Jul 11, 2013

Kate Middleton pregnancy discover his favorite dish!

During pregnancy food cravings are changing and Kate Middleton just confessed his love for a vegetarian curry ...

Everyone has heard of the cravings of pregnant women. Duchess of Cambridge any kind, Kate Middleton is no escape! A source revealed to Us Weekly that Kate went on numerous occasions in an Indian restaurant in London: "The Duchess came several times to our curry before being married and after a few more times." His last visit was a few weeks and it would have taken away: "a vegetarian curry, rice and naan."

This dish is not officially sold in the restaurant but Kate felt the smell a few years ago and she became unconditional, especially during pregnancy.

So it surprises you that curry taste for Kate Middleton?

Justin Bieber: he apologizes to Bill Clinton!

While on a video you can see Justin Bieber urinate in a bucket and insulting Bill Clinton, the singer has decided to apologize ...

In recent days a video scandal: the Justin Bieber urinating in a bucket and screaming on a photo of Bill Clinton: "Fuck Bill Clinton!" Former president does not know offended by this video and even gave some advice to Justin inviting him to choose his friends and stay focused on what it can do and benefit the world. Faced with so much wisdom Justin could only bow and post the following message: ". @ Billclinton, thank you for taking the time Mr. President Your words mean a lot # mecgénial"You

think Justin will listen to Bill Clinton and refocus on the music?

Amanda Seyfried: still in love with her ex Dominic Cooper?

While they are no longer together for a long time, Amanda Seyfried says always have a lot of love for Dominic Cooper ...

Amanda Seyfried always love Dominic Cooper, her ex-boyfriend. She just said to her: "We love it will always be in my life regardless of what friends think his little future or future women I personally will never put me with a guy who can not bear my friendship.. with him. " But it broke his heart when she learned that he was unfaithful, "My heart is broken violently I was the kind of idiot who thought it was him and me for life and we were. involved in one another. "

Since Amanda's hard to turn the page and listen to you say that Dominic could return tomorrow in his life, it would fill the ...

Pink: never without her adorable daughter and her husband on his tour!

Currently in Australia for the rest of his Truth About Love Tour, Pink is not only went to the land of kangaroos but with husband Carey Hart and their daughter Willow with the American singer who was seen today in Melbourne.

Pink in Melbourne with her daughter Willow and her husband Carey Hart

She always said becoming a mother has changed her life. Addicted to her two year old daughter, Willow, Pink does not intend to spend a few days without it, especially on the other side of the world, which is why she chose to take him with her on her new tour, Truth About Love Tour. After touring Europe and the United States with its high-aerobatic show at the end of which she offers a small film featuring Willow, the 33 year old American singer is currently in Australia.

This is with his family Pink was spotted this morning (Thursday July 11) in Melbourne. A very good mood, which unveiled earlier this month the video for True Love, in which her play daughter and her husband, sent francs smiles for photographers who spotted. When she is in contact with his daughter, Mimi chewable with his headband rabbit ears, Pink becomes totally zen, as if nothing could be achieved. 

A when a second child for a new dose of happiness?

Kourtney Kardashian: small colorful and sexy shorts for a night out with friends with Scott Disick!

Captured by his life and his professional life mom, Kourtney Kardashian does not often an opportunity to spend time alone with her partner Scott Disick also regular mop. The couple was granted a trip with friends the day before yesterday in Calabasas

They are not a couple who love living on top of one another, far away, but it does not mean that Kourtney Kardashian and Scott Disick do not like. Regularly in conflict because Scott out too taste Kourtney who finds herself alone to care for their two children, Penelope and Mason, the two lovebirds are somehow keep their relationship.

Very rarely anything that both, Kourtney and Scott made an exception before yesterday (Tuesday, 9 July). Output without their toddlers in Calabasas, the eldest Kardashian sisters and dandy companion went first lunch at a Japanese restaurant before going to get a cool drink in Strabucks. Always very stylish, Kourtney went in casual mode for this trip as a couple. Top white light, small colored shorts and a pair of Converse low, the brunette of 34 years was mimi chewable.

He also relaxed version Scott, however, did not bother to show a sign of affection towards his beautiful. Had he lived now in two like a chore? Or is it just used to keep his distance Kourtney when out in public?

Premiere NEW clip Britney Spears 'Oh la la'

SPES present the clip for Britney Spears on track Oh la la, stavšij soundtrack to the cartoon Smurfik. Businesses of pop-princess in the video reached her sons - Sean Preston and Jayden..

The author of the musical project is the legendary Dr. Luke and his production team, which Brit owes many of her hits. 

The soundtrack, which included the single will be on sale for two days before the world premiere of the animated film - July 28. By the way, defiant Oh la la Spears - is not the only component of the expected soundtrack. His compositions with the "Smurfs 2" also shared Nelly Furtado, Owl City, and Right Said Fred. 

In anticipation of family screening, assess new video pop princess. 

What gave Victoria Beckham's birthday Harper?

Although Victoria Beckham and was not included in the top 50 influential celebrities on the Internet, that does not stop her to share details of their lives online.

Now Posh series of events: a week ago, they pointed to David 14th wedding anniversary and yesterday her daughter Harper Seven was two years old. Proud mother shared her joy with fans via Twitter and Instagram.

In Victoria there was a message on Twitter:

Thank you for your lovely messages. I can not believe that the little Harper now two years old! Song of the day ... Stevie Wonder.

Post was attached to the famous track record Isn't She Lovely, where the lyrical hero sings of his daughter, calling her a "beautiful creature of love".

Musical theme was continued when next tweet Victoria posted a song Bruno Mars - Treasure: the chorus featured the phrase "my dear, you are my golden star".

