Sep 15, 2013

Scott Disick : the darling Kourtney Kardashian really knows what to do with his money!

That's a nice publicity stunt for the Kardashian family stuck between adolescence and adulthood, Scott Disick proves once again that it does not always brimming with good ideas ... But what 

he could have happened in the lives of Scott Disick to get there? This weekend on Instagram companion Kourtney Kardashian has posted a series of pictures 100% bling bling. Behavior distasteful currently worth it to the buzz on the net and being under fire from critics of his many followers, "You better give your money to those who really need, such as children Africa or those who suffer from cancer. Some people in this world longer need a roll of toilet "can be read in the comments. 

And for good reason! In the photos, the businessman 30 years poses with hundreds of $ 100 bills in the hands to mimic a phone or to spread widely on the Birkin bag of his beloved. On another shot, Scott describes his four luxury watches by simply commenting: "Damn I can not decide which shows I wear!". A decidedly existential life full of problems 

But the highlight of the show is undoubtedly the thick wad of greenbacks which acts roll PQ time of capture:. "I know you did not think I was using the real toilet paper! "he said in an arrogant. The California sun would have typed it on the head too? 

According to one of his fans, dad small Mason (3 years) and Penelope (1 year) would actually orchestrated this scene to parody a user: "He just did it to make fun of a guy who often boasts of being rich and making rude comments ... The page is full of this type of similar photos, just the same as Scott poster ... It's just a joke "

Questionable joke that is not unanimous ... Sacred Scott!

Selena Gomez : glamorous and explosive on stage, she triumphed in Germany!

European Tour Selena Gomez continues! This weekend, the pretty brunette was expected to firm up in Frankfurt. A great moment of happiness for his German fans!

Selena Gomez always a hit that! A few days after burning Zenith concert hall in Paris, the American starlet flew to Germany. Last night (Saturday September 14), fans have had the pleasure to discover in Frankfurt on the occasion of a concert. White and transparent short white dress, the pretty brunette of 21 years has long minutes swaying its finest cartoons. Sexy and explosive, the little princess Disney has grown

The day on Twitter, the singer was thrilled to welcome his new title: "Slow Down is number 1 on the Billboard Club Play ... This is the sixth single to reach this ranking I'm finally part ". For those unaware, this ranking lists the most listened to songs in nightclubs. A new success for Selena, now combines flawless in her pretty career.

This week, the young woman is expected in Milan and Vienna continue Stars Dance Tour. It will also be in Dubai on September 27 before resuming U.S. routes until the end of November. A busy agenda before devoting himself entirely to his acting career ...

Ksenia Sobchak public talk held with the participation of fashion experts

After becoming chief editor of SNC, Ksenia Sobchak with the responsibility came to his new role. For the past year, it manages to produce high-quality glossy product that is not only about fashion or beauty, but also highlights the urgent social issues, politics, art.

But fashion - still an essential attribute of publication, and that's it, my native land , was dedicated today's public talk. Among the speakers - the owner of chain stores Pauline Kitsenko, stylists Lisovets Vlad and Oksana He, fashion editor Mikhail Baryshnikov and others.

It was, of course, about what it means today to be stylishly dressed man. If before select someone from the crowd helped loud labels, but now the emphasis - on personality trivial approach, the ability to combine.

However, he said Oksana, men and women of ideas about beauty obviously disagree - for example the fact as she puts on, the majority of the strong half of humanity believes unattractive. "Probably," - embarrassed, she added.

After polulektsii-polubesedy Ksenia Sobchak enthusiastically thanked the audience, writing in his micro-blog about what an interesting conversation took place. According to eyewitnesses put "Like" under the post.