Jul 7, 2013

Rihanna: a divine nymph who has a good time on a Polish beach!

The singer has just been spotted in mini bikini on the Polish Sopot beach. Riri touches more than ever perfection! 

Rihanna may well be an accomplished businesswoman, Barbadian does not forget for many a good time ... and she is right! With her BFF Melissa Forde, Rihanna did not fail to melt the heart of the Polish ... and ours too! 

It's swimsuit two-piece tart that we found our starlet getting tan and walk on the beach with her best friend ... It was too hot to do much work! 

Queen of the Caribbean did not fail to be the it-girl on the beach in northern Poland. She seemed to be in top shape by wearing a gorgeous body that we actually green with envy ... and it is the same for her sidekick Melissa Forde divinely molded in a mini shorts. The young woman has also posted a video on Instagram by adding a little message: "This is what looks like a beach day in Poland" ... There is nothing wrong, we also would take much of a good time in the country of Chopin!

Despite the short time of rest, the two accomplices face a schedule that more responsible. Yesterday evening, the two bombs were dancing and having fun by attending a concert of the band Kings of Leon ... When we affirm that the celebrity lifestyle was not easy ...

Justin Bieber: Selena Gomez would be flattered that he writes songs about it

Rumors are rife about the hypothetical couple Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez. Meanwhile, we learn that the beautiful brunette is flattered that the Canadian write songs about it

The Beliebers Justin Bieber celebrating birthday # 4YearsOfOneTime Selena Gomez on Twitter but other songs in mind. The singer of "Slow Down" is apparently the cause of several titles of Justin Bieber. Indeed, the lovers were a couple for two years. So what could be more normal? What surprises us is that Selena Gomez would be flattered. A source told RadarOnline: "Justin told Selena that he had written several songs and they would put it on his album. He does everything to get her attention and she is flattered. Selena loves, she just wants it treated with more respect. But she loves when he sings about it. "On the Believe Tour, Justin Bieber causes a riot in a mall in Omaha. 

Lots of Beliebers would also cause pipes to their idol! Would you like Selena Gomez flattered if someone wrote a song?

Bella Thorne: Sexy on a mysterious photoshoot

Bella is sexier than ever in this photoshoot

Even on Sunday morning, Bella Thorne never stops working. At a time when any normal person would croissants, the star, she shows a sexy photoshoot in Los Angeles

Bella Thorne was named Model of the Year but out of the question to the actress to let catalog as a good girl. For proof, Bella Thorne was more sexy than ever this morning in Los Angeles. 

Of course, the actress "Shake It Up" is to remain faithful to his image but that does not stop him from getting hot and gun occasionally. So a few hours ago, the pretty redhead was photographed in California taking the pose.

 As you can see, the images are very cool but Bella Thorne will soon reveal to us more. I promise, we will monitor his Twitter account for more information on this mysterious shooting. Anyway, the star shows us how she can be sexy and we like it already. 

The couple Bella Thorne and Tristan Klier is in danger but seeing these pictures her boyfriend will remain speechless!

 How do you find on this morning photoshoot?

Lady Gaga's Twitter account is no more than a heap of ruins ...

This is information that does not have to go incognito for long. The Lady Gaga's Twitter account was strangely changed ... Is this a sublime marketing coup just before the release of his new album ARTPOP or burnout experienced by the singer? 

The Little Monsters face currently in a real emotional lift. Hysterical few days ago during their reunion with the starlet a few months after his painful hip operation, the fans of the superstar with the golden voice has quickly disillusioned ... 

Indeed, the reunion between Lady Gaga and her fans were very short ... The Twitter account of the world's most powerful singer was mysteriously changed ... 

There are thousands of fans who have discovered with horror that change so brutal a few months out of the event record star, ARTPOP. His Twitter account is no longer an ordinary pile of ruins. The avatar was notably changed to make room for the head of classic egg that is offered when a new user opens an account on the social network ... While many languages ​​wagging thought the account was hacked ... nay! The user has the opportunity to delete messages dating from the dark days of the singer, that is, one in which she was injured. For only consolation, a message was placed under the pseudonym of the star: "This interface has been temporarily closed Please check back for updates."! 

It is a gesture that is worth its weight in gold when we know that any of the actions of the diva is watched worldwide. For now, the mystery still hangs but opinions do not miss a brisk pace! For more optimistic, this gesture is seen as the premise of yet another big stunt 'that is sure to hit hard for the release of her new album! We know that the singer of "Paparazzi" knows as well handle his image that his stunts ... 

To discover the new Lady Gaga's Twitter account it's happening NOW

So what do you think? Real burnout or is it a publicity stunt well controlled?

Tori Spelling: Output with her husband, she is taking good care of him!

Tori Spelling a Hollywood

Friday night, Tori Spelling and her husband Dean McDermott, have offered a small romantic evening. The opportunity for them to take a little time out without their tribe! 

Couples seven years, Tori Spelling and Dean McDermott know how to keep the flame! This is however not always easy when you have a family life as full as theirs. Four children, lovers often find themselves alone in head-to-head, and yet they still find a little time to give yourself a little restaurant for two! 

Friday, July 5, the Beverly Hills 90210 actress was spotted holding hands with her husband, in Hollywood. The couple came out of the Japanese restaurant where he had dinner, renowned Katsuya, specializing in sushi. Photographed with a big smile, the 40-year-old actress opted for a simple but effective outfit: jean shorts, blouse and boots. Hair tied back in a ponytail, she addressed some signs the paparazzi. 

