Aug 3, 2013

Prince Albert to Princess Charlene at Red Cross Ball Gala-2014

Yesterday, in Monaco, a traditional charity Red Cross Ball Gala, which annually arranges the ruling family of the country since 1948. Ruled the ball - quite literally! - Prince Albert and his wife, Princess Charlene, dressed in a spectacular dress of turquoise satin.

Guests, including byllo 850 representatives of the world's elite, was waiting for a full program, the apogee of which was the DJ set from Bob Sinclair and luxurious fireworks

Princess Charlene and Prince Albert

Princess Caroline, Prince Albert and Charlene

Guest of the evening - Titian Rocca
Melissa Corken
Bob Sinclar

'The Secret Service': David Beckham will play the villain?

Although the information that David Beckham has decided to start a career in the film industry has not yet been confirmed, there were rumors that the player can play the villain in Matthew Vaughn's new thriller "The Secret Service" (The Secret Service).

Interestingly, he was offered the role of Colin Firth, as sources tell us:

Colin Firth asked him if he wanted to play in the new film, but Becks has not given any response.

He wants to try his hand in the movie, but rather sees it as an experience at once, rather than a permanent job.
reported that after David announced his football career, he literally filled the script, but he No items have been chosen for himself.

Thus, in collaboration with Beckham extremely interested and producers, and directors. Here's what insiders say:

Matthew [Vaughn] is convinced that the participation of David in the project will be very successful - everyone will want to see the movie!

If the athlete is still decides to participate in the project, it would be in good company - in the film, which will form the basis for comics creator "Piptsa" they withdraw the aforementioned Firth, Samuel L. Jackson and Michael Caine. Small role went as Elton John. Should be the main role and does tipped Leonardo DiCaprio.

Given that Victoria Beckham endorses the desire to conquer Hollywood Bex, there is every chance that we will soon see the handsome athlete on the big screen. Already can not wait!

Colin Firth: "Come on, Becks, agree!"
Covers comics that will form the basis of the new film

Nicki Minaj : well dressed, the rapper joined Chris Brown on the set of their new video!

Yesterday afternoon, Nicki Minaj has returned Chris Brown for a day of intense shooting. Both rappers currently filming the video for their new single, "Love more".

And we go for a ride! A year after their first collaboration, Nicki Minaj and Chris Brown decided to give a layer by releasing a new single, Love more. This time, the 24 year old rapper who invited the tigress 30 years to come to a musical featuring. While the song has been posted online a few weeks ago, the video shoot has already begun in Los Angeles! 

Yesterday afternoon (Friday, 2 August), the two rappers were spotted busy preparing for the video! Dressed in a very slinky black strapless dress, the American singer is shown smiling and relaxed with members of his team. As usual, Nicki wore a XXL neckline that left no one indifferent, and especially not her boyfriend Safaree Samuels who nearly close behind! It will soon launch its fragrance nose when it comes to choosing her outfits ... 

Meanwhile, Chris Brown was spotted at the exit of its lodges. Accompanied by a few friends, former Riri had just putting her outfit and gave a short break before resuming shooting.

Khloe Kardashian : Lamar Odom she wants to spend a polygraph!

To have the heart net over his alleged infidelity, Khloe Kardashian would like to get her husband the lie detector test. A daring method!

In recent months, Khloe Kardashian no longer has any peace of mind. Betrayed by her husband, the couple is now separate room and try somehow to keep up appearances. While some families have recently confided that the couple had gone on a journey to try to rekindle their love, a new rumor as crazy as likely comes to surface. 

According to media The Examiner The young 29 year old woman had offered an ultimatum to his basketball husband: "Although she dismissed out of hand all the allegations at first, thinking they were all false and because it trusted to her husband, a new doubt gnaws for a few weeks and it started to become very paranoid, "cites a close 

latter develops:." Several friends and family members have advised him open eyes. They do not want to make it look like an idiot. Kourtney, in particular, encouraged her to discover the truth. Khloe wanted to avoid it out of fear, but now she wants to know everything and considering asking Lamar to pass the lie detector test. If it fails the test and she learns that he was lying, she immediately asked for the divorce without giving it a second chance. She hates having to get there but knows that this is the only way for her to get rid of all his doubts "

If some think that this technique is completely bewildering fans of the Kardashians would not be surprised if the information had proved . Often criticized for its reliability, a polygraph is considered a real study overseas tool. These have generally shown a very low error rate.

