Jul 3, 2013

Kate Middleton: a delivery under surveillance

Kate Middleton will travel to her parents immediately after childbirth. The former bodyguard of the royal family, Ken Wharfe, considered this unwise decision in Look magazine. 

Kate Middleton will give birth to her first child in the coming days. The Duchess is expected to arrive at the maternity shortly before going to rest with his parents. 

The former bodyguard of Prince William, Ken Wharfe, testified his concerns about this highly publicized pregnancy. According to him, the young woman would rather go in one of the residences of the royal family after childbirth. "There is a real risk that the child is kidnapped. There will be hidden in the trees and in the surrounding people to wait until the baby is in pram walked, he told the British magazine Look. The more I talk, the more hasty decisions keep coming. I do not understand when they have thought it was a viable decision. "

Kate Middleton's family is installed in a property of Berkshire. The parents of the young woman, Carole and Michael, he says violate royal protocol if they decide to keep the baby nearly six weeks under their roof. "It is not a pretty protected environment. They have some equipment to secure the house, but there is no chance they can put in place all the necessary facilities within a short time. "

Ken Wharfe was in charge of the safety of Princess Diana during her two pregnancies. According to him, the media interest around the newborn is this time much more important. "There will be a global concern about the birth," said Ken Wharfe. 

Childbirth Kate Middleton is expected to St Mary London clinic.

Belgium's King Albert II abdicated

Lastimalena blogger reports: Belgium's King Albert II addressed the nation and said that abdicates in favor of his son - 53-year-old Prince Philip.

In his speech, the monarch said that it is time to hand over the reins to a new generation, the that the son of a "perfectly prepared".

Among the reasons why Albert II to abdicate, called the failing health of the king, as well as advanced age - 79 years.

ruler resign July 21 - right in the country's national holiday, a day Belgium. It is reported that members of the government are aware of the decision of the king.

James Franco and Kate Hudson with his family while filming

In London in full swing filming a new drama by Henrik Ruben Gents "Good People" (Good People). In one of the shooting days, the paparazzi caught at the site lead actors James Franco and Kate Hudson. Last incidentally, came to work not one, but with her family - her lover Matthew Bellamy and his two sons - Ryder Robinson (from his first marriage actress) and baby Bingham "Bing".

Drama "Good people" - is the story of Tom Reed and his wife, Anne, povyazshih in debt because of expensive treatment for infertility. But suddenly dies owner of the apartment that they rent, and then to the spouses the question arises: do not pick up a hefty stack of bills, a sum of 370 thousand dollars found in the apartment of the deceased?

It is also known that the picture will be removed Tom Wilkinson and star of the film "1 +1" Omar Sy. Release date movie is not appointed.

Kate Hudson and James Franco on the set of the film in London 

Kate Hudson and his eldest son Ryder Robinson 

Matthew Bellamy with Bing

Kate Hudson and Matthew Bellamy with baby Bing 

Harry Styles: Sexy and shirtless for a workout

Harry Styles likes to take care of him, his little secret is sport. He was sexy and shirtless in a session for our greatest pleasure.

Harry Styles would be in a relationship with Kara Rose Marshall. The singer likes to take care of his body and even more when it comes to pleasing a girl. 

It is still the United States to continue its Take Me Home Tour with One Direction. He offered a workout for the greater good. A picture of him was posted on Twitter, we find a Harry Styles sexier than ever topless. He donned a black shorts and covered her hair with a bandana with the U.S. flag.

 He followed his workout on a treadmill. Build muscle is encouraging music, headphones Harry Styles fall over his chest.

 The singer is all smiles and even takes the time to ask about the picture: it pulls the tongue. Playing sports and restores the re-motivated form. He really needs to confront his concerts every day. 

The One Direction has other plans other than sport, and if Harry Styles became composer?. 

Do you think Harry Styles sexy on her treadmill?

Amber Rose: She's going to marry Wiz Khalifa!

After the baby, the wedding! It's official: in the coming days, Amber Rose Wiz Khalifa become Mrs.

Amber Rose and Wiz Khalifa are ready to take the next step in their life together!. A few months after the birth of their son Sebastian, and as a happiness never comes alone, new parents have decided to soon pass the ring finger!

Indeed, TMZ announced that the two love went yesterday, Tuesday, July 2, at the court in Los Angeles to remove a marriage license. According to information reported they now have 90 days to use it before it expires. Preparations should be nearing completion! Last night on Twitter, the young woman of 29 years has posted a picture of her and the baby in commenting: "My future husband ... I love his crazy hair". A pretty roundabout way to confirm the good news.

For the moment, no other information was provided. One thing is certain: the guest list is very long. Kanye West, who attended many months Amber Rose, he has a small place? Something tells us that this is not won ...

In any case, congratulations to the couple!

John Barrowman: American actor married his longtime companion!

The 46 year old American actor is married to her husband Scott Gill John Barrowman ...

married his longtime companion, Scott Gill, this Tuesday, July 2nd!

"We're getting married in the state of California. Thanks to the Supreme Court for the time you have taken to make it legal. appointment after the ceremony!" he told the actor in the series Torchwood . in a video posted on his WhoSay account

Later in the day, the couple added: "We are now legally married Thanks for all your messages and JB Scott.."

Congratulations to the happy couple!

Tracy Morgan: Dad finally a little girl!

