Jul 29, 2013

Johnny Depp is retiring?

Gollivudcky heartthrob Johnny Depp, last month celebrated its 50th anniversary, is going through a complete change in the period of his life. On the personal front, it marked the onset of a divorce with Vanessa Paradis, became the mother of his two children, and in his career - the first time in many years, the lack of enthusiasm by critics about the new film with his participation (in favor hit "The Lone Ranger", these days spread around the world with the premiere).

Everything else, in a recent interview with the actor himself explicitly commented on the new "era" in his life and expressed his view on today's career so:

There are things which I did would not mind. I would not say that I can remove myself at any time, but I must say that this moment is not far off.

What is Action Hero will, when leaving the screen? We are sure he will not have to miss. Judge for yourself - new love Amber Heard, professional passion for music ... After resting, Depp certainly will return to screens - we recall that the actor signed a contract with the authors of the franchise "Pirates of the Caribbean mora", and rumors about the continuation of "Alice in Wonderland" also goes a lot.

Anyway, Johnny Depp's career had many prominent roles that are forever inscribed his name in the history of cinema Business Consulting. 

Johnny Depp in the film "Charlie and the Chocolate Factory"

Johnny Depp in the film "Chocolat"

Johnny Depp in the film "Cocaine"

A still from the movie "Sleepy Hollow"

Still from the film "The Astronaut's Wife" 

Johnny Depp in one of the episodes of the franchise, "Pirates of the Caribbean" 

Johnny Depp in the film "Donnie Brasco"

Psy: South Korean singer has a big drinking problem!

Shock revelation! The singer of Gentleman confessed to not be sober very often ...

Beyond its clips viewed a record number of times on YouTube, its fun look and its crazy dances, Psy has unveiled a much darker side of his personality, far from his character funny singer. Interviewed by the Sunday Times Magazine, the South Korean 35 years told he had a nasty penchant for drinking:.. "If I'm happy, I drink if I'm sad, I drink it rains, I wood. If the sun, I drink. If it's hot, I drink, it's cold, I drink, "he recounted, admitting he had a preference for Korean vodka he calls both his "best friend and partner of vice". According to his confession, the only time he does not drink, it's "when he has a hangover." 

And in case you might have thought it was a nice joke, Psy sank deeper into the sordid confident journalist he did stay behind bars in 2011 after being arrested in possession of doping products: "I was 23, I was in my first year of artist I went to jail 25, 26 days. prison time was a real shit, there is no nice prisons in Korea! " he explained. 

But despite all these disturbing confessions, Psy told the magazine to be "a very positive person." "As an artist, live full of experiences allows to create, if I shit I think this has happened because happiness will soon overwhelm me." he wanted perspective. 

It's still a little shocked by these revelations, given the hyper picture gay and a little mocking Psy that vehicle, in particular through his hit "Gangnam Style"! Which reminds us even more than the stars often hide their weaknesses behind public figure, like Cory Monteith died at age 31 from an overdose of alcohol and heroin while everyone, even his entourage, thought he had defeated his old demons ...

Cassie continues to do the show in Miami in all its small jerseys!

After feeling a nude bikini Cassie did it again last Saturday in a two white and green parts was far from covering all of her pretty ass.

With a nice body like hers, Cassie is right not to hide when going to beach with her friends. Previously spotted in Miami Beach Friday, July 26, Cassie returned squat chairs the coast the next day, Saturday, July 27. If the 26 year old American singer had chosen to take a dip in the choppy waters of Florida in a swimsuit two pieces nude Eve is this time in a white and green together it is noted. 

The gluteal barely covered by a very low neckline, the girlfriend of rapper P. Diddy exposed uninhibited its beautiful forms. Their ears trimmed Creole, investigative side of the cut hair that was often copied, including Rihanna to name it, took time to pose with some fans who recognized. Once this little impromptu photo session ended, Cassie returned to rest on his recliner. 

Side music news, the pretty doll RnB released last April's mixtape Rock-A-Bye Baby, opus on which Figure featurings with Rick Ross, Pusha T, French Montana and Jeremih.

Naomi Campbell: his girlfriend Kate Moss helps him overcome his painful breakup!

Recently separated from billionaire Vladimir Doronin, and replaced quickly by a bomb 25 years, Naomi Campbell does not live very well this break ... Fortunately, his girlfriend Kate Moss is there to help him through this difficult time.

Five years she was in a relationship with Vladimir Doronin ... While she was engaged in a period of break with her billionaire, it chose to go elsewhere and not with anyone: a bomb 25 years named Luo Zilin she knows very well, having been his mentor on his show The Face. An affront to Naomi who lived to be very bad so fast remplacée.Mais fortunately, one that is made nicknamed "panther" in the fashion world is not alone in this ordeal, his girlfriend Kate Moss is there to help him overcome it. 

