Jul 16, 2013

Olivia Palermo : so cute in white, matching his dog

Olivia Palermo appeared radiant on the streets of New York on Tuesday, dressed in white, walking her adorable little dog!

We are used to see how the show before and after each show. Whether in New York, London, Milan and Paris, the model to delight each of its outputs through its tasteful. And it tastes good, we guarantee you, she keeps it even when it does not pose for photographers! Whether for a moment with her beloved, or just walking the dog, the beautiful 27 year old knows how to keep the class for any occasion 

She proved again on Tuesday while walking in the streets of New York, gams air, pristine place. Even in white dress, Olivia Palermo ensures its look. Because she did not choose a simple blouse but a dress trompe l'oeil. Look closely: the front, it looks like she has a shirt tied to his waist. But back in the pan with the tip of her outfit is amazingly simple, with a perfect fit! Even better: it is matched with her little dog trotting proudly at his side. If it is not pushing the detail away! 

To complete the look, there's only one pair of camel colored ballerina and a large tote chic wicker, and everything is done! Like what, no need to make tons to look like something

Alexa Chung : the it-girl is predicting the future in public!

Alexa Chung was spotted in New York in the making draw cards this weekend.

When you're a girl in sight, more than anyone, you want it to last! To find out, there are not 36,000 solutions and Alexa Chung has been tempted by a tarot session while walking in a park in New York this weekend. Quietly sitting on a stone bench, she appeared concentrated, very careful about his future! 

Remain she beautiful muse L'Oréal Professionnel many years? She will long his keen fashion sense that it has opened access to all front row parades? If you do not know what questions the model was able to ask the man in front of her, one imagines that the responses were quite positive! The young woman of 29 years did not in fact lost its relaxed by watching the speaker. 

Very comfortable, Alexa Chung wore any summer outfit in hippie mode. With its high waist denim shorts, his embroidered coat and leather sandals, the beauty who loves to show off her gams at its outputs, trying to stay on top, despite a new generation of girls very well attended, as Cara Delevingne.

Khloe Kardashian cheated : the face of the mistress of Lamar Odom is known!

While infidelity husband Khloe Kardashian has been revealed by Star magazine a few days ago, the first pictures of the master player of Basketball, just published.

Having been able to rejoice in the birth of her niece, North, daughter of Kim Kardashian and Kanye West in June, Khloe Kardashian learned the terrible news at the beginning of July. According to Star magazine, the husband of Khloe Kardashian would mistake for several months with Jennifer Richardson. This revelation would be at the origin of buggery lead the sport a few days ago and posted sadness Khloe Kardashian lately. 

However, we did not know the face of the young woman 29 years but it is now done! The Daily Mail published today photos for the first time. They were taken this weekend at the exit of a nightclub in Hollywood. Pretty brunette with green eyes, slender, Jennifer Richardson had developed its forms in a tight dress champagne color. We understand that she could seduce Lamar Odom! 

These pictures are likely to begin the desperate optimism of Khloe Kardashian posted on her Twitter account. She recently shared his confidence, even if the couple has had its ups and downs. Long before this story of adultery would have started in January 2012 and that Khloe Kardashian was informed by the Star, relations were strained between the actress and Lamar Odom. The reason: their difficulty in having a child. Lamar and Khloe will they overcome these events, in your opinion?

Courtney Stodden : the American bimbo 18 super hot for a romantic dinner with her husband!

When Courtney Stodden out romantic dinner with her husband of more than 50 years, Barbie Girl 100% plastic puts the package.

Shauna Sand has concurrent sacred in Los Angeles, and she's only 18! Bimbo very popular in California since she was elected "Revelation People on the Internet" in 2011, Courtney Stodden has gradually emerged as the new Pamela Anderson, the red swimsuit from lifeguard less.

Spotted on July 12 in West Hollywood with her husband that his age, Courtney Stodden more than three times has hosted a dinner in head-to-head with him Sunset Marquis. Very proud of his very young wife, Doug Hutchison is always a pleasure to show him.

Mini-super slinky red dress (it finally is not so far from the atmosphere Baywatch!) And perched on very high transparent wedges reminiscent of those worn by the strippers, Courtney Stodden has once again exhibited its excessive plastic Barbie doll. Filled with his chest XXL, she still has lately increased, Courtney has no incentive to walk too the chest before she could lose balance and topple over. Fortunately her beloved Doug is to retain

Paris Hilton filming bonus scenes for 'The bling ring'!

"The bling ring" was released in theaters in France on June 12. The Sofia Coppola film showcased a Paris Hilton rich and disproportionate in reality. The actress talks about the bimbo-shooting scenes for ... DVD bonus!

3,2,1 ... Action, it runs! Paris Hilton is back on the scenes of filming "The bling ring" but this time it is for the bonus DVD. In this film, Paris is other than itself: a full heir to the dressing which would have almost the dimensions of building. But very quickly, Paris is broken, it becomes the target of a youth who dreams of gold. Alongside Emma Watson, Paris Hilton is one of the emblematic figures of the feature film based on real events. The blonde wanted to know that it continues to play the wealthy and envied actress of a film orchestrated by the talented Sofia Coppola.

