Jun 30, 2013

Selena Gomez : elegant and dainty in a radio interview

Selena Gomez, interviewee on radio

To give an interview with SiriusXM station, Selena Gomez was full of elegance and charm.

True professional, Selena Gomez multiplies development operations, filming and rehearsals as an entertainment machine well oiled.

While yesterday recorded the concert will be released on July 4th during the U.S. National Day, sexy and full of energy in her white skirt matched with a little red headband, the young singer followed up with an interview.

The interpreter Come and Get it indeed has unveiled a preview his new album to listeners of SiriusXM radio and gave an interview to presenter Mikey Piff.

Very elegant in its printed combination matched with a pair of white sandals with heels, the beautiful brunette had not neglected his appearance, even if it was on the radio. With its beautiful glossy thick hair perfectly coiffed, her fresh complexion and her outfit as chic qu'estivale, Selena Gomez is quite dapper!


Niall Horan: the One Direction hunk of muscle is between gigs!

Niall Horan of One Direction in New York

Currently touring the U.S. with his band One Direction's Niall Horan was seen in full gym workout with his private coach on the docks in New York.

Notice to all fans of Niall Horan, you'll be delighted! While he is currently in New York with his buddies One Direction for the rest of their world tour, the Take Me Home Tour that they now offer their American fans, Niall stands apart some time hours yesterday (Saturday June 29). Anxious to muscle its silhouette weakling, the beautiful British kid uses a special coach to help get nice pecs and well-designed and well-solid abs.

This is in full exercise Niall was spotted on the docks of New York. Hidden not to be bombarded with fans, the young singer made her little sitting far from prying eyes, almost.

Dressed in black shorts, Niall did not bother to wear a T- shirt, and you can not say better. Photographed in full effort, the blond gave everything. An image of handsome is cultivated and Niall knows.

Jessica Alba : always generous when it comes to offer and have fun!

Jessica Alba in West Hollywood

When Jessica Alba is invited to a baby shower, it is not the type to arrive empty, quite the opposite hands. American actress robbed yesterday Bel Bambini, a children's store favorite stars in Los Angeles.

Good news, Jessica Alba is a little better! So we had found in very small form before yesterday, it's probably because of the big drop in speed she went to her doctor, Jessica Alba has regained vitality.

Spotted yesterday (Saturday June 29) in West Hollywood, just outside the children's store Bel Bambini, American actress 32 years has once again proved that it is not one clip when he s 'comes to pleasure. Invited to a baby shower, Jessica robbed the store favorite stars. Arms fully charged, it has the package and it is not the first time we see the arms also responsible to celebrate the arrival of a baby. Remember, in April, she had spoiled Jessica Simpson for his baby shower.

A little more fresh and smiling last Friday, Jessica has excelled in his summer look. Mimi to bite into his robe coral, fashionista chose to accessorize with a big black hat. A nice look to copy!


Avril Lavigne: she would have married Chad Kroeger in the south of France!

Bride since August 2012 leading Nickelback Chad Kroeger, Avril Lavigne told him yes yesterday in an intimate wedding at the south of France in Cannes.

That is what is called the fast! Bride after 6 months of relationship with singer Chad Kroeger, Avril Lavigne would have gone into high gear yesterday (Saturday June 29). Indeed, several U.S. media announced that the Canadian singer of 28 years and the leader of Nickelback, aged 38 years, were married in Cannes. No big ceremony for the couple, but an intimate wedding attended by Johanna Johnson's best friend April, which would have drawn her dress and assumed the role of bridesmaid.

Canadian singer who recently released the single Here's to Never Growing Up, is not his first marriage. United to Deryck Whibley of Sum 41's group, in April filed for divorce three years later.

Decidedly south of France on the rise for weddings of stars ... Remember, this is Provence Keira Knightley married James Righton on May 4. More recently, the English heiress Tamarra Ecclestone has booked the Grand Hotel du Cap in Cap-Ferrat for several days for her big wedding luxury Jay Rutland.

Although for the time Avril Lavigne and Chad Kroeger have not yet confirmed the happy news, it should not take long ... Still expect before congratulating the young married.

Selena Gomez: mesmerizing and unleashed to record a big concert in New Jersey!

Ajouter une légende

On July 4, Americans celebrate their national holiday, the independence of their country. As every year, several major concerts will be broadcast and Selena Gomez turned one of them yesterday in New Jersey in partnership with Macy's brand.

