Aug 1, 2013

Selena Gomez is single but said 'enjoy the company' Justin Bieber 'from time to time!'

Millions of fans around the world are questioning the relationship which Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez. Together, not together? Looks like it's a bit between the two, if one believes the main interested!

She swore recently that does more to spread resume his private life in the media, but Selena Gomez has sprained his new policy in an interview with the AP. I must say that his love affair with the darling of teens, Justin Bieber, never ceases to fascinate an across the planet, suddenly Selena a bit like having the truth to the public, apparently. 

"I know for a long time and enjoy the company of each other from time to time, she said. But I'm single and I'm very happy!" 

Now things are clear. This does not prevent the young couple to spend quality time together when they have the opportunity, as at the birthday party for example Selena Gomez.

Miley Cyrus : 'Britney (Spears) is the only person who understands me!'

It is true that we could easily compare Miley Cyrus to Britney Spears as the two young women have similar paths, but we never imagined the two stars to organize sleepovers Sunday evening. Apparently, they are closer than you think!

After his emancipation period, where it was unwise to compare it to anyone, Miley Cyrus plays the fair play and now accepts comparisons between his career and that of Britney Spears, she also became famous very young and hoisted of teen idol rank for years. Better, Miley now refers to Brit-Brit as a kind of mentor, a guide, a shoulder rest that the enormous weight of overwhelming success. 

Recently, two young women have made a few licks on Twitter to show the world the deep respect they have for each other. And as if that were not enough, Miley recently hammered home during an interview with the Huffington Post UK: "We go through all the time in our lives when we do not want to be photographed every day, says . it, philosopher She never knew what time she could say. 'I cross something lately and I need a break' Neither do I. So it's nice to have that one person in my life who understands what I saw. "

Jennifer Aniston : alongside Rhys Ifans, she broke while new pregnancy rumors are surfacing!

Spotted yesterday alongside Rhys Ifans to shoot new scenes, Jennifer Aniston looked just as fulfilling! The actress she would be a good news to share with us soon? If you believe the latest rumors, it would seem that yes ..

Jennifer Aniston never stops! For several weeks now, the actress is devoted body and soul to shoot his latest film, Squirrels to the nuts. Open job in the streets of New York, Jen is often seen with his two co-stars Owen Wilson and Rhys Ifans. 

Yesterday afternoon (Wednesday July 31) is alongside the latter it was seen. Dressed in his usual outfit, she was slipped into the skin of her character to the needs of a new scene shot in the streets again. Accompanied by the English actor, the duo walked around with their two dogs, each screwed on her cell phone. A funny sequence that promises to bring a lot of surprises! 

These unpublished photos then arise as new pregnancy rumors are surfacing. According to the American magazine In Touch Weekly, the future Mrs. Justin Theroux would definitely be ready to welcome her first child. These umpteenth speculations have appeared on the sets of the shoot. According to some witnesses, the question is no longer possible: "She took a little weight and still uses the script to hide her belly", sharing a team member. Indiscretions go away, since according to the tabloid Jen would choose IVF for her child: "She started treatment and if all goes as planned, she will be pregnant by her 45th birthday in February." 

Unlike her BFF Courteney Cox, the one who never experienced the pleasures of motherhood is to not put all the pressure:. "She knows her biological clock is ticking, she realizes she has explored all methods to have a baby and she knows what her options with in vitro fertilization (...) It is not hopeless. If this should happen, it will happen. "

Jen, who recently said in an interview that Justin Theroux had "an amazing paternal instinct" knows she can count on the support of her lover: "Justin has not always wanted to have children, but his life alongside Jen has changed its outlook to be a father . "

After the wedding, scheduled for the end of the year, the couple will announce he soon a happy event? To be continued ...

Kate Moss on holiday in Italy, sharing the top moments complicit with her daughter Lila Grace!

The holidays continue for our friends the people! Yesterday afternoon, Kate Moss was spotted in full walk through the streets of Venice along with her adorable daughter, Lila Grace. A mother-daughter duo of chic and charm!

She's back! Very quiet for some time, Kate Moss left his native England for fun a little further south! Yesterday afternoon (Wednesday July 31), the twig was seen in full Italian walk in the beautiful streets of Venice. Accompanied by her daughter Lila Grace, who celebrate in September its 11 years, the BFF Naomi Campbell is displayed full and in great shape! 

Primed in khaki shorts and a beige blouse, the top 39 had bet on the comfort and lightness of linen to face the summer heat. At his side, Lila Grace is 100% fitting: sunglasses, handbag, t-shirt, denim shorts and bare feet, the girl is the spitting image of her supermodel mother. A real mini-Kate! 

