Aug 4, 2013

Lindsay Lohan : she decided to make a clean sweep of the past and no longer wants to see a bottle of alcohol!

The U.S. starlet left her rehab center a few days ago. A short stay calm seems to have been positive for Lindsay who has already made a great decision: she no longer wishes to see a bottle of alcohol ... Vade retro Satana!

This is a decision that has not been very easy to take for this starlet who has to his credit dozens of trips to rehab. " But Lindsay no longer wishes to indulge in its excesses and this downward spiral. And the actress has found a simple solution to avoid the temptation no longer be in contact with a bottle of alcohol ... especially not in his field of vision! 

This shift is not required to provide his family efforts to follow in the path of healing. Very concerned about the well-being of her darling little girl, Lindsay's mom, Dina did not hesitate to take this decision very seriously and will not hesitate to do the sorting in his closet by throwing all the bottles of alcohol when his daughter visits him. There is nothing wrong, it can count on the support of his mummy! 

And it's not just his mother who makes it a point of honor to honor his wise decision. Recently spotted in a Beverly Hills hotel, the young woman asked all employees to remove all the alcohol bottles in his room before his arrival ... 

We do not yet know how long will this resolution but the U.S. star does seem to take their future in hand ... and we applaud!

Amanda Bynes : his entourage pulls the alarm and balance that the starlet would smoke 'more than thirty joints a day'!

Currently in a psychiatric hospital, Amanda Bynes is still and always talk about it. While we thought we naively that this therapy could well make him mad, his press secretary did not hesitate to point the finger behind the scenes. Warning, the daily starlet does seem to compete with that of rocker Pete Doherty ...

What a dangerous downward spiral for the sweet actress "What I Like About You" ... 

After being interned in a psychiatric emergency hospital is now the Press the starlet who does not hesitate to let us know their concerns. He stated to our colleagues in the Sunday People that she smokes "more than 30 joints a day, plus cocaine (...) people say she has a mental problem but I think it's just a issue of drug. It does not really wood, it just takes drugs every day! "... What a consumerism that could well push the blonde to his loss ... 

And Jonathan Jaxson, former press secretary Kim Kardashian will not stop in so good way: "I'm afraid she end up like Amy Winehouse if she does not get help it needs "... Certainly, after having insulted and disrespected all Hollywood's elite, Amanda has not only friends in the community and it will be hard to find a accomplice shoulder on which to rest! 

In addition to the abuse of illegal substances, the U.S. star had chained the surgery: "There are also plastic surgery (...) it was not the big operations (...) but she did not need. " And as surprising as it may seem, his press remains loyal to his employer and go as far as saying that it is "the nicest girl in the world" when she is sober ... And it is so rare that the actress is not as diverse and varied substances that we have barely believe it. 

Remember that these violent About succeed to his dismissal from a hospital after smoking marijuana and insulted the receptionist ... but how far will she go to her mad spiral?

Kendall Jenner : the bikini-girl burst into tears in front of the cameras!

We keep telling you that it is not always easy to be part of a family of starlets. And this time, it was the turn of Kendall Jenner literally fall helpless before the eyes of his half-sister ... Evidence in pictures!

During a short stay in the heart of the Greek island of Mykonos, Kendall did not fail to let go of everything she had on the heart ... and cameras were the witnesses painful! While everyone seems to smile on the young 17 year old girl from a professional point of view, it is unfortunately not the same when it comes to find her place in this clan seems so welded ...

And the images speak for itself ... This is for the filming of an episode of the famous TV hook "Keeping Up With the Kardashians" that the young woman could not hold back her tears very long under the bewildered gaze Khloe Kardashian-Odom. Worrying is the lack of his half-sister, Khloe will certainly not expect to find Kendall in such a state. On entering the room of a teenager, she discovered a dramatic scene where it somehow trying to push him out shouting "! Not Pars Pars Khloe Will in" before finding refuge outside of the house and probably cry all the tears in her body so frail ... 

Anyway, before such images, everyone has his theory . However, it seems that the real reason that would explain this violent cracking sense of exclusion felt by those who dream of becoming a Victoria's Secret Angel. But at a time when the woman is still in the midst of adolescence, it may well be that this is only a small crisis among many others ... 

While his half-sister Khloe tries to save face by directing an iron fist her relationship with her husband, we are not sure to surprise his sister burst into tears is the best way for her keep morale!

Paris Hilton : at the top for a pose in Ibiza, the starlet gets a new glamor shoot!

Paris Hilton combines the projects! While in Europe, the heiress of the hotel chain has participated in a new photo shoot in Spain yesterday.

Paris Hilton is not the style to rest on its laurels for too long. Hyperactive, star of 32 years left her Malibu beach house to get to the other side of the Atlantic, Ibiza. For several days, in fact, the pretty blonde has settled in the Spanish town to promote his new career as a DJ! Yep, Paris has found a new passion in addition to handbags and jewelry, she loves to be on the decks and a string of performances in night clubs 

Yesterday afternoon (Saturday, August 3rd! ), the darling River Viiperi was spotted at an airport for a photo shoot held on the tarmac. Dressed in a long black dress Alice and Olivia brand, Paris played the game thoroughly before the cameras, posing here and there: sometimes on the runway, sometimes on the stairs of his private jet, it s' is exploded to make the best shots. Hair in the wind, she also took the opportunity to steal her chiffon dress, dreaming moments to be the new Marilyn Monroe modern times. 

Ignoring for the moment to what need this shooting was done, there is no doubt that Paris notify us soon enough the final result on social networks. Completely addicted to Twitter and Instagram, she mail each time of day and would like to share with all his fans. To be continued ...

Kaley Cuoco : it has already replaced Henry Cavill and appears with a new guy!

