Jul 8, 2013

Rita Ora: it appears topless and glamorous on the cover of GQ Magazine!

The singer Rita Ora has nothing to envy to Dita Von Teese. As surprising as it may seem, this is a pin-up look that we find the BFF Cara Delevingne!

Certainly, the topless hedges on a roll right now ... After Elle Macpherson and Alyssa Milano, Rita Ora did not hesitate to reveal it either somewhat intimacy in one of the British edition of GQ magazine ... and she sends heavy!

We are quite used to seeing her wear a wacky and quirky look, but here nay. The sublime English singer poses in a pinup look straight out of the 60s. Indeed, it is thanks to the lips dressed in a bloody red lipstick and a strong line of eyeliner that appears more glamorous than ever.

And the fair has also laid bare his feelings ... Indeed, in the pages of the August issue of the magazine, she did not hesitate to indulge in her relationship with her boyfriend, DJ Calvin Harris. "It's still early. I'm not in love. But I'm becoming" she told ... It is certain that the starlet 22 years trying to keep up ... And she was not wrong! However, when we see the recent photos of the two lovebirds we can only melt so they are cute ...

We wish happiness and longevity to this couple that seems to be on course to last!

Do you like this cover? What do you think of the couple formed by Rita Ora and Calvin Harris?

North West: first public appearance in the talk show Kris Jenner?

Kris Jenner's grandmother of the small North West would like to boost the hearings her talk show by bringing the baby on the set ...

July 15, Kris Jenner present his new talk show, and she has mastered his communication. Invited today, Monday, July 8th the Today Show, she made a funny promo hinting that her granddaughter North West could make an appearance, his first in the show! Kris said: "We'll have to wait and watch because I'm not sure what will really happen." When asked if North is the part she said: "I can not tell you that it does not happen I'll give you a hint:. You never know who will show up in the show!"

Knowing North West and Kris living with his parents since the birth of the baby, we say that the grandmother may well have convinced her daughter to come with her child doing the show. Is Kanye West leave the clan seize his little darling? Nothing is less certain ...

Kylie Jenner: la petite dernière the clan Kardashian-Jenner au top a bikini!

She may have only 15 years old and the smallest of the Kardashian-Jenner family, Kylie Jenner was also sacred assets not require it to proudly display on social networks.

No doubt, over the famous Kardashian sisters is guaranteed! While her big sister Kendall was able to break into the world of fashion and modeling, it is offered including coverage of Miss Vogue Australia, Kylie seems to follow the same path as its predecessor.

After the buzz late last week inviting her boyfriend Jaden Smith, the son of Will Smith, to come and celebrate Independence Day at his home in Malibu in the presence of his family, this is the time of social networks that 15 year old girl is talking about her yesterday. 

High to sisters who have always been accustomed to their luscious silhouette weapons of mass seduction, especially Kim, Kylie decided to do as they exposing themselves galore on his Twitter and Instagram accounts. Decked out in a little black bikini, young brunette unveils insurance swimsuit. Chest nicely curved, extra-flat stomach, and hand in the hair to give a little star bonus side, Kylie proves with these pictures she has also sacred assets. 

No matter of staying in the shadow of her sisters, she is desperate to get out of the game!

Taylor Swift: From new couple?

Taylor Swift is known for his celibacy indefinite. It would not be as permanent as that. The pretty blonde is a new relationship but with whom?

Taylor Swift admits that having a broken heart is a beautiful thing. The pretty blonde is known to be often single. She apparently changed his mind because it would be a new relationship. Taylor Swift threw a party in his huge house for the 4th of July. We thought there was only her dancers and members of his tour. And no, a guest of honor made his entrance Rhode Island after tweeted: "Next stop New England." Matthew Gray Gubler, Criminal Minds actor in the series, has spent the night with Taylor Swift. The two stars have each released their next two photos. We can see on each of them plays the same pattern of the American flag. The pretty blonde and the actor seem to be more than friends. We have no confirmation that they are a couple, but their photos are puzzling. Matthew Gray Gubler have wanted to make a declaration of love to the singer? He did not have long to resist its charm because Taylor Swift has proved super sexy for the U.S. national holiday.

His photos are they due to chance? Do you think Taylor Swift is in a relationship with Matthew Gray Gubler?