Later in the day, the duo's most elegant UK mother-daughter was photographed at an outdoor cafe. After a long walk punctuated by joyful conversations, they are granted a fresh well-deserved break. Installed facing each other, so they were based in the mass that would have almost missed! If the wife of Jamie Hince is the highest-paid model in the world, she shows us one of his many hidden talents: she also knows to slip into the skin of Madame All-The-World. So chic!

Britney Spears out the swimsuit for a family trip

To congratulate her two adorable little munchkins after performance in his latest video, Britney Spears took the fun at a water park! Bursts guaranteed!

After the effort, the comfort! From their six and seven years, Sean Preston and Jayden James made their first steps on the screen in the latest video for their famous mom, Britney Spears, who has signed the soundtrack of the animated film The Smurfs 2. Absolutely adorable on screen, the two boys also unsheathed their best smiles at the premiere of the film, a few days ago in Westwood. That deserved a reward! 

So, Britney Spears headed to the water park Six Flags Hurricane Harbor, located in the vicinity of Los Angeles, where she was photographed alongside her toddlers during a family holiday. Two shirts of different bath in two days, it was an opportunity for the star to flaunt her new figure, she is rather modest kind lately. Anyway nothing to say at this level, Brit-Brit is sexier than ever. Thirties suits him very well!

Penelope Cruz the actress takes pleasure filming scantily clad Irina Shayk!

Young mummy spends acting role than a director for his lingerie line. That's Provocateur she did not hesitate to shoot the Agent Irina Shayk curves. Curtain up!

The Cruz sisters wear both silhouettes to salivate the male. It is therefore natural that last year asked Monica ultra caliente ... and it's only a few months after the duo decided to create a line of lingerie brand Agent Provocateur. This time, Penelope takes control of the camera to take Irina Shayk ultra-hot sequences undress. 

Look, it's in a super-hot outfit the Russian bomb takes poses under the expert eyes of Penelope. And it's a safe Penelope Cruz and her donning the mask of a true business woman expressed in the making of the video. It does not take long to explain why his choice was the girlfriend of Cristiano Ronaldo: "I chose Irina because it is an exuberant wife and I needed someone who retain attention alongside all the beautiful women in the countryside. " It is certain that the sight of the sublime silhouette of the top ... men will have no eyes for her! 

It should also be noted that this line appears to be primarily a family affair. Indeed, the husband of Penelope, Javier Bardem will make a brief appearance in the video along with Monica. And it does not stop there. The music of the campaign was composed by the duo of little brother, Eduardo Cruz. These starlets who are not ready to forget their family! 

For those already seduced by the spirit of the making of the line entitled "Agent" is available now in stores.

Victoria Beckham spoke about the new collection

Victoria Beckham continues to be successfully implemented in the fashion field. Designer, which is hardly appropriate to use the adjective "beginner", presented footage from the new collection of the second line of the brand name - Vcitora, Victoria Beckham, and also spoke a little bit about what inspired her and what goals it sets itself.

Thus, according to Posh, in the new series, she managed to combine the seemingly incompatible:

I imagine that my character is simultaneously intelligent, but also witty.
She can wear anything, and yet prefer simple dresses. Rather, it is marching, rather than just talking, drinking a lot of espresso and literally "eats" good books, movies, interested in art. She is really sexy, but not trying to be so. I would like to meet her ... Is not that Victoria herself?

But let's not get distracted, because Mrs. Beckham continues:
I'm really excited about the collection, so it is very fresh and relevant We have come up with many different textures, creating a layering effect.
Like previous creations Vic, a new line reflects her own style, while it is clearly influenced by the intellectual street fashion and style of the modern dandy. In a palette dominated by sophisticated colors - burgundy, shades of copper, silver, as well as the traditional black and white colors.

'Survivor' : new trailer with Mark Wahlberg

The network has a trailer for the military drama "Survivor" (Lone Survivor), which was played by Mark Wahlberg, Taylor Kitsch, Emile Hirsch and Eric Bana. The film, by the way, is based on real events.

Game's story - an American commando, the only survivor after his squad was given the task to neutralize the leader of the Taliban in Afghanistan, is killed in the performance. But for the hero of the war is not over, on the contrary, it is just beginning - he must at all costs to get to "own". Suddenly he comes to the aid of the local civilian and soul hates bloody conflict ...

