Aug 30, 2013

Miley Cyrus : the starlet gets treated to ' sow ' by an American journalist !

The controversy continues to swell ! Nearly a week after his visit to the MTV VMAs , Miley Cyrus continues to reap what it has sown ... This time , the storm unleashed !

Poor Miley! After shocking the mother of Robin Thicke and have embarrassed her own boyfriend for her performance on stage last Sunday , the singer of 20 years continues to draw the ire of the most talkative people ! The latest ? Laura Schlessinger , a conservative journalist known in the United States still swing his strong opinion . The least we can say is that it is far from being a tender ...

past two and a half years , Laura runs her own radio show on Sirius XM station . Political , and personal issues advice company , all the news and almost went to comb ! The performance of Miley Cyrus is one of the most discussed topics of the moment , it does not take much to host 66 years to share his opinion : " There is a place for Miley Cyrus And this world ... it is in the brothels and bars! and if you are a parent who takes a child to his concerts , you are an idiot and you should lose your parental rights ! "she said happily . But that 's not all ...

obviously well underway in his diatribe , Laura Schlessinger says : " Unlike Madonna who plays for adults , Miley highlights for children (...) C ' is a disgusting pig ! a real little shit . " , What a elegance
Finally, it has also addressed to parents of poor Liam Hemsworth, who obviously had not asked : " No decent family would want their son married a girl like Miley million. ' Do you hear Mr. and Mrs. Hemsworth ? "

Hopefully the message was ... Otherwise , too bad , eh?

Kendall Jenner : too proud to go to the sport, she shows off her body

At 17, Kendall Jenner already has the perfect mix for a sweat ... In other words : nothing! Very few dressed for his abs and fitness classes session, she shares with us her body she looks very proud .

The trend would it exhibitionism in gyms ? In any case , Kylie Jenner recommends wearing minimal clothing to go sweat and energy. The young woman of 17 years was probably motivated by his big sister, Kourtney Kardashian, who began seriously to exercise and hiking . But if Kourtney wore a long white top and wide for his sports session ... Kendall, she prefers to do his abs in sexy mode.

Thus, it was found Kendall Jenner ready to tone his body with ease (almost) ... Miss sported a neon green bra and shorts in black lycra. Proud of regular physical activity , the beautiful does not hesitate a second to post this picture on his Instagram page . I must say it would be wrong to deprive appear with such a body.

Anyway , well dressed , it must certainly distract guys came to swell their pecs . And speaking of boy, there is one that seems to have a crush on the brunette ... Niall Horan, the hunk of One Direction , recently
admitted to U.S. Weekly: " She is so cute, and I 'm a fan of her pretty eyes ." His eyes only ? Niall you safe ?

Nabilla Benattia : chest and legs off the air for an outing with friends in Los Angeles !

The starlet plays the sexy love with her ​​boyfriend in California!

The most famous bimbo France , Nabilla Benattia continues to enjoy life in California ... Indeed , following the end of filming of Season 3 Hollywood Girls starlet 21 years followed with the resumption of filming the famous reality TV , which is why she is still in Los Angeles.

Besides just yesterday ( Thursday, 29 August ) , the buxom brunette was spotted just outside the Sofitel with her boyfriend Thomas Vergara ! And as you say , that even without bikini and hot sand , Nabi Nabilla was still "muy caliente !"

Molded in a micro signed Herve Leger, worn under a leather jacket two-tone dress and perched on vertiginous sandals, the muse of Jean- Paul Gaultier and yet still showed its devastating curves : amazing cleavage , gams air ... Everything was done to catch the eye of everyone in its path!

Thomas , for his part, was more elegant with its dark gray suit and impeccable shirt. Only his loafers denoted a bit, but fully marked his dandy side connected.

A look that has obviously not been able to overshadow that which appears in the latest issue of Vanity Fair english held in a Jean- Paul Gaultier and a shot by Patrick Demarchelier , no less!

Lady Gaga : New wacky appearances for Mother Monster !

The U.S. star is again and again in London, where it continues to play the extravagant divas ...

Two different accoutrements in one day ... Lady Gaga continues to spoil us with his stylistic quirks !

