Jun 29, 2013

Amanda Bynes: Drake, life, death

Amanda Bynes

Amanda Bynes would love Drake, even though he was suffering from Parkinson's. The actress said on Twitter that the singer was "the man of her dreams."

Manda Bynes thinks she's in love with Drake because he pleased even if he was ill.

The actress has already posted many positive and negative about him in the past messages. She asked him including "murder [her] vagina."

She said that even though his health was deteriorating, she would continue to love the singer.
"I know I like Drake because he had Parkinson's or any accident and that he looked different, there would be the one that I want, she posted on Twitter. Drake is the man of my dreams. "

Amanda Bynes posted these words after some of his famous ex to its 2 million readers.

She particularly told that some had herpes before deleting his comment about Keith Rivers, linebacker for the New York Giants and Scott Mescudi, better known under the name of Kid Cudi.
"The only other black with whom I went out it was Keith Rivers! He and Kid Cudi, I recommend you. They have herpes and they are ugly! , "She wrote.

Besides that, it must be operated today.

The actress has already gone under the knife on June 22 to make removing wrinkles skin between his eyes and his nose.

She again made an appointment to refine her nasal bridge a week after the operation.
She also said she wanted to rebuild to the entire face.

Recently, Amanda Bynes was arrested for throwing a bang through the window of her apartment and she has to go to court on July 9.

The former child star is charged with possession of cannabis, concealing evidence and dangerous behavior. She strongly denies all charges.

She also was arrested for driving while intoxicated in April 2012 and the same year, she was involved in two cases of hit and run.

Amanda Bynes is currently on probation for driving with an invalid license in Los Angeles in September 2012.


Justin Bieber: he wants to - get married and have children - very quickly!

Justin Bieber

Although Justin Bieber is far from having a stable love life, he does not despair of getting married soon and have children.

His love life at the moment, it's a bit of everything and anyone what! Always flirting with the left and right, no matter if his conquests are married young women, Justin Bieber arrives nevertheless not forget his ex Selena Gomez he reviewed last Thursday night during a Movie Night.

interview with Us Magazine, the young Canadian singer 19 years confides his hopes for love. Justin wants to marry and start a family soon. He wants to "get married and have kids" as he is young. His style, his grandparents! "My grandparents Bruce and Diane are my absolute models. They love so much, even after all these years together! I want to find a woman that I love as much as my grandfather like my grandmother . "
Justin also returns to his breakup with Selena ... "When we separated, if things are done with respect, I see no reason not to be friends."

But is it really as friends they met again Thursday last?


Turkmen President celebrates his birthday with Jennifer Lopez

Jennifer Lopez

The American pop-diva Jennifer Lopez sing Saturday night's birthday Berdymukhamedov, President of Turkmenistan, one of the most closed in the world in a resort on the shores of the Caspian countries.

J. Lo is probably the first western star to perform in the former Soviet Central Asian republic known for its vast gas reserves and its poor record on human rights.

She sings with stars from the Ukraine, Russia and Turkey in a concert dedicated to the 56 years of the Turkmen president in the city of Avaza, whose name means "land of the singing waves", some 400 km northwest Ashgabat.

The Ministry of Culture of Turkmenistan on Saturday confirmed to AFP that Jennifer Lopez had arrived and was preparing for the concert.

A member of his team for questioning his hand on his Twitter account: "I wonder where my followers in Turkmenistan?" countries where Internet access is strictly controlled by the state

This is the oil company. China's CNPC, which was built in 2009 a pipeline to transport Turkmen gas to China, which organized the movement of Jennifer Lopez, told AFP a group representative.

The latest report of the NGO Human Rights Watch has described Turkmenistan as the "one of the most repressive regimes in the world."

The country is also booming construction in recent years including $ 2 billion invested in the only resort of Avaza since 2007. This desert city is able to accommodate up to 20,000 tourists per year by 2020.

President Berdymukhamedov inaugurated Saturday as the first yacht club in the country to Avaza, built by Turkish Polimeks group that could accommodate 40 yachts and 44 villas offer.


Katie Holmes : A party in honor of her divorce from Tom Cruise

Katie Holmes

So a year has passed since the time when Katie Holmes and Tom Cruise have decided to divorce. But the actress is not discouraged: Katie is going to mark the anniversary of a noisy party.

According to several tabloids, Holmes is planning a celebration in New York's Hotel Jane and invite the closest friends and relatives - in gratitude for their support in the difficult period who came for her and Suri after the divorce.

Recently Katie generally pleases us with a positive attitude: she's smiling photos taken in the new projects, and now obsessed with her figure.
< br> The other day, paparazzi spotted 34-year-old star in Manhattan: Katie long studied the titles of magazines at the newsstand, and then quench the thirst useful smoothies. And the actress looked as if only just freed after a workout at the gym - and pink sneakers, in which Holmes was walking, and did recently become a new fashion trend.

Wish Katie quickly find their soul mate and start collecting friends more enjoyable occasions!

Jessica Chastain purchased apartments in New York

Jessica Chastain

If before Jessica Chastain preferred to live closer to Hollywood - in sunny Los Angeles, it has now decided to acquire impressive in size and furnished apartments in New York City. The new "nest" the actress has managed to $ 1.4 million.

Maisonette, vending actress, located in the elite high-rise in the Greenwich Village. It is decorated in soothing pastel colors - there are three bedrooms, two bathrooms, a kitchen and a private office. One of the main decorations bright and spacious apartments have become twisted ladder of elegant white color.

However, the situation in the pictures apartment was invented past hosts - Jessica is likely to remake a new apartment all their own way.

