Jul 12, 2013

Naomi Campbell: nervous, butterflies in the stomach ... the top still did not trust her!

Naomi Campbell said many still feel nervous before marching ... This is a wild beauty that does not fail to stay humble!

From its 43 years, the top English has lost none of his youthful beauty ... and she has shown us during his appearance at the event organized by the foundation of tennis Novak Djokovic! 
Brushing impeccable, baby skin and killer smile, these were the attributes of shock did not fail to dazzle the paparazzi. And yet ... the main interest does not seem to hear it that way! 

It was during Paris Fashion Week that the tigress was chosen by Versace workshop to open the show. "There was a great atmosphere backstage and it was wonderful to work with people I've known for so long. This is always a great adrenaline rush just before stepping on the podium, but it was like if I went back to the house, in a place where I was surrounded by people I love. (...) I have a special relationship with Donatella Versace Gianni and I knew was there in spirit. " she told Grazia. 

Certainly Naomi Campbell is seen opening the doors of all the houses of French and international luxury. It is therefore not surprising that the beautiful African beauty compares the podium at his home. 

Anyway, the newly single top has no trouble to do. Although his relationship with Vlad ended with a failure, many suitors are willing to fight to see the arm of Naomi!

Ryan Gosling: he campaigned for the welfare of the pigs!

Because he loves animals, Ryan Gosling defends pigs in an article he himself wrote for the Canadian newspaper Globe and Mail.

Animals, it is his hobby. Owner of a dog named George, he is totally gaga, and he sometimes leaves Eva Mendes hand when shooting at the other end of the world, Ryan Gosling argues this time for another animal to four legged pig. 

In an article written by hunk Drive, and published in the Canadian newspaper Globe and Mail article, he takes his dog George for example, and compares his life to that of Canadian pigs. He says that just as pets, pigs also deserve to be treated well. 

"The relationship I have with George is not unique. Like me, countless Canadians share their homes and their lives with animals they consider family. (...) Pigs in their tiny cages suffer beyond anything you can imagine. they can not even turn for weeks, and their muscles and bones deteriorate. And these extremely sociable and intelligent animals go crazy because of this lack of social and psychological stimulation. " Ryan Gosling says. 

The actor of 32 years goes by imploring the National Council For The Care For Animals Livestock to take necessary measures to improve the living conditions of the pigs, who the right to a bit of "compassion". 

What Ryan joins Leonardo DiCaprio, engaged for Indian tigers to form the circle of handsome guys involved in the welfare of animals ...

Lady Gaga: new appearance without makeup ... Will it play it natural for her comeback!

After several months of convalescence, Lady Gaga is finally back ... Spotted yesterday morning in New York, the singer flew to Los Angeles where she organized a dinner to listen to his new album.

The comeback of the Mother Monster is indeed launched! Removed from the media frenzy for several months to recover from his hip surgery, Lady Gaga is back in the spotlight. She has just announced the release of his new album, ARTPOP, which will be released on November 11 at the same time an application. Lady Gaga Will they innovate by launching a new concept? 

Spotted yesterday morning (Thursday July 11) on the streets of New York in small skirt drinking, high heel and bra, she could hardly have gone unnoticed!, the singer of 27 years flew to the West Coast and Los Angeles, specifically the upscale neighborhood of Beverly Hills, where she was expected to hear his new album at a dinner very VIP. 

Photographed at the exit of the event, the star opted this time for a blonde wig while she was brown when she left New York. Just makeup, just with the foundation to appear with a light complexion against guests, Lady Gaga opted for a good dose of natural, she has often used us to make tons. Sexy in her metallic dress, she staked everything on the neckline. 

What do you think Lady Gaga with just a hint of makeup? Not so bad, right

Alyssa Milano: she swings on 'Charmed' and Shannen Doherty!

Currently in full promotion of his new series "Mistresses", Alyssa Milano has said in an interview on American television that his years "Charmed" have not always been roses, especially with Shannen Doherty with which the current is not always gone well.

Currently in full promotion of his new series "Mistresses", Alyssa Milano has said in an interview on American television that his years "Charmed" have not always been roses, especially with Shannen Doherty with which the current is not always gone well. 

They gave the impression of a trio welded to the TV, but behind the camera, the reality was quite different. Back on the small screen with the Mistresses series, broadcast on ABC was started in the United States, Alyssa Milano continues its promotion and a string of interviews. Invited last Tuesday on Andy Cohen's talk show tray What Happens Live, Alyssa is reviewed on its Charmed years, a period that has not always been obvious to her. 

