Aug 26, 2013

Celine Dion's estate sells for 72.5 million dollars

GayFriendlyGirl blogger tries himself in the role of a realtor and offers Gossip Girl estimate put up for sale the estate Celine Dion: The price of fun to live in a star's house - "some" 72.5 million dollars!

Jupiter Island, which is located on the estate, located in Florida. On the lands of 2.3 acres located "master's" house of 900 square meters, guest house, three swimming pools, a tennis court with mini-golf and a small children's playground, where children can have fun while parents will enjoy swimming at the private beach or the view from the terrace, which also has a hot tub and a fireplace.

House "and from" punctuated with modern appliances, including a lift in it, and the master bedroom is equipped with an automated rack for clothes and "Carousel" for shoes .

in the master's house - five bedrooms and as many bathrooms, a guest house - eight. Another sleeper is in a beach bungalow, the same, by the way, is located, and massage room.

In short, it can be placed almost the entire football team - maybe Beckham family is thinking about purchasing new properties (especially they are back in the U.S.)?

the way, the singer bought the estate for a much more modest 12 million - it was in 2005. After major renovations completed, Dion and her husband bought a few acres of land, has over seven million.

Parting is a luxury housing singer decided because a lot of time in Las Vegas where she plans to continue the performance on a regular basis until 2019. 

Madonna topped the list of the most highly paid celebrities

The question "how much earning celebrity" has always been fun, and happy to Forbes magazine calculates royalties stars, representing the annual rankings. Today released a new version of the list of highest paid celebrities in the world. The leaders - Madonna, Steven Spielberg, E.L.Dzheyms, Howard Stern, and Simon Cowell.

Is estimated editors, in the period from June 2012 to July 2013 Madonna earned $ 125 million and topped the rankings. It is noteworthy that the singer took the palm of Oprah Winfrey, who received a "gold" list the last four years. In this case, Madge has set his personal best: up to a maximum speed of the amount of its profit amounted to 110 million, and that was in 2009.

The second took place ranking director Steven Spielberg, received about $ 100 million for the rental of movies in theaters "Jurassic Park" and "ET", as well as income from the DreamWorks studio and production of television shows.

Steven Spielberg
The third position was shared between three celebrities: the author of the trilogy "50 shades of gray" E.L.Dzheyms, which was due to these books, and the highest-paid writer, as well as TV personalities Howard Stern and Simon Cowell - they earned about $ 95 million.

Simon Cowell
Howard Stern
In addition, the list included such stars as Jerry Bruckheimer and Lady Gaga (80 million), Tiger Woods (78 million), Oprah Winfrey (77 million), Robert Downey Jr. (75000000), and others. 

Jerry Bruckheimer
Lady Gaga
Tiger Woods
Oprah Winfrey
Robert Downey Jr.

Jennifer Lopez with children at Disneyland

In the last summer days celebrities are trying as much as possible to spend time with the kids and indulge before the start of the school year. So last week the Beckham family "celebrated" at Disneyland Anaheim, and on Sunday at the same amusement park went to Jennifer Lopez with her daughter Emma and son Max.

Star mom and siblings a ride on the "Flying Dumbo" and children's roller coaster. Twins so pleased with the attraction that they twice a fast ride, while Jennifer was limited to one time. Judging by the pictures and the happy smiles of children on them, they came to taste the park.

After carousels semystvo go for shopping at the souvenir shops, completing the day buying cute little detail to memory. 

Jennifer Lopez with twins on a roller coaster

Emma and Max ride on the roller coaster twice

Jennifer Lopez and Emma purchased souvenirs

Sarah Ferguson and Prince Andrew are getting married again

Prince Andrew and Sarah Ferguson and daughter Beatrice
In the British monarchical family may soon have entered into another marriage - but not quite normal. As they say informed sources, Prince Andrew and his ex-wife Sarah Ferguson seriously thinking about getting married for the second time.

The couple divorced in 1996, but this time continued to live on his estate in Windsor and brought together daughters Beatrice and Eugenie. Recently, they were spending the weekend in Scotland with Queen Elizabeth - this gave rise to a new wave of rumors about a possible reunion 53-year-old Andrew and Sarah, who is the same age as him. By the way, the events of Queen Ferguson was not present in the 90s - ever since she was not welcome at the palace because of its dubious reputation.