She will not have wasted too much time! A few weeks after the end of his relationship with Henry Cavill express, Kaley Cuoco was spotted alongside a charming stranger ...

What love-filled life! Less than a month after her breakup with actor Henry Cavill, who now interprets Superman movie, Kaley Cuoco back in the saddle and appears already accomplice alongside a lovely brown! Yesterday afternoon (Saturday, August 3), star of The Big Bang Theory has been spotted in the streets of Sherman Oaks in Los Angeles, in full intimate walk with his new prey. But who is he? 

We do not know yet, but the winner is a great athlete who plays tennis. Indeed, among the images captured by the paparazzi, the couple was spotted in a stadium. Sitting in the stands, the 27 year old actress look ate her new boyfriend while she was conversing with some friends! Earlier in the day, the duo took advantage of the sunny day to stroll through the California streets. Dressed in a different outfit, Kaley seemed to fully appreciate its Saturday afternoon. The program. Shopping at Whole Foods supermarket in the area, lunch at Marmalade Cafe and walks glued tight 

Meanwhile, Henry Cavill was spotted at a club in London alongside a charming brunette, n ' having more clearly seem to remember the name of his former conquests. At this rate, we are entitled to ask the two stars have they attended to get some publicity? What is certain is that we are much more interested in their love life today: a real episode of Young and the Restless!

Eva Longoria : a charming ambassador to defend the Global Gift Gala!

Yesterday afternoon, Eva Longoria made an appearance the most successful at the Global Gift Gala in Marbella. Smiling and beautiful Queen of investment, it is she!

Eva Longoria never ends to amaze us! Still determined, it is undoubtedly one of the most famous and most committed philanthropists of his generation! Its operations around the world are so many we can not count them on the fingers of one hand: be it health, education, safety, environment or social issues, Eva is still catch! 

For the fourth consecutive year, the 38 year old actress is honorary president of Global Philanthropic Gift Weekend, a charity which organizes tournaments sports to raise funds. This year, it was a golf tournament! Yesterday afternoon (Saturday, August 3), the former Desperate Housewife has made a remarkable to give a speech to an audience stunned appearance. Dressed in a red polo shirt and white jeans, she was stunningly beautiful. As long evening dress or more casual attire, a little dress Eva! 

Posted nude makeup and hair, she has long posed for photographers, throwing a few hand signs. Smile from ear to ear, she displayed more fulfilling than ever. Something tells us that the presence of his beloved, Ernesto Arguello, there is something ...

Prince Jackson casual stroll alongside his beloved Remi Alfalah!

The eldest son of the King of Pop is still close to his girlfriend, the beautiful Remi Alfalah. Yesterday, the two lovebirds have been spotted in full relaxed ride. Zero torque brainer!

Prince Jackson coos as always with his beloved Remi Alfalah. Couple from the beginning of the year, two young men, who met in high school, spend all their free time together: movies, shopping and dining in head-to-head, the duo is inseparable 

Yesterday afternoon (Saturday, August 3), the two 16 year olds have been spotted by photographers in the Beverly Hills neighborhood in Los Angeles again. Enjoying a beautiful sunny day, the couple quietly pacing the streets of the town to do some shopping. In conversation, the two lovebirds quickly realized they were being watched, throwing from time to time some suspicious glances. 

Primed a beige top and green pants, Remi wore as usual a long cascade of brown hair on the shoulders. At his side, the eldest son of Michael Jackson showed a casual look by wearing a simple black and his favorite khaki shorts t-shirt. Far from the glitz and bling blinb side of their world, and Prince Remi show us once again that it is quite possible to keep it simple when you're rich and famous! At their young age if we did not ask them for more ...

Jessica Alba : girls weekend alongside its two matching dolls!

Yesterday afternoon, Jessica Alba enjoyed a sunny day with her two adorable dolls, Honor and Haven. Stylish, girls!

When Jessica Alba and her family point the tip of their nose, the paparazzi are on the lookout! Saturday, August 3, the 32 year old actress was seen at the output of a toy store in a suburb of Los Angeles. Accompanied by her two daughters, Honor (5 years) and Haven (1 year and a half), the American star has attracted all the attention of photographers who are aligned to attention-to take her picture. Not really excited to bring such a gathering, Jessica was quick to return the vehicle as soon as possible with her two dolls. 

Perfectly matched, Honor and Haven wore the same colored flowery summer dress. These small parts seem to be well to inherit the legendary style of their famous mom, that nothing dresses! Primed with a simple jeans and a blouse taupe, the pretty brunette was hiding behind his pair of sunglasses to protect flashes a bit too bulky. 

Moments later, the trio was again spotted on a beach on the west coast, on the occasion of the anniversary. Photographed being fun on the sand, the eldest of the family had a mini Miss pulls in her swimsuit two pieces. With Jessica Alba as a mother, it is said that dogs are not cats!

Natural beauty : Jennifer Aniston without makeup

Jennifer Aniston without makeup (with his barber) 

In his '44 Jennifer Aniston looks so good that comfortable with the publication of their own photos without makeup. One of these images has shared her longtime friend and stylist Chris McMillian.

Barber laid out in one of the social networks photos Jen, where she poses with him in the most natural way. Well, it looks to the stars do not find fault! Fresh, well-groomed skin, which does not spoil the subtle facial wrinkles. Bravo!

The way, it McMillian created the famous haircut "Rachel", which at one time was a real beauty-hit (still remember the TV series "Friends", right?). He will cast over Aniston's wedding way. She even has marked what hairstyle wants the ceremony:

I would like a natural, careless packing. It will contrast with the formal dress. You know, this effect is "just out of bed".

I think we already know all the details of the upcoming wedding, and yet the question remains: Jen, when the wedding is?