, sexual addiction - love is not a hindrance, but the actress talks about infidelity is not as confident and very extensively:

I think if the idea to be loyal to someone important to you, you start to appreciate some part of their social life is higher than others. All couples are different, respectively, each pair goes through various tests.
From lyrics - to a reality. Gwyneth herself would prefer to "forgive and be forgiven":

I like to think that I would be forgiven and / or has been forgiven. But I can not give an honest answer, because I have truly not had that experience.
And here is the 40-year-old actress, perhaps disingenuous: in last year's interview with Harper's Bazaar Paltrow admitted that as- then met with the guy who "cheated on her all the time." What exactly is the story ended, and that was the reason for breaking up - the actress was not reported. But, apparently, now in private life Gwyneth is peace and quiet - the actress for more than 10 years, is married to Chris Martin, and the secret of their happy family life explains simply:

We never wanted to get divorced at one point .
And, as subtly hinted in an interview with the actress, has never been convicted of treason to one another.

Kate Moss and other stars on the cover of Zoo Magazine

Figure 40 continues to haunt Kate Moss - in the celebration of the 40th anniversary of the British supermodel, she has been devoted special The Edit, POP, and other fashion magazines, not so long ago, Kate debuted at auction Christie's, and ahead - the first in the career of model appearance on the cover Playboy. Yet another "40" in the bank Kate - cover of a special 40-th number of Zoo Magazine

Continuing the trend of production of several covers for one issue, the new release Zoo Magazine is decorated with four zaglvnyh photo with Kate Moss, Charlotte Gainsbourg, Jamie Bohert and Charlotte and  McMenamy.

long and closely cooperates with the publication of a photographer (as well as a musician and singer) Bryan Adams was the author of two black-and-white portraits of rooms - Moss and Gainsbourg  And Jamie Bohert MakMenami and shot two other regular contributor to the Zoo - Laetitia Negre and Dancian.

Earlier on the covers of publications have appeared Zoo Magazine Monica Bellucci, Toby Maguire, Lana Del Rey, Anne Vyalitsyna and many other stars.

Kate Moss on the cover of Zoo Magazine
Charlotte Gainsbourg
Kristen McMenamy
Jamie Bohert

single:Miley Cyrus shot a new video and a tattoo

It does not take a couple of days without news of Miley Cyrus. At this time, several of them at once: first, the star added to her collection of tattoos one more second, shot a video dedicated to basketball legend Michael Jordan.

Shooting for the cover of Rolling Stone, seems to have become 20 -year-old singer as a significant event in honor of its co-operation with the magazine, she decided to get a tattoo, which is demonstrated in his Instagram. And the tattoo Miley did right during the interview.

Cyrus also presented a video of the song "23" (just under that number famous Michael Jordan). Miley recorded a track with rappers Juicy J and Wiz Khalifa-led music producer Mike Will Made It - the same one with which the singer is rumored to be twisted romance after finally breaking up with Liam Hemsworth.

Press new video stars released after her recent video for the song Wrecking Ball, compares with the debut music video of Britney Spears Baby One More Time - true, Cyrus turned bolder version. Britney herself, by the way, recently compared herself as a young man with Miley, and, according to media reports, is going to record a duet with her.

Photos: Miley Cyrus new tattoo! What and where?

Giving an interview to Rolling Stone magazine gave him ideas ...

Miley Cyrus has released a new photo on his official Instagram account on Tuesday. This is his new tattoo! And with that, the singer of 20 years might still talking to her! This tattoo? These are two words "rolling" and "$ tone" written on the sole of each foot. Why? After giving a lengthy interview with Rolling Stone that she's topless cover for the month of October, it was like a flash ...

According to U.S. Magazine, Miley Cyrus had this idea in mind what she could do to mark the occasion. For her, being the star of Rolling Stone, the famous cultural magazine, is not nothing. Meet one of its journalists, either: "I thought that I could make nice with Josh Eells I thought to go Laser Game, but it is feared could go bowling but whatever.. , we did not 90 years! "

Sure a person 90 years probably would not have had the idea to tattoo the name of the magazine on his body ... Especially whether to do with each title release for which the star pose! Whatever ... It can already scratch Vogue from its list as it seems to have been blacklisted by Anna Wintour! To explain his actions, Miley Cyrus said: "Often people get tattoos completely null and things for the wrong reasons." Was it really a good reason in this case?

