Aug 29, 2013

As the Duchess Catherine managed to lose weight in five weeks ?

While Jessica Simpson complains that he can not return to pre-natal form and start preparing for the wedding ( " Oh , I just have huge breasts ," - says the singer ) , Duchess Catherine shows , it seems even more okay figure than it was before the advent of the light of the Prince by William firstborn .

family members who wished to remain anonymous ( and close relatives certainly crave to know the names of these "heroes" ) , said that the duchess got rid of all dialed for pregnancy weight in just ... Five weeks :

It does not do anything special to lose weight. However, after only a few weeks after giving birth on her and did not tell me that she had just become a mother.

In fact, the other day Catherine appeared before photographers at skinny - jeans and a vest is so slim that fans immediately desired to know the secret of her diet :

No diet is not! The thing is , how little she gained during pregnancy , in addition, she breast- feeds the baby . And Kate went back to yoga , which did not leave during pregnancy.

It is said that the Duchess of Cambridge to the last done yoga with a private instructor , and a lot of walking with your pet - dog named Lupo .

Of course , one can only admire the endurance Katherine, who even as a " delicate position " behaved in his hands, but the position is the same Simpson , assured that "has the right to a donut ," seems to us a little more human . 

Duchess Catherine shortly before delivery
The first appearance after the birth of the first-born Catherine

She wants to save the lives of others : Angelina Jolie's doctor about the operation of actress

Dr. Kristi Funk again commented on the decision of their patients Angelina Jolie get a mastectomy - surgery to remove the breast . The surgeon , who was also involved in the treatment of singer Sheryl Crow, gave an interview to TV host Mario Lopez on his talk show Extra.

Funk talks about how Jolie has decided to have surgery :

Knowing the medical history her family, she knew it was a choice that she will likely have to make one . This decision was not made in a moment, and it was not based on fear .

Recall that mastectomy Angelina decided to learn that in her case, the risk of getting breast cancer is more than 80 percent .

According to Dr. Funk, she knew that Jolie is not going to hide from the public the fact of its operations :
I was aware of her intentions . By its very nature it is a philanthropist and has never been able to keep it a secret ! She is a person who wants to save lives - which she does every day .

Christie explained that mastectomy is not a mandatory measure , even for those patients who have a high risk of getting breast cancer , and there are alternative measures, such as constant and regular monitoring by a doctor in order to identify the disease at an early stage .

when asked about the health of Angelina's doctor said that her patient is feeling well , and Brad Pitt supports it and kept it all the time . 

Angelina Jolie wants to save as many lives
Surgeon Angelina Jolie says she is fully recovered after surgery
Angelina Jolie's doctor , Christy Funk, for the first time gave
an interview , describing his patient

... also graced the cover of one of the editions of

Vanessa Paradis and Lily Rose on the Riviera

While Johnny Depp - allegedly ! - Amber Heard persuaded to marry him , Vanessa Paradis enjoys a vacation on the French Riviera. The company is an actress of her daughter Lily Rose and son Jack . 

The first time in a long while Frenchwoman looks happy and relaxed - swimming in the waves, she kept leaping laughing and smiling friends. However, when he was alone with his thoughts on the shore, she fell into a light melancholy that and was able to capture the paparazzi .

The way, in a recent interview with her ​​ex- husband said that he would not mind to take part in a joint project with Vanessa :

We are still very close between us there is no negativity. It would be great one day to star in a movie together !

Vanessa - an amazing woman and an amazing mother . Our primary goal - to make the children happy , spend time with them as much as possible and to help them grow and develop .

Once again, admiring the wisdom of our heroes (or rather - their PR agents) , proceed to the study of fresh photos Paradis - it seems that the actress has never looked so fragile as it is now . 

Vanessa Paradis is resting in France

News on Kristen Stewart: new promotional poster and new images from Berlin

Kristen Stewart on the advertising poster fragrance Balenciaga Florabotanica

In response to the publication of the frame infomercial fragrance Dior Homme c starring Robert Pattinson, his ex- lover Kristen Stewart will not take long , there was a poster on the new perfume Balenciaga Florabotanica.

Recall that despite the " change of government " in the House of Balenciaga and the coming on as creative director of Alexander Wang , who replaced Nicolas Ghesquière , and in spite of scandals tainted the reputation of Kristen Stewart , rumors of break actresses advertising contract with the French brand have not been confirmed .

girl was declared advertising face fragrance Florabotanica from Balenciaga back in June of last year, but when Ghesquière has left fashion house , there were rumors that Kristen Stewart will also have to give up the project. Did not affect the lucky women co - actress with the brand and the fact that the new creative director at Alexander Wang is close friends with Liberty Ross , the wife of Rupert Sanders cheated on his wife with the " Twilight " star .

Addition to the new promo shot blogger STASYA_1985 also shares with us the photos of Stewart from Berlin , where she is currently working with friends.

Kristen Stewart with friends in Berlin

Song Premiere : joint track Miley Cyrus and Justin Bieber Twerk

From now on, Miley Cyrus and Justin Bieber are united not only scandalous reputation, but also a new joint track : the artists have recorded a song together Twerk - it's probably their overall favorite dance gesture ( rhythmic crouching , accompanied by shaking buttocks ).

However, in recently, the names of both duo , which - by the way - it was known back in June, appear in the tabloids solely in the light of the provocative antics or conflict with the law : for example, only lazy did not discuss the scandalous behavior of the former Hannah Montana on the last MTV VMA, and as for her colleagues , then Bieber's new trouble with the police - he has once again stopped for a traffic violation , and at the same time found that the lead singer without a license .

in all, and judging by the song , and behavior both in the mind of the young pop stars while one party only so fun. On the other hand ... what else to think when you're 20 , you're young and famous?

Miley Cyrus and Justin Bieber has recorded a joint track Twerk