Aug 6, 2013

Jennifer Aniston married sooner than expected?

While Jennifer Aniston fans rejoice at the idea of ​​seeing marry for the second time, the actress could surprise his little world, if you believe the latest information.

Not easy to recover from a failed love affair and a relentless media type experienced by Jennifer Aniston, after her divorce from Brad Pitt in 2005. But the years passed and the water has flowed under the bridge. Now, the former Friends star is engaged to Justin Theroux and intends to marry in the near future. 

But according to the confidences of a loved Grazia, Jennifer Aniston might try to marry secret to avoid generating too much attention. "You do know them, but you never know with Jen says As the source said.. 'Once Bitten, twice shy' and his love life has not only been bitten, but mutilated"

"Jen is on the defensive about marriage, even to his friends. Although she says do not hurry to take the leap, the fact is that she is petrified at the idea of ​​destroying their relationship . She loves Justin and she really wants to marry her, but she is afraid "

He concluded:".. Jen and Justin will see it as a very discreet pair They are determined to act on that 'they want and what they want their loved ones. "

So Jennifer Aniston she married the nose and beard of everyone?

Lady Gaga, Rihanna ... their clothing catches risks would influence a third of buyers ready to focus on e-commerce!

This is a survey came across the Channel that is chilling: the fashionistas would think not enough, if any, before making their orders via the internet!

The new technology does not necessarily mean beneficial progress. At a time when internet commerce begins to unexpected proportions, the results of a survey conducted by Barclaycard sounding the alarm. It's behind their screens that users would feel powerful ... the point that they would not hesitate one second before shopper clothes straight from the wacky and quirky look of Lady Gaga or Rihanna. It is obvious that to beat the pavement in Paris and London, it is not easy to wear a dress made entirely of meat or a totally transparent way Riri tank. .. and the most daring purchases so crammed in closets addicts e-commerce without ever being worn. 

The reason for such risk-taking is rather logical and psychological. Front of your screen, you are naturally more bold and inside a shop where, let's be honest, everyone watches your actions to observe the clothes that you select. And it is certain that thanks to the internet, fashionistas are the only master on board and are only meet their needs ... and there's the problem! And if you echoed this reasoning is that you do third party for shoppers who are growing wings as to never wear the clothes they bought online ... and it is not less than 66 % of adults who admit a tear to the eye, the purchase of a "weird" clothing during the previous year. 

In short, your bank health, remember to ventilate mind and wallet during a trip a bit adventurous in the confines of a shopping center, to be "almost" sure do not make bad choices!

Chris Brown : He appears with a mysterious blond after a quick stint in jail!

Busy and full of unexpected day for Chris Brown ... While he was waiting in prison today, the American singer has taken the lead in going there since yesterday. Free emerged after 45 minutes, the ex Rihanna ended the day at a club in Hollywood where he was seen with a mysterious blonde.

Hit where we least expect it, love it ... Chris Brown As it is today, Tuesday, August 6 that the U.S. singer had an appointment in a detention center in Los Angeles because of his conviction for hit and run, it has surprised everyone by going there with 24 hours in advance. 

Indeed, TMZ reports that Chris Brown's lawyer Mark Geragos, has arranged for his client to make himself at the detention center in Van Nuys so that can avoid the photographers. Chris had everything. But is it worth Breezy back in prison he came out almost immediately, only 45 minutes later. Former Rihanna yet risk up to 4 years in prison if convicted of the hit and run that dates back to last May for which he chose to plead not guilty. 

Hours later, this is the output of a Hollywood club, AV, the singer of 24 years has been spotted and he was not alone. Who was that blonde sacred arguments that has been seen with him? A groupie who is glued to Chris just for a photo or a girl whom he brought with him? We thought he preferred the brown!

M. Pokora : hospitalized for his shoulder injury!

During rehearsals for the musical Robin Hood M.Pokora was injured performing a back flip ... Today, hospitalized for an MRI, he takes his troubles patiently waiting to again make our heads turn with his pirouettes.

