Jul 19, 2013

Kristen Stewart : she called the new darling Robert Pattinson to ask for an explanation!

Kristen is pissed because one of it's one of her friends got her boyfriend!

Since Robert Pattinson console separation in the arms of the granddaughter of Elvis Presley, Riley Keough, Kristen Stewart sees red. It may be she who by his infidelities and SMS somewhat contentious Rupert Sanders is the cause of their separation but does not support her ex-boyfriend with another girl so ... especially since it is she who has presented 

And yes, the original Riley is a friend of Kristen: they met on the set of the film The Runaways. Hence the anger Kristen: it does not sting to the guys (even post-break) with friends! As a result, it no longer, the actress of 23 years called traitor and threw him that his behavior was "really cool." But according to information from Perez Hilton, it was not too upset Riley: between her friendship with Kristen and her budding love-story with Rob, the pretty redhead 24 year old did not seem to find the choice was hard to do! Damage, Kristen ...

Miley Cyrus spanking, she gives!

The provocation became her business. In London to promote his latest single "We Can not Stop", we do not know what fly has bitten yet but decided to spank.

With more than 12.79 million "followers", Miley Cyrus is followed worldwide and closely followed the same ... Her every move is watched, but she does not care, all that matters is that you speak to her, she is at the top of the poster. The former figurehead Disney has well and truly changed. His fairy tale, she decided to turn it into a completely crazy reality where she loves to be the edge of scandal. Limits? He came to pass. We saw her grow for the better and often for worse. As an adult, the young woman is still close to his fans and his Twitter feed often consists of photos. The latest? One can see Miley with Denika Bedrossian, her makeup artist and also friend. While yesterday morning star took a walkabout in the English capital, is found today alongside the famous Denika on the balcony of a building ... And you know what? She asked what the picture taken in the process of spanking. Language output, Miley has the seductive allure. Clearly, we can stop more ... The would be lost forever?

Kendall Jenner for Hubert's Lemonade...

California starlet appears in new photos in which she honors Hubert's Lemonade!

Contracts continue to rain around the lovely Kendall Jenner, who is indeed over his older sisters, Kourtney and Kim Kardashian ... klhoe 

And for good reason, as it was recently chosen to replace Irina Shayk as Egeria swimsuits Agua Bendita, and she has teamed up with a designer to launch her jewelry line with sister Kylie, Kendall continues with a role she knows well . 

Indeed, the budding starlet continues to work with the brand of lemonade Hubert's Lemonade, for which she was also shooting in last Wednesday (July 17)! 

Between two shootings Family reality show, Keeping Up With The Kardashians, Kendall was photographed having a good time at the poolside in a tiny blue sexy two-piece, with of course a lemonade Hubert's hand. She was then photographed on a red scooter. 

Poses alluring, angelic smile ... The 17 year old brunette knows how to charm the goal! I must say it runs in the family!

Pretty pictures that will definitely make you want to refresh yourself with a good frozen drink, just to the temperature Kendall quickly get down!

The flame is rekindled between Jennifer Lawrence and Nicholas Hoult!

The actress decided to give another chance to her ex, British actor Nicholas Hoult, whom she was separated in January ...

The two players were separated in January after two years of romance ... But during the filming of the latest installment in the X-Men saga, Days of Future Past, the two ex met and decided to give another chance, as confirmed by U.S. Weekly. 

"They started shooting in April as friends, and then one day they began to embrace" a source told the magazine. "One thing led to another, they rabibochés. All the old feelings resurfaced Jennifer. Now they are indeed together again." 

The Oscar-winning starlet 22 years and actor English 23 year old did they have reason to give another chance?

Milla Jovovich in a new advertising campaign

Kate Moss for Versace, Amber Valletta for Marc O'Polo, Christy Turlington for Calvin Klein, Carla Bruni for Bulgari - the list goes on, and it is clear that the famous top models to fully exercise authority in advertising campaigns this season. By queens gloss joined Milla Jovovich that showed a new collection of Marella.

Cooperation and the Italian brand Milla runs the first year: Actress and model is not only beautiful in advertising campaigns of the brand, but also uses her acting skills to promote the brand. So, in May of this year, Jovovich was the heroine fashion-performance, held at the International Exhibition of Modern Art in Venice.

Authors of new pictures - Inez van Lamsweerde and Matadin Vinud. The same creative tandem took a fresh advertising campaign with Miu Miu Adriana Lima, Georgia May Jagger and other zvzednymi models. We are confident that the new work of photographers will take its rightful place in the glossy pages of this season. 

Jennifer Lopez at the Premios Juventud awards in Miami

While human rights advocates continue to criticize concert Jennifer Lopez, the singer that only manages to move from one scene to another. Last night, Jennifer spoke at the ceremony awards Premios Juventud, and at the same time received an honorary award "World icon".

Company on stage was singer Pitbull - musicians performed a medley of joint megahit. Also this evening the audience entertained Ricky Martin Lopez and ex-husband Marc Anthony, who, by the way, appeared at the ceremony with her new lover - 22-year-old Topshop heiress Chloe Green (according to rumors, the couple is getting ready for the wedding!).

Award Premios Juventud - an analogue of People's Choice Awards Spanish-speaking world, created by a popular broadcaster Univision. Awards are presented not only musicians, but also actors, athletes, members of the fashion world and other prominent cultural figures. 

