Jul 18, 2013

Rihanna ultra-sexy in her white transparent and held in streets Birmingham

Riri has a knack for making sexy no matter what outfit and it just made the new evidence ...

While in Birmingham for a concert at the LG Arena (yes, the same scene where she had hit a fan with his microphone on June 17) the singer who just dye their hair gray chose a white dress for walking in the streets of the English city. One might think that this virginal color provides a very wise look but when it comes to looks, the singer has the gift to spice things up: it is in a white dress, yes, but completely transparent (with sub white under-clothes, phew) that the small bomb Barbados has walked Thursday 

It was all white variety:. mini-shorts, T-shirt, sneakers and assorted small glasses but was not nearly as innocent as an angel! The art of giving a terribly sexy look an innocent color ...

Miranda Kerr : highly anticipated and always fresh upon arrival in Japan!

Passage to Japan for a shoot, the top Australian was quite dapper as he left the plane.

It is in front of a crowd of young fans very excited that Miranda Kerr has landed July 18 at Narita International Airport in Japan. And admirers of the former Victoria's Secret Angel were not disappointed: even after several hours of flight, the top which maintains its sublime silhouette doing yoga was always dapper 

Dressed in! a long orange dress with a killer cleavage, stilettos spotted an it-bag and blue sunglasses for the starlet side spree, Australian 30-year-old was radiant. 

Passing in Japan shoot the new ad for the American leather goods brand Samantha Thavasa with which it collaborates in time for a collection called Samantha Thavasa X X Kawai Art, the beloved Orlando Bloom immediately set the tone: this girl is a ray sun at all times!

Belgian monarchy resists scandals but lacks glamor

When King Albert II passes the baton to his son Philip, the Belgian royal family is a globally respected despite a series of recent scandals institution, but without creating craze.

While the world's eyes turned to London for the birth of the "royal baby", the abdication Sunday Belgian monarch and the enthronement of King Philip does not trigger a "monarchy-mania". 

The absence of the elite Sunday in Brussels disappoint the press. "It's a shame. No foreign guests, no pretty dresses," laments the Dutch Royalty magazine. 

The French public curiosity "has nothing to do with attachment to Monaco and the British royal family, who are a little to the royal families of France substitution, "said the chief editor of Paris Match, Olivier Royant.
To inflate sales must be" suspense, dreams, love, fairy tale, the drama ", or Belgium," there is not much emotion or exuberance, "notes Colombe Pringle, editor of the magazine" Viewpoint ".
A saleswoman established near the Grand Place in Brussels admits that he sold one hundred hit the first T-shirts" Albert "and a heart. 

And for their last outing in Flanders, King Albert and Queen Paola have been welcomed Wednesday by hundreds of supporters. 

"The monarchy has lost ground, especially among young people, which the judge outdated "says Michael Hammer, editor of the newspaper of the Belgian group Sudpresse. 

In times of economic crisis, the lifestyle of King Albert and several scandals have also made the most critical Belgians.

First there was the revelation of the existence of an alleged illegitimate daughter of the king, Delphine Boel. 

The youngest son of the king, Prince Laurent, was later quoted in a matter of misappropriation of the Navy, then pinned for trips to the nebulous goals in Libya and the Democratic Republic of Congo.
early 2013, the press revealed that the widow of King Baudouin, Queen Fabiola, created "private foundations." Suspected of wanting to avoid tax for the benefit of his nephews, it denies.
Prince cropped, depreciation lowered 

Yet apart from the side of Flemish independence, who dream of splitting the country, "the royal institution is not generally questioned," says Martine Dubuisson, the daily Le Soir. 

This is because the government finally begin upgrading that many claim. Prince Laurent was cropped, and the amount of government "grants" awarded to members of the royal family seriously downgraded.
Queen Fabiola has lost two thirds of its endowment, and Albert affect more than 923,000 euros once retired, against 11.5 million currently. 

In addition, the king and his family will have to pay the income tax and VAT. "This is the first time in the history of our country that the overall cost of the monarchy will fall," he assured the prime minister, Elio Di Rupo. 

