Sep 3, 2013

Shemar Moore: he broke a max in sunny Miami with adorable little fans and admirers sexy !

The U.S. actor knows how to delight his fans ... Young and old, men and women!

Shemar Moore? Too good , too good cut , famous, rich ... It has everything to please , will you tell us ! Well aware that this is not all! The American actor is someone simple and super fun , one of those celebrities who always has a smile and never hesitates to make time for his fans, and the delight with photos, a kiss and sometimes more !

Since yesterday ( Monday, 2 September ) where the hero of the series Criminal Minds was again spotted on the beach in Miami beach, where he spent more time on holiday with some friends. And of course, Shemar is absolutely not go unnoticed! It must be said that in addition to its " mouth" of hottie and her body of Apollo, the star of 43 years has made ​​the show on the hot sand , he created downright riot !

 But a failure to involve his bodyguards , Shemar has delighted his fans by signing autographs for fans boys , taking pictures with his ultra sexy admirers completely overexcited and having fun with the children present . .. Everything for us to prove that he has nothing of a star with big head !

Sure , many girls regret not to be able to Miami also enjoy a special moment with Shemar (you also includes perfectly because at the editorial ' we think the same) !

It is clear already that the loved ... Here, we love it!

Jennifer Lawrence: new images for Dior

Jennifer Lawrence in the campaign Dior

After taking the throne advertising muse of French house Dior as early as last October , Jennifer Lawrence is still pleases fans not only for his outs on the red carpet couture dresses brand , but also fresh promo shots for the famous brand .

Another published today : actress poses for the lens Willy Vanderperre in the autumn- winter campaign model handbag "Miss Dior". New image of Miss Dior melancholic tune with the mood of autumn - sloppy bun on his head, "transparent" make-up , strict otenkom steel gray coat and legendary quilted handbag on a chain, which is designed to warm the heart of our heroine in a dank autumn weekdays .

Khloe Kardashian : smiling and fit alongside her friends, she finally comes out of hiding !

Hey , the back! Yesterday afternoon , Khloe Kardashian has finally succumbed to the call of the sun and is extirpated from his home to enjoy a relaxing day with friends. It is preferred that!

These past months have been complicated to handle for Khloe Kardashian ! Deceived and humiliated by her husband of 29 years the starlet has to cope with numerous scandals that plague the couple. While Lamar Odom has posted this weekend in a DVD store , the little sister of Kim finally decided to point the tip of his nose. It ended with despair !

Yesterday afternoon ( Monday, 2 September ) , the pretty brunette was seen on the heights of Hollywood. Accompanied by two friends, Khloe had just arrived at Katy Perry, who organized a small party to celebrate the famous Labor Day . For the occasion, the young woman had left her hood and jogging to the locker room : dressed in a black shirt and mini jean shorts , Khloe was in top form ! Loose hair and pair of Aviator on the nose , she appeared smiling and relaxed as she talked with her ​​friends. We prefer to see and

The day before, she commented to spell his problems on Twitter : "Although I would like, I'm not made ​​of steel ... but I 'm not far hehe . " A subtle and effective to untie all the gossips who are bent on the future of her marriage message. Arrested last Friday for driving under the influence , the basketball player 32 years his license was revoked for a period of 12 months. At last , he would have moved his business from the marital home again ... Next episode !

Valerie Benguigui : actress of 47 years died this morning from cancer ...

The French actress died this morning after battling against the disease.

Sad news as we learn it Tuesday morning ( September 3 ) ... Valerie Benguigui lost his battle against the cancer , as revealed by the site of Paris Match .

The French actress , 47, is survived by her husband, the actor and restaurant manager , Eric Wapler , that she had known at the Cours Florent .

Valerie, as we have seen in films such as as Hey Good and truth if I lie, shone particularly in 2012 showing of comedy First Name, alongside Patrick Bruel and Charles Berling . She also won the César for best actricedans a Supporting Role for her character Elizabeth in February .

All our thoughts are with his family and close

Beauty in French photo shoot granddaughter Alain Delon Alison le Borj

If your grandfather - one of the most attractive men of the last century , in which the mad millions of women, the road to the first beauty of destiny . This rule confirms granddaughter Alain Delon Alison le Borge  that their external data owes famous ancestor .

Alison recently starred in a new photo shoot for a magazine and Joge prodemonstrivala excellent appearance, elegant figure and piercing eyes - as well as many underwear sets , languid poses and luxurious mane of hair .

By the way, tomorrow Alison marks 29 years , so congratulations to the model with the upcoming holiday .

Nicole Scherzinger : 'I 've always thought I had a big butt ! '

The former Pussycat Dolls undeniably has one of the most beautiful body of this generation of starlets . However, the singer continues to preach the gospel by calling each woman to hold its shape. It was a feeling that this is the hospital that crazy little charity !

Yesterday , Nicole confessed rather be complexed by her ass somewhat "imposing" . Today, the starlet did not hesitate to mention the alarming food hygiene : " You know the chic pizza you have in Europe , with Parma ham and rocket Too When I'm really healthy ? . the lowest , I order Papa John . with the same trim that my sister and I took child. Onions . Tomatoes . mushrooms and extra cheese , "she told our colleagues in the British Glamour magazine publishing.

