Sep 6, 2013

Angelina Jolie will be awarded an honorary ' Oscar '

Very soon on the shelf next to " Oscar " received Angelina Jolie in the year 2000 for best supporting actor in the film " Girl, Interrupted " actress put another statuette. It became known that Jolie won the second award of the Board of Governors of the American Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences for his volunteer work .

Recall that her Jolie began after filming the movie " Lara Croft - Tomb Raider ," which took place in Cambodia . According to Angelina , her eyes on what is happening in the third world humanitarian catastrophe she opened it this trip . The actress has contacted the United Nations Commission for Refugees for the information , and in February 2001 it held its trip to Sierra Leone and Tanzania , where she was deeply shocked by what she saw .

In the following months, Angelina again visited Cambodia and then an Afghan refugee camp in Pakistan, where donated an amount of one million dollars to help the victims in the funds of the Commission for Refugees. Impressed interest and Jolie work in humanitarian missions guide the commission declared the actress August 27, 2001 at its headquarters in Geneva, Goodwill Ambassador of the Office of the High Commissioner for Refugees . In the next four years, Angelina Jolie visited a humanitarian mission a number of countries , including Kenya , Thailand, Ecuador , Sudan , Kosovo , Angola , Sri Lanka , Iraqi refugee camps in Jordan, but also paid a visit to Russia in the North Caucasus , got acquainted with the activities of the commission in place .

In 2005, Jolie was honored with the Humanitarian Award UN and Cambodian Prime Minister awarded the actress an honorary citizen of that state .

" honorary " Oscar " also will hand three of fellow actress - Angela Lansbury , Steve Martin and Piero Tosi , about which the president of the Academy of Cheryl Boone Isaacs says :

We pay tribute to the people who have made an invaluable contribution to the development of cinema and looking forward to when colleagues will gather again together in honoring the winners .

Congratulations to the winners !

Angelina Jolie in Afghanistan

Angelina Jolie in Iraq
Angelina Jolie in a school in Ecuador
... and on the border of Tunisia and Libya fully
Angelina Jolie at the ceremony of "Oscar " in 2000

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Jack Osbourne and Lisa lost a child

Only a month ago, we congratulates Jack Osbourne and his wife Lisa with the future completion of the family , as there was a sad izvetie : last week, the girl suffered a miscarriage . This is Lisa told fans on his blog :

Jack and I last week lost our baby. Miscarriage in the last stages of pregnancy, perhaps the most difficult tests that we have ever had to go through. We really appreciate your support and please do not bother us for a while .

Couple, who already raises 16 -month-old daughter, Pearl , in spite of what had happened, trying to remain optimistic :

It is important to remain optimistic with hope in heart , even in the most difficult times. We will never know why this happened to us . All we can do is trust in God and the realization that in our account it has its plany

.Sochuvstvuem and empathize with the loss of the Osbournes

Jack Osbourne , Lisa Osborne and their daughter Pearl

Jack Osbourne and his daughter Pearl

Ireland Baldwin : ' Being a model is harder than I thought '

The daughter of Alec Baldwin and Kim Basinger Ireland continues to talk about himself in interviews with various materials: used in the pages of ELLE we learned about how she relates to her appearance , and now have the opportunity to meet with aspiring model closer to the new issue of DuJour Magazine.

In a conversation with a reporter girl prizanalas that having a business model seemed to her before a simple affair :

I decided to become a model about two years ago. I had to work with many agents before meeting the right . To be honest, the model proved to be much more complicated than I thought before. This profession requires a lot of effort. On the other hand, thanks to it you meet with terrific people .

Although modeling career girl is now gaining momentum, it emphasizes that the ultimate goal for her is still movie :

I want to be actress , screenwriter and director. This is something that I aspire to . I love to be in the frame and behind the camera : I am an early age she loved to imitate people, and watching movies with my parents , I always wanted to be in their place . Cool would it be to make a comedy or a film adaptation of some of the classic novel .

As for the people who admire Baldwin , she noted several well-known actors :

I admire Chloe Moretz, she was cool and in my opinion , she was able to cope with any role . I really like Jack Nicholson . My favorite films with his participation " One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest " and " Shine" . This is generally one of my favorite paintings .

And at the end of the interview Ireland wished readers and beginning models and actresses in particular to pay less attention to the criticism :

I would not want to read comments on my account intrenetu . If only I could ignore other people's opinions , and simply reflect the negativity in my address .

Hopefully, after watching the new " Scottish " photo shoot for Ayrlend DuJour Magazine by detractors girls be lowered , and the number of fans - on the contrary increase. View

' Va- Bank ' : Justin Timberlake Photocall in Moscow

Justin Timberlake , who became the last triumph ceremony MTV VMA, brought to Moscow a new acting project - the crime drama " Va -Bank " .

Probably colleagues actor - Ben Affleck and Gemma Arterton - not too upset that did not reach the capital: autumn came unexpectedly positive attitude could bring down anyone, but not Timberlake. Justin Photocall honestly worked , despite the fact that the rain poured down like a bucket, and wind gusts clearly hinted that the storm warning was not joking .

Picture , we recall, talk about the talented but poor guy Ritchie ( Timberlake ) , who is hoping to earn a college education is immersed in the world of online gambling. When he realizes that the site system tries to " inflate " , it is sent to the head office in Costa Rica, to meet with the owner of avian Block ( Affleck ) . The unit offers a thirsty but easy money Richie job - and that's when the hero learns the truth about the corrupt business .

Recall that the world premiere of the tape is scheduled for September 25 in the Russian rolling tape will be released a day later - on September 26. View

From the sea foam : Rosie Huntington -Whiteley for Harper's Bazaar Australia

While the public is discussing personal life Rosie Huntington -Whiteley and Jason Statham in intrnet results were fruitful work supermodel : girls photo shoot was published for the latest issue of Harper's Bazaar Australia .

About how the shooting took Rosie on the Australian coast , we have reported the paparazzi , now the audience an opportunity to evaluate the personnel caught in the publication. On the pages of the latest issue demonstrates a heroine perfect body : in a bathing suit , short shorts , volume sweater, summer dress and translucent ensemble of top and skirt .

Beautiful Amazon : Katy Perry's new video for Roar

The first single from the new album Roar Katy Perry Prism was released in early August, and broke all records . Composition by popularity even surpassed the sensational Lady Gaga track Applause. Now that Perry's fans an opportunity to view the new video for the track has already become a favorite . The first novelty discovered blogger DobrayaGrust27.

In the story, a mini- movie Katie suffers aviakrushenie and falls on a desert island . At the beginning of a beautiful girl accompanied by a young man , but , carried away by his own appearance, he is not able to survive in the wild , and therefore is in the paws of a tiger. The singer also learn from the sad situation with a young man and decides to conquer the forbidding jungle .

Perry manage to become the queen of the virgin nature , to make friends with a monkey and an elephant , and win the " battle " with the tiger . Enjoy the new video and learn the basics of survival in the wild in the charming Amazons . And looking forward to the release of the new album Prism, which is scheduled for release on October 22 .