Senator Wendy Davis has broken a law a 10-hour speech

Senator Wendy Davis gave a speech about 11:00 

U.S. Democratic Senator Wendy Davis was able to thwart the adoption of the law on abortion in Texas, and she did it, showing a very "Nezhensky" character: the politician gave a speech more than 10 hours, so that the Republican Party does not have time to vote.

By law, Wendy was impossible not only to relax, recline or sit on the podium, but also interrupted for food and other physical needs to move away from the topic, and even simply break off.

Wendy together with the democratic Party opposed the new bill on abortion. According to this project, abortion, for a period exceeding 20 weeks of pregnancy, should be banned, and along with stricter requirements for clinics performing similar operations. If the bill passes, Texas will close 37 of the 42 abortion clinics because they do not meet the new requirements.

During filibastera Wendy (as is scientifically called a deliberate delay a vote), it was supported not only party members, but also more 400 opponents of the bill, who chanted words of support.

graduating performance and withstand hours of marathon, Wendy admitted that she had a sore back, and the words left little in reserve.

But Davis handled - the politician PEREOBULSYA advance in handy pink sneakers to somehow ease his speech. By the way, this model of athletic shoes, has become a symbol of female power, has already become a hit in the online stores.

As a result, the law was still passed by a majority, but it turned out that the vote ended after midnight, and he was found invalid. Now the bill will be put before re.

Incidentally, this filibaster not so long ago arranged and Republicans. In the spring of Rand Paul spoke 13 hours of speech (during which time he allowed himself to eat just one piece of candy) to postpone the election of the new head of the CIA, John Brennan.

strong woman in every sense of Wendy Davis
present pictures of sneakers Wendy Davis

Lady Gaga: first official appearance since the surgery!

Lady Gaga gay pride in New York

Removed from the media spotlight since she got hip surgery emergency in February, Lady Gaga has made a big comeback last night on the occasion of the Gay Pride in New York.

She seemed to get better and better and back in top form ... Three months after emergency surgery of the hip, a procedure that forced her to stop pronto presto-world tour, Lady Gaga is finally back. Spotted several times without a wheelchair and even shoes offset ultra-soles, the American singer waiting for the right time to get back in the spotlight ... And it is the gay community that she reserved.

Constantly mobilized in defense of gay rights, the star of 27 years, the most powerful in the new Forbes named singer attended last night (Friday June 28) at the Gay Pride in New York. Able to deliver a speech during the rally, Lady Gaga did not deviate from tradition.

Sober in a black suit, perched on high heels and hidden behind a pair of futuristic eyeglasses eyes, c ' is not she performed the American national anthem, a live performance that has had its effect!

Miley Cyrus : still hot, she takes for Pretty Woman!

Miley Cyrus in Miami

Currently in full promotion of his single "We Can not Stop", Miley Cyrus was in Miami yesterday. After securing a showcase in little black suit, she spent the evening to spend the cash in an outfit from Pretty Woman. 

Flyer From sexy again and again! Determined to make his new clips super slim weapon of seduction in promoting his single We Can not Stop, the video breaks records on Vevo, Miley Cyrus has continued to exhibit his gams everything is all this week. Panties and thigh high Louboutin, Los Angeles, and then micro-short angora New York, Miley then flew to Miami where she provided a showcase yesterday (Friday, June 28).

Dressed a sexy show to go the black jumpsuit, she posted several pictures on his Twitter account from his hotel room, the 20-year-old American singer accessorized her outfit with a large amount of gold jewelry. Once promotion mission completed, Miley spent the evening at a club in the city with his friends.

Passed back to the hotel to change, the fiancee Liam Hemsworth opted for a slinky dress black and red, inspiration Julia Roberts in Pretty Woman, a reference cited by Miley on Twitter. "Pretty woman down the street .... Twerkin" Miley tweeted.

To believe another photo she shared with his followers a few hours later, Miley had fun. With hands full of dollars, the former Hannah Montana now likes to play the very cash!


Selena Gomez: all smiles and quite dapper after reviewing Justin Bieber!

Selena Gomez  in Ventura

Always playing cat and mouse, Selena Gomez and Justin Bieber are reviewed last Thursday night during a movie night. Is that why Selena was so happy yesterday? 

Difficult to know what they're playing these two? It's a bit like Rihanna and Chris Brown, but with fewer shots! While we thought they were done with their romance rough, Justin has been seen kissing the top 22 ansJordan Ozuna, who happens to be married, well no! Guess who was surprised last Thursday night in a theater of Sherman Oaks? Selena and Justin course! 

Reparti toured the United States with his Believe Tour, Justin Bieber took a moment to break with his ex with whom he went to see the movie This Is The End. Arrived after the beginning of the film to avoid being spotted by fans, both young singers walked out before the end of the projection to prevent a riot. 

Spotted tomorrow (Friday June 28) before Ventura studio, in the suburbs of Los Angeles, Selena Gomez was photographed with very big smiles on their lips ... One wonders why so much enthusiasm! In tiny shorts, blouse and heels, the brunette of 20 years was chewable. 


Hugh Jackman and Jake Gillenhol: men's tears in the new trailer -captive-

Hugh Jackman and Jake Gillenhol

Loving father of the family in the life of Hugh Jackman and the display is ready to fiercely defend the interests of his family. This becomes obvious from the new trailer and posters of the drama "Captive" in which the company made the actor Jake Gillenhol, Viola Davis and Terrence Howard.

The plot twists around kidnapping six-year daughter Dover (Jackman) and her friends. The main piece of evidence is thrown into the car, next to which was last seen girls.

Police led by Detective Loki (Gillenhol) manages to catch a car owner, but he was soon released for lack of evidence of his involvement in the kidnapping.

In desperation, the father, seeing that the police can not find the girls, a suspect in the hostage taking - that's just still not clear who is behind the terrible crime.

Maybe we can go out on the trail of the killer in the new trailer extremely topical drama: