Sep 17, 2013

The Organization for the Protection of Animals took up arms against Katy Perry

After the clip Roar at Katy Perry not only have new fans, but also detractors. Employees worldwide organization for the protection of animals PETA wrote a letter to the singer with complaints and accusations of improper handling with our smaller brethren at the video shoot.

Thus, according to human rights activists, the participation of any animals in the show or the presence of the camera is already having deleterious effect "actors":

You may not know this, but the use of animals in entertainment programs, including movies and videos, can seriously injure their mind: they are subjected to violence and inappropriate training.

In addition, PETA points out that because of the bright lights, equipment, and a crowd of people at the site of the animals can be seriously injured, scared and then fall into a depression.

Perry, who has repeatedly said in interviews about her love for animals already answered the indignant defenders of animals. According to her, during the filming of the video on the site is constantly attended by staff of American Humane Association, which closely monitor compliance with the rules of the treatment of animals.

American Humane Association were on the set of the video, which was attended by an elephant, monkey, birds and the tiger. Thus, it is safe to say that none of the animals during the recording of the video is not affected.

Pay tribute to the care of the animals and Katie is now no doubt that the girl in the video "pererychala" most of the tiger.

London Fashion Week 2013: Mary Katrantzou show

Mary Katrantzu - a relatively new name in the fashion world. It's only been five years since then , as the Greek introduced at London Fashion Week his debut collection . However, the bold handling of all kinds of designer prints to provide her with the respect of critics , the popularity in the world's major mods and several awards in the field of fashion .

30 -year-old Mary has already demonstrated the collection , the creation of which inspired her colorful wings of butterflies, interior details and home ware , paintings on stamps and even on the banknotes of different countries. This time from the designer once again waiting for something unusual , and expectations have been met : a source of inspiration for her shoes served - both classic leather boots and colorful sneakers .

The second part of the collection was entirely devoted to the flower theme - she affects not only prints on dresses , but they themselves styles , reminiscent of flowering buds . By the way, here shoe Katrantzu paid particular attention to easily fit into the general atmosphere of flower gardens .

Mary Katrantzu

Princess Charlene of Monaco visited the secondary school

Just the other day we looked at pictures from a picnic in Monaco, visited by Princess Charlene and Prince Albert as a new piece of photos telling about the life of monarchs. Yesterday, Charlene , has no spouse, visited a primary school in Fontvile .

Princess chose to visit daily pattern : the classic black trousers , black sweater and scarf in dark colors . The school Charlene talked with the young students , Border with them and had lunch in the dining room .

Judging by the pictures , the guest was very happy to see him with the children , because nearly every shot on her face shines radiant smile . Hurry to see the princess in the company of their own offspring , or at least wait for the news of the pregnancy Charlene . 

Miley Cyrus and Liam Hemsworth broke off her engagement

It's official: Engagement Liam Hemsworth and Miley Cyrus rasstorgnuta . This information was confirmed by a press agent ex- lovers magazine People. No further data were not informed representatives of the stars .

Recall the last year has been really difficult for the star couple , in June 2012 , after three years of flawless ( at least in the eyes of the public) relations Liam Miley made ​​an offer . After a couple of months after the announcement of her engagement to the press the first information about the quarrels within the couple .

Over the next year the lovers regularly converge and diverge , "finally parted ," reunited and put off the wedding. Hemsworth brothers and his friends were advised to terminate the engagement with reckless Miley Cyrus and she regularly appeared in public without her engagement ring ( though in all interviews claiming that she still has a fiance ) . And in August, a couple even made ​​the first year of the publication of the joint , poyavshivshis arm in arm at the premiere of the new movie Hemsworth " Paranoia ".

According to rumors, the final straw for Liam was a scandalous performance of his beloved at the MTV VMA, and released after candid clip of the singer on the song Wrecking Ball. However, what exactly caused the breakup - is not known. The Western press has already released information that even before the official termination of the engagement, Liam started a new romance - with actress January Jones . Press Agents series " Mad Men ," in which Jones plays a major role deny everything , but unnamed insiders confidently suggest that the stars do not stop to talk more in February this year .

Meanwhile, Miley has skandalistka found support in the face of the Sir Elton John , who called the young star of " burning a candle in the wind " - extremely talented , but is not ready for such a hype around it :

When your person gets up and your music is becoming more important , you're in danger. When people are no longer around to ask you - are you really in danger .

Perhaps entourage young Miley did not " ask " with a star, but in the near future Cyrus definitely expect a lot of questions - but already from reporters and paparazzi that all means try to find out what really happened .

Gwyneth Paltrow and other stars at the premiere of ' Thanks for sharing '

In the ArcLight Hollywood cinema yesterday welcomed the team 's new comedy directed by Stuart Blumberg , entitled " Thank you for sharing ." Appeared on the red carpet movie star : Gwyneth Paltrow , Tim Robbins and Pink, who arrived at the premiere with her husband Carey Hart. For the singer is not the first experience in film : she has previously starred in the horror film " Catacombs " and played herself in the comedy "Escape from Vegas ".

Film " Thanks for sharing " tells about the adventures of three residents of New York York , who are trying to recover from sexual addiction , in order to learn how to build good relations with the opposite sex . Comedy for the first time presented the audience at last year's Toronto Film Festival , but now she goes to American screens . 

Gwyneth Paltrow

Rebecca Romijn

Tim Robbins

Bryce Dallas Howard

Jane Seymour



Pink and Carey Hart

Lindsay Lohan : in great shape for a new shopping spree !

Spotted yesterday afternoon in the streets of New York , Lindsay Lohan took advantage of his free time to make some small well-deserved gifts.

Lindsay Lohan once she is finally back ? One would hope . Since leaving rehab a few weeks ago , the actress of 27 years to realize this a faultless . Discreet and very busy, the pretty redhead has swapped all its old bottles against a multitude of business appointments . Spotted last week during Fashion Week, Lilo enjoys his return in the light of spotlights and benefits of environmental dynamism of the Big Apple to get back on their feet!

Yesterday afternoon (Monday 16 September) , American starlet was once again spotted in the chic and upscale SoHo neighborhood. Dressed in a gray sweatshirt , mini denim shorts and a pair of waders XXL, Lindsay was just coming out of the shop Kiki de Montparnasse after spending more than two hours ! Sexy lingerie and new outfits girly, she reinvents her cheerfully current wardrobe . Accompanied by a friend, the young woman headed straight for new shop, the cigarette in his mouth . Full telephone conversation , she did not, however, embarrassed to say a few smiles to the paparazzi : all is well, thank you

On September 10 , her mother, Dina Lohan , was arrested for driving under the intoxication. Far from removing face family problems , Lilo is responsible to leave a little message five days later on his blog his tribute to him : "Happy Birthday Mom I love you so much <3 , Lindsay ! " . For 51 years now , Dina may have any opportunity to behave like a real adult. Dogs are not cats in the Lohan family!