Jul 21, 2013

Irina Shayk: The top shows her chest XXL

Russian bombshell Irina Shayk shows her dream figure for an ultra-sexy swim!

Irina Shayk was spotted in Miami for a trip to the beach. Molded in a swimsuit coral, the beautiful nymph showed her mermaid silhouette ... 

 The top Russian not skimp at nothing to show off her curvaceous us ... So much so that the top of her two-piece does seem to have become a bit too small. Indeed, his chest seems to be ready to get the mail ... is her boyfriend Cristiano Ronaldo will be delighted! 

Anyway, it would think that the beautiful brunette has presto change her wardrobe before its forms become too plump for his underwear. 

In addition to having the perfect measurements, the Russian bomb displays a tan dream ... emerges perfectly with the colorful hue of her bikini.
After cooled in water that looked delicious, beauty rested in secluded and rays the sun on a lounger. And what do we discover? In addition to having a bikini top XXS, its forms are enhanced by a string ... but this is it reasonable? 

Irina Shayk continues to make headlines. Yesterday, the bomb was in the parade this particular brand Beach Bunny in New York where she was a sensation in tight dress.

Cara Delevingne knows how to party.

In the aftermath of a crazy night with her BFF Rihanna, Cara Delevingne gave the paparazzi a pale face and tired during a trip through the streets of the British capital!

the top was spotted yesterday with her BFF Rihanna. The two women were then on their way to a trendy London club. This duo starlet had to burst all night ... This would explain it ...

Radiant night ... but exhausted the day! It is a day of celebration that seems to leave a bitter taste in our British it-girl. Indeed, Cara seems to be much less fit .. or not at all! Complexion pale, nude makeup ... the top does not seem to have recovered from her crazy night! And yes Cara still has things to learn from his mentor. His girlfriend Rihanna is no stranger to crazy nights ... he'll have the Barbadian beauty tells his girlfriend how to get fresh air the party tomorrow! 

This is also a faded look that Cara offered us. She was flanked by a mottled probably flea shirt, a light blue skinny jeans and white sneakers ... After all, you should know that the top never raises uncomfortable held when not in photo shoot. Could it be his technique to compensate and breathe? 

In short, Cara and Rihanna, this is a story that works. While the two starlets appear very accomplices night is this time accompanied by Georgia May Jagger as the it-girl was walking. This is an infidelity that will not go unnoticed for long ... Riri risk of his anger, and it can hurt! 

Anyway, even though Cara knows how to play with singers, it does not mean forgetting that his real job is the modeling ... and it is primarily with the girls of her class she likes to be!

Robbie Williams: A lesbian kiss in her next video

British singer Robbie Williams has a surprise for her next hot clip: a long kiss between two women. The cast is on.

Always at war with Liam Gallagher, Robbie Williams is working hard to lay her new video, which illustrate a song he plays along with the rapper and songwriter Jake Emlyn. If, for the moment, many mysteries surrounding the video, we know already that it would stage a long kiss lesbian. In any case, it seems to suggest a cast revealed by The Sun. 

From the description, Robbie Williams is looking for two women aged 18 to 30, without weight restriction but must nevertheless have long hair. Then the information to remember is the following: "Two girls who are ready to embrace the highly time of a scene." Given the nature of the sequence, candidates are advised to bring a potential partner, the story is even more passionate kiss. The happy elected will be paid £ 50 a day, plus expenses covered. 

In the end, we will notice that once again, Robbie Williams will make an impression with his clip, which will be part participate in an album which Adele. He might be 39 years old, married (to Ayda Field) and even father of a little girl (Theodora Rose), it will never change the background ...

Russell Brand: her romance with her makeup artist becomes serious

Russell Brand chained amorous conquests while her makeup artist and friend for years was just under his nose. That appear together, the lovebirds seem to have realized that the friendship can turn into true love ...

Russell Brand was spotted last week kissing on the mouth a pretty brunette. But it turns out that this young woman is not unknown to the battalion. We can also see accompany the singer in most of his travels and for good reason, Nicola Schuller is none other than her makeup artist! Indeed, the young woman attended Russell Brand for her make-up and hair for nearly 10 years 

A source told Britain's The Sun newspaper:. "Nicola was the best friend of Russell for years. It was his shoulder to cry when he divorced Katy Perry and during her many breaks. " before adding: "She created the style for which he is so well known, her hair teased He owes him a lot.". The source also reveals that the two friends have become much closer in recent weeks: "But lately, there have been more ambiguous than a simple friendship The way they kiss in public speaks for itself. same. "

Russell Brand would he tired of dating? Last week, he also placed an advertisement on twitter where he asked his fans if they had a good plan for a vacation in East London mentioning Nicola. He also admitted to an English radio he could not stand celibacy: "I was talking to a friend yesterday and I thought 'Oh my God, I want a wife and a little place to live. matter how much I like to say that I am independent, ultimately, I would sit and watch TV with someone and just take her hand. "

Taylor Swift attacked on twitter

Taylor Swift suffered a personal attack on his physical by another Hollywood star Amanda Bynes!

Amanda Bynes and physical, it is a great love story. The young actress, obsessed with her appearance does not hesitate to attack people, politicians and even his own family! So, having said that Rihanna was ugly, she reiterated her remarks with the Obamas and his mother. But when Amanda Bynes falls for someone, she does know. For days, she tweeted her love for Drake. No later than yesterday, she tweeted: "Drake is beautiful" 

Today, however, the young woman was offended and attacked Taylor Swift.. His tweet said simply: "Taylor Swift has an ugly face it is not sexy". A tweet it is nevertheless quick to remove ... Why? The Swifties, absolute fans of Taylor Swift probably replicated against this attack. 

