Jul 24, 2013

Selena Gomez celebrated his 21st birthday with alcohol ... but Justin Bieber!

Selena Gomez blew this week its 21 candles drinking shots of whiskey! However, her boyfriend - intermittently - Justin Bieber was not the party ...

It is major! Monday, Selena Gomez celebrated her 21th birthday, the age of majority in the United States. Beautiful and celebrated the event as it should be for the occasion by organizing an evening with friends, especially alongside the actress Ashley Benson, his partner in Spring Breakers. 

Interviewed yesterday on TV American, the young woman told you enjoy the pleasures of the majority drinking a few shots of whiskey Jack Daniels! "How much did you take?" Then asked the host amused. "I do not remember!" Replied the young woman, smiling. More than he seems. In fact, Selena Gomez admitted that he had a slight hangover the next day, it intends to continue the festivities this weekend ... "I'm having a birthday party this weekend but I've had dinner with my friends. The party will have a gypsy theme, I am very excited. We will have skirts, tattoos, and dancers belly will be present. This is a whole atmosphere, this should be fun, "she said. 

Monday, Selena Gomez has unveiled the first pictures of her birthday on Twitter and Instagram. One of the photographs showed the surprising cake young star surrounded by his friends. However, a guest seemed to be missing - and not least, Justin Bieber. The relationship between the two stars is ambiguous since a few days when she had said last week to a new relationship with the performer Baby, Selena Gomez is back on his statement a few days ago, claiming to be single .. . This turnaround explain why Justin Bieber has dried 21 spring its sweet!

Jennifer Lawrence got rid of her Oscar!

Finding no suitable place to have the Oscar she won a few months ago, Jennifer Lawrence decided ... to give it to his parents!

All actors - almost - in the world would dream to have one but Jennifer Lawrence, she chose to get rid of his Oscar! In an interview a few days ago in the U.S. show Access Hollywood, the actress, 22, won an Oscar in February for his role in the film Happiness Therapy, said she gave the precious statue to his parents. 

"My parents brought with them in Kentucky. It was weird to have with me in the sight of all," said Jennifer Lawrence. "When a person comes to me, I do not want this to be the only thing she remembers of his visit. I think it breaks a little energy," she said. 

Yet , before deciding to give his Oscar to his parents, Jennifer Lawrence had tried to have in all places of his house ... including the most incongruous. "I put it in the hallway near the bathroom and when my mother saw it, she told me! 'Enough, I embarked This should not be there", says the actress. For the record, the precious statuette is now safe and sound in the childhood home of Jennifer Lawrence, where it sits proudly on a piano. It's better!

Jungle name: fashion in exotic new rulers Motivi

Models from the summer line Motivi Bali Nature

Summer days in the city - it's not just the heat, dust and soot, but also an opportunity to satisfy your wardrobe with bright exotic palette of rich colors. To do this, designers have created a brand Motivi for "urban Amazons" just two lines of clothes, bursting with color and are able to turn their possessor into a beautiful tropical butterfly, a rare exotic bird or flower - Bali Nature and the Amazon River.

In addition, the creators fashion collections made sure that we will add colorful tunics, sundresses, shorts, pants and T-shirts decorated with embroideries of crystals and asymmetrical prints. For this ideal monochromatic objects tranquil natural syrups - khaki, white, sand, or "laundered" denim.

Democratic fashionable exotic - in new product lines Motivi

Miranda Kerr: 'My career has started slowly because I wanted to finish my studies before'

Against all odds, the top Miranda Kerr has admitted in an interview that he had never interested in fashion and modeling!

Life is full of hazards ... and random! And because we all have been repeatedly surprised by the turn that took our lives, just as Miranda Kerr! 

It was during an interview for the blog "Into The Gloss" that gorgeous girlfriend of Orlando Bloom has everything balanced. His debut in the modeling world has only been possible "cause" or "thanks" to a joke made by one of her friends: "When I was 13, a friend took me to register a modeling contest. She thought it would be fun, but I ended up winning. I do not even read fashion magazines, I was a tomboy, "she said. Miranda Kerr, a tomboy? We now have more than hard to believe ... Anyway, we'd all have this kind of friends who help us succeed in our professional life! 

