Sep 14, 2013

Beyoncé: sexy and athletic on stage, she ignites the Brazil!

Last night, Beyoncé ignited the scene of the third Brazilian concert in Rio de Janeiro, to the delight of the thousands of fans in attendance. Watch out, it's show!

It's no secret that Beyonce is a beast of inexhaustible scene. Between its flagship titles and carefully orchestrated choreography from A to Z, the 32 year old singer never stops to amaze us! Last night (Friday September 13), Queen B is once again displayed top form at yet another concert in Rio de Janeiro. Currently in Brazil as part of his world tour, he was already on his third show since arriving!

Primed his body Timothy White Pearl, Queen r'n'b chained his most headlines the microphone to the delight of a cheering crowd. Long curly hair cascading over the shoulders and red sensual lips, she sported luscious forms envy of any rival. After a few days of vacation in the Italian, the darling Jay-Z is officially back in full force!

Monday Bee give a final concert in exotic Brazil before flying to new Latin countries. It is indeed highly anticipated in Venezuela, Colombia and Mexico before setting fire to Australia next month! A busy schedule that does not scare him: the queen, this is it!

Kanye West faces a year in prison for assaulting a paparazzi

The regiment znamneitostey, brought to trial for beating the paparazzi arrived: the beloved Kim Kardashian rapper Kanye West accused of attacking a photographer and trying to steal his property. If the musician is found guilty, he faces a prison sentence of up to one year.

The case became a cause of action occurred in July of this year, when paparazzi surrounded the West in the Los Angeles airport. One particularly intrusive photographer, approached too close, not a little pissed off Kanye. After the attack, star photographer paparazzi sought medical help and was taken to the hospital.

By the way, the victim is not the first time Daniel Ramos caused such a storm of emotion on the part of a celebrity: in 2007, he got a hot hand is not experiencing the best period of Britney Spears: The singer snapped by the photographer, using as weapons of its own umbrella.

In his lawsuit, Mr. Ramos said that after the attack Kanye West, he was forced to walk on crutches for two weeks, and after a long walk with a cane . A hearing on the case is scheduled for October 10.

On the dark side: Miley Cyrus got rid of the blonde

Name Miley Cyrus has been on the pages of the press, and the reason for this are not only the vicissitudes of her relationship with Hemsworth Jr. and scandalous clips, beating all records for hits, but also the appearance of the young stars who regularly changing. So, the other day Miss Cyrus appeared at the exit a Paris hotel with a new hair color - Miley got rid of the blonde, leaving only a subtle highlights.

The next day, the network has made one of the fans of the video under the headline " Brown-haired ", which updated Miley happily handing Autograph and photo with fans gathered at the hotel.

What is it - the final transition to the" dark side ", or just tired of Miley attention of paparazzi and thus demonstrates its desire to become less noticeable? Sure, the news of the young Cyrus will not keep you waiting, and now propose to discuss her new image

Mariah Carey at a party in honor of the birthday of rapper Nas

In between the work of Mariah Carey whole lot not only commit showdown with his colleagues, but also to have fun to the fullest. The other day, the pop diva was the guest of honor party in honor of the 40th anniversary of the rapper Nas. Along with the birthday and Mariah in one of the most popular clubs in New York, "lit" Olivia Munn, Estelle and other stellar musician friends.

Luxurious party hosted by all the canons of celebrity-festival: Drinks flowed a river, an infinite number of waiters scurried lomivshihsya of treats between tables, making sure that the guests are not emptied their glasses. And dressed in a bright pink jacket Nas dancing circled around Mariah, personally taking care of eminent friend.

The singer appeared on the evening in his favorite form of a sexy diva (little black dress and glittering accessories - attached), was in a perfect mood and happily posed for many photographers. And then shared in a "tweet" image with the celebration entitled "Fun in the City!." Well, judging by the photo chronicle, the party was a success and the truth.

Prince William and David Beckham on the protection of wild animals

"He said - made" - it's about Prince William. Not long ago, a young father left the Air Force to carry out its many "royal duties", often come with Catherine and baby George, and, most importantly, devote as much time to his longtime passion - wildlife protection. And the first news about the activities of the Prince did not take long - William, along with his old friend, the eminent ex-soccer player David Beckham and former basketball player Yao Ming became participants of a large-scale project to combat the illegal sale of wildlife.

