Sep 12, 2013

Kim Kardashian and always beautifully dressed blonde, the young mother tightens its belt !

The American star has an output of more noticed yesterday in sunny LA ...

Kim Kardashian

Slowly but surely , Kim Kardashian is trying to return to the front of the stage with style! And after
unveiled with a new blond hair , the young mother of a baby girl named North, she had last June with her boyfriend and rapper Kanye West, has noticed a new release this Wednesday, Sept. 11 .

Spotted solo side of Beverly Hills , where she went to a medical center, the star of the U.S. reality television appeared nicely dressed ... Maybe even too much for a simple visit to the doctor , but it is a Kardashian or you do not !
Do not worry , Kim was lovely and that's all that matters. With ample green khaki pants worn so loose and rolled down the Californian bimbo 32 years had relied on an elegant white blouse neckline. And against all odds, Kim did not hesitate to accessorize her outfit with a gold belt to mark the size and prove to everyone that she had indeed melted.

Bye bye extra pounds of her pregnancy , the star found the line and expects the display at once chic and trendy looks!

Kim Kardashian

Kim Kardashian

Rihanna completely crazy , she invents a penis and put on a show for her fans !

New provocation for the star of 25 years ...

Beware Miley Cyrus ... Rihanna hopes to remain THE new undisputed queen of provocation ! And we proved that again yesterday ( Wednesday, September 11 ) in London !

Photographed at the exit of the hotel as she was preparing to return to Heathrow Airport , the singer of 25 years has not hesitated to let go and obscene gestures mimic face all his fans and photographers as she headed for her car .

Dressed in colorful fashion such a fool harlequin , Huey began to make faces , to make the language and even bluntly put his wallet before sex to be like if she had a penis ... Just a printed version of a penis while fruity colors wallet!

So an excited Rihanna that appeared in the English capital ... Is the euphoria of the presentation of his new collection for River Island which is still not settled ?

What is certain is that the international star, who has recorded a featuring with one of his favorite artists (which she still has not revealed the name ) has remained the number one well of vulgarity !

To see all the pictures of Rihanna in crazy mode, it goes above!

Miley Cyrus : The new princess provocation continues its promotion in London with happiness and sex appeal !

Look eighties sexy pants or dare , nothing scares the American singer and actress, as we're talking about it ...

Miley Cyrus

After a session sexy studio where she went with her mom Tish , wearing a bra and pants Jean- Paul Gaultier tall, while transparency and focused without lingerie, American starlet has offered a flashy new look ...

Indeed, the evening ( Wednesday, September 11 ) , Miley Cyrus has changed and is displayed to the release of her London hotel in a great old school outfit more relaxed , but still hot , so she went to an interview with Alan Carr .

The darling Liam Hemsworth thus appeared perched on terribly alluring black Louboutin thigh , she had associated with a micro denim shorts and white one at a crop top worn under a large denim jacket 100% 80's , not to mention the Chanel bag in hand .

Really, Miley is not ready to calm the ... She surfs background on media wave that has gripped it ! Its smooth image is not at all relevant, for his pleasure!

It hurts, it disturbs , it irritates , but especially stirs all the sights , and that she understood ! The provocation seems to be winning the vein for it, and it does not intend to get in a hurry!

To see new photos of the interpreter as Wrecking Ball ( which it has unveiled the clip ) , it goes above!

Miley Cyrus

Miley Cyrus

Miley Cyrus

Miley Cyrus

Miley Cyrus

Miley Cyrus

Miley Cyrus

Victoria Beckham : the face of the brand ? this is it!

Fashion Week is in full swing in the Big Apple. While his new collection of ready -to-wear has been available for sale , Posh seems to stand on its own to boast his creations. Ultra - narcissistic or ultra- realistic
Refreshing :

Many netizens were negatively surprised by the design of this dress XXL . To silence the gossips , Posh gave an interview to MailOnline she explains her choice of clothing : " I wore yesterday and it is really comfortable , very summery , I love it exudes romance (...) I went back into the store and people were saying , "Oh my god , we love your dress " "she said. And certainly we do not doubt for one second the comfort generated by this piece to cut loose ...

few minutes later , she enriches his remarks by saying: " You know , I like let challenges each season and when I thought for the first time in this dress, I wondered how we could make it flattering (...) How could we make it sexy, with such a volume. and I think that I ' really successful - I think this is a very cool dress (...) I felt like I was wearing a huge cloud . " In the end , whatever the critics of this trend XXL, Victoria Beckham seems to be proud of his work ... and that's what counts is not it ?