Closing of the day also was marked by Harper in Instagram Victoria published a photograph of her beloved daughter a gift - a pair of children's shoes British luxury brand Start-rite. Signature also explained the choice of shoes, decorated with "Union Jack":
We are so proud to be British!

Can only be happy for Harper, because, unlike the daughter of Beyonce and Jay-Z, while parents do not give her shoes with heels.

Shoes that Victoria Beckham gave Harper's birthday 

... et telle est sa fille Beyonce - Bleu Ivy

Princess Charlene will come only at the wedding of Princess Madeleine!

The guest list was published just days before the wedding of Princess Madeleine and Christopher O'Neill. What meets the eye: Princess Charlene of Monaco will go there ... but one.

On June 8, 2013 will be a very big day for Princess Madeleine who wants to formalize its love with Chris O'Neill, the American banker in marrying. Obviously monarchs from around the world will be expected to attend the ceremony. But as Madeleine - the youngest of the King of Sweden Carl XVI Gustaf and Queen Silvia girl - only happens in 4th position in the order of succession to the Swedish throne, it is expected that (compared to the wedding of Crown Princess Victoria in 2010), much less royalty go there.

Guests crowned

The Swedish daily Aftonbaldet yesterday unveiled the list of wedding guests. In addition to the already confirmed the presence of the Earl and Countess of Wessex, Crown Prince Haakon and Crown Princess Mette-Marit of Norway and the Danish crown couple there will be Princess Charlene of Monaco, Prince Paul and Princess Marie Chantal of Greece, Princess Theodora of Greece, Prince Philippos of Greece, Princess Bianca d'Aosta and her husband Count Gilberto, Prince and Princess d'Arenberg, Princess Khaliya Aga Khan, the Prince Manuel of Bavaria, Prince Leopold and Princess Ursula of Bavaria, Princess Takamado of Japan at the ceremony.

Charlene of Monaco will only

This has not escaped us: Charlene of Monaco will only, Prince Albert is not on the list. He had, too, Charlene made without a formal event: the coronation of Willem-Alexander on April 30. The media speculated for weeks about what is their family - some saying they would be cold - this could further amplify the rumors ... But it turns out that Prince Albert has already committed: the "Festival Television Monte Carlo "begins one day after the wedding and as Prince Albert is the sponsor of this event, it would be logical that attends.
For Madeleine and Chris O'Neill, regardless the number of crowned heads. This day will be the most beautiful of their lives. Madeleine - who had been engaged to a man who had disappointed - seems to have found happiness for good in the arms of the banker. They met in New York in 2010
Their wedding will take place in the afternoon and then dinner will be held in a place that is very much at heart the princess. Drottningholm Castle, residence Swedish kings where Madeleine grew.

The wedding dress

There is already speculation about the wedding dress that will the beautiful princess. For all those who are eager to see this dress: Valentino is "suspect" a number of designers, Italian appearing in effect on the guest list ..

Naomi Watts: 'pregnant' with pink curls

Naomi Watts: Old and new 

We used to see Naomi Watts in noble images of strong women - say, in the role of Princess Diana or a loving mother.

But suddenly the actress changed her image, and now in her wardrobe is dominated by short shorts, tank tops guipure, tight "pregnant" belly and leopard-print underwear. Oh yes, and the blond curls Naomi suddenly got dope in the form of soft pink Ombre.

All these changes are, fortunately, are not associated with middle-age crisis, are due to a new role: the actress is now busy on the set of tapes " Saint Vincent de Van Nuys "(St. Vincent de Van Nuys), where she will play a Russian prostitute discovers that she is pregnant.

That such diverse Naomi her on the shoulder and play princess, and" prostitute ".

But, before we estimate the change in the appearance of Naomi, we suggest to consider the first official poster biopic" Diana: A Love Story ", where the actress appears as a stylish wife of Prince Charles:

Naomi Watts in the image of Princess Diana: the first official poster 

In contrast: Naomi Watts on the set of "St. Vincent de Van Nuys"

Rihanna topped the top 50 influential celebrities in the internet


Internet has already become one of the most affordable and effective platforms for communication between the stars and their fans. Rihanna, Miley Cyrus, Justin Bieber and other celebrities will present the videos on the network, share fresh pictures and respond to complaints and compliments the fans.

Noting this trend, the web site has decided to identify the most influential stars in the network and made a rating of the 50 of the most famous active users. To do this, staff resources "prosherstili" accounts of about 150 celebrities in Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Google+ and YouTube, and noted digital victory of their respective owners.

The result was the rating of the 50 most active stars, with each celebrity were his services. For example, a page in FB Shakira became the record for the number of subscribers for bilingual account. A pop prince Justin Bieber was the most prolific of subscribers in "tweeted" (although, they say, half of them - fake).

Account of Kim Kardashian in the microblogging was the most expensive advertising platform: for one tweet reality TV star show takes 10,000 dollars, while it is basically advertises only those things, products or services enjoyed by itself.

And Miley Cyrus "beat" of all of its activity: the girl has time to post about 22 tweets per day. 

The final victory went to the Barbadian diva Rihanna, but what we find most impressive participants of "influential" Internet rating: 

Rihanna (1st place)

Justin Bieber (2nd place)

Lady Gaga (3rd place

Katy Perry (4th place)

Shakira (5th place)

Taylor Swift (6th place)

Britney Spears (7th place)

Lil Wayne (8th place)

Cristiano Ronaldo (9th)

Justin Timberlake (10th place)

Eminem (11th place)

Jennifer Lopez (17th place)

Beyonce (18th)

Chris Brown (22 seats)

Kim Kardashian (29th place)

Miley Cyrus (36th place)

Emma Watson (50th place)