Already the Italian pizza is not really recommended as part of a diet ... Nicole upped the ante ! And because his confessions are far to stop in so good way . The pizza is good but take a marathon calories, it's even better : "I put the garlic butter sauce all over it I drown my sorrows in a sauce with garlic butter and then . ! you take a chocolate bar , and you soak in a pot of peanut butter. paradise . instant therapy. " . A fairly radical anti- grief remedy but which will surely make you cry guilty verdict once the balance here! Fortunately, the former leader of the Pussycat Dolls still has the front margin could no longer stand her reflection in the mirror!

Nicole continues to taunt us for a few weeks . Party take off in Ukraine and Hawaii , the beautiful nymph did not fail to produce a delicious bikini -body to make crazy. And yet , the diva is far from being mistaken for a gun beauty. Sign in with pages of our colleagues OK , Nicole reveals its secrets to feel aligned with his body : " As women , our body is constantly changing and the most important thing is to feel good We always want to improve our appearance. (...) once one accepts its size, style , clothes that will make you feel good and you take care of yourself inside one door, it feels better to outdoors. " At the same time , it is not very difficult to make such a statement when your name is Nicole Scherzinger and our body is unanimous !

And to twist the knife in the wound, its silhouette vine would result in any deprivation in his words : "I do not avoid carbs , I have not tested any systems in the world . and none worked. This is simply not good for your health (...) your body will demand necessarily carbohydrates and when you eat , they will cling to your body because there will no longer be used . C ' is what happened to me. Eat starchy foods for breakfast and lunch but not dinner. be a little more savvy about it. "' These are the words that illustrate by a plus B injustice reigning over this world ...

However, it is also entrusted its complex teenager : "I always thought I had a big ass growing up, I tried to hide my figure and it's nice to see today , large buttocks are back in fashion " . One thing is certain , Nicole certainly does not hold a candle to Kim Kardashian battle of buttocks but her ass has everything to become as famous as she is! For now, you will find above an ultra -hot slideshow totally dedicated to Nicole booty !

Lea Seydoux : it denounces the conditions of a "horrible" shooting with Abdellatif Kechiche !

This is what is called a nice turnaround ! Three months after the Palme, Léa Seydoux and Adele Exarchopoulos are exported overseas to promote "Life of Adele ." The least we can say is that the promotion is no longer quite the same ...

The controversy Kechiche gets more beautiful! Three months after being awarded in Cannes for the film Life of Adele , Lea Seydoux and Adele Exarchopoulos let go and denounce the difficult shooting conditions alongside their director , Abdellatif Kechiche . New statements that corroborate that were held at the time by many technicians, who pointed the finger at the filmmaker to be " morally worn " .

Today, the movie is exported to the United States! In an interview to The Daily Beast , the two main actresses, who remained very discreet so far suggest the long days of shooting : " The dating scene is a real thunderbolt in the film . the scene lasts 30 seconds , but the shooting took us a whole day, and we had to catch a hundred in total. at the end , I remember that my head was spinning , but I could not sit ( ... ) when shooting , Kechiche exploded with rage because I laughed. he was so angry that he took the little monitor on which he looked at the scene and was thrown into the street screaming ' ! I can not work under these conditions " , says Leah. Atmosphere ...

If morale took a big hit , the two young women entrust the physical was also put to the test : " We shot a scene with three cameras and we played without s stop for thirty minutes I had to push the door against Adele and yell at him : '. ! . Get out now ' Adele has slammed the door and took off, there was blood everywhere and she was crying with nose said flowed Kechiche us . " she adds

when asked whether they still enjoyed the experience of filming, ' we did not finish are repeats . ' . Lea Seydoux is adamant : "It was horrible." For its part, the young revelation of the film balance : " In all the shootings, there are things you can not imagine , but all geniuses have their own complexity Abdellatif Kechiche is a genius but he is tortured we wanted . . give it everything we had, but sometimes there was a kind of manipulation that was difficult to manage . nevertheless it was a good learning experience for me as an actress , "she said with restraint.

Finally, if this film will bring them a lot - their names are already listed for the next Oscars ! - Lea Seydoux and Adele Exarchopoulos do not see themselves working with Kechiche again : "Never" , launches the first without hesitation while the second is more vague : " I do not think "

The next cast . director may be complex ...

Zac Efron in the first trailer ' Shantrapa '

Currently underway are shooting the new comedy " Shantrapa ," which will be released in May next year. One of the main roles in the film takes Zac Efron .

Actor plays a tomboy of the fraternity , which interferes with the peaceful and quiet life of a young family, is located in the house next door. The endless parties and noisy parties of lead to the fact that an angry couple loses patience and declares war on adolescents. But the " demure " do not know what the students are ready to go for a fun-filled summer .

Partners by Zack semolchnoy site are Dave Franco , Rose Byrne and Seth Rogen . How the confrontation between the neighbors will know next spring. In the meantime, we estimate the first trailer for the comedy and pumped up torso Efron in it.