September 10 24:15 : 

before yesterday, Sunday, September 8, 2013 , the UK starlet showed his creations during the Mercedes Benz Fashion. Before an assembly carefully chosen Posh had put the dishes in large to attract people who make and break the industry . In the end, more frightened than hurt . His show was unanimous and all the "fashion" gratin fell in love ...

The next day, the designer has used his success to stroll through the New York streets. Wearing a dress cut "loose " Victoria was super!

If we look more closely, this was one of the pieces from his new collection. It is on social networks that the information has fallen. She recently tweeted : " My favorite part of the Spring / Summer 2014 collection ." Miranda Kerr , Alessandra Ambrosio and Kate Moss can get dressed ! Victoria, it is what pays the best parts and it seems to think hard as iron ! Combined with low boots in black and a pair of sunglasses XXL heels, Posh again gave the best of herself . We want more!

Vladimir Putin Nominated for Nobel Peace Prize

Vladimir Putin may be awarded the Nobel Peace Prize. Such an initiative introduced Sergei Komkov , president of the Russian Foundation for Education . " Russian news service " reports that Komkov sent a letter to the proposal to the Nobel Committee to award the Peace Prize. In his letter states :

Vladimir Putin in practice has shown its commitment to peace . As the leader of one of the leading countries of the world, he makes every effort to maintain peace and tranquility not only in their own state, but also to actively contribute to the peaceful resolution of all conflicts arising on the planet .

Award is awarded annually for achievements in strengthening world. Among those receiving the award in the past few decades - Mikhail Gorbachev , Nelson Mandela, Kofi Annan , Barack Obama and others .

Meanwhile, Vladimir Putin yesterday published a column in the newspaper New York Times, which refers to the American people and the American political leaders to explain the position of Russia on the Syrian issue . At the beginning of his address , Russian President recalls that despite some estrangement in relations in recent years , once the Russian and Americans fought together against the fascist aggressors .

In his column Putin says he welcomes the initiative of Barack Obama postpone strike against Syria and stresses :

We are not defending the Syrian government and the norms of international law .

Putin said he is encouraging a new possibility of a peaceful settlement of the conflict , which is to transfer the chemical Syria weapons under international control .

Justin Timberlake and Jake Gillenhol the lens Hedi Slimane

Justin Timberlake shooting Hedi Slimane for V Man

Saint Laurent creative director Hedi Slimane nourishes not only love to design clothes, but also to the photographic lens . So, he has repeatedly worked on commercials filming dedicated his own authorship collections , alternately capturing Sasha Pivovarova , Kara Devlin , Courtney Love, Marilyn Manson, and other inspiring his characters from the world of fashion and show business in his trademark style .

once again speak photographer , he was granted the opportunity to immediately two versions - V Man and the NY Times T Style. On the cover of the autumn issue of the first of them with a light hand Slimane appeared Gillenhol Jake , and the second - Justin Timberlake, both of which have become alternately studio guests Slimane .

Both photo portrait made ​​in a recognizable technique : black-and- white palette , covered with patches of light from the light flash smooth black leather, exaggerated anatomical entity in the transmission of invoices protagonist .

the way, shooting Gillenhola in V Man accompanied the interview , in which the actor explained why so fond of the acting profession :

With acting I 'm wondering more and more questions about himself . I always feel that I live , awake and listen to sebe.

Takzhe actor spoke about the changes in his life :

In my life there have been a number of changes . First of all , I moved from Los Angeles to New York to be closer to his family , and promised myself to go back to the theater, which I really love . So I have taken a course to the east, although people usually seek in a different direction .

On this and the other - in an interview Gillenhola for V Man.

Justin Timberlake on the cover of NY Times T Style

Jake Gillenhol on the cover of V Man

Ashley Olsen 's new novel

Ashley Olsen appeared boyfriend - David Schulte, CEO of the prestigious brand Oliver Peoples, which produces glasses. Multiple sources have confirmed the news reporters Us Weekly. However, inside information also still fairly sparse : Surrounded star told the press only that Ashley and David started dating recently .

