Jul 22, 2013

Keep calm and carry on: THE ROYAL BABY IS HERE!

Finally! The first child of Prince William and Duchess of Cambridge was born!

Refreshing: Discover the first reactions!

A few minutes after the official announcement, Clarence House has added details on Twitter. "Her Royal Highness and her child will remain in the hospital that night The Queen, the Duke of Edinburgh, Prince of Wales, The Duchess of Cornwall , Prince Harry and their families have been informed and delighted. " According to a reporter from the Daily Mail, "the couple wanted to wait to make the announcement because he wanted to spend time alone with her baby and inform their families." And that's not all. "Contrary to custom, Prince William will spend the night in the hospital with his wife and their new baby, we hear more about him before tomorrow," she says 

Meanwhile, Prince Charles issued a statement: "My wife and I are overjoyed with the arrival of my first grandchild This is a very special moment for Catherine and William and us. are delighted to them the birth of their baby boy. Grandparenthood is a unique moment in life, as stated by many kind people in recent months. I am extremely proud and happy to be grandfather the first time and we look forward to seeing the child quickly "

Twitter, Prime Minister David Cameron also said." I am very happy with the birth of the son of the Duke and . Duchess The whole country will be in a party they will make wonderful parents "

On 22/07/13 at 21:43:.. This is the most anticipated baby summer just point the tip his nose: the latest addition to the Windsor family came to see the day at St Mary's Hospital, London
Indeed, Kate Middleton gave birth at the Royal Baby this afternoon in the presence her husband, Prince William, and surprise: it's a boy 

Born at 16h24 (local time), the baby weighs about 3.8 pounds. "His Royal Majesty and her child are doing well," said Buckingham Palace in an official statement. 

Admitted to the hospital this morning around 6am, Kate Middleton was surrounded by the best specialists to assist in childbirth. Prince William stood at his side, the shouldering for nearly ten hours to accommodate their little piece! The latter is immediately placed third in the order of succession to the throne, behind his father Prince Charles. 

Past two weeks, photographers and cameramen from around the world were on their heels outside the hospital, watching every day the arrival of Kate Middleton and her husband motherhood. 

We can not wait to know the name of the child! To remind the world had waited a week to know that William and a month of Charles! This may take a few days ... The 

paris on the future name of the baby are revived! In your opinion, what name should give Kate and William their son? 

In the meantime, congratulations to the happy parents!

Heidi Klum: still topless, she loves to show us her tits!

Heidi Klum and nudity is a story of love shared with Twitter and Instagram. On social networks, she likes to undress and show her perfect body.

It has become a real geek but highly sexy geek ... Heidi Klum continues to fuel his Twitter and Instagram photos accounts revealing a little privacy. Nudity? She seems to like it! Some time ago, it is her ass that she photographed and then her breasts. Today, the beautiful strikes again and proves it belongs together with his body. And speaking of pair, her breasts are still wanted to share. Topless in Bora Bora, the top German is not a nudist beach, no, she only enjoys the summer to show us her perfect body. Heidi is in harmony with herself, and her body is in harmony with nature to the point that it is a tree that has decided to embrace ... Funny idea but the shot is working. The bomb is completely fitting with the idyllic setting of French Polynesia. Planted in the middle of a lagoon, we rediscover her sexy curves. In this paradise Heidi, half angel, half-demon, yet found a way to talk about it but one wonders if this still vague exhibitionism will eventually pass it

Miley Cyrus launched in full promotional tour, she arrived in Germany completely crazy!

After the United States and England, Miley Cyrus now tackles Germany following his promotional tour. Mobbed by fans for its passage in the studios of Radio Planet located in Bad Vilbel, the American singer has proved completely crazy.

