Aug 7, 2013

Divorce 300 million: Michael Douglas decided to part with Catherine Zeta-Jones?

Blogger cassie-effy shares shocking news: that Michael Douglas and Catherine Zeta-Jones divorced. Whether to believe?

According to American tabloid Star, a new number which will be released on August 12, the 68-year-old Michael Douglas decided to divorce his wife, 43-year-old Catherine Zeta-Jones, with whom he lived for 13 years in a marriage. < br>
family life of the two stars was not easy: in 2010, Douglas was diagnosed with throat cancer, because of what the Zeta-Jones bipolar disorder worsened. The actress was treated several times in rehab, but even so, it occurred frequent mood swings and periods of prolonged depression. It is reported that in recent months they were held together only children.

And now, the charter "living in hell", Michael decided to dot the i. According to Western media, the price of a divorce - 300 million dollars.

Representative acting couple said that he knew nothing about the separation of their charges, but informed sources say authoritatively that Katherine with children and the mother has moved to Bedford, at the while her husband remained in their apartment in Manhattan. Officially announcing the news couple met in September to award "Emmy" (red carpet - is not an excuse?).

Waiting for official confirmation or refutation of the story, noting in passing that it is - not the first time that press tries breaking up a family, for example, in February 2013 there was similar information, but then Douglas issued a denial, calling the rumors "absolute lie". 

Selena Gomez : 'I knew by heart all the songs of Britney Spears''

Selena Gomez photo shoot for iD Magazine

The once-a fan of Britney Spears, and now - the idol of millions - recently celebrated the coming of age Selena Gomez has become the main character of the new rooms iD Magazine, appeared in its pages in a new, truly adult way, marks a serious change in the star's life.

Several shots from grange shooting 21-year-old singer, imprinted on the streets of London - is already online:

I love shooting abroad. Being in someone else's reality and understanding it adds a shot of realism. It's so easy - wearing a beautiful dress, look glamorous - thanks to "Photoshop". But take a realistic stories - that's what's really interesting. During the filming process was rain, I froze, even though it was wrapped in a giant sweater, her hair tangled in the wind. At this point, I really felt like a part of this reality.
Character Selena Gomez, as time has shown, is revealed gradually:
confess that as a child I was very shy. My first audition fell through - it was very uncomfortable. It was at the studio "Disney" and I remember being understood that ruined everything. It took me a long time to let go of this error.
Peak of popularity of Britney Spears was in the years of study at the school of Selena Gomez. Along with the seven-year girl from Texas every step of the stars of the next world, singing along to the hits of her concerts:
Baby One More Time ... The concert was incredible! Although throughout the show I was bleeding from the nose and I almost did not see what is happening at Sven, I remember this day as the best in my life.
Spears was for Selena's not just an idol - Britney stellar life, had resulted in tragedy for a young female fans was a real lesson - the public learned what happens when children get older celebrities. Selena Gomez pays a lot of attention to this issue in its 21 seems to be quite adequate attitude to his own popularity:
When you are 21 and you are planning a tour, it is necessary to understand that such activities need to dose, they should not be a dozen.

Hopefully, young Miss Gomez will always follow its own rules and does not join the ranks of "troubled starlet" and will continue to delight us with their creativity and new appearances in the pages of gloss. 

The movie 'Lovelace' can not be allowed to display

Promotional campaign film "Lovelace" starring Sharon Stone and Amanda Seyfried at the height: at least acting team has already presented a picture in Hollywood, Las Vegas and New York. However, the film may encounter unexpected troubles and even be allowed to hire.

Production company Arrow Productions, sued the producers of the film about copyright infringement. The creators of the legendary porn movie "Deep Throat," for the first time disclosed the image of Linda Lovelace on the big screen, hold the exclusive rights to create a documentary and / or artistic production of it.

Of course, manufacturers of "Lovelace" knew about This, and attended the rights to film in advance. Only an unexpected situation: the proof of this fact, have been made for the film titled "Inferno," which has received funding and, therefore, has not been established.

The lawsuit owners Arrow Productions boil down to the fact that they did not give permission for filming it was "Lovelace" and require appropriate action - they believe that the legitimate will be a fine of ten million dollars and a total ban on the distribution of the film. 

Poster movie "Lovelace"

Movie Poster "Deep Throat"

Khloe Kardashian and Lamar Odom: a second mistress out of the closet!