Adam Levine gave Behati Prinsloo vintage ring on her engagement

As soon as news of the engagement of Maroon 5 frontman Adam Levine and Victoria's Secret model Behati Prinsloo, a celebrity couple has become the primary focus of the media and paparazzi. Total for the day Behati managed to occupy the two presentations of the native "angelic" brand, which proudly showed an engagement ring:

This ring was made in 1930. It is vintage, and Adam himself had chosen him.

No less romantic proved itself a marriage proposal:
I'm so excited and happy, and still can not believe it's true! It was a classic proposal - he got down on one knee. And he called my father!

But declined to discuss the wedding of model - according to her, they have not thought about what it would be:
We just enjoy the moment and celebrate it with our family and close.

the way, the happy groom while not giving any comments, but literally the next morning after the engagement was announced, the paparazzi caught the couple on the streets of New York to find out the details.

Instead of paints to describe their plans for the future, lovers slyly looked at each other and ran away: photographers have long pursued the star couple, shouting, "Do you really married?" but Behati and Adam was a real marathon, and panting paparazzi are left with nothing. 

Time has no power : Christy Turlington for Calvin Klein

Supermodel of the 90th and again prove that easily can beat the current stars podium. Last confirmation of this - the first frame of Calvin Klein ad campaign with Christy Turlington in the title role.

First time the model has become the "face" of the brand back in 1988, the year. But I must admit, to catch a significant difference between the images with a difference of 25 years - almost impossible.

The way, the 44-year-old Turlington has managed to light up in two campaigns of the new season - Prada and Jason Wu - which has demonstrated its splendid figure. But the black-and-white photo of authorship Mario Sorrenti leaves no doubt: the time has no power over Christie. 

Christy Turlington working with Calvin Klein for 25 years 

Christy Turlington in 2013

Nicholas Hoult and Jennifer Lawrence together again?

Jennifer Lawrence and Nicholas Hoult meet again? This rumor is being discussed in the press since the beginning of May, and the actors have to admit journalists regularly throw new "evidence".

Star first noticed a couple in a restaurant in Los Angeles. However, as later stated, "close sources", the meeting was only a friendly (they echoed itself Lawrence). But a new joint survey of the "X-Men" put everything in its place:

They launched a joint survey in April - as friends. But at some point, just started kissing. One after the other, and eventually they spent the night together. All her [Jennifer] old feelings came back. Now they are together again. 

Recall, Jennifer and Nicholas broke up in January of this year, after two years of relationship, because of "over-employment" - reported that the actors are tired balance between personal life and career. And this spring destiny (represented by Hollywood producers) again brought former lovers - on the set of the new part of the franchise of the mutants.

Couple regularly seen on walks together, lunch and dinner breaks between filming, and even at the races " Formula 1 ". A 13th July, one of the visitors to the local music store said that his ears had heard Jennifer shared with friends: "I'm in love again".

'Advisor': the first trailer with Cameron Diaz and Penelope Cruz

Cameron Diaz and Penelope Cruz in 'Counselor'

Following a short but exciting teaser, the network has the first trailer for the new film by Ridley Scott's "adviser", in which the main role performed by Michael Fassbender, Brad Pitt, Javier Bardem, Penelope Cruz and Cameron Diaz.

Recall, the plot of the film, a successful lawyer (Fassbender), preparing for the wedding of his beloved (Cruz), agree to a "small part-time job" that was in the old friend offers him (Pitt) and just something you need that to carry the United States from Mexico in the shipment of drugs worth $ 20 million.

in the Russian box office thriller "Counselor" will appear on November 14 this year. By the way, almost simultaneously with the "Advisor" on the screen (though only American) comes another film together Pitt and Fassbender - the drama "Twelve years of slavery." Russian release date this has not yet appointed.

Kate Moss has presented her collection of accessories for mobile phones

Kate Moss and fashion editor Lucy Yeomans
Today in London was closed presentation of a collection of mobile phone accessories from Kate Moss.

As said, the model itself, the phone for her - an integral part of the image. It is not surprising that, as a designer debut, she decided to create just fashion accessories for the gadgets:

I took an active part in the design of models and was happy to see how my ideas come to life and become a new product. 

The collection turned a modest (only a few covers for the phone and one - for a tablet) and performed exclusively in the beloved Kate color - black. Just a couple of weeks of the first supermodels designer creations for Carphone Warehouse will be sold across the country.

Vanessa Hudgens : London bye-bye ... starlet flew to Italy where it is still displayed more stunning!

Actress U.S. continues to shine for the promotion of his new film ...

Vanessa Hudgens at his hotel in Ischia, Italy

After a promotional visit to London, American actress Vanessa Hudgens flew to Italy yesterday (Thursday July 18) in order to continue promoting his new film, The Frozen Ground (Suspect), in which she shares notably starred with Nicolas Cage. 

This thriller directed by Scott Walker will indeed be presented at the Ischia Film Festival being held and where Vanessa would wreak havoc on the red carpet! Moreover 

are soon arrived on the tiny Italian island in the Tyrrhenian Sea, north of the Gulf of Naples, the brunette of 24 years caused a sensation ... In chic with a long skirt and a crop top to take up residence in his hotel bohemian fashion, the beautiful was chewable, but did not hesitate to hit harder by transforming the evening. 

In Indeed, we put Vanessa eyeful at the gala dinner of Ischia Global Festival, where she appeared divine and immaculate, wearing a trendy all signed Catherine Malandrino, still and always a crop top and a high-waisted pencil skirt, all worn with sandals and a bag Giuseppe Zanotti. 

the top so to party through the night with among others, director Joel Schumacher and Eli Roth and Pascal Vicedomini, to name a few producers.