Jul 13, 2013

Selena Gomez : a pretty doll rock not always easy to approach!

Back to Los Angeles after a go and express return to Berlin to launch the NEO collection for Adidas, Selena Gomez was seen yesterday in a dance studio. No mood to be photographed, the singer played hide and seek with photographers.

If she wants to be on top for the start of his first solo tour, Selena Gomez is hard work! Expected on August 14 in Vancouver for the launch of the Stars Dance Tour, which passes the Zenith in Paris on September 5, Selena Gomez refines the show it will offer its fans. 

In bosseuse fashion yesterday (Friday July 12), the American singer focused on choreography. Seen in front of a dance studio in Los Angeles, the pretty brunette 20 years was not really willing to be photographed. In doll rock with its slim black, her boots and her top covered with small heads, which has decided to give a chance to Justin Bieber, but with conditions mode, used her handbag to play hide seek with the paparazzi who spotted.

In Berlin this week to present his collection for Adidas NEO, Selena Gomez does not stop these days. Although it is focused on his career, Selena can not forget Justin Bieber .. But no way to miss his first solo tour, his fans waiting around the corner.

Khloe Kardashian: morale still lowered, she still tries to keep his head high ...

Vexed since the revelations of an alleged former mistress of her husband Lamar Odom published in this week's Star, Khloe Kardashian trying, somehow, to deal with the scandal.

His life and torque come to know a terrible earthquake ... Completely destabilized since a woman told the Star how Lamar Odom has maintained an extramarital relationship for months with one of her friends, a charming brunette of 29 years, Khloe Kardashian is going to need a lot of time to recover from the earthquake. 

already seen the bottom before yesterday profile mode, the youngest of the famous Kardashian trio was obviously no better yesterday (Friday July 12). Photographed arriving at her stepfather Bruce Jenner, in his new villa in Malibu Khloe Kardashian was expected by her mother Kris on her new talk show. Sexy in her slinky little dress worn with pretty signed Louboutin heels, Khloe has offered no smile, but wearing a necklace with the initials "L" and "O" in reference to Lamar Odom. However, according to recent messages she posted on her Twitter account, she seems ready to fight and stand tall. 

"I am confident because I know who I am, what I did, and I love me for what I have become. Growing up is a wonderful thing. " Khloe was first posted before adding: "Do not live your life in remorse Accept your mistakes and give them to always apply your new knowledge to yourself..."

Are we to understand that Lamar was indeed wrong?

Jessica Biel plays groupies alongside Rita Ora concert Justin Timberlake at Wireless Festival!

On the guest list to occur Yahoo artists! Wireless Festival, Justin Timberlake did the show last night in London. Among the groupies came to see his wife Jessica Biel and British singer Rita Ora.

Groupies, he has, but his biggest fan is his wife! Always very discreet in its shadow not to steal the limelight, Jessica Biel did yesterday (Friday July 12) moving to the Olympic Stadium in London for Yahoo! Wireless Festival. On stage to perform his hits, new and old, Justin Timberlake did the show in front of his wife but also Rita Ora and Trey Songz who were alongside Jessica Biel.

Proud of her man, the actress American 31 had eyes only for him. While she has already seen happen in concert, she could not help but take pictures of him with his phone. A real fan of her husband!
the side of Rita Ora, not quite the same enthusiasm ... Certainly tired by short nights she doing now to work on his next album, the British singer did not seem to have fallen in love with Justin.

The concert took place Justin Timberlake a few hours after it unveiled a new called Take Back the Night song that announces the second volume of his album The 20/20 Experience.

Prince William flew to London to be present at birth Katherine

While Britain, and with it the whole world is watching the news from Buckingham Palace, blogger schinat reported that Prince William flew by helicopter from its base in London, where he is about to give birth Duchess Catherine.

William, an employee a captain in the Royal Air Force and feeling like a fish in the water at the controls of a helicopter, took leave, and hurried to his wife (in the press have written many times that this will happen as soon as gertsoginp into labor). According to the tabloid, the prince will be present during the delivery and support him and Catherine will also be my mother and sister of the Duchess - Carole and Pippa Middleton.