While he was in the Sunday family barbecue alongside his brother Julian and his "daddy" M.Pokora must now get down to business and monitor the healing of the wound. 

Remember, June 3, the singer was injured while repeating a scene from the musical Robin Hood in which he is the hero. Wanting to perform a back flip, the young man was awkwardly and injured his neck and nose. He shared with us his pain on his Instagram page. 

Two months later, the hottie gives us new and explains his appointment today for an MRI. It is found on a hospital chair in blue blouse and ... We wish him a speedy recovery because we can not wait to find out for the premiere of Robin Hood, September 26 on the stage of the Palais des Congrès in Paris.

Kanye West : it will make the show at the MTV Video Music Awards!

Four years after ruining the acceptance speech of Taylor Swift on stage at the MTV Video Music Awards, Kanye West will try to forget this tumultuous episode offering flawless performance at the 2013 edition.

Nobody has forgotten the outcry it caused in 2009 on the stage of MTV Video Music Awards, Taylor Swift certainly not. While the young American singer received the trophy for Best Female Video, Kanye West ruined his acceptance speech by standing on stage and proclaiming loudly that Beyoncé should have received this award. Speechless, Taylor Swift was able to count on the support of Beyoncé was on stage. 

Despite this indicent that will remain forever in the annals of the VMAs, Kanye West does not mean a non-persona grata. The rapper has indeed been confirmed for the show at the next ceremony on August 25 Barclays Center in Brooklyn, New York. MTV reported that the boyfriend of Kim Kardashian perform one of his latest tracks Black Skinhead presented on his album Yeezus. 

Kanye West joins Lady Gaga, who will perform for the first time live his long-awaited single ARTPOP. Katy Perry, Miley Cyrus are also approached to invest the scene VMAs but nothing has so far been confirmed by MTV.

Leonardo DiCaprio : soup of languages ​​with his girlfriend Toni Garrn!

The couple was spotted in the exchange of fiery kiss in Ibiza ...

It is "muy caliente" between incasable between Leonardo DiCaprio and his new girlfriend Toni Garrn ...
And because Hollywood actor and top German were photographed for the first time by train to make tickling, clearly confirming their status as a couple. 

And what photos, since it discovers all excited Leo, pulling his tongue to lure her in and give her a passionate kiss on a boat off the coast of the Spanish island of Ibiza, Monday, August 5. 

After their little love boat, the star of 38 years and muse Victoria's Secret 21 years old were found a few friends with whom they discussed and had a great time ...

The couple met in May at the Cannes Film Festival and was then spotted very close to Monaco, alongside the Grand Prix Formula 1. 

After Gisele Bundchen, Bar Refaeli and Erin Heatherton, this time, as long as its lasts between Leo and his bomb podiums!

Nina Dobrev: super sexy on the cover, it reveals a portrait of her ideal man!

For fans: one of the most coveted singles American television pours on the qualities she looks for in a man. Get ready!

Nearly three months after her breakup with Ian Somerhalder, Nina Dobrev enjoying his bachelorhood to the fullest! When not on the sets for his series The Vampire Diaries, the actress of 24 years devoted all his free time with his friends and family. In an interview with Cosmopolitan magazine, the pretty brunette pours on her BFF Julianne Hough. Inseparable in recent months, the two women seem to have found much: "It's really cool to have a true friend There are many girly girls around us We're not talking about makeup, we discuss.. life. "

A Super Sexy Magazine, Nina takes a picture of her ideal man." Either there is a chemical attraction, or there is not What attracts me much c ' is the wit, humor and talent of a guy. I need to know all these things before falling for someone. I'm not the kind of girl who likes one night stands, I'm the kind of girl who loves real relationships, "she says 

At his sartorial style, she admits appreciate all." A good man surfaced in a suit is very attractive, but I also like the way jump-neglected side of the bed, someone who does not do much to develop but is still sexy. " Be careful though: "If a guy spends more time than me to watch in the mirror, it is a problem". You have been warned guys 

Finally, she admits that caring and courteous men are those who have the best chance to get his attention: "I love when guys hold the door, they and are nice. considerate men in our series are really good at it. " ! So we understand better how Ian had managed three years ago to catch Nina in his nets 

Miley Cyrus : 'People see me as a little vulgos White!'

