Sep 7, 2013

Liam Hemsworth decided to part with Miley Cyrus after her performance at the VMA?

Miley Cyrus and Liam Hemsworth

Fortunately or not, the advice of friends to part with Liam Hemsworth Miley Cyrus seems to have had their effect on the actor . According to insiders close circle of couples , Liam decided to finally put an end to the difficult relationship with Miley was after her controversial performance at the MTV VMA- 2013 , which made ​​fun of , in addition to tens of thousands of activists network , and his friends . We recall the words :

He better stay away from Miley Cyrus , so as not to harm his reputation and career . This is not moving away from Liam Miley , it's all his team insists on the separation, because nothing but negativity, it is his reputation and career will not add . 

Heeding the advice , the beloved flamboyant actress has decided to break up with her - according to sources :

He decided to do away with it and wants to break up with her. No more returns - must move on .

Reason , reportedly , was the show VMA - Hemsworth found his

... an insult to your address . 

Despite this evidence , the couple still live together in the house of Miley in Los Angeles, but their relationship is now more like a chat room-mates , rather than the two lovers . "Closest of all close " to a pair of sources and all transfers :

They do not even sleep in separate rooms.

Either way , the outcome of this situation will not be a mystery for stellar mass media. We promise to share with you the new details as soon as they appear .

Naomi Watts interrupted an interview about the film ' Diana : A Love Story '

Naomi Watts

After its world premiere in London painting " Diana : A Love Story " went to Paris, where her audience - as well as in the capital of the UK - presented the key cast - Naomi Watts, Naveen Andrews and other members kinokomandy .

Addition outputs on the red carpet and Photocall for the program promotional campaign includes traditional paintings and interviews - especially with the executive role of Princess Diana - Naomi Watts . Actress, as we have already repeatedly shared their experiences with the press about his involvement in this project and the reaction to it of the royal family :

I am very worried about how the picture will be met relatives of Princess Diana , first of all - its sons . I do not care , because I myself - the mother of two boys. However, this story sooner or later would have tried to make sense - and perhaps it will appear differently than most expect . 

And now - and the film came out , and it's time to comment on what he saw the audience. In connection with this a few days ago the actress was invited to the studio to record BBC Radio ether with Simon Mayo to discuss a new project and their participation in it, but in the middle of the conversation guest left the studio .

In his Twitter leading commented on the incident so :

This is the first time in my practice - Naomi Watts just left the interview! I think she was uncomfortable answering the question . Shame .

Attempts by fans to find out at what point the actress decided to terminate the interview and what exactly was the reason for this , leading replied :

If even, I have no idea. You know, my aggressive style of interview - I'm starting to scare interlocutor. It is always difficult for my guests .

When asked about him ...

you expressed some negative assessment to the project ?

... master replied :

Not at all, I do not express any opinion on the pictures. That is why I am now confused.

How did it myself with a comment on Naomi Watts ? And comment on it at all ?