A little aggressive tabloid press and some restraint, especially French side, due to the fear of undermining the country's existence by attacking the monarchy, also explain the moderate critics.
"hidden Vivons" 

Belgian sovereign n ' have never tried the "super-people" side What Kate and William's family or Monaco. "For them, it is rather + To live happy, live hidden +" said Martine Dubuisson. And it does not bother the Belgians, who respect the privacy of their leaders. 

If the future King Philip has made progress, particularly when many economic missions abroad, it will further improve its meaning communication, its weak point. The Palace has also started to develop its human dimension by getting late May to run the 20 km of Brussels in the middle of thousands of anonymous joggers.

Niall Horan of One Direction's 'Uncle!'

It was he himself who told us the good news ... You can now call him 'uncle'.

While One Direction are in New York for the "Take me home turn," Niall Horan decided a change of scenery and take the way home to find his new family enlarged. Thus in Ireland he went two days ago, eager to join his older brother Greg and his wife Denise. The young man is so close to his family that he wanted to wait in the waiting room during childbirth. Alongside his brother, he became impatient and once the baby is born ... Niall was in heaven! He assures: "This is the most beautiful baby that ever existed" 

It was on his Instagram account that the hunk wanted to congratulate the happy parents, but he especially liked. share the good news with his fans around the world, exclaiming: "! wohooo I have a nephew". Truly happy, it has unveiled the first picture of the child. Niall Horan already makes it a point of honor to take responsibility. He took care to carry the baby while holding his little head elevated. In her white mini quilt, this little one still does not know he is in the arms of one of the most ovationnées stars.

Reggie Bush and Lilit Avagyan: first output torque since they became parents!

On May 6, Reggie Bush and his girlfriend became parents of a baby Briseis. And after wading in layers for more than two months, the couple was offered a glamorous exit in Los Angeles last night.

Wednesday, July 17, the Nokia Theatre in Los Angeles hosted the ESPY, rewarding the best athletes of the year. The opportunity for the American football player Reggie Bush pose for photographers objectives, smiling. And handsome did not come alone on the red carpet. Was accompanied by his fiancée, Lilit Avagyan 

It was the first torque output since the birth of their daughter whose Biseis proud father recently shared the photo. The opportunity for the lovely Lilit show that two and a half months after giving birth, she had almost regained its line dancer! 

And when we know it has an uncanny resemblance to the ex Reggie, Kim Kardashian, can not help but draw a parallel with the darling Kanye West has also given birth recently and that, given the many pounds she had taken when she was pregnant, has certainly not regain her figure. Although a close told RadarOnline she had already melted ...

When you think Kimmie will she compete post-pregnancy body Lilit when she will take her first public outing with Kanye? Or the "lookalike" she exceeded "original" in terms of physics?

Nicki Minaj : she never misses an opportunity to show his booty!

It was on his Instagram account that the rapper has revealed, once again, his body.

Nicki Minaj did not hesitate one second to the canvas panic whenever she can. Onika Maraj, whose real name, fully accepts its ultra generous and sexy shapes and Pink Barbie proud she is, she proves once again that she loves stir ... jealousy. While in interviews, published in Marie Claire, diva gang "YMCMB" stated that "men want to be treated like dogs" ... To move on with this picture, it put them at bay! For women, she wanted to refer them this way: "You do not have to be a salo **, but there is nothing wrong with being from time to time." In short, his famous "booty" well arched and molded into a colorful one piece swimsuit, 
protected Lil Wayne gives us a profile photo to the pool, faraway look as if nothing stopped

Instead of the dominant gender, extravagant Nicki, who often repeats the word "bitch" 

(note: bitch in English) in his songs, there is nothing vulgar about this photo ... Instead, we find it rather stylish! Its summer look is perfectly trendy!

Stacy Keibler nie partagé avec George Clooney en raison de sa réticence à se marier

Not so long ago, it became known that George Clooney finally broke up with his girlfriend - Stacy Keibler. Press immediately began to feel sorry for an athlete - she, say, dreamed about family and children, while the main Hollywood bachelor in no hurry to tie the knot.

Stacy, however, hastened to deny the reports, saying that she in general, and marriage itself is not torn:

All my friends make fun of these rumors because they know that in this matter I am not like other women - I really do not hurry down the aisle.