Miley Cyrus : super hot in the new video for Big Sean, she steals the show at rapper!

The parade and weeks are not alike: a new video recently posted Miley Cyrus raises the level a notch and appears sexier than ever finally break his image!

Miley Cyrus in "Fire" clip Big Sean.

Miley Cyrus fans are unlikely to be disappointed! Always well launched its new marketing plan ("I'm not a Disney girl", note), the young woman of 20 years a string of projects and raises the bar by making a very remarkable appearance in the new video Big Sean. A few weeks after the release of the video We can not stop, the American singer proves once again what she is able to break his image ... 

Outfits provocs, déhanchés sexy and languorous poses are the ingredients This new visual explosive cocktail. On VEVO, the 25-year-old rapper posted a preview a draft of what will be its future clip. In it, Miley picnic squarely in the spotlight since Big Sean appears on all sequences. Micro-sequined shorts or pants, it sublimates somewhat the way the music is a great success! 

On Twitter, the young bride could not contain her joy and posted some photos, preceded a message of thanks: "A big thank you to all of you :) fire is being carton # wecantstop is back in first place," she said
Satisfied with the new twist that. she took in her career, Miley can claim to have found a new recipe for success ...

Amanda Bynes : The actress is currently being treated for schizophrenia!

The news is not very happy for Amanda Bynes: according to the doctors, the former actress is schizophrenia ...

What complicated for the former star of What I Like About You Year! Currently detained in a psychiatric hospital, the young woman of 27 years does not seem quite ready to go home. After his eventful departure from New York and back to Los Angeles catastrophic few weeks ago, Amanda is still under the control of doctors who hold against his will between four walls in an attempt to get back on your feet! If you believe the news, they have cut out ... 

According to well informed Radar Online site, the judge in charge of his case would have been warned Thursday, August 1 by doctors that The actress was being treated for his psychological problems. While waiting for a more thorough review in the coming days, a source close to the case says: "His doctors and a social worker told the judge Amanda was being treated for schizophrenia Although a more accurate diagnosis will soon release. it is almost certain that this is the disease. "

Good news, the treatment that seems to work for the actress who is currently testing several medications to find the right combination. According to experts, it may take "several months or even years" before the woman is the right remedy. 

Meanwhile, Amanda's mother would have done the necessary application to place her daughter in guardianship. Until it gets better, and Lynn Bynes would manage the expenses and financial accounts Amanda upon its release, scheduled for August 9. If everything goes as planned ... 

We wish him a speedy recovery, however.

Vanessa Hudgens : tired of the paparazzi, the pretty brunette played with the little mouse with them!

When it comes to face the paparazzi, Vanessa Hudgens never know which way to turn. Sometimes cooperative, sometimes closed, it has proven an afternoon that could soon change your mind!

The life of a star is not easy every day! While the program Vanessa Hudgens is the busiest (shopping, walking, pilates, shopping and shopping), it does not particularly appreciate the presence of photographers in any of his actions. 

Yesterday ( Friday, August 2), the pretty brunette of 24 years made a very noticeable in the first quarter of Sherman Oaks appearance in Los Angeles. Dressed in a long flowered skirt, a black crop top and a pretty matching hat, darling Austin Butler looked in great shape as she lounged in a few stores in the city. Very smiling, she quietly returned to his vehicle after paying his parking ticket. An early day under the sign of relaxation! 

Few hours later, big upheaval! Spotted this time in the neighborhood of Studio City, Vanessa was accompanied by her sister 17 years, Stella. The duo had just come out of her Pilates when he was caught by photographers. Tired of their presence, Nessa has long stashed behind his sports mats to avoid getting shot portrait! Behavior at odds with that of the morning, which proves that the limits of his patience were exceeded. 

Amused by the show, Stella close behind close as they left yet another shop. After doing a little shopping, the two sisters returned presto home. Move you're told there's nothing to see!