However, Australia has the top head on his shoulders and does not allow himself to daydream. And because she then said, "My career has started slowly because I wanted to finish school and the training in nutrition that I followed but the modeling has become a good way for me to work with great people, of. express my creative side and travel. Now, it is a way to earn money to pay for the education of my son and a good way to talk to me to do things like run my own cosmetics line, Kora Organics, people can put a face to my name "

This interview was also the occasion for the beautiful nymph to explain how she manages to keep the body of this vine:." With modeling, c It's fun to see how people manage to change my face. When I do myself, I prefer to keep it simple. Good health is what interests me. I try to have a healthy home. I alkaline water filters on the taps in my kitchen and in my shower so that the water is purified and alkaline. I learned the benefits of alkaline on the body by studying nutrition, and there are many ways to do so, drinking alkaline water is one of them, as well as drinking green juice pressed cold, hot water with lemon and things like that. "

At the sight of his worldwide fame, we are confident that the good continues to thank his girlfriend a bit manipulative for this combination of circumstances ... which allowed him to get there!

Jennifer Lopez: the bomba latina celebrates 44 years today ... Hard to believe!

The international star celebrates 44 years and the least we can say is that it does not do at all!

Happy Birthday J.Lo! 

Indeed, bomba latina Jennifer Lopez celebrates today, Wednesday, July 24, its 44 spring ... The American star so advance slowly but surely towards the fifties, but the most interesting is that the actress and singer seems easily 10 years younger, if not 15! 

And because the As time passes, Jennifer only beautify themselves: not a wrinkle on the face, perfect figure, firm and full of curves, mane dream ... But how does she? It would give us almost want to have well under forty and very successful as she. 

Mom filled twins Max and Emme, J.Lo is a woman in love blossomed, who lives a great relationship with his old dancer Casper Smart, with whom she is in a relationship since autumn 2011. 

professional side, which recently just landed a star on the Walk of Fame is simply the top of the poster. She continues to prance topped the charts in terms of music, as evidenced by his last title success featurng with Pitbull, Live It Up. Contracts and showered in the world of cinema. What more?

Evening promenade Mila Kunis and Ashton Kutcher

Unlike the other star fans of fast food, Mila Kunis and Ashton Kutcher prefer to dine in the restaurant, but the dessert to complete the meal - frozen yogurt from a street cafe - not against it. Hollywood paparazzi caught a couple of the evening promenade on the streets of Chicago.

Lovers, which is rumored to have been getting ready for the wedding, did not appear in public together (although the tabloid photographers with more than compensated for this omission.) We may still be able to see a couple in full dress on the red carpet premiere of the new film Kutcher "Jobs", which goes to rent in August.

And Milla in September premiere awaits tape "Third Person", which The festival will be held in Toronto. Together with Kunis in the film about three love stories played Olivia Wilde, James Franco, Adrien Brody and Liam Nisson.

Diamond necklace authorship Elizabeth Taylor will be auctioned

Diamond necklace authorship Elizabeth Taylor will be auctioned

Tomorrow at Hotel Hermitage in Monte-Carlo Artcurial auction house to auction diamond necklace owned by Elizabeth Taylor in the design of which the actress was involved personally. Valuable lot different special story of creation.

Recall that a Hollywood star of the 1950s-1960s, Elizabeth Taylor won a place not only in the history of cinema, but also in the history of fashion, being well-known for his passion for jewels and showing impeccable taste in choosing them. Her personal collection includes more than 300 items of jewelry!

Over time fascination with precious stones and metals grew in their own business - in 2009 she became the mistress of a jewelry company in Los Angeles. Nezalogo before his death, the news of which thundered in 2011, the actress has designed necklace of white gold and diamonds with the suspension of orange-pink pear-cut diamond, 6.54 carat size and the name "Elizabeth" on the back. It is the creation of jewelry and will be looking for its new owner tomorrow. 

Dolce & Gabbana the fine of 400 million euros, 'We will not survive!'

Domenico Dolce and Stefano Gabbana said that, they may have to close his business. This decision designers will be forced to resort, if, due to enter a guilty verdict, according to which the duo will have to pay a fine of 400 million euros:
we close. We do not survive. 

Recall that the Court of Milan, Dolce & Gabbana was sentenced to a year and eight months in prison for tax evasion in the amount of one billion euros, and the falsification of documents. However, given the complexity and duration of the appeal process, the fashion designer is unlikely to have to sit in jail. And here is to pay the, no penalty, rather likely, will be is necessary to.

