Sep 13, 2013

Scarlett Johansson accomplice and welded alongside Joseph Gordon Levitt , actress sublime red carpet!

After Toronto , up in New York ! Last night , Scarlett Johansson and Joseph Gordon Levitt have been promoting their new film , " Don Jon" . Very close and accomplices on the red carpet , the two actors were a great duo !

They are a pleasure to see ! Since their collaboration in film, Scarlett Johansson and Joseph Gordon Levitt have become very good friends. Last night ( Thursday, September 12 ) , the two actors met on the occasion of the premiere New York Don Juan . For the first time in his career , the actor from The Dark Knight Rises has gone behind the camera to give us a completely crazy drama . In this film , Scarlett and Joseph take effect in two diametrically opposed yet everything that attracts roles : she is attractive and expects the charming prince, he leads a lonely bachelor life addicted to porn . An unlikely encounter that promises to bring a lot of surprises on the big screen !

Few days after presenting the new jewel in the Toronto Film Festival , the pair is exported ! Accompanied by all the whole team , including Julianne Moore and Tony Danza , the actress of 28 years and the director of 32 years have shown welded and accomplices on the red carpet . Primed a beautiful green water claw Roland Mouret dress , the young bride had opted for simplicity and had put up her hair in a ponytail . . Obviously in a good mood , she took the pose long solo before joining the arms of her partner

Asked about it , Scarlett told the cameras of the Daily Mail : "What me more motivated to work with Jo is his enthusiasm. this is something very contagious for him and it was noticed from the beginning . It has a lot of confidence in what he undertakes and this I'm looking at the directors with whom I work , "she admits. Two nice compliments for the price of one! For his part, Joseph Gordon Levitt had said about the actress she was " a beautiful woman " who " creates something extra with his approach and his eyes ."

Benedict Cumberbatch ( Sherlock ) : ' I was kidnapped in Africa, I thought I would die '

In a recent interview , Benedict Cumberbatch has admitted that he was a victim of kidnapping a few years ago while he was in Africa. An amazing testimony!

Revealed by the English génialissime series , Sherlock , Benedict Cumberbatch is going to be a beautiful place in Hollywood. After playing a ruthless villain in the latest Star Trek , the British actor will soon be showing two highly anticipated movies : The fifth power ( output 4 December 2013 ), which tells the story of Julian Assange creator Wikileaks and 12 Years a Slave (exit 22 January 2014 ) in which he will star opposite Brad Pitt and Michael Fassbender . And if the actor is being drilled beautifully cinema, we are far from knowing his life. Very discreet , Benedict Cumberbatch is not the type to unfold easily.

Yet one who interprets the intrepid private detective from Baker Street on television, has awarded one of its dark secrets in Hollywood Reporter. In a long interview , the actor said that he and two of his friends had been abducted in South Africa, eight years ago that when he turned the mini-series To the end of earth . " We were in Kwazulu Natal , a stunning area north of Durban. It was dark , cold, and I did not feel very well," says Benedict Cumberbatch . While the three friends crossed a dangerous neighborhood known , one of the front wheels broke and they have been forced out of the car and emptied the chest to get the spare wheel . Bad idea, because a few minutes later , six men appeared out of nowhere and asked them to give them everything they had on them .

Tears in his eyes , the actor of 37 years adds " at that moment , I felt the adrenaline in me I did not know if I should fight or flight I kept telling myself : . . ' we 're fucked " . The story might have ended there , but unfortunately the three men were then kidnapped and thrown into a car for a trip to the uncertain purpose . " I was scared, very scared I told them . ? ' What you will do us Are you going to kill us ? ' I was afraid of being raped or tortured ," said Benedict Cumberbatch .

Fortunately , the actor and his friends are out of this misadventure healthy and sound. Their captors finally chose to throw in the middle of nowhere. It is only when Benedict Cumberbatch has crossed paths with another man he finally felt safe : " I looked at his face and I started to cry," confesses it before concluding that such experience allows you to " measure the value of life ." Oh sure it is pretty much puts in question ...

Fashion Week in New York : Ralph Lauren Spring-Summer 2014

Following the inspiration of Russian history in the last season , this time the veteran American fashion Ralph Lauren by saundretkom tune of John Lennon , presented the viewer collection dedicated to London 1960 - the beginning of the 1970s in the best commercial canons of elegance .

Defeating defile of 52 bows a few blocks of color and their corresponding thematic parts , the author opened the show line of graphic quality black and white images, flirting with the audience his appellyatsiey to school memories. It amounted to variations on the theme of student form - do not distinguish male and female white shirts , ties , jumpers and trench coats , refracted prism of op art , based on strict geometric forms and optical illusions and monochromatic prints in finishing .

Evening line was more difficult in the color - ballroom skirts and ruffles, rustling along the shoulder or on the hem of the author presented in an emerald , vermilion and cobalt , adding to their white skin, which turned out to be quite suitable for tracking a snow-white wedding dress .

Ralph Lauren

Miroslava Duma

Jessica Alba

Demi Moore meets with the father of her ex -boyfriend

Western media reported that 50 -year-old Demi Moore 's new novel . The irony is that the beloved actresses - the father of her ex- boyfriend, who , in fact, introduced his father with his chosen .

New satellite celebrity name is Peter Morton , and he , of course , a billionaire . A successful restaurateur (and one of the founders of the Hard Rock Cafe), he is incredibly charismatic, and that's what attracts him to Demi .