The Daily Mail reports that the British Twig advised Naomi Campbell from a few days to rest and relax in Turkey in the center of well-being of Bodrum. "Kate wants her to go to Bodrum to overcome his sentence." a source told the Daily Mail. "It is not easy to see your ex move so fast especially with someone you've mentored on TV." 

Naomi he seems to follow the advice of Kate but according his agent is working for the top 43 left in Turkey. It would include those who met recently bought the rights to his program, The Face, and have participated in a photo shoot for a new project. 

There are yet no shame in having a penalty heart, even when your name is Naomi Campbell ...

Lindsay Lohan: she has already planned a trip to Europe right out of rehab!

Lindsay Lohan has not yet finished with his rehab she has already planned what she will do upon its release. American starlet has planned to go for a ride in Europe ...

Leaving rehab, Lindsay Lohan is looking forward ... Interned for the sixth time in six years, the only condition that it does not return to time in prison, the American star of 27 years already has projects in mind for her after rehab. In fact, TMZ revealed that the starlet was not expected that the 90-day program is completed to provide a road trip in Europe, with a starting point London, before moving to other cities.

A friend of LiLo would have invited her to come with her as a reward for good behavior in rehab. Because she has free time before starting the filming of the documentary into 8 parts for Oprah Winfrey, for which she will win two million dollars, the infernal star has said that travel far from Hollywood would do him not hurt, especially if partly paid. 

output rehab Lindsay is scheduled for July 31.

Khloe and Kourtney Kardashian wrapped up in their blankets, they face the paparazzi!

The Kardashian sisters have tried to dodge the paparazzi out at night but he missed!

So we found yesterday, Kourtney Kardashian on the streets of Los Angeles along with his grandmother and with her children ... The eldest of the family wanted to spend the night peacefully with her sister Khloe but did not go as they would have liked. 

Back in Miami, Kourtney probably wanted to address the recent marital problems her sister Khloe to advise. They found themselves and decided to escape for a moment to the media but in the streets of Calabasas, the paparazzi lurking and are on the lookout for the slightest shot. So they devised a scheme: out muffled in quilts to be unrecognizable ... Missed! I must say they are not very discreet with these leopard print and zebra comforters and oversized sunglasses. Blinded by the flash, they saw more clear and to top it off, Kourtney admits on his Instagram page, they were "half asleep to manage this intense moment with the paparazzi." And yes girls, that's the price of success, so no need to pout, smile you're on camera!

Jennifer Garner: another new release with a rounded belly and very loose clothing ...

The star denies all comments ... But let her figure indeed unclear whether a fourth alleged pregnancy!

It is now a habit in recent weeks. As soon as the actress Jennifer Garner is the tip of his nose, or rather the end of his belly out, one thing comes to mind ... Scrutinize her baby bump to finally have undeniable proof that indeed expects her fourth child! 

We nevertheless satisfied that Jennifer looks set to pamper again, but for now, the star of 41 years, or even her famous husband Ben Aflfeck have not confirmed the information. 

What is certain is that the former heroine of the series Alias ​​sports for several weeks a small can well rounded, she likes to hide as it can under loose clothing ... But nothing is, its curves are drawn largely mums! 

Again evidence yesterday (Sunday, July 28) when she was spotted doing some shopping with her eldest daughter, Violet, at the Farmers Market in Pacific Palisades!

'Smurfs 2': Britney Spears and Katy Perry at the premiere of

Yesterday's Sunday for many families in the United States and other countries was marked Smurfs - cheerful blue gnomes, about the adventures that Gosnell directed by Raj took the second feature-length film. At the Hollywood premiere of "The Smurfs 2" singer appeared the title song to the cartoon Britney Spears, Katy Perry, "performers" co-star Neil Patrick Harris and Jayma Mays, as well as other stars.

As befits, the premiere family movie star came with his relatives: Britney and Neil appeared on the special blue carpet with their kids, and Katy Perry - with her grandmother.

By the way, the premiere of "Smurfs 2" was held yesterday in movie theaters around the world, including including in Europe. So, at the Berlin show was seen Christina Ricci. But the premiere in Paris without its star guests.

Miranda Kerr's son Flynn on shopping in New York City

Miranda Kerr with her son Flynn

Contrary to the rules about how the shopping is not worth torturing or their husbands or their children, Miranda Kerr has a different opinion about the "test shopping." Going on the eve of shopping in one of the department stores in New York, a fashion model brought with her and her little son - Flynn Bloom.

Seated at the hands of a stellar mom, baby curiously looked at everything around, making the outcome of delight audiences around him, not disregarded the famous couple. However, by shopping the boy is no stranger - his dad Orlando Bloom too often takes it with him, going to the shops.

Looks like parents teach Flynn to publicity from an early age - but how else to maintain its status as one of the most popular and stylish celebrity-babies?