Of Miley Cyrus in all its glory! Rather wise during his visit to England, she remained several days in London is abuzz this morning with the birth of Kate Middleton, Miley Cyrus arrived in Germany today (Tuesday July 22). In Europe to promote her single We Can not Stop and the album to follow, American singer 20 years was eagerly awaited in Bad Vilbel where the studios of Radio Planet to whom she gave an interview.

acclaimed by fans upon his arrival, Miley has offered a festival grimaces from a window and in the studios of the German radio. The gams air in her tiny denim shorts that associated with a plaid shirt and a hat, the young American star wore a Chanel necklace around her neck. This jewel is it part of many purchases that Miley was made yesterday in the shop on Bond Street?

Kim Kardashian and Kris Jenner: they want to quit their reality show!

The news will disappoint many fans around the world, according to a close the Kardashian-Jenner clan, Kim and her mother would consider abandoning their famous reality. Curtain!

Since 2007, Kris Jenner and his family are the heroes of their own reality show, Keeping up with the Kardahsian. A big hit audience worldwide that even led to the creation of three spin-off! Through these programs, the whole family has ensured a very juicy profit future and now finds himself at the head of an estimated hundreds of millions of dollars empire! Will give wings ... 

However, some relatives, Kim and Kris Jenner would question more on the future of the show and would like to present to turn the page. A spring balance:.. "This was the largest franchise all time Kim and Kris want to finish their program in beauty, leaving in full glory rather than renew a variety of seasons and steam concept Furthermore, each following a long way ... They explore their new options and want to seize new opportunities, "we told the website Radar Online. 

After six long years to film every move of their lives, family seems to have been around the question: "They want to cut the cameras This is not too surprising." adds one. Indeed, now that Kim started his own family, and Kris runs to her talk show, one can easily understand their desire to move on. Meanwhile, the fans can rest assured that the family is still under contract until 2015 with the E!. The last two seasons should also report their whopping $ 40 million! "They are so good living they may never have to work in their lives," concludes the source.

'The Origins': The trailer of the spin-off 'The Vampire Diaries'

In October, the screens will spin-off series "The Vampire Diaries" - the project "The Origins" . As part of Comic-Con-2013, the premiere of the trailer for a new show featuring favorite characters.

Claus (the hero of "The Vampire Diaries" by Joseph Morgan) returns to the city he helped build a few centuries ago - New Orleans.

Telefilm, which is "an offshoot of stories" about vampires, will discuss the details of his stories, and the stories of other characters "Diaries" - Rebecca and Elijah. 

Jennifer Garner in a promotional video MaxMara

Rumors that Jennifer Garner will face MaxMara actively discussed back in April, and then came the first frame with the actress, and now - a promotional video from backstage, where the wife of Ben Affleck (who is rumored to be waiting for a fourth child) is accessories from the new fall collection.

feminine and elegant (something we are used to seeing her in sneakers but the free T-shirts!), Jen advertises glasses, bags and shoes of the new season, which designers offer to wear the classic, timeless coat and jackets.

According to the head of MaxMara Luigi Maramotti, the choice fell on Garner, because it is not just a "Covergirl", fashionistas and regular at social events - it has its own values ​​and interests:

It embodies the image of a woman MaxMara and reflects the concept of our company.

heroine campaign itself is convinced that the style of the brand really suits her, however, says the actress, these things will adorn any woman, because they are going to absolutely all ! 

A quarter century later: the full photo shoot Christy Turlington for Calvin Klein Underwear

Three days ago, was presented to the first frame of the new advertising campaign for Calvin Klein Underwear, where Christy Turlington shows a clothes line brand. Today, the network has a full photo session with the participation of 44-year-old supermodel.

Even when looking at pictures of authorship Mario Sorrenti is clear: mannequin, insanely popular in the 90's, does not intend to take the position of young colleagues. And now Christie boasts a perfect skin, gorgeous figure, elastic muscles and undisputed ability to work in a frame.

Course, you can have a long discussion on the topic of "photoshop" as the best anti-aging, but we suggest just enjoy the new frames with incomparable model. By the way, the first time Turlington appeared in the label's campaign in 1988, the year, and the fact that 25 years later, she was again invited to become a "body" of lingerie collection is really worth it! 

Miley Cyrus: it robs Chanel and gets into trouble!

