Jul 27, 2013

Taylor Swift, a heart of gold: A huge tip and a memorable gift

When some pop stars are remarkable for their sputum , Others show dignity. One can not appreciate the music of Taylor Swift, but the young woman of 23 years can be applauded for his generosity!

The interpreter We Are Never Ever Getting Back Together made very happy servers an Italian restaurant, where she left a tip of $ 500! The star ate July 19 in an institution called Ralph's in Philadelphia, while she is on tour. She dined with Ed Sheeran and Austin Mahone, participating with her Red tour. The addition of the meal was $ 800 and the singer took care to leave 500 dollars. Nothing to do with the 10% usually left! 
In addition to having a hand in the wallet, Taylor Swift spoke with the staff of the restaurant and posed for pictures. Finally, she gave two tickets for his concert the following night at chef Shawn Gallo says E! News. In this way, he could take his son, autistic, see the show of the artist he loves: "I called my mother to tell her that Taylor Swift was there, and she wanted me to take a photo it because it is one of his biggest fans. My son is autistic and when I'm at work, my mother and my son love to listen to his music. It was so nice of him. My son, Shawnee 11 years. C 'was our first concert, a truly unique experience. "

A very touching story which shows that, despite the success of his albums and his fortune, sexy Taylor wants to stay close to the people around him. Another information star Taylor has also been confirmed. The British One Direction released soon his 3D movie, This Is Us Obviously, Taylor Swift, who was for some time the girlfriend of one of the members, Harry Styles, do not appear in the film, despite rumors . Director Morgan Spurlock explained very simply the absence of an interview with Teen Vogue: "When we started filming in January, they were already separated."

Charlene and Albert of Monaco getting ready for the great gala Red Cross

Gala for the 65th Monaco Red Cross, known as the "Ball of the Red Cross", which will take place Friday, August 2, a programming choice was planned! Eros Ramazzotti and Bob Sinclar are expected to fire the Rock, by their sweet voices or their vibrant rhythms. An event which the Prince Albert II, President of the Monegasque Red Cross, and his wife, Princess Charlene, of course attend the greatest happiness, in the room of the stars of the Sporting Monte-Carlo. 

" For the organization founded in 1948 by Prince Louis II, this fabulous evening is an opportunity to express its gratitude to all those who contributed their generosity during the past year, "the press release Event. The Monaco Red Cross, which continues to expand its activities around the world, responding to multiple calls from the International Red Cross for a total budget of about 1.3 million. At the national level, in the Principality of Monaco and around all social actions represented an expense of about 1.2 million.

Before (re) discover the talents of the Italian and French superstar DJ, the Italian training NeroCaffe 'and the Sporting Orchestra featuring Ty Stephens punctuate dinner. Sandrine Quétier American animator and China Moses, already present last year, will conduct the draw for the raffle, as always with lavish prizes. Each year, the Monaco Red Cross is offered a work of art created especially for her by a renowned artist. In 2013, the Italian Marcello Lo Giudice who donates "Gli angeli della primavera", glazed ceramic and metal structure in a plexiglass box on 1.12 m. Inspired by his work on violence stemming from the war, the artist evolves and incorporates the work of the Butterflies - iconic symbol of spring. Finally, the evening will end with a spectacular fireworks display. 

A flamboyant program organized for this evening for a noble cause. The already last year, the royal couple had been feeling for the ball every time unforgettable, offering guests a dance where they appeared more accomplice than ever. Boy George was himself one of the musical figures who shared his talents at the gala in 2012.

Miranda Kerr: Flynn, the dog ... Everyone shares the same stroller!

Returning to New York after spending several days in Japan to fulfill professional commitments, Miranda Kerr has regained its adorable yorkshire Flynn and the two babies in her life.

Being a mother is the sport, especially when it is 30 ° C and that you live in a city like New York ... While she was there a few days ago in Japan to launch its brand organic products Organic s Kora, Miranda Kerr returned to the United States. Happy to find her son Flynn and his little dog Frankie, the top Australian took all these people out and about yesterday in the Big Apple. 

In sports clothes (leggings, sneakers, hat) to face the heat take control of the stroller busy with the scarf for chic touch, Miranda did not let down against urban obstacles that have arisen along the way. 

Accompanied by one of his friends, the muse Mango climbed the steps to reach the ice-cream that was a little further. Because she can never say no to Flynn, whose mission was to take care of Frankie, Miranda gave him a well-deserved ice smooth in the heat that prevails in New York.

Selena Gomez: a sexy birthday girl who charmed Central Park!

Like Demi Lovato has done it before a month ago, Selena Gomez yesterday gave a concert outdoors in Central Park, New York. The American singer has yet to receive a birthday cake.

How busy week for Selena Gomez! As she started the best way possible by blowing its 21st candle Monday, July 22, the date of birth of the royal baby, George Alexander, Louis, Selena did not stop the days that followed.

 In New York to promote his new album Dance Stars, which was released on his birthday, the American singer chained interviews and TV shows, not to mention it also launched its new collection of his marqueDream Out Loud.