The stories of household between Khloe Kardashian and Lamar Odom get complicated! After explosive revelations Jennifer Robinson, it was the turn of another woman out of his silence and any balance to the press ...

Sale year for Khloe Kardashian! A few weeks after the revelations of Jennifer Robinson, a young woman who claims to have been the mistress of Lamar Odom for months, a new conquest manifests! Will you take a small share of scandal? 

Indeed, it is the turn of some Polina Polonsky below to unveil yet another deception. The lady is a lawyer and this is from Star magazine that she has chosen to deliver all the gory details of his story: "We met at the Roosevelt Hotel on June 2, I had the distinct impression that c. 'Khloe was over with, that's why he lived in the hotel. He was very available and we definitely had a mutual attraction. "

If the comments reported are true, they corroborate recent rumors about the couple. In fact, Khloe and Lamar have not shown together for more than two months. According to several relatives, history of the wing beat so that the star of 29 years would have thrown the house her husband sports. ! Atmosphere
After flirting with Lamar Odom for a week, Polina said they have exchanged their first kiss on June 9 before the night of 13 to her: "After having slept together, it spent the night with me. The next day, we returned to the hotel. I stayed there for two nights "

But soon, Khloe heard the news. Very ascent, and accompanied by her mother Kris Jenner, she decided to go to the hotel to confront her husband. According to Polina, the mother-daughter duo have come to the wrong room. Seeing that she received no response, the tigress would squarely undertaken break down the door. Behavior that would not have appreciated Lamar: "He left home and stayed there almost every night until 8 July," says the lover 

After six weeks of relationship, Lamar and Polina. made their way apart. Anxious to save his marriage, Khloe reportedly took her husband to a secret destination to try to rekindle the flame. At last, the young woman would dream even make him pass the lie detector test to get to the bottom and make a decision heart: "If he fails the test and she learns that he lied to her, she immediately asked divorce without giving it a second chance, "had given close to Khloe. 

One only has to cross our fingers that things work out between them. At this rate, something tells us that it's still bad beginning!

Erin Heatherton : victim of a rogue wind in New York!

The top has inadvertently revealed his butt in the streets of New York ...

Last week, Erin Heatherton shone in the heart of Manhattan during the promotion of the new Body by Victoria line of the famous lingerie brand Victoria's Secret ... Surrounded by her friends Karlie Kloss and Angels Behati Prinsloo, Erin was able to play the charming ambassadors always with great sex appeal! 

But yesterday (Tuesday, 6 August), no commitment to hold, and top American was able to enjoy a relaxing day between walking and shopping! 

Indeed, the ex-girlfriend of Leonardo DiCaprio was photographed in the West Village neighborhood where she stopped in the particular APC shop, and after doing some shopping, the pretty blonde of 24 years went by taxi. And this is where the look has played him a dirty trick! 

Perched on black sandals, and wearing a crop top, a slight culottes and a small colorful bag beautiful was teased by a rogue wind as she was about to get into the taxi ... A breeze snuck under his ample short and unveiled part of her buttocks! Erin will make even hotter than it already is.

Selena Gomez : mesmerizing and devilishly hot behind the scenes of her latest video ...

The U.S. starlet reveals her sex appeal spilling in sexy shots behind the scenes video "Slow Down!"

She has come a long way since his past Disney Princess ... And today at the age of 21, Selena Gomez does seem to want to embrace her sexy side! 

The singer and actress released some pictures on his Instagram account of the behind the scenes clip her latest single, Slow Down, filmed in Paris. And the least we can say is that it unveils irresistible brunette hot side and its devastating silhouette in the dark and narrow streets full of stories of our capital ... 

Slow Down is the second single from his album Stars Dance, and after Come & Get It, Selena intends to operate as it should be! Thus she presented to her fans, a new mesmerizing and sexy desire video, filmed in May. And with these arty shots where it appears still lookée, not once does not melt even before it. 

For all those who do not have enough pictures with these behind-the-scene , go just below the clip in full Slow Down with more than bombesque Selena, to discover or rediscover!

Lindsay Lohan : she can count on the help of his little sister Ali for its move to New York!

Determined to stay sober and make a new start, Lindsay Lohan has decided to leave California to move into a new apartment in New York. The starlet just out of rehab could count on help her younger sister Ali to install his bags in his new nest.