In a new interview, Miley Cyrus pushes his umpteenth rant against the whole earth: so she grew up, it is not at all not what people think! Explanations.

Once again, Miley Cyrus is back like a cuckoo and like to put the record straight. Heavily criticized in recent months for his sudden change of look, the singer of 20 years persists and signs: her sexy 180 degree turn, it assumes completely, and too bad for those that bother 

In! an interview with the magazine concept, the starlet pushes a new rant: "People have this false image of me, that the girl who is a child of television, who spent his life in the evening and is only a small vulgos White, which is not the case. works I really, really hard, "is she laments. Launched in her diatribe, she says: "I'm just in a different environment I'm young and I live in Los Angeles, which is the dream of everyone you know So I screw.." Trailers. 

It also pours out his stage name, confessing that she has already thought of a truncate in part: "I thought the fact dropping and just keep Miley Cyrus, but there is something powerful in the fact that my name is known to all. " She made a mini-tribute to her father Billy Ray or she only spoke to her? Mystery. One thing is certain: in the "oversized ego", the young woman is rather well placed ...

Behind Closed Doors: unreleased song Lana Del Rey

Unreleased music of Lana Del Rey continue to "leak" - after the tracks Black Beauty, So Legit and Maha Maha, the network has one more song from the American indie diva - romantic-lyrical song with a bit of dance and hints of hip-hop (of course is not without its dark electronic sound) - Behind Closed Doors.

reported that "Behind Closed Doors" as the three previous composition refers to the early period of the singer when she was still performing under his real name Lizzie Grant. Now Lana is actively working in the studio recording their second studio album. 

Johnny Depp : 'In the failure of the' Lone Ranger 'to blame the critics!'

Team movie "The Lone Ranger" in the face of the lead actors Johnny Depp and Armie Hammer, as well as producer Jerry Bruckheimer, has come up with a consensus about the failure of the acclaimed film.

Despite an extensive promotional tour of the world in the which actors visited Moscow, London, Disneyland, Tokyo and other cities, with a budget of $ 250 million U.S. release scored only 86 million, charges the same all over the world have made 88 million.

In an attempt to justify such a poor record, Johnny Depp spoke that, in fact, the picture is good, but that's to blame for all the critics:

Reviews started writing at a time when they heard that Gore [Verbinski], Jerry [Bruckheimer] and I will make a new movie. Critics were expecting it to be a blockbuster. I did not expect anything and never waiting.
So says Depp, namely critics have created a false impression paintings for the audience, which eventually led to the failure of the project. He is supported by Armie Hammer, emphasizing the fact that the film industry experts initially thought to "fill up" project:
American critics got against our film with the moment that was the first to be shot - that's when the first drafts were written reviews. Earlier, they tried to do the same with the "War of the Worlds Z", but nothing happened, the picture was a success, and then they decided to pull the plug on "The Lone Ranger".
"Final salvo" of disaffected team made producer Jerry Bruckheimer, who believes that the painting - "a great epic film with a great deal of humor," the critics simply do not understand the "Lone Ranger." According to Jerry, in a few years everything will fall into place when the "experts re-examine it".  

Still from the film "The Lone Ranger"
Johnny Depp

Jerry Bruckheimer
Armie Hammer
Armie Hammer, Johnny Depp, Jerry Bruckheimer

Jennifer Lopez will pay $ 15 million for the return of American Idol

While some celebrities relaxing on the beach (like Doutzen Kroes, for example), others are working hard. Recently, Jennifer Lopez participated in the production of the line gadgets, and now she has received a tempting offer to return to the jury of American Idol (recall that in July last year, she left the show).

According to the source, the producers of which would what may want to see Jennifer in the new season and have spared no expense. According to rumors, the annual participation in the project will bring Lopez 20 million dollars (15 million organizers are willing to pay only for the consent stars). Thus, if the deal does take place, Jennifer will be the highest paid judge of the reality show.