Since she put her luggage in London to ensure the promotion of his upcoming album ARTPOP already carried by the single Applause , singer American never-ending delight his fans by posting in ever lunar outfits!
so yesterday ( Thursday, 29 August ) , the star of 27 years , which is able in a few months to discover the movie poster Sin City 2 , was again the effect of a bomb out of his hotel appearing wearing a long black wig so Morticia Addams , and wearing a suit black fully embroidered with sparkling sequins signed Atelier Versace , with the nose a pair of kaleidoscopic round glasses .

And that's not all, since a few hours later , it's a completely different look to him as far-fetched , that Lady G. is displayed as she left a London studio after rehearsals for her next performance on stage at the iTunes Festival, which takes place this weekend . Mesh veil on her head, black tights acting down bombers jacket and ankle boots towering Louboutin branded ... Lady Gaga was enough to leave us once again speechless!

What do you think ?

Katie Holmes still stuck on the set of his film !

While filming his upcoming movie , Miss Meadows , Katie Holmes still has his tunes spinster ill at ease !

To see the costumes we reveal each day shooting filming Miss Meadows, one might think that this is a period film . But no . Largely inspired by the 50s and 60s , these outfits were cleverly diverted to stick better to the character played by Katie Holmes. She actually plays a teacher ill at ease , austere and obsessed with the duty it has given itself : to protect his community. Too obsessed with his work, it does not realize its beauty and its ability to have humor ... Anyway, another bomb which ignores !

Days parade and Katie Holmes thus connects appearances , sometimes in a wedding dress with ruffles , sometimes , as Wednesday's skirts. The right of a beautiful turquoise blue , the other rather petticoat to embroidery. In both cases , the aesthetic glamor of the 50s can be found in the marked size and lengths including knee . But if you want to copy this look today , do not bet too much on storage if you do not want to look like your grandmother ! Visit details to mix with more contemporary clothes! Or Peter Pan collar , or sandals with socks ... Or not at all sandals

elsewhere ... Anyway , Katie Holmes seems to have found a project that takes it to heart. It shines with its clear face, wearing a crown or ponytail , her eyes sparkling . Who would believe that this young woman who seems barely out of adolescence 34 years

Barack and Michelle Obama paid tribute to Luther King

Bill Clinton , Oprah Winfrey , Michelle Obama , Barack Obama

Yesterday in Washington held a ceremony dedicated to Martin Luther King and his famous speech " I Have a Dream ." Exactly 50 years ago, a Baptist pastor delivered an address to the nation in support of civil rights and liberties. The day before Barack and Michelle Obama , Bill Clinton , Jimmy Carter , Oprah Winfrey and many others paid tribute to the speaker on the steps of the Lincoln Memorial .

Even on a cloudy and rainy day to the solemn ceremony Michelle chose a sleeveless summer dress . In the classic style dress 50s with floral print first lady looked perfect. In addition, we focus on the new hair color Michelle : plain old dark shade Lady of the freshened light strands .

New version of the first lady hairstyle public demonstration before at a charity tennis tournament , but because of the bright sun in the day hair color changes were not as noticeable. So , even if a little late , we note that the staining Ombre Michelle to face .

Barack Obama and Michelle Obama
Barack Obama , Jimmy Carter , Michelle Obama , Bill Clinton

Michelle and Barack Obmama , Andrew Young, Jimmy Carter
Barack Obama and Oprah Winfrey

Trends of the fall season in a new photo shoot Doutzen Kroes

Prior to the September remained only a couple of days: it's time to think of autumn wardrobe , recalling the recent trends and making a shopping list for the next few months .

We are looking for inspiration in a new photo shoot Doutzen Kroes for Elle France, considering the clothes from Burberry, Marni, Fendi, Balenciaga and Jean Paul Gaultier.

Among the trends of the coming season - an indispensable multi-layered ( there is nothing more comfortable pullover worn over a shirt , complete with a vest and a belt at the waist), metallised leather , variations on the theme of school uniforms , futuristic motifs and feminine silhouettes 1950 h.I not forget the colored fur , even artificial .

admit that there is a place to roam fashion fantasy !