Sep 18, 2013

Rihanna reunited with Dudley O'Shaughnessy ?

Rumor has it that Rihanna has reunited with Dudley O'Shaughnessy - male model , with whom she started an affair in 2011 after filming the video We Found Love.

Allegedly a couple of years, young people are not talking, but the parting was friendly and now when they are both free , feelings erupted with renewed force :

they liked to spend time together before, but they are both constantly in raezdah ... So parting was friendly .

They were easy to revive their romance and start from the point where it all ended . They both are not looking for a serious relationship , but understand each other perfectly .

Well-informed sources in the course of even the most intimate details : for example, they report that 25 -year-old Riri love the accent of her 23 -year-old boyfriend, in addition, it really is pulling for him .

She literally on his legs give way and yet it draws its focus . She is very warm about it responds .

Lovers met during a recent presentation of the collection of the singer in London - where she introduced a new line for River Island. Since then, Dudley's friends all ears buzzed about his passion , and that was how beautiful their romance .

In general, it seems that the name of the track that linked the young people proved prophetic ... We also want to add that , whatever Riri not teshilas , if only to Chris Brown did not come back - all of it , so it is bad .
They say that Rihanna's new boyfriend ...
...male model Dudley O'Shaughnessy

...and even starred in the video We Found Love

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he first photo from the wedding of Patrick Stewart

In the network appeared the first photos from the wedding of 73-year-old Sir Patrick Stewart and his 35-year-old lover Sunny Osella. The ceremony was attended by a hundred men, and the chief guest of the ceremony and in combination "a priest," scrapie Union, became a close friend and colleague Stuart Sir Ian McKellen.

Actor Patrick Stewart and the New York jazz singer Sunny Ozell started dating in 2009, and in March of this year, announced the impending wedding. At the ceremony, which took place right on the picturesque shores of Lake Tahoe, the bride appeared in a white lace from Temperley London.

The day after the triumph of the newly published first husband Stewart family photo on his blog Twitter, signing it:

      Yes, married.

congratulate the newlyweds and wish them a happy married life! And individual congratulations to Sir Ian Makkelenu that for the second time honored issue marriage.

Patrick Stewart and Sunny Ozell, "Yes, married!"

Ian McKellen: "I am a part of the work performed"

Patrick Stewart and Ian McKellen are linked not only work, but also a strong friendship

Liam Hemsworth the new girl?

It looks like Liam Hemsworth is not long grieved alone after breaking up with Miley Cyrus: The actor was recently seen in the company has a new girlfriend. According to the source, the young man spent with his beloved weekend in Las Vegas and got back yesterday from a trip to Los Angeles.

If you believe the rumors, the new chosen ones Hemsworth was the 23-year-old Mexican actress and singer Eiza Gonzalez . Insiders are silent and do not spread the information about the novel pair, except that the official confirmation of the rumors, too, was not yet.

Topic gave paparazzi photos that caught yesterday Liam and Eiza   near the house of the actor, and fueled interest - together young people spent the weekend in Vegas.

By the way, just recently removed from the list of actor friends on Twitter Cyrus, you finally deprived the fans of Miley hopes of reuniting former lovers.

We will wait for new details and comments a pair of close friends. We only note that, according to sources, Gonzalez, unlike Hemsworth is not free - she is married to a 38-year-old Argentine actor Sebastian Rulli. We promise to report on all the details of the love triangle worthy of a Brazilian series.

Comments from sources close to the celebrities do not have long to wait: for updated information, Liam and Ace met in Las Vegas and a chance to see this day does not were familiar. If you believe the insider, they came in "Sin City" alone - she was there in the company of friends.

Also rumored eiza   moved to Los Angeles from Mexico a few weeks nazad.Teper the actress, apparently, there was a good friend, and maybe even more than just a friend.

Liam Hemsworth returned home after a weekend in Las Vegas

With a new girlfriend - Eiza Gonzalez 

Eiza Gonzalez 

Sky Ferreira was arrested for drug possession

Sky Ferreira will soon be releasing a new album, but this time her name put in the headlines for another reason: The singer and model was arrested on Saturday by police in New York, along with her lover, a musician Zekeri Cole Smith.