On his Instagram account, Paris has posted several pictures of herself live "at home" ... Understand live from Los Angeles. In the first photo, the actress shares with us his perfect hair. With its beautiful blond curls, she does not forget us start the look that kills, and she says: "I love my hair and make-up." She thanked her hairdresser, makeup anyway! Finally, the Hilton heiress posing sitting on a chair decorated with royal gold. On his throne, it takes on the air of bourgeois domination, the shifty eyes.

Kim Kardashian : She has already lost a lot of weight in her pregnancy!

Very low profile since the birth of her daughter North, Kim Kardashian has made no official appearance last month. A source reports yet have recently found, and tells how the young RadarOnline has already melted.

One month previously she gave birth to her daughter North, and still nothing ... No pictures of her or his baby girl. Determined to lose the pounds quickly she took during her pregnancy, Kim Kardashian does not want to show before his silhouette is refined. Maintaining daily suspense remaining hidden, Kim would nevertheless granted a release in California a few days ago, it would have made a trip with her daughter. 

RadarOnline reports that a source would spotted during his ballad and the girlfriend of Kanye West has already melted. "Kim is amazing, really. She has already lost a lot of weight in her pregnancy, was refined and luminous." 

Regarding the baby, Kim would have taken care to disclose the face of North. "Kim and her assistant placed a blanket over the car seat so that no North preview has." said the source who saw Kim.

Tired of hiding while Kanye West, he has already shown several times since his birth, Kim also wants to enjoy his life as a young mom and North outdoors. She do so without restraint that you can finally discover her and the baby.

Robert Downey Jr. will play Pinocchio in the movie Ben Stiller

What associations do you have with reference to Robert Downey Jr.? "Iron Man"? Or maybe Al deduction Sherlock Holmes? You'd be surprised, but now with the name of the actor will be connected one of the most popular children's fairy tales - Robert will play Pinocchio in a new picture of Ben Stiller.

Rather, Downey Jr. will play not only a wooden boy, but his creator - the carpenter Geppetto - in the new film adaptation of Carlo Collodi's fairy tale. The news with fans of the actor shared a writer and journalist Rich Johnston.

hasten to throw away all the rumors like, "Well, Robert draw anything with a computer": the filmmakers announced that they will not resort to the help of computer technology. Therefore, it is possible that Downey Jr. will voice the characters just tape.

Initially, the project was to lead the main storyteller of modern cinema Tim Burton, but he recently gave the director's chair Ben Stiller. According to rumors, the director insisted on changing it was Robert who prefer to work with Ben from the time of their joint project "Tropic Thunder".

Among the new details appear and changes in the plot outline: for example, a minor character in the book Geppetto the movie will play an important role, so that we can assess Robert in different perspectives and, most importantly, in all its glory.

By the way, recently tale of the adventures of Pinocchio enjoys high popularity in Hollywood. But not all projects fate is successful: for example, Guillermo del Toro had to postpone his puppet film indefinitely due to a disastrous hire of "Frankenweenie". 

Johnny Depp with children and Amber Heard in Tokyo

Johnny Depp continues to go all over the world as part of a promotional campaign of the film "The Lone Ranger" - and no one but his beloved Amber Heard. As we recall, the 27-year-old actress was accompanied by Johnny in Moscow, and today has arrived with him in Tokyo.

Obvious relationship star couple have every reason to be called serious, because love is not only travel together: the capital of Japan, they flew with children Depp. And while the star's father gave autographs to fans jubilant, Amber spent time with Lily-Rose and Jack.

Despite the fact that both the critics and the audience is pretty cool embraced western "The Lone Ranger", Mr. Depp does not even think despond : next year come two new films with his participation (including the musical "Into the woods" where he will play a fantastic Wolf), and in 2015 the actor reappears in the form of the inimitable Jack Sparrow. 

Princess Charlene is resting with friends on a yacht in Italy

Princess Charlene seems to be finally rid of the title of "sad princess", which at one time awarded her the press. And what kind of grief can there be when the wife of Prince Albert spends time with friends on a yacht, traveling to Italy?

Judging by the photos, the former swimmer decided to forget about a healthy way of life, but not for long - ending addictions, the princess once again demonstrated love for the sport, having made a few dizzying leaps from the deck of the boat.

While friends Charlene (not any of them are attributed to it in rugby fans Byron Kelleher?) evaluated its professional skills, we estimate the figure Our 35-year-old heroine, and along with her charming smile - what a pity that we so rarely see it on the official photographs.

Miranda Kerr has become the 'face' of the fall campaign Mango

Miranda Kerr returned to cooperation with Mango: the model has become the "face" of the fall campaign, trying on dress in a relaxed style casual.

As it turned out, in the role of "Mean Girls" in torn jeans and a blazer, a fashion model is no less convincing than in a sweet image of the "angel", dressed in a bikini.

Orlando Bloom's wife said that she liked shooting in New York City, the results of which are responsible for the famous Inez van Lamsweerde and Matadin Vinud:
I'm pretty that Inez and Vinud tried to make the photoshoot as natural and spontaneous. In addition, this approach reflects the spirit of the collection itself. The duo has done a fantastic job - as, indeed, always. 
While the network has only the first shot Kerr in the role of a girl brand, but, no doubt, a couple of days - and we'll see a dozen images, which, by the way, was inspired by the aesthetics of rock 'n' roll.