As time passes and the singer of "Party in the USA" string of missteps. His latest craze? Appear on Twitter with his latest purchases overpriced. We knew that the star was a fan of Chanel but still ... By dint of doing too much, Miley risk of burning wings.

No more, place your bets! This is not a casino that the singer has dramatically raised her credit card but in a boutique luxury brand Chanel. So it is supposed to be in London to promote his latest single "We Can not Stop", Miley did find other things to do than to enrich her wardrobe nothing. So she went to 26 Old Bond Street in the British capital for a disproportionate shopping Sunday. Dressed in a black tank top and shorts of the same color, Miley was set terms for any "shopper". Beautiful Punk came out with the latest trends of the brand. So far all is going well or almost ... But it is not finished, once returned to his hotel, Miley has decided to share its latest acquisitions on Twitter that appear elongated in the middle of a dozen Chanel bags, open as if she was surprised to mouth have much around it. The American singer's good to add: "The damage is done." So we leave you to judge this attitude: Pretentious or not?

Chris Brown and Drake sued after violent fight at a club in New York, they finally won!

Attacked after their brawl occurred in June 2012 in a hip-hop club in New York, Drake and Chris Brown escaped a payment of $ 16 million claimed by a neighboring property.

Here are two that are doing well! Pursued by the Greenhouse club in New York right next to the WIP, where they clashed in June 2012 during a violent fight, Chris Brown and Drake will not have to pay him a penny of 16 million that the establishment demanded. 

Indeed, TMZ reports that a judge in New York dismissed the request Entertainment Enterprises, owner of Greenhouse, who blames both singers down attendance of the club who have bad reputation since their fight. Faced with declining revenues Grenhouse, Entertainment Enterprises had estimated that the damage caused was worth $ 16 million. 

Drake responded to the attack to justice, saying he was not responsible for how the media had handled the incident and that he had nothing to do with the deterioration of the image of Greenhouse. Justice is finally went in the direction of the Canadian singer. 

In June 2012, Drake and Chris Brown, and their entourage had injured several people during their fight at WIP New York, whose basketball French Tony Parker. The subject of their violent altercation was none other than their ex, Rihanna.

Penelope Cruz on the verge of giving birth, the Spanish actress does not hesitate a concert stirred at Madrid!


Hollywood star enjoyed a musical evening in Madrid yesterday ...

Everyone now knows, the Spanish actress Penelope Cruz is expecting her second child with husband Javier Bardem! 

A little toddler that should point the tip of his nose a few weeks to believe the huge belly now sported star already mother of a Leo! 

Penelope also revealed her baby bump well rounded, this Saturday, July 20 in Madrid, on the occasion of Asier Etxeandia concert, known for his role in the Spanish series Beni Un, dos , very. 

Small well fitting gray top, jeans, long jacket, the actress of 39 years was in casual mode to enjoy this beautiful evening held at the Price Circus Theater, with his man, who did a stint on stage, and his great friend the Iberian director Pedro Almodovar! 

imminent Childbirth? What do you think?

Bar Refaeli: fleshy and amateur bomb in Ibiza strong sensations!

On holiday in Ibiza for a few days, Bar Refaeli was yesterday offered a jet ski outing with her friends.

When Bar Refaeli on vacation in Ibiza, this is not for taking it easy. Arrival in this tourist paradise a few days ago, the Israeli top 28 dropped yesterday (Sunday July 21) XXL dresses to expose her nice body in a flashy two parts. 

Spotted on a yacht that 'she shares with her friends and their children, ex Leonardo DiCaprio has offered a ride on a jet-ski, a good deal of excitement as she likes. Once donned a lifejacket, Bar took possession of his horse seas she handled with dexterity, a moment of relaxation and adventure she particularly appreciated. 

Categorized in it forms, preventing for example, to the haute couture clan tops "pulpy" because the face of the underwear brand Passionata still takes care of his line. No question of drinking a soda full of sugar to drink, she will prefer to focus on the range "zero".