As it became known to the media, the ministers of the order to stop the "Ford", which drove 21-year-old Skye and 29-year-old Zekeri, and found that the car stolen numbers. In further validation of the girl found ecstasy, and worsened its position that it had resisted arrest.

With Smith, according to the police, was discovered a package with 42 doses of heroin.

The singer and her boyfriend were taken to the police station and later released on bail. Zekeri later wrote in his twitter:

The fact that you are reading - is the version of the police, not the conclusion of the court. These cops want us to substitute, and they did it. Skye did not do anything wrong.

Recall that the release of new album the singer is scheduled for October. Also this year, she plans to make his debut in cinema, starring in the film Eli Roth's "green hell".

Sky Ferreira

Boyfriend Sky Ferreira Zekeri Cole Smith

Magshot Sky Ferreira, who was arrested for drug possession

people : Charlotte Casiraghi at a charity dinner in Monaco

Awaiting the birth of first child Charlotte Casiraghi Recently, do not often go out into the light (which, however, does not prevent it often gets in paparazzi lenses): the last time the royal Monaco was spotted at the end of August last wedding of her brother Andrea and Tatiana Santo Domingo. Today, the network has several shots with the last day before a charity dinner organized by the New National Museum of Monaco, where Charlotte has appeared in the company of his uncle, Prince Albert.

Recall officially about the pregnancy of 27 years Casiraghi was reported only in August although rumors and after, and eloquent images depicting Charlotte with noticeably rounded belly, began to circulate in the media in early summer.

father of the child is a 42-year-old French actor Gad Elmaleh, which occurs from the end of Charlotte the year 2011. According to rumors, the couple plans to get married before the onset of winter.

Charlotte Casiraghi at a charity dinner in Monaco

Prince Albert and Charlotte Casiraghi

Madonna spoke about her "secret project"

For several months, Madonna's intriguing public, releasing teasers and promo shots of a certain "secret project", the details of which, until recently, remained a mystery. Yesterday the star presented new images, because of which was criticized by the press: the singer posing with arms that seemed inappropriate to the public after only a day after the shooting at the Naval Base in Washington.

Star itself to criticism not meets and shares details of "secret project." As it turned out, this 17-minute film, which she shot with photographer Steven Klein, and it can be seen as early as next week.

Madonna said that the project created in collaboration with Vice Media and service BitTorrent , is dedicated to freedom of expression around the world. It will be presented simultaneously with the launch of Internet service Art for Freedom, through which users will be able to share your own videos, music, lyrics and photos, calling for freedom of speech.

In an official press release, Madonna says:

My goal - is to show the example of my "secret project" their desire to change the world through artistic self-expression. I hope my film and the work that will be posted on the Art for Freedom, will be perceived as a call to action and allow people to express themselves, to fight against oppression and intolerance.

Premiere of "secret project" is scheduled for September 24.

Yesterday, Madonna introduced a new provocative shot entirely

Justin Timberlake claims the five nominations MTV EMA-2013

Justin Timberlake has once again proved that talantilvy person is talented in everything until the young person is in Rio de Janeiro, where is his new film "Va-Bank", it was revealed that the singer is the leader in the number of nominations this award MTV EMA year.

The ceremony will take place on November 10 in Amsterdam, and Justin is poised to become a major triumph this year. The fact that Timberlake claims Award statuette once in five categories: best male singer, best live act, best video (Mirrors), the best way and the best American actor.

Justin comes on the heels of the American duo Macklemore & Ryan Lewis, which also lays claim to five awards, Lady Gaga is nominated in four categories, like Justin Bieber and Miley Cyrus.

Among the Russian artists who will compete in the category "Best International Artist", the jury chose the "magnificent five" contenders: tree, Nyusha, Zemfira, Ivan Dorn and Basta.

We will be looking forward to the ceremony MTV EMA-2013 and hope. that this year will be able to get Timberlake main award and the "push" Justin Bieber, who became the third consecutive year the "best performer".