At his side, Dean, 46, was walking with a little more difficult. To his right foot, the father exhibited a splint. Despite the mysterious injury, he seemed to be in a good mood. As always, all is well in the best of all worlds for the couple McDermott!

Beyoncé: The singer has dried the marriage of his father!

For some years now, the relationship between Beyonce and her father are not at all rosy. Then he remarried this weekend, Matthew Knowles admitted that her two daughters had not even made the trip. Sad 

The family is sacred! But Beyonce, there are some limits not to be exceeded. Queen B, who recently shared some intimate photos on his blog, is not really a daddy's girl since the latter Tina Knowles divorced in 2011. After 33 years of marriage, the parents of the American singer had decided to separate after a series of ups and downs. In fact, Tina had filed for divorce in 2009 after discovering that her husband had cheated on her with Alexsandra Wright, an American actress. From this union was born a boy, Nixon. 

Two years after he fired his manager father, Beyonce has drifted far from him. Since then, he has found love in the arms of another woman, some Gena Avery. Friday, July 5, the couple officially married in Houston, Texas. Unfortunately for the 61 years, his two daughters were not pointed at the ceremony. It was he himself who said the information TMZ: "Beyoncé and Solange had other commitments under that made it impossible to come." Hmm ... Not very convincing that! 

Hope for little Blue Ivy they will evolve and find common ground one da

Elisha Cuthbert: actress 24 hours flat married!

Less than a year after announcing their engagement, Elisha Cuthbert said yes to her boyfriend, hockey player Dion Phaneuf 

Here is one filled with love: Canadian actress Elisha Cuthbert, known for its role as Kim Bauer in the series 24, married his companion, professional hockey player Dion Phaneuf. The couple, who met in 2008, announced their engagement in September. 

Both from Canada, Elisha, 30, and Dion, 28, has convolé the knot during a ceremony on Saturday, July 6 at Summerfield, on the Island of Prince Edward Island. The ceremony was very intimate and formal, gathered all their loved ones and their families friends. 

Few months after formalized their relationship in 2008, the couple had crossed him despite a small media storm. Sean Avery, also a hockey player and ex-boyfriend of Elisha, was released at a press conference: "It has become common for players to this league falling in love with my old ass shots." Suspended for several games following the humiliating remarks, he had to apologize publicly in the press admitting that his comments were "inappropriate". Today, water has flowed under the bridge: Elisha and Dion are happier than ever

Congratulations to the newlyweds!.

Daphne Bürki: mom for the second time a little girl!

Daphne Bürk

It was yesterday, Saturday, July 6, the host of Canal + has welcomed her second child. Dad, Gunther Love, wanted to share his joy on social networks! 

Pink book for Daphne Bürki. At age 33, the bubbly host of the Grand Journal gave birth to her second child, a girl! Already a mother of a little Hedda (6 years), whose father is the singer Travis Bürki, host then sees his tribe grow. The baby, whose name has not been disclosed, is in contrast to the first Gunther Love, his companion. 

It is on the social networks that young dad, Sylvain Quimène real name, let his joy explode. On Twitter, the member of the group Airnadette wrote: "Beauty On the first day of the rest of my life.". A tweet halftone that spoke volumes ... On Facebook, he confirmed an hour later the news on his page: "Coming home on a Saturday night at 0:30 to eat pasta with gruyere But only do so with the dad.." He said with emotion. 

In April, the couple had revealed the sex of their baby. One can imagine the joy of Hedda to be a big sister! 

Congratulations and welcome to the parents at the small end!

Chris Martin: moved to tears by the story of a fan

Chris Martin was touched by the story of Edward Buckley, who has learned to speak and walk after an accident, according to The Mirror. They met at the Nordoff-Robbins Silver Clef Awards. 

Chris Martin was a very emotional meeting with one of his fans last week. According to British newspaper The Mirror, the leader of Coldplay could discuss with Edward Buckley, a young man aged 21, on the occasion of the Nordoff-Robbins Silver Clef Awards. Edward was hit by a taxi hurtling at full speed while crossing a street in Leeds in January 2012. He remained in a coma for several weeks and had to relearn how to walk and talk. Big fan of Coldplay, he relearned himself to play the piano. 

The story so touched that Chris Martin gave Edward a signed copy of his words. He then bought the copy in question for 16,400 dollars at auction for Nordoff-Robins, an association that offers music therapy each year thousands of people like Edward. 

Chris was moved to tears at the event. "It was amazing to meet him, he said. It's just a good guy and you step back in hearing what he went through and still going through. "

Edward led to become a commercial pilot before the tragic accident occurred. Her mother, Caroline, confessed at the time, even doctors doubted the future of his son even if the family remained positive about his recovery. "They told us three times over the last 12 weeks he was dying, she told the Welwyn Hatfield Times in April 2012. It is such a tragedy but we remain hopeful and positive, we must. "

Edward Buckley did not fail to have a special thought for Chris Martin and all those who believed in him during the evening. "I thank Nordoff-Robbins for everything they have done, he said. Nobody thought I could play the piano again someday. "

Chris Martin and his band Coldplay won the Royal Albert Hall Best British Act Award in the Nordoff-Robbins Silver Clef Awards ceremony has raised 465,000 pounds (540,000 euros) for 'charity. organization