Jul 14, 2013

Rita Ora in bra and electric blue hair tips ... she plays the ultra-sexy!

It is thanks to an ultra-shifted slightly and causing the singer fired his audience during his last concert style!

When it comes to the show, Rita Ora is never the last. She likes to distinguish itself from its many competitors with a dress style chosen carefully. It is removing the top of the BFF Cara Delevingne has a musical quality service. There is no doubt that the singer is super-hot!

Rita Ora eventually get used to his quirky style ... and this is what also attracted Madonna and her daughter Lourdes. Egeria brand Material Girl, Rita remains a singer. It is on the British scene that ignited the assembly ...
And because the beautiful blonde wore a fun and quirky look. She removed the top and came in combined bra to a wide baggy pants type bicolor. Even more obvious that this outfit a bit challenging, beautiful is it dyed the tips of his hair lioness .. electric blue! Rita Ora does not do things by half ... and we love it!

must say that the look matches perfectly with the quirky nature of the beautiful. Faces of all kinds and small mistakes, Rita Ora gives us pleasure and also gives paparrazis who enjoy to capture the antics of the famous singer!

Charlene and Albert of Monaco

Princess fills the lens and appears more glamorous than ever for the finals of "Monte Carlo Million Dollar Super Four"!

The royal couple was present at the final of the Monte-Carlo Million Dollar Super Four. It is a smiling duo who attended this major social event! 

The couple was smiling ... but not fiery provided. Who says the royal couple said rather modest love. Indeed, it is rare or exceptional observe Charlene and Albert of Monaco to prove their love publicly. In the final of the Monte Carlo Million Dollar Super Four, the two lovebirds were present but no evidence of blatant love has leaked ... 

As usual, the prince wore a chic suit with a black jacket and white pants while the princess was absolutely exquisite. It is in a strapless asymmetrical dress and the powder pink color as the beautiful blonde was feeling. Very little makeup, it does not take much for Princess Charlene subjugates us. It is certain that the wife of Prince Albert was to attend this event. And because his father Michael Wittstock was in charge of organizing this competition unique boxing in Europe. 

Besides the presence of the couple's most prestigious, Adriana Karembeu and her new boyfriend, Andre Ohanian were also present for the final which allowed the winner to earn a million dollars ... and speaking duo, it is none other than Jean Paul Belmondo and Charles Gerard who did not fail to brighten the spirits of all this beautiful little world thanks to their perfectly tanned skin and smiles a bit malicious!

We must remember that boxing is an integral part of the Monegasque culture. 

This is an event that has finally had the time to meet deserves a day the royal couple whose morale seemed to be in good shape

Kate Middleton : the security measures at the hospital St Mary

The birth of Royal Baby can take place any minute and the other members of the hospital staff St Mary

The arrival of baby Kate and Prince William is imminent. For the mother gives birth in the most serene environment possible, she is currently staying at the St Mary's Hospital and more specifically in the "Lindo Wing", a VIP wing. William's wife occupies a comfortable suite and a medical staff at its disposal to prepare for the arrival of the baby. 

While the world wonders whether the future heir to the throne will be born today, Lyza Marie Felicia, an assistant radiologist to the London hospital confided to People magazine about the atmosphere in the establishment ".. Safety is really reinforced this wing now we must sign a register when we come and when we go out of the area"

According to Felicia, all staff sign the agreement confidentiality but everyone is very excited about the approach of the birth: "At each break, I ask everyone, 'Is it here yet?' It was about our favorite conversation last week. But we know that this is a royal baby so it is very important that everything is in the private sphere. "

Mohamed Bjell a hospital carriers the Lindo Wing also told People:. "They did not ask to change the way we work she came to her ultrasounds etc ... The whole team was very excited Some people expect that. they will have their photo taken with Kate and the baby. " According to him, the hospital management feels personally affected by the arrival of Kate Middleton and wanted to offer the best picture: "They cleaned the floor throughout the hospital, they all painted" .

Rihanna : the act of cellulite on the stage of T In The Park Festival!

A fter several Monte Carlo, Rihanna flew to Scotland. Present yesterday at the scene of T In The Park Festival, the siren of Barbados announced her cellulite. Riri she pays all its excesses?

Rihanna on stage at T In The Park Festival, Scotland

Bye bye Monte Carlo Hello Scotland! After spending several days on the Rock and taking advantage of all the delights it offers, parasailing, boutiques she discovered just wearing a swimsuit, Rihanna flew to Kinross where organized the T In The Park Festival. 

awaited by thousands of fans, Huey did not miss this appointment outdoors with his audience. In the cool in his black and yellow together and sneakers look perfect scene to lift the legs at will, but the limit of giving too much because she was not wearing panties underneath, Rihanna unveiled during his show of gams not always perfect. And yes, the siren of Barbados also has cellulite! A force to be too excessive, the pay ... Riri 

Still trash on stage, ex Chris Brown, surprise flirting with Formula 1 champion Lewis Hamilton when was in Monte Carlo, performed some of his latest hits including Diamonds and Stay, but older as Man Down. 

Discover an extract of providing Rihanna T In The Park Festival broadcast on BBC 3!

Beyoncé more and more involved with his little Blue Ivy, she reveals new shots of our family vacation!

Currently touring the U.S. with his Mrs. Carter Show World Tour, Beyoncé seems nostalgic holiday she spent with family. American diva has posted new unpublished photos on his Tumblr.

Beyoncé in heaven No, on vacation!

Beyoncé and natural family, it looks like this! Able to play to perfection divas, Beyoncé is one of the stars of many facets. When the American singer spends time with family, finished devices, natural premium.

While she is currently in the United States for the rest of his world tour, Mrs.. Carter Show World Tour, Queen Bey offer quite a few vacation days. As it is impossible, it is with a big dose of nostalgia that has recently posted new photographs of one of his last family getaways on his Tumblr.

Accompanied by several members of his clan, his little Blue Ivy course, but also her sister Solange, Beyonce opens the doors of his privacy. Photographed in a true piece of paradise, the star of 31 years poses with her doll which she reveals the face, it almost never does. Despite the small blur, pretty little face of Blue Ivy.

Always softer with her daughter is discovered, Beyoncé dropped the mask super star and appears as a mother hen. Moments of complicity We Crave ...


A moment of tenderness ..
It reveals just Blue Ivy ...
portrait !
Pretty swimsuit! Pretty swimsuit!
Too cute
Too many family holidays

Melissa McCarthy: 'The Heat' Earns Over $100 Million!

Melissa McCarthy is all smiles whereas waving to the cameras at LAX landing field on Sat (July 13) in la.

The 42-year-old comedic role player was catching a outward-bound flight out of the landing field.

It was recently declared that Melissa‘s latest film the warmth, also starring Sandra Bullock, has revamped $100 million at the box office. It grossed $13.4 million on weekday, making the entire earnings $111.8 million, per THR.

“I was like, [Sandra]‘s real mellow, isn’t she? then I discovered she was rocking a baby…I thought maybe she was a bit odd. now i do know that naturally, she’s not that quiet,” melissa recently shared to Yahoo. “Immediately, even in spite of everything that outlandishness, she lulled ME. She lulled ME into doing [the film]. We’re each reasonably weird therefore it appeared reasonably absolutely right.”