With its numerous escapades, Lindsay Lohan has put a lot of people back, but not her little sister Ali. Always very close to her, LiLo could always count on his support and Ali himself once again proved yesterday (Tuesday, 6 August). 

Determined to stay sober and away from its old demons after new passage rehab, Lindsay Lohan wants to make a fresh start. To do so, the American starlet 27 years chose to leave California and move to New York. 

Spotted yesterday in the Big Apple to move into their new nest, Lindsay received with Ali and his little arms. In ripped jeans and transparent t-shirt, the little sister of LiLo has shown motivated to accomplish the task entrusted to him. 

So she had to go to Europe to celebrate the end of his rehab with a friend who had paid him the trip, Lindsay finally preferred to follow the advice of Oprah Winfrey, her mentor, who told him said it was absolutely not a good idea. 

"It think she is ready. She admitted that she has already given this speech several times without being sure. (...) I think this is the first time that the rehab has really done him good, " Moreover, the host said about Lindsay Lohan on the set of Good Morning America. 

remains to be seen how long LiLo Will it hold without slipping again ...

Kim Kardashian : it returns us to pull the tongue!

After posted then deleted an alleged photo of her baby, Kim Kardashian surfaced on social networks, and this time on video. If it was pretty quiet lately, it no longer has his tongue in his pocket, no, she was out!

You expect from him? Do not worry, Kim is always to make the buzz! As she pampers since June 15, when her daughter was born North West, she decided to make her big comeback while grimace. 

The young 32 year old woman has posted a video of her on social network Keek. For three seconds (exactly) the darling Kanye West was filmed firing language. Perfect makeup and rather lovely, there is a playful Kim Kardashian has not said its last word. Failing thus to have said something, the video suggests a more ... Anyway, you said earlier in the day, she finally decided to sell the first pictures of a North American magazine. Smarter than it seems Kim is an experienced businesswoman who understood that his baby could bring him close, she never loses the North! 

In any case, there are several ways to interpret this gesture, one wonders if it would not play to annoy us. After trying to fool fans with an alleged photo of the baby, miss back as if nothing happened.

Lea Michele : between emotion and intensity on the set of Glee!

When she finds herself on the sets, Lea Michele is like home and she feels good. Less than a month after the death of Cory Monteith, her boyfriend, the actress takes the course of his life gradually.

Mourning since July 13, when we left Cory Monteith Lea Michele new face of the sets of FOX. It seems she managed to cope aided by the team of Glee. 

For the fifth season, which plays Rachel Berry, finds himself lonely since the young man was his baby at life as the the screen. A true fighter, the young woman of 26 years decided not to let go and play its role to the end. She posted it a few hours ago, a picture of her on Twitter and everything suggests that it is much better ... "It feels so good at home," she said. 

On the picture, we see, sad, sitting on a trunk in a setting not very reassuring. This is perhaps the shooting of the third episode of season 5, episode that illustrates the death of Cory Monteith aka Finn Hudson. It was not until October 10 for the dissemination of this episode promises to be overwhelming. If you still do not know what will happen to Finn, we know that Lea Michele has a say matter scenario. In an interview, Ryan Murphy, creator of the series, has ensured that everything was done "in accordance with Leah."

Ashley Tisdale does not fully accept her sexy look!

Spotted yesterday with her boyfriend Christopher French at the output with a friend, Ashley Tisdale closed his vest as soon as she realized that she was taking photos. She would miss the shy type?

What good is wearing a pretty sexy outfit if it is to hide! Ashley Tisdale then we will soon prove that it has nothing to hide just by opening the doors of its intimacy and its symbiotic relationship with her BFF Vanessa Hudgens, the two actresses share the poster of the show reality Inner Circle, the first episode will air tomorrow in the United States, Ashley played the timid yesterday (Tuesday, 6 August). 

Spotted together in Los Angeles with her boyfriend Christopher French, with whom she always saw a cloudless idyll, American actress 28 years revealed through HighSchool Musical saga was obviously in no mood to show her nice figure stripped photographers. 

yet very sexy in her small denim shorts and black bra, worn with a jewel that went from his neck to his waist, Ashley was quick to close his long face vest objectives. The actress she would reserve these looks hot as a privileged few?