Director of the film has become a famous actor Peter Berg, who directed such high-profile projects such as "The Kingdom", "Hancock", "Battleship", and and the TV series "Friday Night Lights"

Amanda Seyfried suspect an affair with Justin Long

Hollywood insiders started whispering about a romantic relationship Amanda Seyfried: they say that she began dating actor Justin Long.

Actors spotted together after the premiere of "Lovelace" in New York - at the afterparty in the evening they were always there and "did not depart from each other by a single step." Eyewitnesses parties noted that Amanda and Justin almost no contact with the other guests, and several times went together somewhere away from prying eyes.

Source newspaper New York Post, the former at the event, said:

They remained at the afterparty at the restaurant Refinery Rooftop before closing. Amanda and Justin were sitting in a corner and looked really cute together.
Be that as it may, refutations of the novel have been reported yet. Recall that after breaking up with Drew Barrymore, Justin attributed relationship with Leighton Meester and Kate Mara, Amanda also told me in a recent interview that her current boyfriend has nothing to do with the entertainment industry, and they are familiar with for a long time.

What it - a novel or a regular "duck"?

Cheyenne Jackson : divorce from her husband!

After two years of marriage, divorce actor 38 years!

Cheyenne Jackson and Monte Lapka are now separated! 

"Cheyenne Jackson and her husband Monte Lapka have mutually decided to divorce. The couple were together for 13 years and married in New York two years ago. This is an amicable separation and, of course, a private matter, "said the spokesman of the actor to
Cheyenne, 38, who played in series . like 30 Rock and Glee, married Monte in the Hamptons in 2011
At the time of their wedding, Cheyenne had tweeted: "It's official, after 11 years together ... I married best man I know. "

hope they manage to find love their separate ways!

Nelly : American rapper unveils his new video with Nicki Minaj and Pharrell Williams!

The 38 year old artist has unveiled its brand new video with Nicki Minaj and Pharrell Williams, Get Like Me

So he left his brand new single, Get Like Me, on July 2, the American rapper Nelly today unveiled the video that accompanies this single in featuring with Nicki Minaj and Pharrell Williams, which will appear on his seventh album, MO available on September 30. 

Its minimalist and perfectly calibrated, black and white, nice cars, flashy jewelry, pretty girls curves and scantily clad, this video contains all the codes and Hip Hop mix brilliantly flow of these three artists crazy talent. 

"This is my first collaboration with Nicki, she brings energy, charisma and fame, and I think this is mentioned in the video This is just about the star-power, energy and common hypeness "said Nelly about his clip

Mariah Carey : even with the arm in a sling again and again, she keeps smiling!

The U.S. star continues to wear his scarf from his accident at the start of July!

Fright on July 7 for the diva Mariah Carey ... Indeed, as we had already revealed, the American singer was seriously injured on the set of a new video! 

Coast cracked, fractured shoulder, bruises everywhere, big pain, fall unfortunate that many will miss dented MC! So nearly a month after his accident, the star of 43 years still has the arm in a sling.
After the show with style at a concert in Central Park for the victims of Hurricane Sandy, Mariah was finally spotted yesterday (Wednesday July 31) at the release of his New York apartment, and still and always wore his spider monkey and scarf to support his arm and shoulder banged up. 

Look & Black, smiling and hanging from his phone, the wife of Nick Cannon was still air in a good mood ... Like what, you always end up not getting used to everything, even to inconvenience

Sharon Stone, Amanda Seyfried and Peter Sarsgaard at the premiere of 'Lovelace'

Last night in New York premiere of the movie "Lovelace", first presented in January at the festival "Sundance".

Picture of Rob Epstein and Jeffrey Friedman, which received good reviews press and critics, tells the story of the life of porn actress Linda Laveys : she became famous in the 1970s after appearing in the film "Deep Throat", and then actively fought for the rights of women.

At Photocall out much of the film's star team led by Amanda Seyfried, who played the role of Linda. Chris Noth was invited to the premiere of his wife Tara Wilson, and Sharon Stone, posing in the company of colleagues, has not failed once again to demonstrate their gorgeous figure.

Presentation in New York opened a series of promotional events on the start of the film at the box office and we have not once seen the main characters, posing on the red carpet. The Russian public will be able to see the "Lovelace" from September 5. 

Amanda Seyfried.

Sharon Stone

Peter Sarsgaard

Chris Noth and Tara Wilson
Directed by Geoffrey Friedman and Rob Epstein with actress Amanda Seyfried
Amanda Seyfried, Peter Sarsgaard, Sharon Stone and Debi Mazar