"Holly (Marie Combs ed) and Shannen (Doherty ed) were friends for 10 years before the series began, so it was as if we were in high school. I hoped that when his thirties it would be a little different. " Alyssa explained before adding that she has never been to school since it was dedicated to her acting career. "I never went to college, I had a tutor on set but I think I would also like this." 

Asked about the departure of Shannen Doherty after only three years in Charmed, which embodied the character of Phoebe Halliwell did not hide have struggled to identify his partner location. "We never really found out what happened. I can tell you that we have three years touring with her and there were difficult days." 

Facing criticism Alyssa which nevertheless concedes that her role in Charmed was the best of her life and she learned a lot, Holly Marie Combs and Shannen Doherty were quick to react on Twitter. "Working on Charmed never had anything to do with school. It was a very important job for me and always will be" tweeted Holly. "Yes I agree, especially since it allowed me to help my family and pay for the health problems of my father, but to each his views and opinions." 

The tensions and disagreements are still very much there in witch hunters!

Kirsten Dunst and Garrett Hedlund: the brink of collapse?

The relationship between Kirsten Dunst and Garrett Hedlund seems to falter.the two stars have different visions of the couple.

Nothing goes between Kirsten Dunst and Garrett Hedlund! Together for two years, the couple had recently shot in the film On the Road. 

Things are complicated in recent weeks when the actor reportedly told his reluctance to the idea of ​​becoming a father. "Kirsten is trying to take over, but she is absolutely devastated, reported a source in the National Enquirer. The sad part is that it is desperate to become a mother, and she believed until recently that Garrett was on the same wavelength. But Garrett still wants to take his time. "Convinced of the 

want Garrett Hedlund have a family, Kirsten Dunst reportedly told his friends that the happy event was to soon. "Now it feels like a fool because she told all his relatives that they would get engaged and start a family. She is in love with Garrett and does not expect such a turnaround, "said the source. 

The mother of the actress also hoped that the couple is going to ring soon finger. The two women have discussed on numerous occasions last year the future dress for the ceremony, thinking Garrett in the role of husband. "Kirsten hopes that Garrett simply panicked at the time ... but his friends advised him to turn the page. None of them want her to suffer, "the source added. 

Kirsten Dunst will soon be showing The Two Faces of January.

'RED 2': Bruce Willis at the premiere in Los Angeles

Some call them the old guard of Hollywood, one of the world cinema elite, but in the meantime we welcome Bruce Willis, John Malkovich, Helen Mirren and Catherine Zeta-Jones at the premiere of "RED 2" in Los Angeles.

This was the golden cast of the new will play a retired CIA agents, and friends in the first part, Helen and Bruce, in the action comedy will continue to fight for life and death. And as we all know: the murders "old-robbers" are experts.

Filming the second part of the painting took place in London and Montreal, and the result of their labors crew yesterday introduced to American audiences. We look forward to arrival of Bruce and his team to Moscow and meet our guests until the premiere. 

Blake Jenner and Melissa Benoist: two Glee actors are engaged!

The couple wanted to move up a gear ... That is why they are now engaged!

Blake Jenner and Melissa Benoist will certainly have something new to sing! And because the two co-stars of Glee are officially engaged, as a source confirmed to Us Weekly.

A tool that has not yet been confirmed by representatives of the two players declined to comment on the personal lives of the couple ...

Blake, 20, plays the character of Lynn Ryder, in the famous musical of the FOX series. The young actor and singer had managed to get the role, beating 13 other contestants at the Glee Project 2012.
Melissa, 24, has joined the cast in the fourth season of the TV show and embodies Marley Rose " the new Rachel Berry. "

lovers have recently publicly acknowledged their relationship during a Twitter Chat with ET Canada last May. A conversation in which a fan asked Blake if the two co-stars had a relationship off the screen, and he responded with a simple "yep" and a smile.

Congratulations the happy engaged!

Ke$ha : grillée pair Harry Styles

'You're a ten in my eyes': Ke$ha flirts with Harry designs once turning up for Grimmy interview in thin prime and sheer stockings

Ke $ ha was horrified itself after declaring his love for Harry Styles at the microphone of a radio broadcast without realizing he listened.