Indeed, Swifties sometimes show very strict with those who dare to touch their idol. Thus, they were able to make a T-shirt brand Abercrombie & Fitch marked disappear Trade: "More boyfriends TS". The big buzz however, has not scared the ready-to-wear Bad Kids Clothing comes to sell a tank top with the name of all the conquests of Taylor Swift. 

Faced with these little controversy, the singer with 31 million followers prefer not to react.

Ashley Benson: alongside a mysterious young man

Yesterday afternoon, Ashley Benson was spotted in downtown Los Angeles. Full ride, she is shown holding hands with a stranger. A message to us through perhaps?

Ashley Benson would she leave the single market? If we are to believe the latest photos released, it may well be yes! With regard to the actress, it is however better to be wary of appearances ... Yesterday afternoon (Saturday July 20), the young woman of 23 years was photographed alongside a charming stranger of tattooed from head to toe. The pair strolled hand in hand in the Hollywood area. Visibly pleased with his day, the starlet was displayed with big smiles to the paparazzi. Would it be a subliminal message? 

Primed a grunge black jeans and destroy at the knees, the pretty brunette has not dropped much of his eyes again don juan. At that time, the couple had just come out of the Roxy Theatre to listen to the concert Chord Overstreet. The first part of the Glee star was provided by a new talent of the American scene, Liam Horne

Miley Cyrus, Nicole Scherzinger and Pixie Geldof. A trio completely crossed!

Tremble, Rihanna and Cara Delevingne! Another group of girls scoured the evenings London this weekend.

If you believe the people, the best city to have fun during the summer is not but Saint-Tropez ... London! While Rihanna and Cara Delevingne were seen having fun in the Cirque du Soleil Club on the night of Friday to Saturday, a new group of girls went to the same place 24 hours later: it is Miley Cyrus, Nicole Scherzinger and Pixie Geldof. A trio as unlikely as crazy! 

Arrive a few days ago in England, the singer of 20 years wants to show the world that it has nothing of the little girl she was. One begins to understand the message given the photos, Miley and her friends did not drink that water! Fortunately for her, the alcohol consumption in Europe is not as limited in the United States. It is good to be promotional tour! 

Beside her, Nicole Scherzinger clearly looked tall. Single recently, the singer 35 years could count on the support of her friends to change ideas. A few meters from them, Pixie Geldof, not really known to be a very clean on her daughter, not followed. Undressed dark trousers, Bob's daughter had traces of white powder on the right leg. It came from a cooking class? We hope for her and her associates ...
In a mini jean shorts, Miley somewhat exposed its parts to camera lenses. Too busy trying to stand on his legs, We Can not Stop interpreter did not seem really molded into her outfit ... Back to 5am at his hotel, we hope she had a good night's sleep: she will need it!

Emma Roberts: his friends are afraid she will become the next Lindsay Lohan!

This is a comparison that is not a compliment! A few days after the arrest shock Emma Roberts, his friends are sounding the alarm ...

Emma Roberts she would be the next Lindsay Lohan?  the limit is not very far from being crossed. Indeed, the U.S. media reported that close to the actress 22 years are increasingly concerned about its recent actions. A few days ago, the young woman was arrested by police for assaulting her boyfriend, Evan Peters. Found a bloody nose, the actor of 26 years decided not to press charges against the woman he loves. After the case was unveiled at the big day, the couple was spotted on the streets of Los Angeles. In tears, Emma was consoled by Evan. But what happens exactly? 

His family said the actress leading a very bad way and headed down a slippery slope. For a year now, Emma foam evenings Los Angeles and frequents the wrong people. All have started after her breakup with Chord Overstreet, with whom she was out for several months. This separation would push to increase output in the clubs of the city, gradually surrounding people not very recommendable. Emma Oh no, not you! 

 friends of the star does not know how to go to help him because it refuses to recognize that it has changed behavior. Denial is such that it would have flatly refused to talk about his fight with Evan Peters, acting as if nothing had happened the evening of July 7. Completely overwhelmed, his relatives are afraid to see it finally sink.
It is hoped that the young woman will recover soon ...

Jennifer Lawrence: a shoot fire!

Jennifer Lawrence did not return. The actress did not think filming Hunger Games: The Blaze would end one day. Apparently the production team were constantly laughing. In this second part, currently in full promotion, Jennifer Lawrence found his acolytes of the first episode: Elizabeth Banks, Liam Hemsworth and Josh Hutcherson. The small band is so much fun on the set that does not look like work. "It's amazing that we were able to work, no professionalism," she tells MTV News at Comic-Con 2013 in San Diego. In this second part, the character of Katniss Everdeen not embodied Jennifer Lawrence is very close to Finnick Odair, played by Sam Claflin. This romance is as expected by fans as the actress. "Oh, yes. Me too. I am very anxious to see how I flirt on the screen, "says the young woman. The scenes were not unpleasant to shoot, since Sam Claflin have a mastery of seduction and might even give some advice ... "It's a good seducer, I guess. I do not know, she says. Everything was written for us. This is not the way to meet his wife? Someone comes and says'' Ok, that's what you going to say?''. "

Hunger Games: The Blaze is the only saga which works on Jennifer Lawrence. She recently shot for X-Men: Days Of Future Past. On this occasion, she would have seen her ex-boyfriend Nicholas Hoult, and reunions have taken a rather passionate twist ... "They started shooting in April as friends, and then one day they just started kissing, told there is little a source at Us Weekly. One thing led to another, they are put together. All his old feelings came back. And now they are indeed a couple. "

In January, it is a conflict of agenda that led to the split between Jennifer Lawrence and Nicholas Hoult.