Aug 31, 2013

Miley Cyrus for the British magazine Notion

It seems that Miley Cyrus is now at the top of his popularity : not a day goes by without mention of the actress and singer in the media. And while friends actor Liam Hemsworth set up against former lover , the girl herself is working hard, paying no attention to criticism .

It is through their hard work , beauty and eccentricity, Miley became the heroine of the latest issue Notion. Photoshoot star was so impressed the editors that they could not choose one picture for the front page and beens with a double cover .

Estimate , "black and white" Cyrus job at a photo shoot and we will wait for the interview with a celebrity will be in free access.

Vincent Cassel play in a movie about Chikatilo

The other day it was reported that Vincent Cassel star in the thriller Daniel Espinosa "Baby 44" . In the cast also includes Tom Hardy , Noomi Rapace and Gary Oldman . Premiere is scheduled for 2014 .

Is based on the eponymous book stories lay Tom Rob Smith. In the story, a discredited Soviet intelligence officer Leo Demidov (his , according to the Western press , will play Tom Hardy ) decides to investigate the serial killings of children . And although the state not only does not want to come to his aid , but his attempts to interfere in every possible way , the main character brings the follow through . The role of the wife of a brave fighter for justice perform Noomi Rapace .

By the way, originally was going to film the novel by Ridley Scott , and claimed the lead role of Christian Bale.

Vincent Cassel
Tom Hardy
Gary Oldman

Justin Timberlake : he wants to play the villain in the next Batman !

Recently interviewed by an American radio , Justin Timberlake sent a heartfelt message ... to Hollywood producers

He may be an accomplished singer , Justin Timberlake did not intend to abandon his career as an actor, far from it! Interviewed a few days ago by the American Radio Fresh , the handsome 32- year-old spoke about recent rumors that claimed he had been chosen to play alongside Robin Batman in the next film of the bald man mouse . " no chance I will not play Robin I would never play as a super hero movie , but a villain , yes. . " . Ah yes , which one?

" Whatever I would interpret more than anything, because I grew up worshiping Batman is the Riddler . This is my favorite villain . C ' was a sociopath. It was really scary . so if I have to play a crazy, crazy as a real play to the end " . Determined to get the message , Justin has the means : . " , I am ready for the Riddler , call me," he added with humor

Currently , Warner prepares comeback Man of Steel 2 . In this new installment , the epic encounter between Superman and Batman is already a lot about it. On the big screen , Henry Cavill therefore match up against Ben Affleck, recently chosen to succeed Christian Bale. If the choice has been criticized since its official announcement , Justin Timberlake share a different opinion : "I worked with Ben last summer and I know the method I think it is a brilliant filmmaker he has a lot of . . talent, so he could surprise a lot of people . "

response 2015!

Kara Devlin Burberry at a party in Shanghai

The other day, 21 -year-old supermodel Kara Devlin arrived in Shanghai for a party Art of the Trench Burberry. The event was dedicated to the opening of a new boutique brand in the city, and the supermodel could not miss this fashion event .

For the triumph she chose a classic elegant white pantsuit . This outfit Kara looked great and poulchila title of " style icons " of the evening .

Delvin and she was delighted with his image and immediately published a few of your own Instagram photos from the party . One of the pictures she signed as "It's all credit goes to the white suit " , alluding to the fact that the views of others were glued to it is thanks to him .

Enjoy the pictures of the classic version of Kara and hope that it will be more likely to appear in public in similar outfits instead of the stretched T-shirts and sporting jeans.

Kara Devlin at a party in Shanghai Burberry

Naomi Watts for InStyle: ' I'm afraid that after the premiere of ' Diana ' I have to hide '

The heroine of the new number InStyle UK was Naomi Watts . The actress took part in a photo shoot , and talked to a journalist about the publication of his role in the film "Diana : A Love Story ." The network has a few quotes from celebrity interviews to the British gloss .

About the pressure of the public due to the role of Princess Diana :

I am afraid that after the first night I have to hide it might even move to another country .

about why she wanted to give up the role :

several times I thought about what to give up those shots . When I was offered this role , I first said "no" , and only then agreed. Basically I did not want to take part in it because it is a great challenge. I thought potreblovalis weeks before I accepted the role. I just thought , "God, I do not want anyone else played Diana ".

About that will be after the audience will see the film :

I'm ready for what that someone will say that I have not a voice , not the nose that I was not high and all that. But if you take the test , take all its pluses and minuses 

Leighton Meester - the new face of Naf Naf

As long as we remember Leighton Meester lead role in the TV series " Gossip Girl " actress dabbled in a new role - Centerfolds . Recently it became known that the girl will represent the company Naf Naf in the new season .

While pictures and posters advertising company , unfortunately not, but recently appeared on the internet video from backstage photo shoot. We estimate the work of Leighton in the frame and will wait for new images .

Images from a photo shoot Leighton Meester for Naf Naf

Andrea Casiraghi and Tatiana Santo Domingo married

As expected, today - August 31 - Andrea Casiraghi and Tatiana Santo Domingo became husband and wife. The ceremony took place in the narrow circle of relatives and friends. Our congratulations !

Lovers , recall, have been together for seven years - from training in Paris's Lycée Fontainebleau ( introduced their sister Andrea , Charlotte ) . In March, the couple had their first child - a son, Sasha .

Casiraghi , incidentally, is the second in line of succession to the throne of Monaco . And his bride Tatiana - the daughter of one of the richest men in the world (132 place according to Forbes) and part-time fashion designer .

Venice 2013 : Nicolas Cage introduced ' Joe '

The night before, at the Venice Film Festival has presented one of the most anticipated pictures of review of Art - "Joe" directed by David Gordon Green with Nicolas Cage in the lead role .

Morning of the actors and the creator of the picture appeared on the Photocall where posed for the cameras and answered press a few questions . And the evening was the premiere pictures. On the red carpet , along with Cage left his wife Alice Kim . The couple held hands , hugged and were named the most romantic couple of nights .

Consider the images of lovers, as well as other guests yesterday's screening of the film . We also hope that the movie "Joe" receives critical acclaim and maybe even the grand prize .

Nicolas Cage and his wife Alice Kim on the evening premiere of  'Joe'

Beyonce on the set of new video

Beyonce knows how to please his fans : singer recently posted a video on the internet for the fans, and the other day and gave all the spectators to watch the filming of the new clip .

Celebrity these days filming a new video in Brooklyn and made ​​it possible for those willing to look the process of recording a new movie . Group of the singer at the site were the British model Jordan Dunn , American actress Jessica White , and the director of the new creation was made by photographer Terry Richardson.

to Coney Island crew . according to witnesses , spent only an hour. During this time, Beyonce has had time to dance with the fans and to ride on a roller coaster in the amusement park .

By the way, while you are unsure on what kind of song was recorded a new video . According to rumors, it will be a music video for the single XO, but neither the singer herself nor her representatives not confirm this information .

So we will wait for the full video , but for now let's see what Beyonce had prepared it for us.

Beyonce and Jessica White and Jordan Dunn
Beyonce on a roller coaster with your stylist Ty Hunter