When Selena Gomez should do the show, she s does not imply that half! While it is still Friday in California, she was spotted at a dance studio in Ventura, American singer of 20 years has left the west coast to join the east and New Jersey.

Expected to participate in the recording of the concert in partnership with Macy's, which will be released on July 4th during the American national holiday, Selena Gomez was there to go on stage.

Passed to first by New York, where she was seen in a sexy black set with reference to the Indian jewelry style, Selena went to meet his fans. After the autograph session ended, the former Justin Bieber, with whom he was seen last Thursday night at the cinema, has left the Big Apple to join Liberty State Park in Jersey City. Sexy in a tiny red top and a white skirt, Selena performed three times its securities, Come & Get It Down Slow and all is well in the box and there are all necessary at the time of broadcast pictures concert on July 4. Pro each of the inputs, Selena played the game every time ...


Rihanna pays homage to her grandmother who disappeared just a year ago ...

This Sunday, June 30 marks the first anniversary of the death of Dolly, the grandmother of Rihanna ... It is with great emotion that paid tribute today on his Twitter account.

She was his model, to whom they all said and vowed an unfailing love ... But on June 30, 2012, she passed away after a long fought against the disease ... A year after the death of his grandmother, his dear Dolly, 
Rihanna chose to honor him on his Twitter account. Very close to her, Riri posted several pictures memories, one when she was younger, and others when her grandmother was sick and damn thin.

As a legend shot very emotional when Dolly puts her delicate hand on chin Riri and the latter smiled while holding her hand, the singer wrote: "Today marks the first year that you have crossed the bridge since you n. 
'I've never come back ... always remember your laugh and I miss the sound of your voice I miss your pretty hands, the way you danced and as you were happy when you hear the music, that I lack of makeup and you do not take pictures, how you looked at me I miss this proud look on your face. But I'm happy you're in heaven, laughing and dancing with the angels. Dolly you're my precious angel, I love you more than can describe these words. I miss you Gran Gran "

A statement full of emotion love ...

Ricki Lake is in real estate speculation

Ricki Lake

Ricki Lake hopes to make a few million a house that he had sold Courteney Cox and David Arquette. The host had bought the prestigious residence in 2002.

Ricki Lake hopes to sell his house for $ 8.75 million.

The talk show host hopes to make a profit of 2 $ 25 million of the house she had acquired in 2002.

She had bought the property for Courteney Cox and David Arquette to 6.5 million. It was then found against it in the 13th season of Dancing with the Stars.

The house is located in Brentwood, Los Angeles, an area particularly run by stars.

Built in 1949 the house has six bedrooms and five bathrooms.

Apparently, the doors of the house of 1600 m2 opening onto a furnished Moroccan style patio.

"The patio leads to a covered outdoor kitchen and dining area overlooking a beautiful decorated with lanterns and lamps "garden can be read on Redfin.com.

The Ricky Lake Show will not be renewed year next, which could explain that the presenter disposes of the property.

Despite the Daytime Emmy Award she received for her talents, the first season of her talk show did not meet the expected.

Before reselling success, Courteney Cox and David Arquette had bought the house for a little over 2 million.
They lived there for six years before selling to Ricki Lake and her husband, Rob Sussman.

Kourtney Kardashian: well equipped mom who savors every moment spent with family!

Penelope Mason with Kourtney Kardashian and Los Angeles

Completely gaga for his little Penelope, Kourtney Kardashian has taken to her yesterday for a new outlet shopping in West Hollywood. His little Mason also was the game.

With a girl and a boy to his credit, Kourtney Kardashian is a mom filled! While her sister Kim has not points back on his nose from his birth on June 15, Kourtney, she continues to live as if nothing happened. Full bloom with its small tribe, although its relationship with Scott Disick are still far from angelic, the eldest of the Kardashian sisters love each time she spends with her children.

The program for the day Yesterday (Saturday 29th) in June, a shopping trip with family and a friend in the chic neighborhood of West Hollywood. Stylish in her striped playsuit and black sneakers signed Chanel, Kourtney Kardashian is equipped mom found the perfect stroller for outings in the California sun with Penelope and Mason.

Between the small platform which allows Mason to stay next to mom without walking and drink holder very useful when a chilled tea purchases, Kourtney is at the top. Always wise, his little Penelope has once again offered beautiful smiles to his mother that can only crack.