Jul 23, 2013

Prince William, his wife Kate and their son out of the hospital

The Prince of Cambridge born yesterday has been officially presented to the world in his hospital discharge.

f the wait for the birth of the Royal Baby was endless, it's just a little more than 24 hours after his birth as the new heir to the throne of England made its first public appearance.

To 6:30 p.m. local time, Clarence House announced that "the Duke, Duchess of Cambridge and their son would return home at Kensington Palace" very soon. And indeed, at 7:15 p.m., Prince William and Kate have come out with their son to St Mary's Hospital where Kate had given birth the day before. 

The young mother wearing a blue dress Jenny Packham was the new- baby in her arms while she praised the many people who came to know his son. William also took the baby in his arms before answering some questions from the press, "This is such a special moment. Our son has the lips of his mother and he has a good pair of lungs" in particular said the proud father who said they were still trying to get him a name. 

The couple then went to get a car seat before leaving, William at the wheel, to Kensington Palace. Their families will be there to welcome them, including Queen Elizabeth II, who is looking forward to meet his great-grand-son.

Master class from Cindy Crawford: five tips for beginners models

Star of the era of supermodels Cindy Crawford is in no hurry to leave the fashion Olympus and give way to the coming on the heels of young conquerors podium. The famous fashion model, however, does not skimp on the advice of those who dream of success in the fashion industry. In a recent interview with Cindy Crawford opened the five secrets of his success in the modeling craft:

Be professional!

I - an absolute professional. I think that's why I managed to go that far. It is necessary to begin with in order to make it a rule never to be late. At times I was very sad that some of the models - I will not name them - allow themselves to miss the shot, for example, five hours - and without any negative consequences for themselves.

Less phone chatter - more business.

When my career began, no cell phones. And that was a big plus! We personally met with the employers, had lunch together and discussed the details of shooting with art dealers, photographers, listened to them, learned many new things they have learned a lot along the way. Now everything is different - you just give the e-mail address. 

Do not be afraid to find their own way.

I decided that I want to take a chance, who won, and go their own way. Many of the girls were thinking about me is different, but this will have to face always. 

Be careful when you get in your car to a stranger

I do not consider myself to be fearless, but at a young age, we all make mistakes. I remember when I was about 21, I flew to Paris and got in the car to a stranger. At the same time I was sure that this man of my agency, and that he specifically came to aeroprot me, because he was holding a sign with my name. But on the way, when I started asking him questions, it appears that he does not know anything about where I'm heading.

I think someone just told him that I sit on the plane. I waited for the red traffic light and jumped out of the car. Later, when I watched the movie Liam Neeson's "Taken," remembered with horror this case, thinking that she could be in place of that unfortunate.

Additional advice from us - often inspired by the gorgeous pictures of Cindy Crawford! 

Selena Gomez: stop talking to him about Justin Bieber!

elena Gomez hung up on a reporter who asked a question about Justin Bieber yesterday. Dean Richards spoke of the small slips of the singer, which did not please the young singer.

Selena Gomez has ended an interview yesterday after a question about Justin Bieber.

Actress and singer celebrated his 21st birthday on Monday, but she still found time to talk with people reporter Dean Richards by phone. Justin and Selena have had their ups and downs since the beginning of their relationship in 2011, but during a recent interview with Ryan Seacrest, the beautiful brunette revealed that they were not really together anymore. If she seemed happy to discuss with the presenter and producer, it does not happen the same way with Dean Richards. "You are a close friend of Justin Bieber so to speak. Is there something that we do not understand about him?, He asked Selena Gomez. I mean, we heard story after another on her pretty outrageous behavior. "The question referred to the singer's recent slippages 19, who peed in a bucket in the kitchen of a restaurant, and spat in the face of a man at a party. The interpreter Come & Get It had looked completely stunned by the question and simply looked around wide-eyed, his broadcast on a big screen reaction. "What we did not pick up on it or what's missing? "Persisted the reporter. His question was not answered, the young star who just smiled looked embarrassed before cutting the conversation.

Selena Gomez seems to have forgotten his embarrassment quickly during the interview because she was all smiles a few hours later to celebrate his birthday. She wore a white top and shorts to go to Bagatelle restaurant in Los Angeles, accompanied by her partner in the film Spring Breakers Ashley Benson and many other friends. His birthday he was not actually miss the event of the day yesterday: the birth of the son of Prince William and Kate Middleton, with whom she now shares the same day. "This is unreal. We organize parties together for our birthdays! "Said laughing Selena Gomez Entertainment Tonight when asked what she thought of the fact of sharing her birthday with the royal baby.

Brad Pitt: a private jet for Angelina Jolie?