A close friend of the couple says the correspondent of The Daily Telegraph:

Mark my words, they will get married again, it's just a matter of time.

Another friend of former spouses expressed the same view:
I would not be surprised if they got married again. They're a great couple and wonderful parents.

Informed sources also point out that the Duke and Duchess still behave as if they are married.

Love story Andrew and Sarah began in the mid-80s when they were introduced Princess Diana. In July 1986, they were married in Westminster Abbey. Ten years later, the couple divorced - as the papers say - "because of Sarah's adultery." Ferguson has made no secret of the love of parties and a lot of time spent having fun without her husband, and in the press and then got her suggestive photos with other men. Duchess of divorce itself explains other reasons:
reason for our separation is not that I or someone Andrew appeared. We got divorced because I wanted to go out and work, but, as Andrew and I decided it would be wrong to do so, as part of the royal family.

After the divorce, Ferguson met with Italian aristocrat Gaddo della Gherardesca, then Norwegian magnate Gere Frantsenom. Prince Andrew is also attributed to various novels - including a socialite Goga Ashkenazi.

Sources of the royal entourage confirmed: Sarah Ferguson, the newly adopted into the family, although it was not invited to the wedding of Prince William and Kate Middleton and is unlikely to be invited the christening of Prince George. However, according to Daily Mail, with sharp criticism of the Duchess of York speaks Prince Philip - his father, Andrew, and the husband of Queen Elizabeth. 

Sarah Ferguson and Prince Andrew, despite the divorce, continue to behave as spouses
Wedding of Prince Andrew and Sarah Ferguson, 1986
Sarah Ferguson and Prince Andrew in 1987

2000: the ex-wife of Prince Andrew and Sarah Ferguson and her daughters Beatrice and Eugenie 

'The Wolf of Wall Street': Leonardo DiCaprio for New York Magazine

The world premiere of "Wolf of Wall Street" is scheduled for mid-November, and this is the fifth collaboration of Martin Scorsese and Leonardo DiCaprio.

As it turned out, back in 2008, was scheduled to start shooting, but then the director and the actor does not could coordinate their work schedules. Expressed interest in the project and other directors - even the famous Ridley Scott, but after a few years, DiCaprio turned back to Scorsese, and he still took up shooting. Leonardo said:

When Marty declined for the first time, I was negotiating with several other directors, but could not decide. I'm fixated on Scorsese. No one could like it, take the story of these young punks with Wall Street. With such rigidity, with the selection of music, and especially with a sense of humor, which is required.

Game's story - the real story of Jordan Belfort - the founder of one of the largest brokerage houses 80s. Then it was not even 30 years. A decade after its inception, Belfort was convicted of money laundering and financial fraud and sentenced to 22 months in prison. The film is based on the memoirs of the Belfort, published in 2008. DiCaprio says about the book:

It transfers characteristic of American desire to achieve wealth at any cost. And it has not disappeared yet. Belfort was a small fish in a huge pond, he motivated his people, suggesting to them that they are heroes. Wall Street - it's practically the Wild West.

Martin Scorsese agrees with the actor:

Jordan was a great guy in a world where there are no moral principles. You should not compare him and the other employees of Wall Street with the Mafia, the only parallel is that both those, and others are interested in how to earn more money and do it as soon as possible.

DiCaprio says that a lot of time spent with Jordan Belfort during pre-production:

I wanted to establish a strong relationship with him, to bring in the way of more details. I was the mediator between him and Marty Scorsese I brought my notes taken during our conversations with Jordan, where he was telling me even the intimate details of his relationship with women. Marty tried to use every little thing in the movie.

A result, the film includes a lot of explicit scenes. One of them, involving the Australian actress Margot Robbie, she said, were filming the whole seventeen hours. The Australian is the film's second wife Belfort.

Rate "Wolf of Wall Street," we will be able to November 14, on the day scheduled for the Russian premiere.

Leonardo DiCaprio for New York Magazine 

Leonardo DiCaprio and Martin Scorsese