The photo Taylor Swift with the American flag:

aylor Swift has the same pattern on the cheek that the actor

Photo of Matthew Gray Gubler with the same pattern:

Matthew Gray Gubler would be the new boyfriend Taylor Swift

Zayn Malik: Perrie Edwards, he can not attend his birthday

Zayn Malik is full Take Me Home Tour with One Direction. This tour takes him a lot of time. Unfortunately, he can not attend the anniversary of Perrie Edwards.

Zayn Malik and Perrie Edwards spent a romantic afternoon on a boat in New York. Unfortunately, the singer will no longer offer small moments together before long. It is full Take Me Home Tour with One Direction. This tour takes a lot of time and it is difficult for him to be there for his family. As you all know, Wednesday is a big day for his girlfriend. This is the anniversary of Perrie Edwards, it will be 20 years old. 

The singer will surely get a lot of gifts, but the most important is not there. Zayn Malik can not attend his birthday. It will be in concert in Toronto. The beautiful may be comforted at a party with friends.

 The One Direction think very hard at it with his tattoo dedicated to him. Perrie Edwards comfort you looking loop Zayn Malik and sexy shirtless for a boxing workout. Are you sad that the singer can not attend the birthday of his girlfriend?

 Do you think Zayn Malik quickly find a way to catch up?

Prince Harry's ex-girlfriend got married

Photos from the wedding of Florence Brudenell-Bruce Devlin made Poppy 

While Prince Harry is preparing for the role of the uncle, and at the same time honing the skill of managing military air transport, his former passion - model Florence Brudenell-Bruce - played a magnificent wedding c multimillionaire Henry St. George.

Reported that the celebration took place in the south France, and among the guests of the ceremony was spotted model Poppy Delvin - in fact, it was she who shared in his "instagrame" image newlyweds.

Florence became the first girl Harry after his parting with "great love" Chelsea Davy. Roman beauties, models and young monarch lasted throughout the summer of 2011, but the couple broke up in August, it is reported that due to the unavailability of Prince for a serious relationship.

The winter of that same year, the popular leader and a close friend of the Brudenell-Bryuss Spencer Matthews said that the relationship between Florence and Harry are still the place to be - but the story did not find the continuation.

about the personal life of 28-year-old Prince of today there is no specific information: the last in the list of girls young Harry was listed model and aspiring actress Cressida Bonnet. Whether to continue their relationship and now - is not known

Do congratulated former lover Prince Harry?

Florence Brudenell-Bryuss at the races at Ascot in 2012, the year 

George Clooney broke up with Stacy Keibler after two years of relationship

Press repeatedly tried to separate George Clooney and Stacy Keibler, but this time it seems to be serious: it is reported that the couple broke up, still, after two years of romantic relationships.

Sources that we seem to know themselves better lovers, reported:

Stacy said it was over. She wants a normal family and children. And she knows how to look at it, George.They talked and decided to part ways, and this happened a few weeks nazad.

Izvestno also an actor and athlete was a mutual decision to end their romance, but it remained friends: 

They talk every day. They were friends before they started dating, and they will remain after the separation.

 Well, we wish the other pairs and come to a difficult decision with the same calmness and understanding, and Clooney himself - has found the woman he wants to see his wife

George Clooney and Stacy Keibler finally parted 

Kate Middleton : the title of her unborn child is known

Buckingham Palace has revealed what is the official title of first baby of Kate Middleton and Prince William. The Duchess of Cambridge is expecting this Saturday, July 13. 

Kate Middleton and Prince William are currently awaiting their first child which the Duchess of Cambridge should give birth Saturday, July 13. Buckingham Palace has now confirmed the official title of the unborn child of the Duke of Cambridge. It will thus be known as His Royal Highness the Prince and Princess of Cambridge. It is indeed still not known if Kate is pregnant with a boy or a girl. 

The child was born at St Mary's Hospital, Paddington in London, where Prince William was born in June 1982 . The announcement of the title of royal baby at all pleased when the inhabitants of the city of Cambridge, including the mayor, who was the first to comment on the news. "It is a great honor and I'm sure people will appreciate it greatly Cambridge, he said according to the British newspaper The Daily Mail. I find it good to maintain a close relationship with the royal family. I think anything that helps to Cambridge light is a good chance because we depend on tourism. "

Prince William was appointed Duke of Cambridge by his grandmother Queen Elizabeth II on her wedding day in 2011. Kate Middleton has meanwhile been made Duchess of Cambridge. If the couple has other children, they will be rewarded in the same headline as the eldest of the family. 