To a word, last week the Dolche and Gabbana on the three days of have suspended the activities of their of Milan's of boutiques, having designated thereby a protest against the statements of one out of of urban of officials, who spoke with a sharp criticism of duo's, and along with who declared, that the brand of do not should show the following clipart collection on a Week of of fashion.

Lisa Kudrow against reunion of 'Friends': 'I'm too old for this'

Lisa Kudrow as Phoebe in the TV series "Friends" 

Lisa Kudrow, who played Phoebe in the TV series "Friends" (Friends), said she did not want to reunite Heroes TV show - she says she's too old for this, but she did not wonder what happened to the characters 10 years later, when they became "adult and responsible":
I could care less what happened to them there. They have kids, they had a feeling of responsibility. You see, they have become completely different - and they ceased to be the most "Friends". Anyway, did I ever say that is interested in reuniting? 

However, supplements its response actress, she did agree to the shooting, if all members of the team - not just six actors (Jennifer Aniston, Matt LeBlanc, Courteney Cox, Matthew Perry and David Schwimmer), but the show's creators David Crane and Marta Kauffman - agree on this adventure.

By the way, colleagues Kudrow on the site - for example, Matt LeBlanc - and against new series about old friends:

I do not want to see old-Joey! Everyone has their own vision of how the characters have changed in that time, and that means not to avoid disappointment.

For her role as Phoebe said he doubted that the show "Friends" could "shoot", if it was removed in the 2010s.

Talk about the reunion of "Friends" began in April this year, when the network has information that the producers seriously contemplating the possibility. However, if the rumors were not confirmed. However, the hearts of true fans of the show continues to warm the idea that - maybe! - Favorite characters meet again on the screen. And would you want this? 

'The Vampire Diaries': Ian Somerhalder and Nina Dobrev in a promotional video of the fifth season

The Vampire Diaries: Ian Somerhalder and Nina Dobrev in a promotional video of the fifth season

The great news for all fans of the TV series "The Vampire Diaries" (The Vampire Diaries), who "squandered" Comic-Con this year: the network has a promotional video of the fifth season with Nina Dobrev, Ian Somerhalder and Paul Wesley, presented at the convention.

commercial will be useful to those who have not watched any of the series "Vampire Diaries", but eager to quickly get involved in the plot: a good half of the video is a brief educational program on the intricate relationship of the protagonist Elena (Dobrev) with two brothers, Stefan and Damon.

By the way, about the relationship. It seems that the former celebrity couple Somerhalder and Dobrev, and the truth is not telling the whole story, claiming that even after the break kept wonderful friendships and working relationships. Fully actors have demonstrated their ability to "make fun of the onetime" at the convention, when one of the fans wanted to start meeting with the heroine Nina, to which Ian replied with a smile:

     Leave me your number, I'll Sweda.

The fifth season of "The Vampire Diaries" will appear on the screens in the autumn of this year - the premiere will take place on October 10. 

 Ian Somerhalder and Nina Dobrev in a promotional video of the fifth season

 Ian Somerhalder and Nina Dobrev in a promotional video of the fifth season

 Ian Somerhalder and Nina Dobrev in a promotional video of the fifth season


Amanda Bynes was hospitalized in a psychiatric clinic

Amanda Bynes has outdone skandalistki Lindsay Lohan - the actress completed her antics hospitalization in a psychiatric clinic. This happened after the Monday evening fire in California Thousand Oaks County received a call about a local fire.

Along with firefighters arrived on the scene and the sheriff to find here Amanda. His attempts to ask the girl about the incident led to the decision to send her "the code 5150" - that is forcibly enter into a psychiatric hospital for up to 72 hours to determine her mental state. So in 2008 and came to Britney Spears when she locked herself in the bathroom with his son.

A few hours before the incident, the paparazzi took pictures of Amanda, dressed in a T-shirt, shale and white wig and make purchases at a local store and on the eve of her caught in Thousand Oaks at someone else's house. The girl called a taxi, but the reward indifferent to her person people swearing, saying that she had no money - so we had to call the police.

To say - Amanda Bynes problems began long ago. She was tried for drug use and run-in with the police, kicked out of the "Ritz" for smoking marijuana in the "Twitter" she made her real persecution of unwanted individuals, and now on stage - and a suspicion of arson.

What will be further Amanda's fate is anyone's guess. One thing is clear: the girl needs help, and the sooner - the better.