The amrécain comedian who dreamed of having a daughter is now father of a baby girl named Maven!
Wish granted for the American star!

In fact, the comedian and actor Tracy Morgan always wanted a girl, and it is now done, since, as his representative has confirmed exclusively to People, his girlfriend Megan Wollover just given birth to a baby girl.

Maven Sonae Morgan was born at 0:03 this Tuesday, July 2 in New York. "Mother and child are doing well," the actor told 44 years. "Love for all my fans, thank you for your support. We hope to see you soon."

Morgan already has three son from her previous marriage, but Maven is the first child of Megan , which is 26 years old.

The former star of Saturday Night Live and 30 Rock series announced the pregnancy of his wife in January, after engaged in 2011.

Congratulations to the happy parents!

Reese Witherspoon: relaxing ride solo for the actress!

Spotted on the streets of Los Angeles, Reese Witherspoon enjoyed a solo afternoon to hang out and go shopping!

Smell holiday fleet in people! While some enjoy the beach, others enjoy their free time to enjoy some shopping sprees. This is the case of Reese Witherspoon, was spotted yesterday, Tuesday, July 2, in the neighborhood of Brentwood. And for once, it is a solo that the actress of 37 years was strolling in the streets, without her adorable Tennessee (9 months) to accompany it.

In a casual outfit and flowers, pretty California blond walked the streets, screwed to the ear phone. In conversation, it is then directed into a few shops before returning to his car parked a few meters. Obviously in a good mood, Reese sent many smiles to the paparazzi came to photograph. Since his surprising arrest last April, the actress is much more discreet and plays the sympathy card. We will not complain: it suits her very well complexion!

Beach happiness Vladislav Doronin and Luo Zilina in Ibiza

While Naomi Campbell (allegedly insiders, of course) carefully destroys the career of the young Chinese woman Luo Zilina, the model enjoys the sun in Ibiza with her boyfriend Vladislav Doronin.

Recall sources report: ex-lover Doronin Naomi literally does not peel off from the phone to block all roads to fashion Olympus to Zilina. The very same Russian businessman and his new passion "can not wait", when the Black Panther replaced by anger at the mercy (or at least indifference), and lovers will be able to "live happily with their lives".

However, according to reports have other sources, Campbell is not going to go into private life of his former lover: the official version is that Naomi had nothing to do with the dismissal of Zilina show The Face, although very hard going through a break in the Vladislav. Now Campbell is fully focused on work - it continues to shoot the show in London, and almost all my free time spent with a close friend of Kate Moss.


Stop, the moment: Adele captured in wax

Adele wax

London's Madame Tussauds has pleased fans of the singer Adele - local craftsmen presented wax copy of the Oscar-winning performer.

Interestingly, the creators of the wax figures did not play Adele's new tattoo on the edge of her left hand - the singer recently had her tattoo with the word Paradise ("Paradise").

neighbors counterpart Adel steel wax Michael Jackson, Lady Gaga, Amy Winehouse and other copies of the world celebrities. Fans of the British star who literally attacked the leadership of the museum with a request to capture Adele in wax, were delighted by the news, but the singer did not react - it is now absorbed by recording a new album and the education of the son Angelo

Shakira: still suing his ex Antonio de la Rùa

Shakira and Antonio de la ex Rùa.

Hostilities are still high between Shakira and her former partner. The eldest son of former Argentine president ask him more than € 192 million.

Shakira is undergoing legal proceedings since last year. Her former boyfriend, Antonio de la Rùa, not calling him less than 192 million euros have been his manager for years.

The eldest son of former Argentine president was behind the success of the star, which he attended for ten years. According to TMZ, the couple have made an oral agreement regarding their finances in 2004. Shakira does not account, however, leave be using old electronic conservations, dating from 2011. "I am not a partner in any of your business. Thou art the sole owner "would have sent Antonio de la Rùa.

According to papers filed with the Superior Court of Los Angeles, Antonio de la Rùa have even contacted the mother of Shakira to plead his case . The singer is itself defended by explaining that it had signed a prenuptial agreement in 2006 with his companion, in which it says its finances back him right. That same year, the couple would still have decided to create a joint bank account of 7000 euros, they could share even after their separation. Lovers would thus agreed at that time to share equally their property.

This delicate matter should proceed in court throughout the month. Shakira is now in a relationship with footballer Gerard Pique, with whom she had a son Milan.

Nicole Richie: a duet ultra cute with his little mother-daughter Harlow!

Nicole Richie in Beverly Hills

When Nicole Richie strolls the streets of Los Angeles with her daughter, one sees that!

Time flies, and Harlow has grown! At 5 years, the daughter of Nicole Richie and Joel Madden has everything a real baby star! Yesterday, Tuesday, July 2, mother and daughter were spotted by photographers loitering in the streets of Beverly Hills. An ultra cute duo who does not lack charm and elegance!

Primed for denim shorts and a white top, a young woman of 31 years had tied her hair into a perfect bun. Boots, bags and matching sunglasses, Nicole held the hand of his daughter while they were heading to a few shops to do some shopping. A perfect sunny afternoon 100% girly Joel Madden and their son, little Sparrow (3 years), were not with women in their lives! The day before, Nicole had gone to exceptional concert Beyoncé at Staples Center in Los Angeles and has not failed to explode like a little crazy with his friends! A great week for the daughter of Lionel.