Photographers have already gathered outside the hospital waiting for the royal birth. To announce the birth of the child, Prince William had planned to tell his grandmother, the Queen, in a coded message. British Prime Minister David Cameron will also be one of the first to be notified of the arrival of the child. A sign placed on an easel is then placed outside Buckingham Palace, just as was the case during the birth of William. 

Baby Kate Middleton will soon have company since was announced that Zara Phillips, Prince William's cousin was pregnant with her first child with husband Mike Tindall.

Justin Bieber: the delight of his fans before any

Justin Bieber

Justin Bieber has been the delight of a fan yesterday who was waiting outside. The singer was given two free concerts according to the Twitter account of the young woman tickets. 

Justin Bieber is rather generous kind. The singer is currently touring North America with his Believe Tour. One of his admirers, whose name on Twitter is @ AhoyBieber, had the chance to meet his idol in the flesh. 

After waiting the hunk out after one of his concerts , it finally appeared. More than a simple autograph, the star also gave him two free tickets to one of his shows. "Because I wanted so much to see Justin, I waited all day, and I was ready to go back to my hotel when Justin went outside, the fan wrote on Twitter and whose message was picked up by the singer himself same. He told us, gave us food and gave us tickets! If you are determined and you never give up, anything can happen! (Sic) "

And obviously the chance result of luck, because Justin Bieber has personally responded to it on Twitter, as well as others, thanking them for their support. "Hey @ AhoyBieber, and @ @ heartbreakniall ashtonourry ... thank you for coming to say hi. I hope you enjoyed the show (sic) "he wrote. Justin Bieber has since taken the lead in Chicago. 

Side heart, things seem to settle for Justin Bieber. For the national holiday of July 4, he posted a photo of him and Selena Gomez in a festive evening. After months of hesitation, the two lovebirds would they back together? Doubt still required. Since that night, we could see Selena hang out with David Henry, his former costar in the series Wizards of Waverly Place.
 Justin Bieber may in any case always count on the support of his fans.

Rihanna: After the beach, it wreaks havoc on stage in Poland!

Rihanna concert in Gdynia

The singer raised the temperature yesterday in Poland during the Heineken Open'er Festival! 

After a little sexy on the beach with her BFF Melissa Forde turn ensured Rihanna last night (Sunday, July 7) a new stage performance in the context of his world tour Diamonds World Tour ... 

Indeed, the singer 25 years left her seductive two-piece she wore the same afternoon, against a look casual but trendy and sexy for her show given at Babie Doly Military Airport at the Heineken Open'er Festival in Gdynia, Poland. 

Tank way sailor, satin shorty super hot, wide loose jacket .. . Riri has stormed the stage to the delight of his many fans came to cheer and still see act up! 

Tomorrow, Tuesday, July 9, Rihanna will be in Vienna before landing for two shows in Monaco in Monte Carlo on 10 and 11 July!

Without understudy: Kate Moss and Jamie Hince in Portofino

Not long ago, Kate Moss was spotted on the streets of London on the set of a new advertising campaign - with stand-in playing the role of "the body" 39-year-old model. Many then asked the question: what about the figure at the very Kate if she has to resort to "double"? And today, thanks to the paparazzi, all interested can get an answer.

Photographers captured Moss wife of Jamie Hince in Portofino obviously, the couple decided to give himself a little rest after the second anniversary of their wedding (which dates from the first of July of 2011).

Recall that recently appeared in Kate's new advertising campaign Versace (on one of the pictures that "outfit" for her were the bags from the new collection). And ahead - the development of the design of his own collection of accessories for mobile phones, as well as the auction Christie's, which will be the first time a collection of photographs of the famous model.

Prince William rescued an injured climber

The UK can be proud of their young monarch! A couple of days ago, the subjects of the kingdom of Prince Harry greeted with a promotion after passing the exams for the post of commander of the helicopter. And today it was reported that at about the same time his older brother William was involved in the rescue of a young climber in the mountains in north Wales.

20-year-old student Nathan Wright fell from a height of 300 feet (about 92 meters) in the Snowdonia National Park, received broken limbs. Under the control of the helicopter, "Lieutenant Wales" (as referred to William's colleagues) was sent on a quest. Having discovered the victim, the prince and his colleagues had Wright first aid, took him up on the helicopter and taken to hospital, where he had to endure seven surgeries.

By the way, the authorities were not satisfied with the prince media attention to this case:

We never comment on who exactly was behind the wheel in a particular case.

