Sep 4, 2013

Selena Gomez : good performance in Amsterdam before arriving in Paris and set fire to the Zenith !

American starlet is currently undergoing tour ... And after a show in Amsterdam and Antwerp , it is about to land in Paris !

Since 14 August and his concert in Vancouver, the crisp Selena Gomez is on the road with its international tour the Stars Dance Tour , an opportunity for her to have to live all his fans new songs and of course his old hits !

Indeed, before concentrating on his film career , the 21 year old brunette series of concerts to the delight of his fans still await you .

Indeed yesterday ( Tuesday, 3 September ) , Selena was on stage the Heineken Music Hall in Amsterdam, where she made the show as it should be !

sexy outfits , slinky choreography , rhythmic music ... The ex -girlfriend of Justin Bieber did his best to make his fans spend the best moments !

On Wednesday Selena pass through Belgium on the scene of the Lotto Arena in Antwerp, before landing at tomorrow ( Thursday, 5 September ) to Paris for a performance already expected to Zenith.

Who will be on hand to applaud miss Gomez and take heart in his hits such as I Love You like a Love Song, Come & Get It , or Slow Down?

Jennifer Lopez : "I am - a man and I'm no stranger to mistakes"

Jennifer Lopez , the heroine covers the October issue of Cosmopolitan US, spoke about how combining creativity with business, as well as the relationship with Casper Smart & Turning scandal speech in Turkmenistan .

About combining creativity and business :

at the meetings on matters of business, decided to include business thinking , but what concerns me - in discussions of marketing and promotional strategies, I am guided , first of all, emotions. I , first of all , an artist . So when I get the opportunity to use your creativity , you feel on your meste.

I his relationship with 26 -year-old dancer Casper by Smart :

I see the relationship as a chance to get his life together with the best partner for me . I have high expectations of what I want to find it . I have a lot of income , so in this case the mean things are not of a material nature . First of all, it's love , faithfulness, and all that is included in the notion of a happy relationship .

It's funny to remember , but in the early stages of our relationship with the beloved , I said that I was very stimulating, when I was ignored. And he said : "If someone ignores you , forget it. He does not deserve your attention." But it really is quite funny - sometimes when we can not have that , what we want, we try to get it " forbidden " ways .

About his speech in Turkmenistan , turning the scandal :

I know that the fans are role models and should be held accountable for their actions. And yet I am - a man and, of course , sometimes I make mistakes. But if I am doing wrong, learn lessons and continue to take this experience into account . It's called " work out their destiny ." Know the best version of me - it's the best of what I've done in my life .

On this and many other - in an interview with the singer in October Cosmopolitan US.

Jennifer Lopez in a photo shoot for the October Cosmopolitan US

Fabletics: sports line from Kate Hudson

Kate Hudson leads an active lifestyle and encourages us to do the same. A further motivation for going to the gym is bright and comfortable casual wear .

Hudson was one of the creators of the line Fabletics, which is from October 1, will be sold on the site For the actress is not the first such experience : it had previously presented a capsule collection , released in conjunction with the brand Ann Taylor, the person she is . But leave the cinema for a career designer Hudson, of course, does not intend to :

I would not say that for me it's a new career direction . I just like to be part of the process of creation of clothes , it is a way to direct their creative energy on something other than a movie .

According to Star , the special attention she and her co-authors have given comfort that is so important for sports apparel , as well as the fact that the collection has been available to all women , regardless of wealth and the type of figures :

The hardest part of the design of sports apparel - to make it suitable for different types of shapes. But the team Fabletics can proudly say that we have been able to create things that feel themselves perfectly all women , no matter what size clothes they are wearing .

Hudson notes that the girls on the site will also be able to get advice from a professional fitness instructors and learn how to achieve the best results :

I look forward to publication of his line, but even more I am glad that we have created an online community for active women. Here you can learn how to achieve their goals. It's more than just clothing , it's a lifestyle .

Remembering the recent photographs of Kate filming of her own fitness video, there is no doubt : for her sport and the truth is an integral part of life .

Nick Jonas : it is confirmed, it is in a relationship with Olivia Culpo , Miss Universe 2013!

It is a kiss that formalized the relationship that unites Nick Jonas , the Jonas Brothers and singer Olivia Culpo , the Miss Universe 2013. While the handsome muscular kid pretending to be single for two years, he no longer hides now

On the set of Larry King Now , the Jonas Brothers were assigned to their love lives a few days ago ... And all eyes were turned to the only single of the three brothers : Nick Jonas . When he claimed : " . I'm single for about two years ... Of course I went out with some people but I 'm not in a relationship"

But it seems that the hunk , who loves to show us his musculature , we lied . Indeed, it was seen on Tuesday alongside the beautiful Olivia Culpo , Miss USA and Miss Universe 2013. While since August , these two were seen several times in New York , rumors kept coming about their love story. Now , the rumor was confirmed by Nick himself Tuesday. Sharing a "double- time " with Joe and his girlfriend Blanda Eggenschwiler , Nick has publicly embraced the bomb ( see photos here) and the couple seemed thrilled at the Tennis Championships U.S. Open .