The flashy singer told the admiration that it felt for the One Direction singer on numerous occasions. It is not indifferent to its charm, it did not hesitate to say during a radio interview this morning. "You know that I feel something for Harry Styles, it looks like a young Mick Jagger. It has a good mouth. It's true, I do not think especially perverse. I mean, I say it like that comes, she exclaimed in from the BBC Radio 1. I do not really know the qualities and defects Harry Styles ... but [I would put it] 10 out of 10. "

After his statement, was told Ke $ ha Harry Styles was secretly on the other end of the wire. "I'm really sorry. This is the shame, she lamented. You're a 10 to me. It's too weird! I'll kill you [Nick Grimshaw, DJ of the show]. "

Ke $ ha tried to lead the young singer in the field of drag. She asked him what his favorite color and was thrilled to discover that they both loved the green.
The American singer was then pleased to discover that they had both a sign of the Zodiac water, and the singer went on to say that it was convenient because he liked sushi. "Guess what, you're talking to the right bitch if you like fish," replied Ke $ ha.

Harry Styles finally hang up, leaving the singer mortified. She repeated that she would "kill" the DJ to have put in such a situation, fearing that it had ruined his chances with the singer of One Direction. "I do not like it, I just find it cute. I hate you, now he must take me for an idiot, "eventually regret Ke $ ha.

Ashton Kutcher and Mila Kunis at a concert in Chicago

Ashton Kutcher and Mila Kunis at a concert in Chicago Ashton Kutcher and Mila Kunis recently seldom seems publicly, however the paparazzi are not asleep this time: a few of "caught" at a concert in Chicago.

Lovers, tho' hid from the cameras, and to stay undetected  they may not - still, now, once the promotional campaign of the movie "Jobs: The Empire of temptation," during which the actor vie Steve Jobs, all the media attention centered on this pair.

the way, say, that youngsters (s - twenty nine, he was - 35) preparing for the marriage. it's hoped that their marriage is not upset Demi Moore - player seems to own finally recovered once breaking up with man, and latterly seems to be quite happy.

Rihanna: the first frame for flavor Rouge

Rihanna is now actively traveling with a tour tour (although not without incident), and in the network, meanwhile, got the first shot the campaign with its participation.

Barbados diva is launching a brand new fragrance known as rogue - the whole campaign we'll be in a position assessed only in september, and now the singer has shared the first advertising photos. This image, created by fashion lensman Mario Sorrenti, is incredibly totally different from the previous "fragrant" shoots the singer.

before United States on a black and white photograph seems pensive Rihanna - topless, only in a very light-weight shirt. Her skin is radiant, {and light-weight|and lightweight|and light-weight} hair light waves fall on your face.

Rea philosophically approached the new photograph shoot and explained that she puts in her picture:

People modification over time and evolve, and rogue in advertising, i might like to mirror the changes that characterize Pine Tree State these days. I created this perfume for each girl - and each mood, as a result of we have a tendency to all want to preserve their flavor from individualnost.Novy Riri (it has already have bottles Reb'l Fleur, Rebell and Nude by Rihanna) will contain notes of lemon , jasmine, rose, plum, patchouli, vanilla and musk, and have a charming aptitude East - a minimum of, so it sees the versatile singer.

Madonna: she plays the cool mom with Lourdes!

The Queen of pop, attempting to be an honest friend. picture with Lourdes, her daughter, she proves once more that she has lost none of its luster however mostly ... it's hype!

From its fifty four years, the mother display a photograph together with her female offspring Lourdes Leon at the July 4th celebration, yankee holiday. reasonably makeover, Madonna discharged the black high and downright trend flocked hat Vogue ... tiny (or rather large) jumped back twenty three years of history have U.S.A. perceive that it takes almost time passes. it absolutely was in 1990 that the tube of the same name came out, sold over 8 million copies. suffice to say that the star hates that he steals the show and may be seen clearly on his head. She takes her very little touch of madness and delusions of lassie. Whatever, mother and female offspring still seem complicit. mum adulescente might sound embarrassing, but this is not the case since this is Lola, as she is nicknamed, World Health Organization denote this image on his blog weekday "Material Girl". All indications ar that these two became smart friends. Madonna does not forget the little kiss ... does not it cute?

'From hell': new trailer for Christian Bale and Zoe Saldana

After removing the costume tender, Christian Bale has not ceased to be in demand within the show. currently within the thick of shooting the film "American stuff" along with his participation, and getting ready to unleash a tape "from hell" within which he got the leading role. initial trailer - already within the network.

The film takes place in 1986 within the state of Hoosier State. The plot revolves around 2 brothers - Russell (Bale) and Rodney (played by Casey Affleck), UN agency sleep in economically-disadvantaged space. The brothers dream to interrupt out and have a more robust life. however the senior goes to jail, and also the youngest at the time related to a criminal gang that doesn't forgive mistakes.

Coming from jail, Russell becomes a alternative - to start out a replacement life or the primary revenge for his brother.

 within the film, which is able to be free on Nov twenty seven, additionally leading Zoe Saldana, Woody Harrelson, Willem Dafoe and Forest Whitaker