Start of the campaign will be public information campaign featuring the star trio. This Thursday in a London studio Will, David and Yao participated in the filming of the video on the problems of illegal sale of wildlife products, including such popular on the black market ivory and rhino horn. It is reported that the video will be broadcast around the world as part of a larger campaign fund Wild Aid and the Royal Foundation's United for Wildlife - King's Fund, operating under the patronage of princes William and Harry.

WildAid Executive Director Peter Knight met Prince by William in May this year at a major conference on the protection of wildlife:

We discussed the need to stop the illegal trade in wild animals and the Prince proposed to involve Davila Beckham.

David, in turn, be happy accepted the offer to participate in such a significant fact:

When I found out about the current level of poaching in Africa, I immediately agreed to take part in this campaign.

also reported that Prince William will take the post of President the new organization United for Wildlife, which will bring together seven of the largest and most influential international funds and organizations concerned with the preservation of wildlife.

Scarlett Johansson on the Jimmy Fallon show

Promotional campaign polnometradnogo directorial debut of Joseph Gordon- Levitt's "The Passion of Don Juan" is gaining momentum : while he directed the newly emblazoned on the covers of popular gloss , the female lead singer Scarlett Johansson is promoting a new movie on TV : actress became a popular show Jimmy Fallon .

Scarlett appeared in the studio wearing a dress from the fall collection Catherine Deane ( outfits of the brand is not just an actress opted for red carpets and other public events ), and shoes from Roger Vivier. Along with the host of the show Jimmy and another guest - rapper Drake - played by an actress in a popular game of charades , and at the same time talk about his recent appearances in gloss and, of course , the new film - the comedy "The Passion of Don Juan ".

Recall that in the tape Johansson appears as a living in the dreams of a perfect love story of a girl whose main attraction is the view of Hollywood romantic movies . Her boyfriend ( which is the modern incarnation of Don Juan ) , by contrast , prefers a "more realistic " genres - namely, porn movies. In the Russian box will feed 26 September .

Nicole Kidman returns to his fall : ' I was scared ! '

While the images of the fall made ​​the round of the Internet world , Nicole Kidman is back on the incident. And what emerges from this altercation ? The actress was " very scared " . 

Humiliated , ridiculed ... Not easy to get up after such a fall during Fashion Week . Yet the star of 46 years , Nicole Kidman stands tall .

Nobody could escape the images of Nicole Kidman struck and knocked down by a paparazzi bike just before attending the parade Calvin Klein.

the star wanted to complain, except that the Police has decidedly different: simple accident and the paparazzi went home with a fine for having driven onto the sidewalk. Difficult to swallow when everyone can revel in incident. And the fine must be a cold comfort for the actress .
Nicole Kidman came back last night on the hook and is entrusted to Entertainment Tonight . "I'm fine , yes, but I was a bit scared . " And apparently she did not want to leave the matter there. She would like the author of his humiliation is continued but " leave it to the police."

Not wanting too much to dwell on the issue , the actress changed the subject by talking about the show which she had just witnessed , stating that her favorite dresses " were the last two. "

One thing is certain , Nicole remembered his visit to the Big Apple .

you find it normal it attacks the paparazzi in court?

Mom Lindsay Lohan arrested for drunk driving

Mom Lindsay Lohan

Problems with the law do not leave the infamous family. It seems that Lindsay Lohan will not have to wait for the support of loved ones in an attempt to start a sober life last night her mother Dina Lohan was arrested for drunk driving .

According to Western media reports, Lohan Sr. has been stopped NYPD for serious speeding. After passing the test revealed that the level of alcohol in her blood was twice the permitted limit . Dean was immediately arrested and taken to the police station .

Reported that Lohan was soon released, but so far it remains unclear exactly who took her out of the area (remember , LiLo is currently in New York ) . A police spokesman also said that Dina Lohan complained of causing her physical harm during the arrest , but on examination carried out at the site of any injury or damage it has not been found .

Press agent and attorney Dina Lohan still does the situation did not comment .

Mom Lindsay Lohan

Mom Lindsay Lohan

Mom Lindsay Lohan
Dina et Lindsay Lohan