Addition to monetary payments, the creators of the TV project ready to go to other concessions. So they promise that the shooting will not interrupt the singer of the family: they say that the work schedule will be specially rigged for Lopez, she managed to spend more time with their children. Jennifer will be at work just at the hour when the twins Max and Emma will be in kindergarten.

If you believe the rumors, an official confirmation of the return of Lopez in American Idol is expected in the next few weeks, so soon everyone will know for sure . Although unlikely Jen will think twice.

Jennifer Lopez does not want to come on American Idol, even more so - for the substantial reward 

Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart back together?

"Twilight" is over, but the epic with the ups and downs of amorous protagonists peretekshaya smoothly from the screen into real life goes on. Hollywood insiders have assured: Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart together again. And as evidence offers fresh pictures from the paparazzi, which depicted the car Rob, Kristen parked at the house - a white car, by the way, stood under the windows of the mansion of the actress in Los Angeles a few days in the past week.

One of photographs of Pattinson at the gates of the park home ex-lover, shared his observations:

Rob seems cool worried while driving to Kristen, he looked nervous and was trying to be careful that no one saw.
gone unnoticed failed. Now the internet flooded pictures of snow-white cars Pattinson, and along with the suspicious person of the owner.

Recall rumors of reconciliation star couple appeared in June - a month after another "final" gap, and today, tabloid informants and does claim Rob and Kristen decided early on to stay friends and stay connected.

It (obviously have other) insiders stubbornly indicate that Pattinson romance associated with the granddaughter of Elvis Presley - Riley Keoh, despite the fact that its officials have denied this information. And Kristen has upeli ascribe an affair with a married man new - Michael Pitt (the rumors were also denied).

Now it became clear that the former lovers were not quite so, and the former - at least, the actors were together for at least three days, as indicated by the pictures taken, the paparazzi. 

Robert Pattinson arrives at the house of Kristen Stewart

Robert Pattinson's car parked at the house Kristen Stewart

Lady Gaga has appealed to the Russian government on Twitter

Photo, lined with Lady Gaga in the microblogging

Lady Gaga has responded harshly to the allegations of the Russian government, published in angry Twitter messages to the "Mother Russia".

Recall, we are talking about last year's lawsuit deputy Milonova to the singer, when an officer accused her of promoting homosexuality among minors, and the recent scandal with visas.

In microblog Lady Gaga made three posts in a row where she expresses his point of view on the issue of sexual minorities in Russia and abuts the fact that the world will fight for their rights. Asked the singer and the rhetorical question:

Russia, why do not you arrest me when I was a possibility? Because I do not want to answer before the entire world?
Lady Gaga is not in vain in the top influential celebrities on the Internet: on Twitter singer signed more than 40 million people. Now they all know about one of the most talked about in the press recently, Russian laws. The reaction of Western fans of the singer was quite aggressive: in about half of the post's comments appear angry remarks and obscene words.

And yet we would advise to be careful Lady Gaga - rejection of the laws, even if the other country, yet not exempt from liability in case of breach. 

Amber Heard : head-to-head with a man accomplice ... But this is not Johnny Depp!

American starlet was out with a mystery man yesterday in LA ...

American actress Amber Heard was spotted yesterday (Monday, 5 August) on the side of Santa Monica with a man ... And at first glance, it is clear that this was not her lover Johnny Depp! 

Would there be water in the gas? The beautiful 27-year-old is certainly displayed very close and accomplice of the man in question with whom she went to dinner at the Montana Avenue restaurant. Following the meal, the duo offered a ride before arriving at a private residence where they both entered. 

And while Amber tried to keep a low profile by hiding photographers , nothing did, it was simply bombarded with flashes! Johnny 

How will he react well to discovering these photos? In your opinion?
Well, that's for sure! And for good reason, no need to panic when her famous little night out, Amber was just head-to-head with his agent Christian Carino. 

More frightened than hurt so ... At the same time, it is hard to imagine the starlet swap his Johnny came for the first (and understands)!