M Pokora: 'I love the discrete girls!'

In a few hours, M Pokora will make its debut in the skin of Robin Hood! Meanwhile, the singer says again about his plans and his private life ...

J-1 before the long-awaited launch! Thursday, September 26, Robin Hood, never give begin at the Palais des Congrès in Paris. Announced for several months as a real spectacular show combining dance, singing and acrobatics, musical will be on display until January 5th before going on tour throughout France.

After many weeks of rehearsals, M Pokora is preparing to take on this new challenge to his heart. Interviewed by the magazine Gala, the handsome 28-year returns to the role that pushed to its limits: "We need to train a lot that's why I work for months I want.. surprise the audience. Some spectators will be amazed by a roll, others with a somersault. My challenge is to reach everyone happy, "he says.

For this big physical preparation, the singer admits that there's really no secrets: "I have a balanced diet and I make sure to get seven hours of sleep That may be what saved me dance. with the Stars. I am a disciplined learner. We could not imagine me in the register of ballroom dancing, but I won because I worked. " One can imagine that this is certainly one of the advice he gave to Laury Thilleman

... One thing is sure, the musical is already heralded as a success ! With over 300,000 tickets sold so far, M Pokora is poised to win. One of the cornerstones of its success is likely to have been able to develop its audience: "For ten years I build legitimacy in this job, I unites all ages I won Popstars in 2003 and since I '. I made albums, integrated Dumbs. Anyway, I'm on the rise, and the public with me, "he says proudly.
known for his body of Apollo and multiple drawings indelible, the modern Robin Hood admits: "I would like to remove some of my tattoos but not immediately I suffered for you, I did not want to suffer to remove I wait.. techniques are less painful to remove those that I have in the neck because if one day I turned to the cinema -. I do not exclude anything - I'll need a more physical mat "loose- . there, reaffirming its commitment to export on the big screen

Finally, Matthieu Tota opens again on one of his other ambitions: "I want to have children, especially as I approach thirty. still I think since I was 22 years old. " The woman of his life? "I do not have a specific type in mind. However, I can say that I love the discreet girls, casual, and do not make tons. So it will probably be in that kind," concludes there.

The diagnosis of a lawyer: Amanda Bynes is not in itself and can not come to court

It seems that Amanda Bynes will be able to be released from a psychiatric hospital until quite soon. In late August, it was decided to leave the scandalous actress in the clinic for two months, and at the hearing on September 24, when there was an opportunity to review the case, Bynes has not appeared.

Instead, a judge issued a report adkokat celebrities who explained the absence of the star. According to him, Amanda is unable to perceive reality, and for her recovery, which had previously forecast doctors can not yet be out of the question.

A result of mental disorder Bynes is undergoing treatment in a psychiatric hospital, and the latest information will remain there until at least the middle of winter: the next trial is scheduled for January 14.

Recall Amanda was in the hospital at the beginning of the summer, after the forced hospitalization. The reason for this was the inadequate behavior of girls with drug problems, as well as an attempt to set fire to the house.

Hailee Steinfeld and Douglas Booth presented 'Romeo and Juliet'

Last night in Hollywood was the premiere of a new film adaptation of the legendary "sad story" of Romeo and Juliet. The picture presented starring Haley Steynfild, Douglas Booth and Ed Westwick and Nathalie Rapti Gomez.

Actors posing in front of cameras, lots of laughing and confessed to reporters that were waiting for this premiere look. The first film to evaluate, without waiting for its release on the wide screen, also came to the singer Taylor Swift and actress Bailee Madison.

For events Hayley chose a romantic dress below the knee straight cut with asymmetrical details and accents, and her colleague picture Gomez appeared in evening dress lace in half shade of green.

Young people shine at the premiere in elegant suits and ties. We still enjoy yesterday's appearance of actors on the red carpet and look forward to release of the movie with their participation on the screens in Russia. Sorry, will have to wait quite a long time: the picture starts at the box office only on February 14.