Estimated delivery date Catherine scheduled for today, July 13, but since Katherine decided give birth on their own, without resorting to Caesarean section, then to predict the exact date of birth can not no doctor.

Because of press attention, the couple deliberately not told which particular clinic will be born of their firstborn. There is even a version that instead of Catherine the hospital sent her twin - to divert attention, and she duchess arrive at the hospital incognito.

According to the information that came from journalists this week Catherine has twice come to the hospital for examination St Mary's in Paddington - of course, secretly. Most experts agree on the fact that the Duchess will deliver it to the clinic, where 31 years ago came to light her husband.

Wish you good health and strength of the expectant mother and looking forward to the news of the birth of first child of William and Catherine! 

Song Premiere: Justin Timberlake presented the Take Back the Night

Justin Timberlake

The other day, Justin Timberlake announced the release of the second part of the album, and now introduced her lead single titled Take Back the Night, which gave its name to the continuation of the plate.

In his microblog singer personally informed about the premiere of the song:

Why wait? # The2020Experience continues. Ladies and gentlemen, open your windows and turn the speakers on full blast! 
Justin, we are happy to follow your example and with blogger DobrayaGrust27 evaluate your new hit. And also remember: the official premiere of the plate Take Back the Night will be held on September 30.

Paris Jackson has finally left the hospital!

Interned at UCLA Medical Center, where his father died in 2009, several weeks after his suicide attempt, Paris Jackson left the hospital last Tuesday.

Paris Jackson is far from out of the woods, but it is on track ... Hospitalized urgently to hospital in Los Angeles on the night of 4 to 5 June last after his suicide attempt, the daughter of Michael Jackson was then transferred to UCLA Medical Center and placed under psychiatric supervision. Paris unfortunately very familiar with this hospital in Los Angeles because it is lower than his father died in June 2009. But good news, the 15 year old girl has finally left the hospital.

Paris Jackson is no longer at UCLA Medical Center last Tuesday. According to a source, she would have found a center finally ready to accept it. Because they were afraid of being attacked by the media if Paris was being treated at home, many rehab centers had refused to welcome Paris. 

Advised by doctors at UCLA Medical Center who followed the daughter of the King of Pop for weeks, Katherine Jackson, the grandmother and guardian of Paris and Debbie Rowe, the biological mother chose all the institution where she is now. No information has been provided on its location.

"The general feeling is that Paris is always a danger to herself." explains the source. "Katherine and Debbie both want to bring him the help she needs."

Justin Bieber: Selena Gomez, she wants children with him?

A strange video of Selena Gomez in Germany appeared on the net. In an interview, the interviewer asks the woman if she wants kids with Justin Bieber! What did she say?

We wondered yesterday why Selena Gomez is so attracted to Justin Bieber, but let's be honest, who would not? The two young men have lived a love story more touching for several years and it is not easy to turn the page after that. Selena Gomez presents the launch of its new collection for Adidas Neo, Germany. Beautiful took the opportunity to do some promo and was confronted with a strange question during an interview. The reporter asked if she wants kids with Justin Bieber! The reaction of Selena Gomez is simply adorable, and avoids as much as possible to respond.

imagine Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez have children together later?

Anyway, it seems that things are not totally finished between Selena Gomez and Justin Bieber. But again, all that matters is that they are both happy,

Lindsay Lohan: an exclusive interview with Oprah Winfrey

Lindsay Lohan entrust next month at the famous host. The actress will also be a short film, as confirmed by Entertainment Weekly.

Lindsay Lohan will give his first words to Oprah Winfrey right out of rehab. The presenter has signed an exclusive contract with the actress to make a documentary about his recovery. 

The young woman is currently treated in the hospital Cliffside Malibu, after being forced to compel a 90-day program for American justice. "The Oprah Winfrey Network will broadcast an exclusive interview with Oprah and Lindsay in August and eight episodes of a documentary in 2014 about the actress' representative confirmed the chain Entertainment Weekly. The cameras will follow the program the young woman in her daily life, as she "tries to rebuild his career while monitoring his health." 