Brad Pitt dream to offer a private plane to his fiancée. According to Heat magazine, the two stars do not arrive to find the time to see.

Brad Pitt Will it offer a private jet to Angelina Jolie? While filming in the UK for his new film The Fury, the actor would be closer to his fiancée, who is currently working in Hawaii on his new film Unbroken.

The star would have found the solution its problems, soon offering Angelina Jolie a luxurious private jet. "He told her she could choose the plane and he would pay. They will be able to make trips to see and Angelina always wanted to cross the ocean in a private jet, "a source told the British magazine Heat.

If Brad Pitt wants to spoil his bride, he would however be vigilant on the price of the aircraft. Renovations to their castle in France would cost a very large sum, and the actor will consider a used private jet to cut spending.

Engaged since last year, Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie have been together since 2005. Many rumors continue to circulate about the future place of their marriage, which could ultimately be held in Hawaii. The actress would indeed pay tribute to her late mother, Marcheline Bertrand, organizing the ceremony on his favorite island.

Latter died of ovarian cancer in 2007, six years before the double mastectomy daughter. "Angie think it would be appropriate for them to hold the ceremony in Hawaii, during which she would wear the wedding dress of her mother, who in the 70s. They are surrounded by that of their children. It would be a private and very emotional ceremony, a source revealed earlier in the month. Angelina Hawaii evokes many memories of his mother and this is the only place Marcheline was truly happy. "

Parents of six children, Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie would also like to expand their family.

Marilyn Monroe in campaign funds for hair care

The image of Marilyn Monroe continues to inspire millions of fans around the world, not only in the rank of retro icons, but also the art facility to follow. Her platinum locks secured the actress is not only a place in the history books, but in the new advertising campaign of the American brand Sexy Hair, specializing in the production of means of hair care products.

As slogans, it was decided to use famous quotes actress dedicated beauty, for example:

In Hollywood, the dignity of women means much less than her hairdo. 

Company President Charles Hynes said Pitsch unexpected choice so:

image of Marilyn Monroe as her aphorisms, ideally suited for advertising brand products. We could not pick a better person!

How would sound very Marilyn Monroe comment on this matter, we, alas, we can only guess.

Ashley Benson: not really on top of glam, the actress appears in a quickdraw most unlikely!

But then she breathed as this weekend, Ashley Benson was spotted yesterday afternoon in the streets of Los Angeles, pulled mine and pink socks feet. A tough week early?

But then she breathed as this weekend, Ashley Benson was spotted yesterday afternoon in the streets of Los Angeles, pulled mine and pink socks feet. A tough week early?

For many fans, Ashley Benson is one of the sexiest women of her generation! Sublime, it has all the cards to become the next darling of American cinema and put everyone at his feet. However, until a certain limit ...

Yesterday afternoon (Monday July 22), the actress has displayed solo in the streets of West Hollywood. The least we can say is that it does not expect to see off the paparazzi! Regardless, the young 23 year old woman went to his gym class, which explains its improbable outfit of the day: undressed leggings and a gray t-shirt, Ashley did not even bother to 'putting on a pair of sneakers! At his feet, one can see instead a pretty pair of pink socks so mittens. Very good taste!

Leaving his car, it quickly found its way to sneak into the gym. Not really comfortable in her outfit, she pulling his shirt front. Something to hide perhaps?

Penelope Cruz and Javier Brady for the second time became parents

Not only is Katherine and Prince William became parents on Monday evening. Another star boy was born: it was reported that Penelope Cruz and Javier Bardem son. Our congratulations!

Child was born in a clinic in Madrid. In this case, Pe until recently continued to appear in public: for example, the other day she visited a music festival held in the city.

Recall that this is a stellar couple's second son - baby Leo was born in Los Angeles in 2011. Cruz and Bardem began dating in 2007 and got married - in 2010.

The new incarnation of Emma Stone, from blonde - a redhead

Stellar girlfriend "Spider-Man," Emma Stone has changed her hair again - this time it is not only good-bye to golden Blondeau, opting for a copper shade of hair, but with a length below the shoulders, the site of which is now - a mischievous quads.

The most observant blogger was superdude, first noticed reincarnation actress and reported that the debut of a new haircut Emma Stone took place at a jazz concert by Woody Allen in the French Antibes (maestro for the past 35 years playing the clarinet in the band Eddy Davis New Orleans Jazz Band, and get on his rare concerts is a big success).

Our heroine was not here by chance on the Cote d'Azur actress with Colin Firth starred in Woody Allen's new film, whose name is not disclosed.

Andrew Garfield , a novel which is rumored to have started at the site of the "New Spider-Man" also was beloved company at the event. He came to Emma Stone, right after film convention Comic-Con in San Diego.