Natasha Henstridge: Canadian actress divorce after just two years of marriage!

The star of 38 years separated from her husband Darius Campbell

Canadian actress Natasha Henstridge divorce from her husband Darius Campbell after only two years of marriage, as confirmed by the Daily Mail. 

The star of 38 years, revealed by the film Mutant in 1995, married in California Valentine's Day in 2011, the former candidate of Pop Idol, aged 32, in the greatest secrecy and away from their friends and family. 

A source has revealed that the statuesque blonde decided to end their marriage and added that Darius had left the house they shared in Sherman Oaks, California, to live there with a friend. 

Darius Campbell has also himself night confirmed the break last night, telling the Daily Mail:.. "We have decided to divorce, and we ask you to respect our privacy at this time We filed divorce papers today it was a mutual decision. "

However, he did not wish to comment on why they split, but according to a friend of the couple, their finances would be for many. 

Natasha and Darius had said "yes" after seven years of relationship ... And at the very intimate ceremony, only the young son of Natasha, Tristan and Asher (born from a previous relationship) were present. 

The couple had met on a pedestrian crossing in 2004 , had married in the San Ysidro Ranch in Santa Barbara where former U.S. President John F. Kennedy spent his honeymoon with his wife Jackie in 1953, and where Vivien Leigh and Sir Laurence Olivier were also married in 1940.

Lady Gaga: unrecognizable with black hair, pale complexion and sparse eyebrows!

The Mother Monster has surprised his fans by revealing a rather dramatic picture of her and a personal message like that. Story!

After posing nude for V magazine a few days ago, Lady Gaga returned to the charge ... The provocative, she knows! It is on its official website that the American singer has posted a picture of herself without artifice, without makeup, in the most natural and the total result is somewhat scary. Taking profile, it is difficult to recognize at first glance in this picture. Black hair, pale complexion and sparse eyebrows, Lady Gaga shows her true colors. Follower of the change in appearance, the author of Born this way shows us, rightly, that she was born like that. 

But make no mistake, Lady Gaga goes well, it only prepares the promotion of his new album ARTPOP which should be in stores on November 11. Moreover, the film is accompanied by a personal message.. "ARTPOP while they tore the single of my bloody fingers It is a terrifying thing to revisit these things buried the pain of the past, but everything I found there is a passion. I thought I was destroyed inside. I'm just ready to fight. Turn the music. " 

Gaga, real war machine, has not said its last word and promises already a formidable album. Recall that the singer has raised nearly $ 80 million between June 2012 and June 2013, making it the richest star of his generation according to Forbes.

Shakira and Gerard Pique: canoe and sea fishing for their nature holidays in Hawaii!

They are 100% nature holidays that Shakira and Gerard Pique have chosen to offer at the end of July and it is in Hawaii as the famous couple decided to go.

Since they are together, they rarely paddled, except maybe in June when rumors evoked Gerard Pique had frequented prostitutes during the Confederations Cup held in Brazil. Far from the case, which seems never to have affected, Shakira and her Spanish boyfriend enjoying right now a few days of vacation in Hawaii. 

Used to be all year round in agitation, famous couple opted for a real break at the end of July. This is paddling in a canoe and fishing gear at sea and the Colombian singer and player of FC Barcelona were seen yesterday (Tuesday, 23 July). 

Mode nature with its mane " wild, "Shakira wore a tunic flashy orange hooks for this trip on Hawaiian waters. In front of his man, who wore her white shorts and bathing shirt, the star of 36 years did not seem frankly fascinated by this activity.

Beth Ditto: She has married his longtime girlfriend, Kristin Ogata!

Better late than never! Beth Ditto has announced a few hours ago on his Facebook group Gossip marrying Kristin Ogata last month at a ceremony in Hawaii.

Better late than never! Beth Ditto has announced a few hours ago on his Facebook group Gossip marrying Kristin Ogata last month at a ceremony in Hawaii. 

That is, they have finally said yes! Couples for very many years with his partner Kristin Ogata, Beth Ditto was married in June in Hawaii. It is the leading Gossip has itself announced the happy news on the Facebook group. 

"After a long wait, now that we returned home, after recovering from the madness and had time to enjoy our happiness, we are happy to share with you a photo of the wedding! Full of love and thanks to our families and friends who celebrated it with us! And a big thank you to Jean Paul Gaultier this dress dream come true! " Beth Ditto has posted his message accompanying a photo of the wedding that took place on 1 June in Hawaii. 