Earlier boyfriend Ashley was the actor Justin Bartha , whom she dated from 2008 to 2011 . It is also known for novels Olsen with designer Greg Chait and restaurateur Scott Sartiano .

Unlike sisters, Mary -Kate Olsen has made no secret of his personal life : girl from last year appeared in public with 43 ​​-year-old banker Olivier Sarkozy. According to insiders, he is resolute and plans to marry Mary -Kate . She already spends time with her ​​beloved family .

Career wise sisters now all too well : on Monday they were at Fashion Week in New York, a collection of their brand The Row, and today will be showing another brand owned by them - Elizabeth and James.

Lady Gaga is suing former assistant

Lady Gaga

Sometime Lady Gaga and Jennifer O'Neill had roommate and her friends , but when the singer became famous and hired friend of a job, the problems began. Now, the former personal assistant star accuses her that she had not paid her the money for the continued processing . Yesterday it was announced that the court hearing on the case will be held on November 4 .

Winter 2011 O'Neill went to court , claiming that it was processing more than seven thousand hours (of Jennifer worked on Gaga just over a year ) . Assistant's salary was 75,000 dollars a year, but O'Neill believes that the singer owes it more money , because she had to work 24 hours a day. Both sides confirmed that the work of Jennifer was to be ready to meet the requirements of Gaga's "every day and every hour ".

Next to the star O'Neill had to be at night. According to the testimony of Jennifer , she often had to sleep with the singer in the same bed as the night , and that might need assistance . According to a woman, if Gaga watched movies before going to bed , she could not wake assistant , so she got up and changed the DVD.

O'Neill said :

Every day for her work , and then he work for all of us . It was not like that we had just stayed at home and slept , or went to the movies as a friend .

Lady Gaga's response is to say :

This job is not to come to the office , sit and go home . It is for man to be around when I need it .

Jennifer Other duties include checking email stars, conducting telephone conversations , the responsibility for all her luggage (which is a total of 20 bags of costumes , accessories and cosmetics ) . Assistant also had to make sure that wherever goes gaga for it to be cooked "special food" , and see to it that the singer arrived in time for the concert and it was time for make-up, hair and raspevki .

Judge Paul Gardef notes that introduced Stefani Germanotta and Jennifer in 2008, when the singer was a neighbor O'Neill on an apartment in Manhattan. The position of assistant Gaga invited her as " Jennifer was her friend and had the experience of working in the music industry ".

Lady Gaga

Lady Gaga

Fashion Week in New York 2013 : Michael Kors show

Fashion Week in New York 2013: Michael Kors show

Just a couple of days ago in New York ended with a demonstration of the U.S. , so to speak , designers - Michael Kors . Among the guests catwalk - Katie Holmes , Kate Mara and many others .

In the spring and summer season, Kors puts on clean lines and natural colors : white , camel, navy blue , green. Feminine silhouettes that emphasize the dignity of all shapes , unobtrusive prints , fine finish - the heroine of his new collection of designer sees a refined young woman , a resident of the metropolis, confidently combine their professional life - from personal and career success - with victories in the fashion arena .

Another distinctive feature of this series - the use of natural fabrics : cotton , silk, cashmere, leather and fur .

Michael Kors is not against the trend of sexuality , but did not see her crying , with anguish , and - on the contrary - soft , delicate , a little careless . Mixing the trends of the 1950s with their accented waist and 1970 th , glorifying boho -chic, designer offers a modern wardrobe for all occasions , whether it be in the office everyday , a romantic date or an evening out .

Fashion Week in New York 2013: Michael Kors show

Fashion Week in New York 2013: Michael Kors show

Fashion Week in New York 2013: Michael Kors show

Fashion Week in New York 2013: Michael Kors show

Fashion Week in New York 2013: Michael Kors show

Fashion Week in New York 2013: Michael Kors show

Fashion Week in New York 2013: Michael Kors show

Fashion Week in New York 2013: Michael Kors show

Fashion Week in New York 2013: Michael Kors show

Fashion Week in New York 2013: Michael Kors show

Fashion Week in New York 2013: Michael Kors show

Fashion Week in New York 2013: Michael Kors show

Fashion Week in New York 2013: Michael Kors show