If the paparazzi did not fail to capture the moment , Nick published a photograph of a small group on Instagram , saying : " The U.S. Open was so much fun around Bon Bon tennis . . . " And then the kiss ? How was it?

In any case, this story really seems serious as Miss Universe 2013 has even introduced the singer to his parents during a weekend spent at home in the U.S. state of Rhode Island .

Rosie Huntington- Whiteley in break with her man , she will appear at the top and solo evening GQ !

The top English caused a sensation in London yesterday shiny on the red carpet of the evening " GQ Men of the Year Awards " ...

Obviously , it would seem that celibacy goes like a glove to the British bomb Rosie Huntington- Whiteley !
And because the top 26 is displayed beautiful yesterday ( Tuesday, 3 September ) in London , during the evening GQ Men of the Year Awards.

with a perfectly tanned complexion, due to his recent stay in the Ibiza sun , Rosie had relied on an elegant white dress that put divinely her curves and tan value ! A Versace toilet she had chosen to wear with Louboutin heels ! Nickel !

Make-up immaculate, and beautifully wavy golden hair , the muse Marks & Spencer has just been a hit since his arrival on the red carpet at the Royal Opera House in Covent Garden, which hosted the event !

recent days, Rosie has made the headlines following the revelation of his marital problems ! Indeed, it would be open break with his longtime lover English actor Jason Stathan ... A real surprise for the couple who seemed so strong and had already gone through trials , eventually always out more love.

This time is it really the end? We hope not ... Even though we know that in the worst case , a girl like Rosie will never stay single for long!

Brahim Zaibat : ' Madonna is a machine! '

Discreet and talented , Brahim Zaibat out for the first time in the shade. Recently interviewed Mr. Madonna pours its projects and one that shares his life for three years !

Just 27 years old , Brahim Zaibat leads a professional life of the busiest ! Announced the cast of Dancing with the Stars 4 , it is also the artistic consultant for the musical Robin Hood , which will begin in a few weeks at the Palais des Congres in Paris . . Interviewed Tuesday September 3 micro RTL , the French dancer is poured for the first time about his relationship with Madonna

Couples last three years with the singer of 55 years , the choreographer says, " This is not a monster she eyes it has not seven , two arms , two legs like everyone else . this is a normal woman. Personally, I do not come from the same world , but it is an artist like all the others that I give more respect because it gives a lot more people than some artists. So there is no myth, the myth for me is Michael Jackson . " At least it is clear

The couple also dance partners and regularly work shoulder to shoulder : " I train with it from time to time because she has a really physical training it is a machine. 's work that pays . You can become a machine, regardless of age , regardless of size , weight . She works every day since I met her , I do the same . big respect for the person . it really fascinated me , "he said admiringly.

However, Brahim ensures that the sharing of life such an icon has not changed his life "I 'm still here , I have my feet on the ground , I see my family, I can be in New York but I'm still the same person lives ," he says.

' True Blood ' : the seventh season will be the last

TV channel HBO has announced that "the vampire drama" " True Blood "  will be completed in 2014. The seventh season , including ten series , will be the last . For the first time the series was released in 2008 , and its sixth season , the last for today , ended less than a month ago .

President of HBO Michael Lombardo says about the show :

Directed by Alan Ball based his book Charlaine Harris , picked up a brilliant ensemble cast , headed by the great Anna Paquin and created a series that has attracted a lot of fans. He then passed the baton to Brian Buckner , and he took a great sixth season, and will also present the seventh and final season of this amazing show. I, like an army of fans will be hard to part with the characters , but I 'm looking forward to the final chapter of this story, which promises to be just incredible .

Previous season ended with the hero Alexander Skarsgard , Eric , it would seem, killed , but later director Brian Buckner assured fans of the actor in the new season, they again see their favorite on-screen .

some of the spectators took promises a thrilling finale with a grain of salt , because some fans of the show believe that the the last couple of years, plot lines are not nearly as good as before.

Angelina Jolie with kids in Santa Barbara

Angelina Jolie took a break from filming his second directorial work , the film " Unbroken " and the time devoted to children : actress noticed while walking on the Santa Barbara company Pax , Vivienne and Knox

While the five-year Vivienne seemed a little sleepy and was carrying a favorite blanket, and her twin Knox looked with interest all around, a nine-year Pax looked aggressively : the child is so tired of photographers pursuing star family , not only that he was covered by his purple teddy bear, which carries with him almost everywhere , but some times called the paparazzi to avoid being shot .