List of nominees for the MTV EMA-2013:

Best song:

Bruno Mars - Locked Out of Heaven

Daft Punk - Get Lucky

Macklemore & Ryan Lewis - Thrift Shop

Rihanna - Diamonds

Robin Thicke - Blurred Lines

Best Pop Artist:

Justin Bieber

Katy Perry

Miley Cyrus

Taylor Swift

One Direction

Best Singer:

Bruno Mars

Justin Timberlake


Justin Bieber


Best Live Act:


Green Day

Justin Timberlake


Taylor Swift

Best clip:

Justin Timberlake - Mirrors

Lady Gaga - Applause

Miley Cyrus - Wrecking Ball

Robin Thicke - Blurred Lines

30 Seconds To Mars - Up In The Air

Best Hip-Hop Project:




Kanye West

Macklemore & Ryan Lewis

Best Rock Project:

Green Day

Black Sabbath

Kings Of Leon

Queens Of The Stone Age

The Killers

The best way:

Harry Styles

Justin Timberlake


Lady Gaga

Rita Ora

Best Russian Act:



Ivan Dorn



Britney Spears on Jason Trawick, Justin Timberlake and the first kiss

 Star has announced a series of 48 shows that within two years will take place in the "city of sin".

Spears Journalists asked questions not only about the new phase of creativity, but also about the events in her personal life. 31-year-old singer made reference to her break with her fiance Jason Trawick:

While working on a new album in my life happened separation, and this is what I wrote a lot of songs. Breaking up - it's always hard.

Recall that Britney and Jason began dating in 2009, in December 2011 announced their engagement, but in January of this year parted.

Were talking about a former lover Spears Justin Timberlake. When asked about the first kiss, the singer replied:

Oh, my God, in my opinion, it was the age of 13. With Justin.

The eighth studio album Star is due out on December 3. More recently, we have already evaluated a new track from it called Work Bitch.

Zac Efron was treated for drug addiction

As journalists found out, Zac Efron recently visited Rehab. About five months ago, 25-year-old actor was discharged from the hospital, where he was treated. First, the press reported that Zach was treated for addiction to alcohol, but later it was reported that his problem - cocaine addiction. And, according to insiders, the actor not only used the drug, taking time to time as other illegal drug known as MDMA.

Now, as they say, surrounded by Efron, he adheres to a healthy lifestyle and bad habits were in the past. Told reporters:

He is happy, healthy and focused on her career.

Fans of Zac shocked by the news, because he has never had a reputation of "Party People" and the abuse of alcohol or drugs, he previously not been noticed.

Now Efron is promoting the film "Parkland" the assassination of President Kennedy. Earlier this month, he represented the band, where he played a major role at the Toronto Film Festival. Zach also busy on the set of the new comedy "Shantrapa" with Rose Byrne and Seth Rogen.

Fergie and Josh Duhamel have unveiled the first photo of her son

 Fergie and Josh Duhamel revealed the first photo of his son made on the second day after the birth of the baby. Boy, we recall, was named Axel Jack.

Unlike other stars who are ready to share footage from the family archives in exchange for a considerable sum with a few zeros at the end, the couple decided to acquaint the public with the first-born completely free of charge by putting his picture in the Instagram.

The appearance of the child into the world learned on August 30. The press reported that the mother and the child feel good.

The first photo is the son Fergie and Josh Duhamel - doctors check if everything is OK with hearing.

Another photo baby - in Instagram proud father, Josh Duhamel

I do not want to learn : Jaden Smith spoke out against school

15 -year-old Jaden Smith , like any teenager , do not mind getting an extra dose of attention to his own person . And in so doing, it helps not only the star parents , catchy street style and regular appearances at high-profile events from the world of show business, but also their own pages on social networks. The other day, Smith Jr. published a few critical remarks about the school :

School - a tool for brainwashing young people .

Education - it's a riot .

Obviously, to explain its so bold statements , still- student Jaden few hours later spoke more specifically , they say , the school deprives people of real knowledge :

If newborn babies could talk, they would be the most intelligent beings on the planet Earth. 

more - more :

If everyone in the world dropped out of school , we would have a much more clever and intelligent society .

Well , the desire to go " against the system " , throw study and go in search of true knowledge - is typical for teenagers. By the way, Jaden and his sister Willow has recently switched to home schooling . Before, guys were attending school founded by their parents , a training course which is reported to have relied heavily on the basic tenets of Scientology. Earlier this year, the school was closed .