With 60 -year-old entrepreneur, has recently parted ways with Linda Evangelista , she met in height relationship with his 31 -year-old son Harry . They say the pair had become so in recent weeks that Moore even introduced him to her family .

Way, Demi and Peter a lot in common because they both went through a painful divorce , both brought up three children .

Demi Moore

Peter Morton 
Harry Morton , the ex- boyfriend of Moore, with her ​​new chosen - Peter

Penelope Cruz discover its post-baby figure in a bikini !

A shot in bikini, Penélope Cruz does not hesitate to display his body ... Then she gave birth a little over a month, the Spanish actress has reprized her role as goddess she epitomizes the beaches of the island of beauty.

She gave birth on July 22 , his second child, a girl named Luna Encinas Bardem and Cruz a few weeks after birth , that we find Penelope showing off her gorgeous body on the beaches of Corsica .

Party for a family vacation , actress and fashion designer of 39 years chose the island of beauty in order to , again, get in bikini ( and stir up jealousy ) ... Accompanied by her husband, Javier Bardem , 44, and their two children , the eldest Cruz did not hesitate for a second to put on a swimsuit with floral print. The brunette beauty has found a balanced body and has not lost a second to swim. Fun in the water with Leonardo, his two year old son , Penelope Cruz has spoiled in hugs. Pampered by his parents, the boy used his buoy while her mother , without bad pun , had none .

Wishing for a full tan, madame has even pulled up and topless , she allowed herself a moment of relaxation. The Bardem - Cruz family , in full, then joined a luxury yacht where they could enjoy the Mediterranean.

The premiere of the new ' Pirates of the Caribbean' was moved to 2016

Continuation of the blockbuster " Pirates of the Caribbean " will be released in the summer of 2015 did not go as planned , but not before 2016 -th - it is reported informed sources. Producer Jerry Bruckheimer successful project explains why the shooting continued under the name of "Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead men tell no tales " postponed to a later date :

We have all the favorite format , but the script is not ready yet .

According to the producer , the project's creators did not accept a script written by Jeff Nathanson , screenwriter and now redo the work . A source close to the shooting , said that the proposed scenario , " demanded too much money at the same time was very difficult and confusing ".

Meanwhile, journalists and film industry experts believe that the cause may be different: the previous project Disney studio with Johnny Depp in the title role - "The Lone ranger " - flopped at the box office . Not because of this fear to guide the film company to invest millions in the sequel to " Pirates "?

Recall that came out this summer, " The Lone Ranger " did not cause delight the critics , and its creators have been disappointed by low box office . Sami starring Johnny Depp and Armie Hammer, and with them Bruckheimer stated that it is criticism and blame for the failure of the picture. Depp after the failure of the movie hinted at the fact that in a short time can get away from the big movie .

According to a number of publications, the Disney studio is ready to contribute to the shooting of the fifth "Pirates of the Caribbean" only $ 200 million, but this budget filmmakers are unlikely to meet . On the last shot of "Pirates " took 250 million . Total charges worldwide exceeded one billion dollars .

Jerry Bruckheimer denies that the budget for the project is not yet approved :

This is also one of the factors . We need one script that everybody agrees , and the budget , which everybody agrees .

The media also have doubts : maybe in the Disney studio just suspect that the public is tired of Johnny Depp's Jack Sparrow in the image , and fears risk millions ?

Leighton Meester and Adam Brody for a walk in New York City

Pictures of Leighton Meester and Adam Brody have not flashed in the media that made a couple of reporters and fans nervous , Are the actors broke up? We hasten to reassure fans of celebrities : the relationship between the actors out of danger. Such a conclusion can be made by looking at the recent pictures of young people .

Yesterday paparazzi caught Leighton and Adam on the streets of New York 's SoHo : love , holding hands , walks around the city. According to the source , the young people are trying to spend as much time together as soon Brody will begin work in the new TV show .

Recall actors talk about the novel appeared in February , and although a couple did not comment on rumors and not often appear in public together, recent pictures - the best proof that Mr. and Brody are still found and they are fine .

Fashion Week in New York : Marc Jacobs Spring-Summer 2014

Over the past week , talking about the fashion show as part of New York Fashion Week , we have always mentioned minimalism and quotes from the 1990s , but in the final day of NYFW on the podium there was a collection of Marc Jacobs . Forgetting everything that we have seen before , the audience went along with the designer on a journey through time .

Author introduced a new line in the entourage deserted coastline , dotted with empty bottles , cigarette butts and lost relevance glossy paper for recycling , and walking along the beach breeze replaced giganstkih air streams from the fans , which are located along the perimeter of the site. Heroines of this sad urban landscape became a guest of the 1890 - shipwrecked and landed on contemporary urban beach "sea wolf " dystopia of Marc Jacobs .

Main element of their images become retro version of the corps officer of the Navy and variations on this theme - transformation in sport coats , sweatshirts, keypkoty and coat , trimmed with traditional woven cord , tassels , floral embroideries risuyuschimi silhouettes hibiscus , and large buttons . In the collection of Mark Dzheyokbsa they are combined with sporting skirts , shorts and sandals. Also on the podium there were long " widows " dresses with high " deaf " collars , deliberately wrinkled boots and scruffy orphan bangs, completed an apocalyptic picture

Marc Jacobs

Winona Ryder

Haley Steynfild