Sep 5, 2013

of this year. the marriage befell on the island of state

While Moscow is torrential rain in Miami sun shines bright . Not astonishingly, the newlyweds Elle Macpherson and Jeffrey Soffer look therefore happy !

Recall that the fifty - year-old model married a forty three -year-old have in early August of this year. the marriage befell on the island of state , enclosed by his nighest friends and relatives .

By the way , the pageant lasted for nearly per week, and also the composition of a perpetually evolving :

It is extremely a contented time for them, they\'re in blissfulness of happiness. Jeffrey is extremely calm and relaxed - it\'s simply what she wants. Her family is from him in admiration .

Recent pic of the couple - the simplest confirmation to Associate in Nursing corporate executive . Brighter Smiles \" Body\" shine unless a diamond in her band . A worthy addition to our virtual \" box \" the foremost uncommon and spectacular jewels stars .

Rihanna : XXL earrings , lipstick and nipples visible flashy earrings ... The ' bad gal ' puts on a show !

The U.S. star played the alluring during a night out in the Big Apple !

Exit the way basketball jersey dress worn ... It is ultra hot , sexy as hell and ultra fashionable that Rihanna has posted last night ( Wednesday, 4 September ) in the streets of New York !

Indeed, surrounded by a few friends, the singer 25 years has been spotted on the side of the West Village neighborhood where she offered an Italian dinner at Da Silvano . And of course at the exit of the restaurant , Huey took the time as very often pose for pictures with fans and sign autographs.

But it was the look of the star who attracted attention! Micro denim shorts sexy body American Apparel white, while transparency and obviously worn without a bra ... Gams air and breasts apparent : the look of the perfect "bad gal " ! With Rihanna was wearing a pair of Nike sneakers , and wore a hat as an accessory Komakino huge Creole XXL !

Certainly, Huey, who just released a new fragrance called Rogue , always has a knack for us to chat !

Tell us all, how do you find the look of the star to millions of albums sold ?

Ariana Grande: a rising star beautifully baby doll for Style Awards 2013!

The U.S. 20-year old singer was one of the stars of the evening fashion led by Nicole Richie ...

The talented Ariana Grande is definitely more present in the media spotlight ... Indeed , while September 3 released his first album, Yours Truly , already worn by singles The Way, Baby I, and all new 'll Never Know and Lovin ' It, it is clear that the young prodigy 20 years will do everything to prove to everyone that she indeed deserves comparisons with divas like Mariah Carey or Whitney Houston, she sincerely hope one day match.

D ' Ariana who was also a notice to the MTV Video Music Awards on August 25 , and that provided a good performance earlier this week on the set of the show to NBC , The Today Show passage was again output yesterday ( Wednesday, 4 September ) in the Big Apple.

Indeed, crisp brunette attending the evening Style Awards 2013 held at the Lincoln Center and presented by the designer Nicole Richie . Nicely baby doll , with a straight mouth and hair forever wearing half- tail, Ariana has charmed the world on the red carpet with freshness and simplicity, in a lovely dress Kenley Collins, worn with heels YSL pumps and Tiffany jewelry & Co. .

Too cute this little starlet, you can not find ?

Jane Lynch has received a star on the Walk of Fame

The night before Jane Lynch became the owner of a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame . The actress first appeared on screen in 1988 and over the years has played on the screen more than 130 roles. Despite this impressive track record , the greatest popularity and success of Jane brought the character cheerleader coach Sue Sylvester in the comedy series "Chorus ".

According to Lynch, she dreamed to see their name on the Walk of Fame with those the most since decided to become an actress for more than 20 years ago :

On the one hand - as though it may sound arrogant - I knew someday I would get this star . But on the other hand, the idea just does not fit in my head. I'm so happy and excited ! 

Also, in an interview with a celebrity joked that she is not sure what will happen now sleep at night :

I think I'm going to jump up in the night and scream "Oh my God , yes I'm a star !" 

Well , she has every reason to be proud of themselves : in addition to the newly-minted stars, the actress already has statues of the U.S. Screen Actors Guild , " Amy " and " Golden Globe " - for his role in the TV series "Chorus" . Congratulations Lynch with another honorary award .

Jane Lynch won People's Choice Awards in 2011

Jane Lynch - winner of the "Emmy" in 2010

Jane Lynch at the Screen Actors Guild Award in 2010

Kim Kardashian does not dress my daughter in North West pink

Since the birth of daughter Kim Kardashian and Kanye West took almost three months, but we still have only a single snapshot of babes , while only dreaming look at the parent star of the family routine . However , insiders do not leave us with no news of a newborn infant North West .

Turns out , among other things , parents seriously question the wardrobe is " a little princess ":

They dress in clothes only North only three colors - black , white or cream . No pink !

Moreover, the " no pink " is not in the interior of most rooms :

Navy as a form of navy, black and white. It's not girly . 

Let Nori, as it refers to the press, limited palette , but in her closet , according to sources , has assembled an impressive range of high-profile labels - and Fendi, and Bonpoint, and Lanvin, and even Dolce & Gabbana! No way, Kim Kardashian grows his own rival in the fight for a fashionable blessing inhabitants "fashion- Olympus " , which she herself has not yet waited .

Hopefully, the North West, white, cream and black colors will be to face no less than the mother, and a pink dress, similar to those that wore at the time , Kim , growing up in a closet fashionista had no place .

French Chic : Valerie Trierveyler a meeting with German President

Joachim Gauck , Daniela Schadt , Valerie Trierveyler and Francois Hollande

The first lady of France , a journalist Valerie Trierveyler met at the Elysee Palace a couple of senior officials from Germany - President Joachim Gauck and his companion Daniela Schadt . The head of the German government flew to France on an official visit to discuss with Francois Hollande cooperation and topical problems of the world .

For a business meeting Valerie chose an elegant black dress with asymmetry indices below the knee cut side and focusing on the belt. The public has compared this with the classic image of a French delicacy inherent Audrey Hepburn, and christened Trierveyler style icon .

And how do you image of the first lady?

Valerie Trierveyler une rencontre avec le président allemand

Francois Hollande and Valerie Trierveyler

Daniela Schadt , Valerie Trierveyler and Francois Hollande