And the "lucky" Nathan had no idea who it came to his aid. He just glad that he was able to survive View

Prince William and his colleagues at the Air Force rescued an injured climber, plucked from a height of 300 feet 

In subjects of the Kingdom have a reason to be proud of their young monarch 

Michael Lohan: First there was a cocaine overdose in Lindsey in 18 years

While Lindsay Lohan is undergoing treatment in a rehabilitation clinic, her father, Michael Lohan, has decided to recall that the first alarm that his daughter is something wrong came when she was 18 years old. Then she first started using drugs.

According to Michael, it all started during the filming of the movie "Just My Luck" in 2005.

Lindsey was shot in New Orleans, they called me and said that she had an overdose of cocaine. Drugs gave her one of her assistants. I was so angry that he even took a gun and was going to go to New Orleans and kill him. I did not think it could happen to my daughter. I was very angry.

On the way to the airport, Michael had an accident and was arrested for drunk driving, and then spent a year in prison.

Also, Mr. Lohan said that Lindsay shooting as times occurred in the period after breaking up with her mother, Dina Lohan, and the girl was very difficult to survive it.

itself Lindsay claimed that taking drugs "only four or five times in my life," and that they are not the the cause of her problems. But her father is sure to restore her daughter's career in Hollywood to give it this addiction.
If Lindsay again had a relapse in Hollywood for her all over. Will no longer be a second or third chance. She needs to be sober. And it takes Aderall and alcohol. This combination turns the brain to mush. People who do this have survived from the mind.

This Michael says that it is important help families:
I hope, with the support of family, she will be able to overcome it.

Michael and he decided to visit his daughter in the hospital recently. And said that he had noticed the clear progress:
When I saw her in the clinic Betty Ford, she looked better than all the past seven years. She was so happy to see me. I saw that she had indeed changed. I know, Lindsay wants to be different and I pray that she has found herself. It's set is very positive.

Representatives itself Lindsay has not reported anything about her condition, nor that the rights to her father about her addiction to drugs. However, the fact that a drug called Aderall Lindsey no longer takes, we already know (and her father, apparently, not yet).

Will the result of her treatment at the clinic, we will be able to make a visual, when the starlet returns home.

Lindsay Lohan dans : Just My Luck

Paris Jackson family translates into a boarding school for troubled teens

In early June, the daughter of the King of Pop Michael Jackson Paris attempted suicide: then she took a large dose of narcotic drugs and "fidelity to" cut her wrists. Fortunately, the girl was taken to the hospital in time, and now her life is not in danger.

However, the mental health of Paris was not restored completely. The assurances of her mother Debbie Rowe and Katherine Jackson's grandmother, as she mentally not ready to go home, so we decided to take the help of professionals.

Now Paris passes the recovery rate at the Medical Center UCLA, and after its completion it will translate the boarding Diamond Ranch Academy, located in Utah - this is a closed center for teenagers from 12 to 18 years and specializes in the treatment of severe depression.

expected that the girl would be much easier to cope with the grief and devastation among peers suffering from similar problems. In addition, a process that will speed up the lack of pressure from the outside world and, in particular, the Internet component: according to rumors, Paris made a suicide attempt after reading the negative comments about her and her family on the websites and social networks.

Unknown how much time Paris will recover their strength as unknown and the period of stay in the orphanage. Editorial news-4y. sincerely hopes that recovery will happen as soon as possible, and the girl who was going to star in a movie, will return to a normal life. 

Zara Phillips: new royal baby to come, cousin of Prince William's pregnant!

While Kate Middleton is living its last days of pregnancy, Buckingham Palace recently formalized a happy new. Zara Phillips, the cousin of Prince William and Prince Harry, and her husband, rugby player Mike Tindall expecting their first child. 

What babies to come to Buckingham Palace! Married since July 2011 to rugby player Mike Tindall, Zara Phillips is expecting their first child. As the baby of Kate Middleton and Prince William is imminent, all England today talking about this new pregnancy announced in a statement by Buckingham. 

"Mr and Mrs Mike Tindall are very pleased to announce that Zara Tindall expecting a baby in the new year. The Princess Royal (Anne of Royaune Kingdom ed), Captain Mark Phillips, Mr Phillip and Mrs Linda Tindall and all members of both families are delighted by the news. This baby will be the first for Mark and Zara and the third grandchild of the Princess Royal. " the statement said. 

Zara Phillips, the Queen's favorite, which is often shown yet rebellious royalty, like Prince Harry with whom she gets along particularly well granddaughter, is known for be a non-pair cavlière. The mother is going to have to put a stop for several months ... 

Congratulations to the expectant parents!