Lindsay Lohan refused many projects in recent years, preferring to concentrate on his acting career. Sister Aliana, 19 years old, and her mother Dina, however, have had their own reality TV show in 2008. The actress has in turn made notable appearances in Anger Management and series Glee, as well as a biopic about Elizabeth Taylor, Liz & Dick. 

Lindsay Lohan pleaded no contest to driving facts dangerous and lying to authorities in connection with his car accident in June 2012 in Santa Monica. The star should come out of rehab on July 31, although his doctors advised him to stay an extra month. 

Lindsay Lohan celebrated this month its 27 years.

Miley Cyrus: skinny girl 100% cash!

After spending a few days in Canada with Liam Hemsworth, Miley Cyrus is back in Toluca Lake. It is with a look and attitude 100% cash she went shopping yesterday with her mom, Tish.

Miley Cyrus with her mom Tish in Toluca Lake

His reunion with Liam Hemsworth were short! Some few days in Alberta, Canada, where her fiance for the shooting of his new film, Cut Bank, Miley Cyrus is already back in California.

Spotted yesterday (Friday July 12) with her mom Tish for a trip to the supermarket group, Miley has posted a look for less cash. Molded in a skirt / top crop together with dollars printed, the American singer of 20 years has no more limits in fashion.

If it is already difficult to adhere to this look What about the shoes she wore with? Because it is today with a super skinny figure she loves to show off, miley would have done better to opt for a pair of sneakers a little thinner.

Constantly hanging on the telephone Miley has not really been a big help to her mother who finally had to fend for themselves to carry the packets. Nice shopping with Miley! Visibly annoyed to be followed by the paparazzi, she let them know with a nice middle finger

So how do you get her look?

Kim Kardashian and Kanye West: they move from home Kris Jenner!

Until the work of their huge house in Bel-Air are completed, Kim Kardashian and Kanye West had settled with Kris Jenner, a temporary solution that does not seem to suit them as young parents decided to move and rent another house.

Life with Mom and stepmother, it is but only one time ... Under the same roof as Kris Jenner since the birth of their daughter North, it was on June 15, Kim Kardashian and Kanye West have decided to take their distances. Indeed, RadarOnline reveals that young parents will soon move again. 

Being unable to live in their huge house in Bel-Air, which is still undergoing renovation, Kim and Kanye are going to have to wait before be able to settle permanently with their baby girl with Kim would like to finally show his face. The young mother could not live more hidden. It is in a rental house that the couple will take a few weeks. 

"Kim and Kanye have finally decided to move into a rented house temporarily. They should move in the next two weeks. This is a home that offers complete privacy, which is one of the great concerns of Kanye. safety system has been strengthened and Nori's room was equipped with cameras. " RadarOnline says a source.
"When it comes to the safety of Nori, Kanye is taking no chances. Kim had intruders in her in the past, so they do not want to leave them no chance. Kim wants everything to be perfect right away to their home even if it's just a rental. "

Kris Jenner Is not too upset that Kim and Kanye change home?

New clip of Willow Smith acknowledged too outspoken

Willow Smith in the movie Simmer Fling

This summer has already issued a "shock" for the young singer Willow Smith - she changed her hair style at first, but now presented to the public a new video for the song Summer Fling. Apparently, the singer's parents Will and Jada's daughter happy - but the new video angered other parents.

Claims simple reason: parents do not want their teenage children took over the images from the video Willow. Mothers and fathers did not like that in the music video 12-year-old Smith hugging and flirting with a guy (he's a much older), climbs into his arms and immodest dancing with his barely-dressed friends.

Drew criticism and a quote from a song that can be interpreted in two ways: 

We have somewhere a couple of months, but we still do it.

And other phrases like:

You're telling me that I'm the only one, and I say to you that all this is just for fun ... I want to lie to you in an embrace on the sand, and that it would never end ... 

However, not all perceived with hostility new clip Willow: singer defenders insist that the frame just the children play, they spend summer vacation with their peers, playing in the pool, firing water guns and jumping on the trampoline.

course, compared to the Miley Cyrus video clip young Willow seems genuinely innocent - and yet, as other people's children are growing fast ...