Not so long ago, Kibler also reported that not too upset about a breakup with one of the most desirable men in the world (even George and older, we love him any, right?):

I am grateful to George for the last two years, but you know, I now have so many projects that I somehow have time to think about all this. It's time to move on.

Well, women held a sensible position. Or in the words of Stacy Keibler still sounds hurt?

'Rescue' : the first trailer with Kristen Bell

In January of this year, Kristen Bell (which, incidentally, celebrates 33rd birthday) introduced the movie "Rescue", which played a major role in the festival "Sundance". At the end of the month picture should come out in wide release, so the creators decided - it's time to show it to the trailer.

Main character of the film Lee - reporter, who gives up her life in New York and returned to his native small town. In search of lessons she opted for professional rescuer. Her desire to one much support - in fact it is almost 30 years old (or rather, 29), and it is not suitable for such a demanding job.

But Lee is not afraid to try it myself. And that's the way it is waiting for a new love (the young offender), support girlfriend (played by her daughter Mamie Gummer Meryl Streep) and a new understanding of itself. 

The Iron Lady: Julianne Moore in the lens of Helena Christensen

Supermodel and photographer Helena Christensen will be the author of a series of portraits of The Iron Girls for an exhibition organized by the Swedish brand Rika. Among the protagonists of the project - Helena herself, the actress Julianne Moore, model Dree Hemingway and other "iron lady".

Photographer Jane Carrey, who is also one of the sponsors of the exhibition and magazine contributor Rika, shared details of the project:

We are inspired by the amazing, strong, talented women - and in this project we are celebrating our heroines.

Of course, the desire to work with such amazing women in one project could not be realized easily. Coordinate the shooting in New York, Paris and London, and in a fairly short period of time - it was a real challenge. 
Today, the creators of the project presented a title shot with Julianne Moore, dressed in shorts and a T-shirt Iron Girl. The very same exhibition will open on July 18 in London.

Julianne Moore in a photo project of Helena Christensen, The Iron Girls
Self-portrait of Helena Christensen

Jessica Alba : Valerie Damidot not need to redo the decor of her office, she takes care of herself!

Businesswoman fully autonomous, Jessica Alba does not need to call Valerie Damidot when she redid the decor of his office. And yes, the American actress over herself!

A true end-to-train that never stops this Jessica Alba! Actress, businesswoman and mother, Jessica Alba is not the kind of woman who likes to take it and lead planplan existence. No, Jessica loves it when it moves.
While last time we talked about the beautiful California twig it showed us how much she had sweated sport, the actress of 32 years passed yesterday ( Wednesday, July 17) in fashion and home shopping. 

A head company The Honest Life, which offers organic and natural products, Jessica Alba has offices in Santa Monica. Wanting to make the workplace more comfortable, she went to do some shopping in Los Angeles in the store "Bed Bath and Beyond." Not looking at spending, businesswoman robbed the store but could count on the help of a staff to help him. 

Back in his office, Jessica asked one of his assistants who emptied it with his car and took many purchases into offices.

Nicole Richie : Following his Italian holiday!

For vacation, Nicole Richie took off towards Portofino. While we had seen in the city, this time she reveals her bikini ...

24 hours ago, the adopted daughter of Lionel Richie gilded the pill on a yacht! The boat, which took off, gave us the beautiful Mediterranean background ... But this is not what interested us! We discover, in the foreground this time, Nicole Richie a more tanned than the city and on the high seas, the cliché promises to make waves! His jersey? A banner snakeskin pattern. Nicole plays the reptile to the back of the boat! She poses and adopts the attitude "I do not look at the goal." 

Few hours later, finished playing starlets must assume its role as mom! Nicole Richie with her daughter Harlow, this time at the front of the boat, the film is very touching ... They are adorable! Mom must surely play tour guides ... Both look at the horizon and they seem captivated! 

Finally, the former best friend of Paris Hilton playing with his new girlfriend. They found a new game that is addictive! The winner will be the one who jumps the highest. Moreover, they "no longer able to stop" is Nicole who says!