Expected yesterday (Friday July 26) in Good Morning America, Selena provided a large outdoor concert in Central Park as it did before Demi Lovato ago just a month . After answering questions from leaders of GAM, the brunette is mounted on stage to perform three songs from Stars Dance, Come & Get It, Slown Down and Birthday.

Sexy at will in its top crop, the girlfriend of Justin Bieber has offered pretty choreography to its audience. Because having 21 years marks a course in the United States, it is synonymous with majority Selena once again had the right to a birthday cake. It is on this birthday she will never forget!

James McAvoy is approved for the role of Dr. Frankenstein

James McAvoy has been approved for the role of Dr. Victor Frankenstein in a new film adaptation of Mary Shelley's horror classic "Frankenstein, or the Modern Prometheus".

Earlier in the cast of the film directed by Paul McGuigan, which will be released in 2014, has already entered Daniel Radcliffe. He reincarnated on the screen Igor, assistant doctors involved in the creation of the famous monster.

Story of Frankenstein concerned not only Paul McGuigan - known Guillermo del Toro also intends to make a film version of the famous novel. One of the actors will be Benedict Cumberbatch. However, who exactly will play actor - Dr. Victor Frankenstein's monster or created by them - yet to be announced.

By the way, talking about the project are not the first year (2009th director even filmed some of the material), but before as a leading man named Doug Jones, who played in "Pan's Labyrinth" and "Hellboy." And now, according to Del Toro, he "hopes" to take off his version of the film adaptation of the novel by Mary Shelley, utilizing it one of the most popular British actors of our time. By the way, Cumberbatch has played a similar role - though on the stage, not in the movie. The Englishman became the star of the play Danny Boyle, set in London.

Stills from the film adaptation of "Frankenstein" in 1931 on the novel by Mary Shelley's "Frankenstein, or the Modern Prometheus"

Jennifer Love Hewitt and Brian Hollis in anticipation of the wedding and the birth of first child

A couple of months ago we congratulated Jennifer Love Hewitt once with two happy events in her life - first pregnancy and engagement. As reported, the actress and the father of her unborn child, Brian Hollis getting ready for the wedding. Marriage proposal newly fiance during a joint holiday couples in Europe in late May.

Actress did not hide his delight from journalists:

We are incredibly excited and happy to create a new family!

Fans then froze in anticipation of wedding pictures, but after a while it would be logical to assume that the actress will try on a wedding dress only after the birth. Agree, preparing for a wedding celebration and anticipation firstborn - periods is not easy, and combine them just does not advise any doctor. Given that the future mother's tummy is noticeably rounded (as evidenced by the recent paparazzi shots) - our assumption that labor is around the corner, it is appropriate.

Anyway, we are happy for Jennifer and Brian and look forward to the details of the upcoming birth and wedding party!

Nicole Richie in Saint-Tropez

Sea holidays in St Tropez actress and designer Nicole Richie - Joel Madden exemplary wife and mother of two children - continues. Family vacation once a secular skandalistki and close friend of Paris Hilton now goes on the most innocuous scenario - no parties by the pool, drink-driving and accidents. However, the reasons for the "range" of new orders in the program of family entertainment too much.

Order of priority among them was riding on a yacht, surrounded by family and friends. On the occasion of the boat ride, our heroine finds dressing for which we observe with special attention, chose a bright golden bikini in the sun, reminding us with their impeccable shape in the "metal" shining image of Bond girl Ursula Andress.

Recall that Nicole Richie spends time in the sun of Saint-Tropez, where he arrived in Corsica, with her husband Joel Madden and children - daughter Harlow and son Sparrow. As the photo-paparazzi, resort dress code requires the body to show in a bikini or a micro-length gowns that allow indifferent to re-evaluate her body for wealth or lack of it weight. 

Scarlett Johansson: betrothed or not?

Gossip Girl Confused: Hollywood enviable bride Scarlett Johansson once again graced the "engagement" finger gem, but no information on her official engagement in the press there. To understand the issue, it is logical that appears after viewing new pictures of star, made paparazzi at the airport in Los Angeles, decided to blogger CoolCat. She recalled that in a recent interview, the actress said the following:

I'm not engaged, and nothing even close to this in my life happened.

In addition, insiders report that Scarlett got gold ring with two stones - diamonds and rubies - a gift just for decoration.

The actress is not the first time kindles curiosity, putting jewelry on the ring finger of his left hand. In February, she was spotted with her lover - French Roman Doriakom - and again with the ring on the same finger. Despite the fact that the couple does not advertise their relationship, the actress still reported them in November 2012. Since then, she does not miss the opportunity to clarify:

I never thought about the wedding. For me it is not important. The only reason to think about marriage - when I asked about it. I do not plan to have children in the near future, I am in a wonderful relationship, a lot of work, rest for me is not so important.

Faithful Do these words - time will tell.

Scarlett Johansson at the airport in Los Angeles