Very unconventional, she loves to enjoy life and never hid his homosexuality, Beth Ditto decided to dispense with the shoes on her wedding day. This is barefoot the American 32 year old singer said "yes" to the love of his life. 

In April, Jean-Paul Gauthier had told Europe 1 radio that he would draw the dress Wedding Beth Ditto. The stylist had confessed to the microphone Nikos Aliagas he would "prepare, among other things, the wedding dress Beth Ditto who is getting married soon in Hawaii."

Rihanna : concert in Lille, burst into tears on stage (Video)

This weekend, the superstar Rihanna was on stage in Lille, and literally burst into tears at the end of his show in front of thousands of fans. If these tears were like tears of joy, they hide a deeper wound?

While the world's eyes are on London since the birth of the boy Kate Middleton and Prince William, Rihanna continues her world tour quietly. It was Saturday July 20 stadium Mauroy Lille, to offer its 27,000 fans present a show that they will long remember. While her Diamonds World Tour is the target of harsh criticism mainly because of its many excesses like late diva who eventually annoy fans, Rihanna thanked the loyalty of its last on stage this weekend . This is the end of the show the young Barbadian cracked that exudes a few tears ...
"Thank you very much. I can not believe it. You make me so happy, and this is the only thing that matters to me. Being here and feel all this love, just as I felt my whole tour. The approach end of the tour and it's sad. I hate to say "goodbye." You have given me so much love in the room tonight. I love you! "
 Rihanna launched her fans after singing his famous hit "Stay." The ex Chris Brown is about to close its last tour, it seems, very hard to accept ... It is however rare to see Rihanna let her emotions show through, which may allow us to think that the end of his tour would not be the only reason for his dismay! The small protected Jay-Z recently separated from Chris Brown, she would feel a bit lonely?

Selena Gomez finally, she is no longer with Justin Bieber!

It makes us go crazy, Selena Gomez! After that it had restored a chance to Justin Bieber, the singer just said the opposite in an interview ...

But what plays Selena Gomez? A few days ago, the singer put an end to rumors of more insistent in saying it was a new relationship with Justin Bieber and she wanted to live this love in the open. "I learned to keep certain aspects of my private life, but I must not be afraid to live my life", explained Selena Gomez interview last week in The Observer. Only here. In another interview this time the presenter Ryan Seacrest and aired Sunday night on the American channel E!, The young woman has backtracked and now claims ... being single! 

"No," and simply responded Selena Gomez, when Ryan Seacrest asked her if she was in a relationship with Justin Bieber. One way to cover their tracks or the two lovebirds, who have experienced a chaotic relationship since the beginning of their history in 2011, they again broke? Mystery! Anyway, the singer, who just released his new album, Stars Dance, learned a lot from her relationship with the performer Baby. "I learned a lot [in attending Justin]. I learned that next time I will keep it more private. [Since the separation], I had my moments. It's funny to go to some holidays, and it's funny to meet people, "said the singer, who celebrated his 21st birthday yesterday. 

What she says, Selena Gomez is still a little sensitive when pulled too much about Justin Bieber rope. Just yesterday, the actress Spring Breakers has indeed ended a phone interview on American radio after a question about his ex ...

Jennifer Aniston: relaxed arrival on the set of his film, the actress warmly greets his fans!

What this star Jennifer! Yesterday afternoon, the actress has been welcomed as a true queen on the set of his latest film in New York!

It starts to become a habit! In recent days, the streets of New York are in turmoil. Many are curious to stop at the scene of the shooting Squirrels to the nuts to observe what happens and maybe have the chance to meet some cast members! Yesterday afternoon (Tuesday, July 23), fans of Jennifer Aniston had the chance to see a few minutes. Moved by the reception, actress 44 years has long welcomed on his way, while she went into the dressing room to prepare.

Primed with denim shorts and a purple shirt on his arrival, the Friends star was wearing a panama hat and covered his nose favorite Aviator. Visibly delighted all the attention, she sent many smiles to passersby as she discussed with colleagues. Moments later, Jen was again photographed with her brunette wig and was quick to don the black dress in which she had been seen. A daily ritual that does not seem tired, on the contrary! Once in the skin of her character, she joined her co-star Owen Wilson, who was only a few blocks. A duo that promises to spark!